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Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson
Get the Photo Tip of the Week, Participate in Contests, Enjoy Timely Digital Photo Information, News, Digital Camera Reviews, Photography and Shooting Tips and Camera Techniques, Creative Perspectives, Photoshop Insights, Approaches to Photography, Listener Questions and Answers, and Event Information from Jason Anderson, the "Canon Blogger."

As a user of the Canon brand of bodies for his photography, Jason has particular insights and thoughts useful to other "Canonites." Get a solid foundation for understanding the technical and the esoteric side of photography and photo editing as Jason generously shares his insights with new and experienced photographers.

Inspired by Joe McNally for his straightforward teaching style, Henri Cartier-Bresson for his candid and street photography, and others like Ansel Adams and Moose Peterson, Jason has an "open-book" approach to learning. When Jason learns something new, you learn it too. Transparency and a community of sharing have inspired Jason to continue to grow and expand the listening base for his podcast and blog.

The companion blog, features regular content including weekly web round-ups of activities and news from other bloggers and photography forum communities and interviews. If you have questions about digital photography, send them to Jason at [email protected]. Jason will share his answers in an easy to understand approach, perfect for digital photography enthusiasts.


Can Christmas Cards be Cool Candy

Yup, I talk about 3 different types of cards that make for cool holiday gifts this year for the photographer you know.  That, along with online photo contests, the nomination announcement for the Top 8 of 2008 blogs/podcasts are now open, and of course, listener questions.&n... Read More


Money, Socializing, and Freebies

Hey all, welcome to the Tuesday blog post for CB - today the latest in the Canon Blogger Digital Podcast Series is up for your mobile listening pleasure.  It turns out I can ramble on for quite a bit as I take a look at three distinct topics:Making Money in PhotographyThe Va... Read More


Creative and Communicative Processes

The latest podcast episode has been published and in this week’s episode I talk about a new podcast to hit the airwaves - Digital Photography Life, hosted by none other than Scott Sherman and Michael Stein.  If these names sound familiar it’s because I have talked about ... Read More


Photowalks and Software Cycles

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Canon Blogger Podcast Series, Episode #6, from either the blog or your feed readers today!  I also tackle a few listener questions, and offer up a photo road tip for the listening audience.  So, pick up the feed today, or stop in ... Read More


Nitty Gritty Details

Today, I take a look at some lighting resources online, some great patterns inside CS3 (not available in CS4), and I take a few listener questions and answers, including recording software, crop factors, and photo terminology.  Finally, I wrap up with some contest news, a ro... Read More


Don’t Fear the Forums

Today, I take a somewhat introductory look at the prevalence of photography forums across the internet.  With communities cropping up for every nuance and interest, one literally has dozens, if not hundreds upon thousands to choose from.  Everything from lighting, to po... Read More


Off Camera Lighting

In this week's episode, I look at off-camera lighting, specifically at radio transmitters, infrared transmitters and a number of different companies that deliver products.  Pricing from various websites was also reported.  As prices may change, and sales may happen, tho... Read More


Monday Morning Quarterback

Find out about various online groups and communities galore through Flickr, Strobist, and locally, the Colorado Strobists as great resources for learning past the DIY stage.


Noise, Lighting, and Links… Oh My!

In this episode I take a look at some "best practices" for post processing noise and sharpening with your images inside of Photoshop.  There's also a few web links of interest, including one on how to make your own backlight!