DZ070925 – The Bachelor Premiere – 678-884-0524
Suzanne Maiden

Episode 14 - DZ070925 – The Bachelor Premiere – 678-884-0524

A voicemail from Courtney in LA gets the conversation cranked!  Last night was the season premiere of The Bachelor TV show.  Twenty-five women to one (OK, Brad is very hot) man.  The women all know the score and all know before they don their designer dresses and high heels that ten of them will be sent home the next day.  The ten who went home were clearly upset and crying.  But why?  How can they have any real attachment to a guy they just met?  Well, sorry Hottie Brad, most of it is not about you - at least not yet.  All of the women are buying into a romantic fantasy... and several other dynamics are at work too - including previous rejection and abandonment issues.  Listen and share your own thoughts 

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