Creating Compelling Captures
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 33 - Creating Compelling Captures

Earlier this week we looked at 5 different ways to create compelling captures here on the blog.  Well, today the latest podcast is available where we go into a little more granularity on the subject.  A little dash of some photo news and tidbits are thrown in too, but more importantly, the previously hyped and promoted conversation with David DuChemin is now live and ready for your listening enjoyment.  We look not only at how to create compelling captures, but also at how the idea of controversy fits into the picture.  Can controversial pictures make for more compelling images?  What defines controversy?  Is it the photographer, the conditions, the viewer, or something else altogether?

David and I also talk about his travels, share a few anecdotes, and look at the world of photography in new and exciting ways - coming at things creatively rather than technically.  Lots of great stuff for your listening enjoyment.  Here's the show notes for Episode #33 of Learning Digital Photography:


Canon 7D gets firmware update

Image Analysis using 3-d Software

Toyota grabs images off Flickr

David DuChemin Interview

Within the Frame


Compelling Captures Summary and Contest Notes