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Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson
Get the Photo Tip of the Week, Participate in Contests, Enjoy Timely Digital Photo Information, News, Digital Camera Reviews, Photography and Shooting Tips and Camera Techniques, Creative Perspectives, Photoshop Insights, Approaches to Photography, Listener Questions and Answers, and Event Information from Jason Anderson, the "Canon Blogger."

As a user of the Canon brand of bodies for his photography, Jason has particular insights and thoughts useful to other "Canonites." Get a solid foundation for understanding the technical and the esoteric side of photography and photo editing as Jason generously shares his insights with new and experienced photographers.

Inspired by Joe McNally for his straightforward teaching style, Henri Cartier-Bresson for his candid and street photography, and others like Ansel Adams and Moose Peterson, Jason has an "open-book" approach to learning. When Jason learns something new, you learn it too. Transparency and a community of sharing have inspired Jason to continue to grow and expand the listening base for his podcast and blog.

The companion blog, features regular content including weekly web round-ups of activities and news from other bloggers and photography forum communities and interviews. If you have questions about digital photography, send them to Jason at [email protected]. Jason will share his answers in an easy to understand approach, perfect for digital photography enthusiasts.


Travel and Photography

This weej Erik Bernkiold comes back to the mic to participate in the chat as we take a look at some of the concerns over travel photography.  We'll look at planning and packing for travel, security concerns, and how to scout before you leave.Of course, the staple news and Q&... Read More


More and More Printing – with an iPad?

On this week's show, Rich Charpentier is back and we're talking about all the latest news, including the new Apple iPad, taking listener questions, and talking again about more printing and photography questions.  A great conversation for sure, with lots of laughs and totall... Read More


Photo Sharing and the Web

This week, Erik Bernskiold comes back to the show to talk some more about best practices for sharing your photos online.  We cover a lot of information together with this new conversational format rather than the interview style. All the usual fun conversation points are the... Read More


Longevity of Lenses

This week we expand on another blog post and take a look at the details of why lenses are a better investment than lenses.  There's photo news, and Q&A as always, so be sure to stop over to the blog and get the show notes for this last episode of 2009!  It's been a ... Read More


Photography and the law

On this week's show, lots of blog and podcast news to share including some contest updates, photo news, social media news, and much more.  Also on this weeks show, I take a brief look at the subject of photography and the law - what your rights are and the best way to handle... Read More


Treats, Travels, and Tips

On this week's show, we've got a great treat - we're talking to photographer Andie Smith, a Dallas-based photographer on how she approaches the idea of travel photography.  Some photo tips, news, suggestions, ideas, and listener questions abound as well.  Lots to listen... Read More


How Low Can You Go

This week, we're tackling the subject of low light photography, looking at both the technical and creative side of shooting in low light.  What's an acceptable shutter speed?  How high can you crank the ISO?  Is shooting wide open worth it?  We site down with ... Read More


Creating Compelling Captures

Earlier this week we looked at 5 different ways to create compelling captures here on the blog.  Well, today the latest podcast is available where we go into a little more granularity on the subject.  A little dash of some photo news and tidbits are thrown in too, but m... Read More


Don’t Touch That Dial

I never can keep the show count the teaser, I said it's show 34, but the count here is right, this is Episode #32!  Sorry about that folks, but regardless of the number, this week you definitely want to tune in!This week we take a look at the dial on your DSLR ... Read More


Framing Your Photos

In this latest episode of Learning Digital Photography, the Grand Prize winner from the September $500 giveaway is announced, and the October contest opens up - ready for your entries.  The theme this time is Fall (open to interpretation).  Specs, guidelines, and such a... Read More