How Low Can You Go
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 34 - How Low Can You Go

This week, we're tackling the subject of low light photography, looking at both the technical and creative side of shooting in low light.  What's an acceptable shutter speed?  How high can you crank the ISO?  Is shooting wide open worth it?  We site down with Becky Thomas (a.k.a. Bec) and talk about some of the creative elements that go into the process.  Take a look at her website linked off the show notes here and over on the blog.  We're also posting the show two ways now - one via PLM with the straight MP3 that goes to iTunes and one on the blog that has interactive imagery so you can see the photos and stuff we're talking about.

We also cover a bit of the photo beat from last week including some news stories about:

Panasonic's new Audio system with Photo Viewer and the Facebook Automator using Face Detection for tagging friends and family
Paid Picassa Storage

Links to the news stories are over on the blog, so stop on over there for a gander also at the new look!