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Coaching the Life Coach
Robert Harrison
Are you ready to improve your skills and the success of your business or career? Are you a coach, consultant, or service professional? Are you a psychologist, trainer, financial manager, real estate agent or chiropractor? Are you an Internet entrepreneur, a small business owner or the CEO of a global multi-national? You can learn actionable new concepts for business pros in this weekly show where famous life coaches and business coaches share their best ideas with you. ‘Coaching by the Life Coach’ is for you if you've ever considered what it would be like to have your own coach. Vicariously sample the creme de la creme of coaches in this weekly show artfully hosted by a high-sought after coach himself, Robert Harrison. This weekly audio program provides a gateway to the best and most effective coaches and service professionals in the industry, giving you access to their singular knowledge about what it takes to be truly successful in your professional life. Each week you’ll learn secrets, tips and strategies you can use immediately to improve various aspect of your business and overcome the many obstacles that entrepreneurs face in their domain. You’ll appreciate the simplicity and candor of each show, focused on distilling down the foundation tactics to generate real life success. Get more satisfaction from your work. Develop your management and leadership skills. Grow your business and still have a life. Know when to kill it and when to gut it out. Incorporate simple time management strategies into your daily routine. Robert W. Harrison, your life coach and host of ‘Coaching by the Life Coach’ is committed to moving you step-by-step through the process of building a ‘thriving’ business and getting everything you want out of life, through weekly lessons, over-the-shoulder coaching sessions and interviews with successful coaches and business owners. You can plug ‘n play what you learn immediately into your practice to improve your results with your clients and your bottom line. Every week listeners will be given the chance to provide input, request more information and posit future show ideas via the Coaching by the Life Coach blog. Join Robert in this interactive adventure for the chance to receive free coaching live on the show with Robert. Just call 206-350-5333 with your questions for Robert.


Supercharging Your ‘Skill Set’ Using Advanced NLP In Your Business To Get Better Results For Your Clients and Your Business with Scott McFall of Hypnosis Connection and McFall Publishing

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Using NLP to Dramatically Improve Your Skill as a Healer with Robert McDonald

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How To Get Yourself Booked Solid with Michael Port

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How A Man With ZERO ADVERTISING has seen almost 100,000 clients in the past 20 years & how you can too with Yefim Shubenstov

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Traits of a successful a coach and how to build a roadmap to a successful business with Scott McFall

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Common pitfalls in the coaching process – The common mistakes new coaches make and how to avoid them with Scott McFall

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My Journey, Your Coaching Library, and How You Can Get Free Coaching on this show

In this introductory episode, Robert Harrison introduces himself and tells the story of how he became a self-employed service professional and mentor to other service professionals.  In it, you will learn more about Robert’s journey in the service professional industry, h... Read More


Mindsets For (and Pitfalls to) Your Success and Learning; The Chain of Meaning [External]

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