How A Man With ZERO ADVERTISING has seen almost 100,000 clients in the past 20 years & how you can too with Yefim Shubenstov
Coaching the Life Coach
Robert Harrison

Episode 25 - How A Man With ZERO ADVERTISING has seen almost 100,000 clients in the past 20 years & how you can too with Yefim Shubenstov

In this episode, we discover how Yefim Shubenstov, the ‘Mad Russian’ has helped over 96,000 people eliminate cravings from a small clinic in Brookline, Ma with ZERO advertising.

Yefim has even helped stars like Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, David Arquette & Courtney Cox quit smoking, stop binge eating, drinking and eliminate other cravings.

In a candid interview, you will learn Yefim’s philosophy for helping others create massive change in their lives – using principles like common sense, creativity, and cleverness to beat cravings and addictions.  

Listen in as Robert uncovers this little known technology called ‘Bio-Energy’, which he learned in the Soviet Union, has taught to Medical Doctors at Harvard, and how you can use it in your transformational practice to get better results helping others.

And, according to Yefim, anyone can learn it.

Finally, Yefim reveals the secret to getting more clients than he can handle with zero advertising, no website, and not even a brochure.



Robert Harrison: Hi everyone, welcome to Personal Life Media, Coaching the Life Coach. This is Robert Harrison, your guide to thriving, getting ahead at work, and having a life. Today, uh, is a real honor and a pleasure. We have Yefim Shubenstov from the Soviet Union, also known as affectionately as the Mad Russian in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Yefim Shubenstov: Each place of the brain has a special business. Your left side of the brain control your right side of the body. So when a person gets a stroke and hand and leg does not move they feel something wrong with the brain. One place in the brain capable to want to drink but in this place of the brain must control desire to live. Originally is supposed to be positive, this energy help to make everything like it supposed to be, like original. When you help people to use common sense, you help people to be healthy. Everything in the human body, controlled by brain.

Robert Harrison: Hi everyone, welcome to Personal Life Media, Coaching the Life Coach. This is Robert Harrison, your guide to thriving, getting ahead at work, and having a life. Today, uh, is a real honor and a pleasure. We have Yefim Shubenstov from the Soviet Union, and, he is also known affectionately as the Mad Russian in Brookline, Massachusetts. For those of you who don't know Yefim yet, do an Internet search you'll find him, but here's what you're going to find out: this guy has an unprecedented... helped a hundred and thirty five thousand people since 1980 in his small clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts. He's never done any kind of publicity or advertising other then just people asking him, but he's never done any kind of advertising whatsoever, and he has an amazing, amazing, 98% success rate. Also he's helped people such as Billy Joel, Amy Tan, Drew Barrymore, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, all quit smoking. And he works with things like addictions, drug addictions, various phobias, and even weight control. Yefim, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Yefim Shubenstov: Thank you. One only, a small remark: I never count my success rate. To be perfectly honest any numbers, any, good or bad, is not real honest because they never count. I cannot quote for more then hundred thousand people even once in a month. But uh, I have a, like hopes and fairness whatever, if anybody who came in my office needs to repeat, for reinforcement, they're welcome every single day, besides a Sunday. In between any two appointments before first or after last. So 1% of my patients, one thousand three hundred fifty people, so good for me, if just one percent come to repeat, I have to close my office immediately. So honestly, I never count. But I don't have a luxury for a good success rate, its not perfect. But numbers, I don't know. So any numbers will be incorrect, because I honestly never count.

Robert Harrison: Okay, great. Great. So Yefim, a couple things. The first thing is, now, if you could tell our listeners just a little bit, about how you got into the business of health design. I know you're originally a professional artist, and that you studied bioenergy which I'm looking forward to hearing about, in the Soviet Union. But tell us just a little about how you got into the business of helping others, and what attracted you to it.

Yefim Shubenstov: It's absolutely certain, I met... wrong person, wrong place, wrong time. [laughs] He told me I have unusual level of biological fields and I ask him honestly, 'What the hell is it'. He told, 'I don't know'. I told 'Excuse me, are you okay?' he told 'Yes, I'm okay.' He showed identification, he's a Ph.D. in biological fields, a professor. He wants to discover what the hell is it, because in our planet officially three kinds of energy: gravity, electromagnetic, and nuclear. There's one more energy, and he thought we can feel it, but we don't know what is it. I thought 'Why are you talking to me?' 'Well, because you have unusual level, I can feel it but cannot give you explanation.' And he told me if I will come in his laboratory, like for fun, I will have very unusual life. So he keeps his promise, I have quite unusual life.

