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Suzanne Maiden
Zanny, aka Suzanne Maiden, M.A., Family Therapist, certified grief counselor, and co-host of TheDivaCast Internet talk show, recently merged her professional experience with broadcasting to produce Dear Zanny, a one-of-a-kind virtual cozy couch where listener’s plop down their most confidential concerns. The online audio advice column offers a compassionate ear, a sympathetic shoulder, and sound suggestions to the world’s most universal relationship dilemmas.

Do you need to set firm boundaries with a toxic friend or family member? Maybe your child has suicidal tendencies or is engaging in the disturbing new trend of “cutting” (self injurious behavior). Is your spouse depressed, addicted, or abusive? Do you suspect he/she is caught up in an extramarital affair? Listeners are encouraged to email or call into the Dear Zanny hotline with their concerns. Zanny posts questions to her website, minus any identifiers for anonymity, and shares answers on-air in a radio-style format with concise considerations, suggestions, and resources.

Is Dear Zanny a substitution for professional counseling? Absolutely not. Zanny is quick to point out her show is for entertainment purposes only. Her talk show is an excellent place to touch one’s toe into the sometimes-intimidating reflecting pool of therapy, but is never intended to substitute for professional help.

To ask an anonymous question, call the Dear Zanny hotline at (678) 884-0524 or visit


DZ081603 – Pursuer-Distancer Dynamic – 678-884-0524

Pursuer-distancer relationship dynamics occur in all types of relationships - lovers, siblings, and friendships - but why?  What does the pursuer need that the distancer senses and makes them RUN?!  The pursuer (one who's chasing) needs to take a deep breath and stop fo... Read More


DZ080303 – Friendship boundaries – 678-884-0524

Healthy boundaries within close friendships can be a challenge to many.  What do you do when your friends want to ride with you to a party, or hang out with you longer than you do?  How do diplomatically set your limits.  Leah from San Diego left a voice mail askin... Read More


DZ080223 – Anima and Animus – 678-884-0524

My nunconscious impulse - which I could not resist, got me to buy a Army green Jeep Wrangler.  What's up with that?  My ANIMUS is screaming to be heard!  Yes, my inner masculine self has been duct-tapped for nearly a decade - but that tape has decayed and my animus... Read More


DZ070925 – The Bachelor Premiere – 678-884-0524

A voicemail from Courtney in LA gets the conversation cranked!  Last night was the season premiere of The Bachelor TV show.  Twenty-five women to one (OK, Brad is very hot) man.  The women all know the score and all know before they don their designer dresses and h... Read More


DZ070911 – 9/11 Anniversary – 678-884-0524

Today marks the 6th anniversary of 9/11.  Why do we still invest so much time and energy into commemortaing the dead?  Because sudden death almost always complicates the healing process.  Ritual facilitates healing; often when ritual is missing, griever's get ... Read More


DZ070911 – Child bed wetting, again – 678-884-0524

Frustrated mom leaves a vm.  Her 5 year-old son who was potty trainned is wetting the bed.  He doesn't want to wear pull-ups and mom doesn't want to shame him (Thank Goodness!)  How does a mom handle this one?  First question:  What's going on in little o... Read More


DZ070911 – Cat and Mouse Romanic Dynamics – 678-884-0524

The woman from TX left a vm and said my advice worked....phew!  I love it when that happens!  She was frustrated, confused and hurt when her new romantic interest put the brakes on and said, "We're going to be OK, but I need to take things more slowly."  That'... Read More


DZ070908 – Children and Lying – 678-884-0524

A concerned mom emails Zanny.  Mom asks advice regarding her 13 year-old daughter who recently has begun to lie - even about silly things.  Mom isn't usually punitive but wants this behavior to stop.  What should she do?  Is it a phase, or something more ... Read More


DZ070906 – Pet Loss – 678-884-0524

A caller asks:  My dog, Molly, died of cancer several months ago, we were constant companions.  I still miss her.  My friends and some family members think I'm silly.  Am I normal to still feel so sad?  Answer:  Yes!  Pe... Read More


DZ070904 – Sexual Harrassment – 678-884-0524

A caller asks:  My boss is hitting on me - and I'm not interested!  He doesn't seem to hear me.  I really love my job - but this is really stressing me out!  HELP!  Listen on how to protect yourself and your career ... Talk To Me!  Call me at 67... Read More