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Suzanne Maiden
Zanny, aka Suzanne Maiden, M.A., Family Therapist, certified grief counselor, and co-host of TheDivaCast Internet talk show, recently merged her professional experience with broadcasting to produce Dear Zanny, a one-of-a-kind virtual cozy couch where listener’s plop down their most confidential concerns. The online audio advice column offers a compassionate ear, a sympathetic shoulder, and sound suggestions to the world’s most universal relationship dilemmas.

Do you need to set firm boundaries with a toxic friend or family member? Maybe your child has suicidal tendencies or is engaging in the disturbing new trend of “cutting” (self injurious behavior). Is your spouse depressed, addicted, or abusive? Do you suspect he/she is caught up in an extramarital affair? Listeners are encouraged to email or call into the Dear Zanny hotline with their concerns. Zanny posts questions to her website, minus any identifiers for anonymity, and shares answers on-air in a radio-style format with concise considerations, suggestions, and resources.

Is Dear Zanny a substitution for professional counseling? Absolutely not. Zanny is quick to point out her show is for entertainment purposes only. Her talk show is an excellent place to touch one’s toe into the sometimes-intimidating reflecting pool of therapy, but is never intended to substitute for professional help.

To ask an anonymous question, call the Dear Zanny hotline at (678) 884-0524 or visit


DZ090124 – 5 Tips to Finding a Therapist

How do you pick a therapist? Listen to Suzanne 5 tips to finding a good therapist.Do you need relationship advice?  Call Zanny.  678-884-0524 Email me:  [email protected].   Let's talk!  Listen on your cell phone: 801-823-1125  ... Read More


Manic Mommies Escape Presentation

Suzanne was invited to present at the Manic Mommies Escape 08.  Suzanne talked about sure fire communication techniques to use with your spouse, colleague, or boss.  Do you need relationship advice?  Call Zanny.  678-884-0524 Email me:  Zanny@DearZa... Read More


DZ081022 – Random Acts of Kindness #2: ADDENDUM!!! – 678- 884-0524

These calls just keep coming.  I recorded a show earlier today about RAK.  I was about to engage in a little R&R (that would be a pedicure) before I see clients.  Then another vm came in regarding RAK.  I had to record an addendum to my earlier show today.... Read More


DZ081022 – Random Acts of Kindness #2 – 678- 884-0524

We opened the floodgates!  TheDivaCast, ( show #113 recently discussed engaging in Random Acts of Kindness (RAK).  Suzanne provided a recent example of a RAK and the other Divas chimmed in.  We immediately received emails and vm from... Read More


DZ081001 – Husband’s On-Line Looking OK? – 678- 884-0524

A voice mail from Becky show asked:  What suggestions do you have?  I found my husband likes to look at women on-line.  Should I trust him or confront him?  Listen and learn.Check out this listener's questions/comments at: followed by a writt... Read More


DZ080924 – Cheating Wife – 678- 884-0524

A voice mail from a chronic cheating wife.  She self-reports she has cheated throughout her 9 year marriage.  Her breaking point?  She contracted two STD's and is disgusted with herself.  Why does she do it, and what should she do now?  Listen and fi... Read More


DZ080903 – Abusive Father – 678- 884-0524

Email from Annie in CA regarding her abusive father.  It's NOT OK.  Push the play button and listen - the email in it's entirity is posted on my website.  Check out this listener's questions/comments at: followed by a written response for suggesti... Read More


DZ080822 – Holding Your Partner Emotional Hostage – 678- 884-0524

VM from Stephanie in Lousianna needs help in letting go over her husband's former poor financial decisions.  She wants to know how to let it go!  Click below and listen.Check out this listener's questions/comments at: followed by a writt... Read More


DZ080804 – Jealous Spouse – 678-884-0524

Email asks:  "How many of you have jealous spouses, and how do you deal?"  Jealous or possessive feelings crop up naturally in most relationships.  When is it too extreme and neurotic?  When it impacts your daily living and relationship to the extreme.  W... Read More


DZ080726 – Baby Death – 678-884-0524

Bereaved mom emails about her stillborn daughter on 1 JUN 208.  She and her partner have an 18 month old son.  Mom wonders how she is going to get through this and keep her sanity - because it's much harder than she ever thought it would be.  Listen.Check out this ... Read More