Don’t Touch That Dial
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 32 - Don’t Touch That Dial

I never can keep the show count the teaser, I said it's show 34, but the count here is right, this is Episode #32!  Sorry about that folks, but regardless of the number, this week you definitely want to tune in!

This week we take a look at the dial on your DSLR - what do they do and is it worth it taking it off the Auto Mode?  Or even putting it into the auto mode?  What are the benefits?  Pros? Cons?  There's thoughts both ways and I'll look into each and give a few answers on this weeks show.  Also on this weeks show, I had the opportunity to talk with Matthew Bamberg, a well-known and respected photographer and author of digital photography books.  We had a great chat that you definitely are going to want to tune in to to get some tips tricks and places to go for great photography.

Check out the links in the sidebar for his books at Amazon and his website too.

Lastly, the listener questions and answers, and some contest news rounds out the show too!

  • Daguerreotype
  • Best Scanners for photography
  • Windows 7 - is it for photographers?

Lots to talk about, and a great time all around, including the theme and announcement for the November giveaway!