Robert Harrison: So, so, tell us about how you, I know you, I know you left the Soviet Union in 1979, you came to 1980, tell us a little bit what is bioenergy, for those who aren't familiar with it.

Yefim Shubenstov: Officially we have three kinds of energy. This one, one more. So no one instrument doesn't react, so we cannot measure. Not because impossible, but because scientist physically did not spend enough time to build an instrument that can measure energy. But we can measure result. Like healing, before and after. Blood pressure, before and after. So result to measure very possible. Energy itself we cannot measure because we don't have an instrument. They call this "bioenergy", biological, because energy what is going from the human or animals body. Not only, flowers, same thing. In them, Harvard Medical Center, we used to make experiments, they probably store the figures. They gave me a bunch of ordinary seeds for ground. Absolutely ordinary, nothing special. And some doctor divided it for a two. I put my hands without touching for approximately fifteen minutes, and after they put same ground, same watering, same... all the same. But, a bunch what I put my hands start to grow in cup like one week before another one, and became to be a taller, like two, six inches approximately. Some scientists who everybody built a thesis, used to call this energy like "life energy", because everything was in between our hands, or in front, only better, not worse. So one of the reasons why KGB lost curiosity, because they could not make a weapon for this one. You cannot shoot anybody, you can only help. After long time experiments, because my results were real good, I had proposition to run first in the world official medical department. It was called manotherapy. "Manos" in Latin language, "hand". In Spanish, the same. This was in pediatrics, for the kids, the biggest in the whole Soviet Union. We took not all, just some kinds of sicknesses what is possible to measure without suggestion. When you don't need medication, because if you use any kind of medication, it's not clean experiment. Soviet scientists in a time what I'm talking about, wasn't really just a tall story, they didn't believe in any miracle. They want to make sure what I'm doing is not like side effect of suggestion. So they want to measure result, before and after. For example, how he's healing, before and after. Blood pressure, before and after. For a second, when you don't need medication, because we don't want to make any risk with people health or life. So I never tried diabetes like example, because without insulin, people can be dead. Together with insulin, that's not clean experiment, because if you used anything besides nobody will be increasing about. So we need just clean experiment. So I didn't take many many sicknesses, just because of the through. For instance, I never treat cancer, I don't know how. It may be possible, but I don't know how. Never did diabetes. But sport injury, I had very very good experience, many many years, cardiology department, gynecology, urology, so some thing I know, some thing I never did.

Robert Harrison: Now, can you, can you tell us a little bit about how you use bioenergy in your clinics? I mean, I've read all the articles on the Web, and I know that you bring in groups of like, fifteen people...

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes, yes...

Robert Harrison: twenty people, will come in...

Yefim Shubenstov: No, fifteen because I have only fifteen arms here in my office.

Robert Harrison: [laughs] Okay. So you bring fifteen people in. I hear you walk around, you talk for a while...

Yefim Shubenstov: No I don't walk. I sit in my desk, and from the beginning, I want to show you how this working. Anybody have a pain, any pain, no headache, neck, shoulder, stomach, knee, elbow, are removed. So I am in my desk. People around the room. I just move my hands a little bit, few seconds, and pain is gone. So I don't touch anybody.

Robert Harrison: From your chair, at, from your desk, you are actually able to relieve their pain?

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes yes yes. Distance about, twenty feet, from the one person to another. And pain is gone. So I want to show, this not hypnotizing effect, and you believe or don't believe doesn't matter. Or, let's say somebody came in the 20/20 program. In the group, is a person with very bad hearing. And he forgot his hearing aid, so he couldn't hear anything at all. So I put my hands around his ears for about two minutes, after I went from the longest distance in the office. I turn, so could not read my lips. I put my words down, I told something and he repeat immediately. So you believe or you don't believe, doesn't matter, because you don't know what I'm talking, you cannot repeat. So is clean experiment.

Robert Harrison: So this is not just the power of suggestion, then?

