DZ081603 – Pursuer-Distancer Dynamic – 678-884-0524
Suzanne Maiden

Episode 17 - DZ081603 – Pursuer-Distancer Dynamic – 678-884-0524

Pursuer-distancer relationship dynamics occur in all types of relationships - lovers, siblings, and friendships - but why?  What does the pursuer need that the distancer senses and makes them RUN?!  The pursuer (one who's chasing) needs to take a deep breath and stop for a moment and ask themselves, "What is it I am asking the other do do for me that I cannot do for myself?"  Each of us is responsible for our own emotional well-being.  It's a fairytale to think someone else can fulfill us all the time in every way.  It is our responsibility to do our own inner work and become emotionally self-reliant.

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