DZ070911 – 9/11 Anniversary – 678-884-0524
Suzanne Maiden

Episode 13 - DZ070911 – 9/11 Anniversary – 678-884-0524

Today marks the 6th anniversary of 9/11.  Why do we still invest so much time and energy into commemortaing the dead?  Because sudden death almost always complicates the healing process.  Ritual facilitates healing; often when ritual is missing, griever's get stuck.  Rituals don't have to be expensive or lengthy or involve anyone else.  They can be simple but simulatanesouly so powerful.  We will all experience the loss of someone we love. 

Zanny's brother, Rob, was killed in an American Eagle plane crash on Halloween Day, 1994.  Nine months later, her mother-in-law, Nelly, was murdered.  Zanny is certified from the American Academy of Bereavement as a grief-support group facilitator, she has published her work on grief, and presented to numerous groups and organizations.

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love,  Zanny

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