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Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson
Get the Photo Tip of the Week, Participate in Contests, Enjoy Timely Digital Photo Information, News, Digital Camera Reviews, Photography and Shooting Tips and Camera Techniques, Creative Perspectives, Photoshop Insights, Approaches to Photography, Listener Questions and Answers, and Event Information from Jason Anderson, the "Canon Blogger."

As a user of the Canon brand of bodies for his photography, Jason has particular insights and thoughts useful to other "Canonites." Get a solid foundation for understanding the technical and the esoteric side of photography and photo editing as Jason generously shares his insights with new and experienced photographers.

Inspired by Joe McNally for his straightforward teaching style, Henri Cartier-Bresson for his candid and street photography, and others like Ansel Adams and Moose Peterson, Jason has an "open-book" approach to learning. When Jason learns something new, you learn it too. Transparency and a community of sharing have inspired Jason to continue to grow and expand the listening base for his podcast and blog.

The companion blog, features regular content including weekly web round-ups of activities and news from other bloggers and photography forum communities and interviews. If you have questions about digital photography, send them to Jason at [email protected]. Jason will share his answers in an easy to understand approach, perfect for digital photography enthusiasts.


The Photobeat, Contest Updates, and the First ever Newsletter!

In the latest release of the LDP podcast, a shorter show this week as I prep for some other ventures, but there's still enough material to really sink your teeth into.  To start things off, Leica released two new cameras in a synchronized announcement including a full frame ... Read More


Great Scott, Mats and Contests!

Heh, cheesy headline, but they all seam together on this week's episode of Learning Digital Photography!  Yup, the podcast is done, and for those that didn't catch my Twitter tease, this week I had the distinct pleasure of talking with none other than Scott Bourne on the sho... Read More


Holy Hyrids – It’s High Fashion!

Lots to cover on the shot today (we went over my hour max by about 12 minutes, but all dated, so make sure you listen in before Friday!  Here's what's on the agenda.  Be sure to visit the blog for show notes and more details of things to come:On the Photo News BeatCanon... Read More


Photowalks, Confessions and an Airstream

On this weeks' show, I take a few minutes at the beginning of the podcast to share my thoughts and experiences from the recent Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk that occurred on July 18th, as well as an admitted confession from a dedicated Canon shooter!Also on episode 27, I sit d... Read More


Photo News, Interviews, and Contest News

On this weeks show, the interview was so much fun we talked for almost an hour before we realized it so the rest of the show I tried to keep things short.  So, I took a look at some:Photo NewsWorldwide PhotowalkCanonRitzAlso, I had a few Contest News announcements, followed ... Read More


Win, Listen, and Bang!

This week’s show is a doozy - I talk about the latest contest, (#3 for 2009), have a fun conversation with Jason Loucks.  then tackle some tips on photography fireworks.  Of course the show always takes care of a couple listener questions and answers, so it’s 45 jam... Read More


Reviews, Interviews and New Views

On this weeks show - really episode #24 (I goofed the intro and said it was #25) - a short discussion on how I do reviews of hardware and software for the blog and podcast, an interview with Erik Bernskiold, and lots of listener questions and answers.  Rounding out the show ... Read More


Super Sigmas, Photowalks, and Seminars

On this week's show discussion centers around some news and events from around the web and over at the blog.  A couple blog announcements, some links to contest info and other stuff is all available from the blog's show notes, so be sure to stop over there to get the skinny ... Read More


Your Questions, Adobe’s Answers

On this week's show, we take some listener questions, provide a little background and insight in some answers, the segue into our second half - an interview with none other than Tom, Hogarty, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Lightroom.  It's a great segment, where we talk ab... Read More


Portraits, Promotion, and Planning

This week’s podcast episode should be available shortly over at Personal Life Media.   You’ll want to listen when you really can dedicate the 25 minutes as it’s a pretty rapid fire show this week.  A couple learning opportunities presented themselves to me recentl... Read More