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Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson
Get the Photo Tip of the Week, Participate in Contests, Enjoy Timely Digital Photo Information, News, Digital Camera Reviews, Photography and Shooting Tips and Camera Techniques, Creative Perspectives, Photoshop Insights, Approaches to Photography, Listener Questions and Answers, and Event Information from Jason Anderson, the "Canon Blogger."

As a user of the Canon brand of bodies for his photography, Jason has particular insights and thoughts useful to other "Canonites." Get a solid foundation for understanding the technical and the esoteric side of photography and photo editing as Jason generously shares his insights with new and experienced photographers.

Inspired by Joe McNally for his straightforward teaching style, Henri Cartier-Bresson for his candid and street photography, and others like Ansel Adams and Moose Peterson, Jason has an "open-book" approach to learning. When Jason learns something new, you learn it too. Transparency and a community of sharing have inspired Jason to continue to grow and expand the listening base for his podcast and blog.

The companion blog, features regular content including weekly web round-ups of activities and news from other bloggers and photography forum communities and interviews. If you have questions about digital photography, send them to Jason at [email protected]. Jason will share his answers in an easy to understand approach, perfect for digital photography enthusiasts.


Encouraging the Slide

Episode # 50 is in the house with Andie Smith joining me for a discussion of Lightroom Presets versus Photoshop actions, the pros and cons of each.  We tackle listener questions, some news (albeit a little dated), and overall just have a really good show.Show note are here:&... Read More


The Tip Show

As we approach the half century mark in the Learning Digital Photography Podcast series, Erik Bernskiold joins us on the show for another session of doling out some good photo tips - great ways to take and make better pictures and take your photography to the next level.  Fo... Read More


Blogging for Photographers

Blogging for photographers is all about how to set yourself up to launch and continue the project of running a photo blog - everything from configuration to design, layout, and functionality, all covered by myself and special guest host, Kerry Garrison of Camera Dojo fame.Be sure... Read More


Conversation with Tom Hogarty

This week we've got a great show with some really interesting news stories, some great listener Q&A and Tom Hogarty stops back into the show to talk about the latest release from Adobe.We talk a lot about the development and future of Lightroom 3, some of the lesser known fea... Read More


Cultures Collide

On this latest show we've got a fantastic episode lined up including lots of news, reader/listener questions and answers, and a great conversation with Martin Bailey!Martin is a photographer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, and guru of many many things, based out of Japan!  We'... Read More


Taking Stock

What a great day to release a new podcast – with the final release of LR coming out very soon, I had the distinct opportunity to talk with Rob Sylvan, author of LR2 for Dummies, and the forthcoming Taking Stock.  We talked a lot about Lightroom, working at NAPP, and took a... Read More


Keep on Shooting!

It's been about a month, but with lots of news, a super fun interview with Tyler Stableford and some really interesting listener questions and answers, episode #44 is sure to be one to mark for listening.  We cover everything from the photo news beat, to hiking photography, ... Read More


Updates Galore

Holy cow was there a ton of news to cover!  I did a multicast show with kerry Garrison of Camera Dojo, we both joined forces to cover a pretty extensive range of news items for a rather long show this week.  That's what happens when you let news build up over time, so s... Read More


Seminars and Workshops

Welcome to episode # 42 of the Learning Digital Photography Podcast!  I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Rick Sammon (a fellow Canonite) and we chatted quite a bit on the subject of learning photography - different venues and how to go about both learning and ... Read More


Getting Into Stock Photography

This week it was a pleasure to have well-known stock photographer, Nicole Young (Nicolesy) on the show.  As an exclusive iStock contributor she had some very interesting insights into how to get into stock photography, things to consider, sources of inspiration, and much mor... Read More