DZ080223 – Anima and Animus – 678-884-0524
Suzanne Maiden

Episode 15 - DZ080223 – Anima and Animus – 678-884-0524

My nunconscious impulse - which I could not resist, got me to buy a Army green Jeep Wrangler.  What's up with that?  My ANIMUS is screaming to be heard!  Yes, my inner masculine self has been duct-tapped for nearly a decade - but that tape has decayed and my animus is coming out.  Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung termed Animus as the masculine side of a woman's unconscious mind, and the Anima as related to men's inner female.  Be careful, because the very part of our psyche that we ignore, is the part who will always show up un-invited and least expected.  How do you allow expression of your inner opposite gender function? 

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