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Suzanne Maiden
Zanny, aka Suzanne Maiden, M.A., Family Therapist, certified grief counselor, and co-host of TheDivaCast Internet talk show, recently merged her professional experience with broadcasting to produce Dear Zanny, a one-of-a-kind virtual cozy couch where listener’s plop down their most confidential concerns. The online audio advice column offers a compassionate ear, a sympathetic shoulder, and sound suggestions to the world’s most universal relationship dilemmas.

Do you need to set firm boundaries with a toxic friend or family member? Maybe your child has suicidal tendencies or is engaging in the disturbing new trend of “cutting” (self injurious behavior). Is your spouse depressed, addicted, or abusive? Do you suspect he/she is caught up in an extramarital affair? Listeners are encouraged to email or call into the Dear Zanny hotline with their concerns. Zanny posts questions to her website, minus any identifiers for anonymity, and shares answers on-air in a radio-style format with concise considerations, suggestions, and resources.

Is Dear Zanny a substitution for professional counseling? Absolutely not. Zanny is quick to point out her show is for entertainment purposes only. Her talk show is an excellent place to touch one’s toe into the sometimes-intimidating reflecting pool of therapy, but is never intended to substitute for professional help.

To ask an anonymous question, call the Dear Zanny hotline at (678) 884-0524 or visit


DZ070904 – Difficult Step Children – 678-884-0524

A listener is in a new marriage - a second one.  Her new step daughter is difficult and sulky.  This is a classic "pursuer-distancer" (or "cat and mouse game") relationship dynamic.  The one person pursues while the other RUNS!  Guess who has the power?&n... Read More


DZ070904 – 1 Upmanship – 678-884-0524

A listener writes about her sister who constantly competes and engages in 1-Up-manship.  This type of interaction can occur with anyone.  How can you handle this without feeling deflated and defensive?  It's easy - and after you've done it ... Read More


DZ070901 – Martyrdom: Say NO! – 678-884-0524

Many of us are "pleasers"  we never want to hurt anyone's feelings, or say the forbidden "no" - but this comes at a high emotional price tag - our sanity!  Listen on how to gently, but firmly put boundaries in place without feeling guilty - but empowered!  You can ... Read More


DZ070901 – Princess Diana’s Death Part II- 678-884-0524

Addendum to previous show.  This weekend marks the 10-year anniversary of Princess Diana's death.  How can someone we've never met reduce us to tears?  Ask yourself:  Where have I ever felt this way before?  When you can answer that, you will kn... Read More


DZ070830 – Princess Diana – 678-884-0524

This is the third DearZanny show.  This weekend marks the 10-year anniversary of Princess Diana's death.  Why do we still miss her so much?  Why do we still get misty-eyed and grieve her loss?  One word:  PROJECTION.  We all ... Read More


DZ070828-Grief-what to say? 678-884-0524

This is the second DearZanny show.  Grief makes us squirm and feel uncomfortable.  But what do you do when you're face to face with a newly bereaved person?  Do you pretend it didn't happen, do you escape ASAP, do you walk the other way?  Talk To Me... Read More


DZ-1 Introduction to my FIRST SHOW!

This is the FIRST DearZanny show.  Talk To Me!  Call me at 678-884-0524. Email me:  [email protected].  You don't have to worry alone, or try to figure something out by yourself - Let's talk about it!  Blessings to one and all.  love,&nb... Read More