Yefim Shubenstov: No absolutely, healing is the best proof, because if you don't know what this person talking about and you cannot read his lips, you cannot repeat. But if you can repeat, you definitely can hear. Is clean experiment.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. Now can you talk a little bit about how, I know that you will talk for approximately two hours, you relieve some pain, and then you bring them back into the back room, and you have them think about, if I'm correct, individually, you have them think about that which they want. Like, if it's smoking you have them imagine the best smoking, or if it's alcoholism, you have them imagine the best day drinking.

Yefim Shubenstov: Each place of the brain has a special business. Like example, your left side of the brain, temple, control your right side of the body. So when, if God forbid person gets a stroke and hand and leg does not move, this hand perfect, leg perfect, they feel something wrong with the brain. So one small place in the brain has the capability to want to smoke. From the beginning, everybody, you, me, the whole world, we was born without desire to smoke. Allegedly, place supposed to be in the part of condition. Everything like "supposed" to be. So when person close his eyes, and he start to think 'I want to smoke' only one place, like radio station, working, and the scanners. They give this place stronger like before, so desire gone. I will give example. In the time when I used to live in the Soviet Union, Soviet people wants to listen "Voice of America", special radio station. But Soviet government did not want to. So what they did, in the same frequency, they put some terrible noise. And because this noise was more close with Soviet people then radio station, they just block it. So practically, working like same thing, I just block it.

Robert Harrison: You just block it. Now how do you do that, so, how do you know where it's located in the brain, does the energy feel differently?

Yefim Shubenstov: If you'll learn how to do this, and you'll move your hands around people body just slowly, if anything wrong, even scratch, you physically will feel it. It doesn't mean you can name it, probably. But you can feel it. To name possible, just experience. Look at example. If you touch in a dark room, wool jacket. You can tell is wool, is no description, because carpet wool, sweater wool, coat wool, different kind of fabric, but the same sensation. So each problem has a personal sensation, is only a matter of memory. If I never met this signal, I cannot tell name, but I can tell area, no, not perfect. Nothing special. But if I have experience I can tell exactly, you can recognize cancer. Cancer has very unusual signal. Even if you're drunk you cannot make mistake, because the signal will stay around your hand, as long as you do not wash your hand, like pins and needles, at least in my hands. Maybe you feel different. If you open any book, old book about acupuncture, Chinese point on the tip of our fingers has a name, exit for enter. So eight thousand years ago, when people could not even talk normal, in China, in Japan, used to be very very high culture. Just for one method, nothing else. Many many many things, history. I give you one example. If today, any pregnant woman has a big baby, and baby cannot go out no delivery without surgery, the ecologist will make small surgery. We call this caesarean section. Why caesarean? Because more then two thousand years ago, we're talking before Jesus Christ, when Cleopatra used to be pregnant from Julius Caesar, his son used to be too big and cannot go out. So Egyptian medical doctors, without pain, without infection, made the surgery. And because he used to be son of the Caesar, it is call caesarean section. But after ten people were called by burial, they kill everybody who knew how to do this. If six hundred years ago pregnant woman has a big baby, sometimes mother dead, sometimes baby, sometimes together. It's just forgotten medicine, nothing helped. It's not something absolutely brand new. And people started to get curiosity about and because it's laboratory where I used to work, I was very very successful, we get idea how to use it. Nothing special.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. Amazing. So we're going to take a quick break to support our sponsers, this is Robert Harrison with Coaching the Life Coach, we are talking today with Yefim Shubenstov of the Brookline clinic in Massachusetts, and we will be right back.


Robert Harrison: Okay everyone, this is Robert Harrison with Coaching the Life Coach. Today, we're talking with Yefim Shubenstov, and before the break Yefim we're talking about how you use bioenergy with patients who are smoking, helped them quit smoking, and I noticed in reading up on your techniques that you also use it to help things like different kinds of additions, and to you is craving pretty much just the same whether it's smoking or alcohol or food?

Yefim Shubenstov: And I don't charge even additional money. Let's see person came. Smoking, drinking, drugs, bad behaviors, and he wants to forget about somebody or something like ex-wife or husband and something else. No problem, all in the same session, no additional money, just different treatment, just additional minutes and that's it. And if necessary repeat free of charge for the rest of my life. I had one guy he came, like example: smoking, drinking, drugs, biting his nails, he afraid go by plane phobia, I have perfect results with any kind of phobia, and he wants to forget his ex-wife. So five additional problems, no additional money.

Robert Harrison: Now did you have him imagine all five problems at once?

Yefim Shubenstov: No, no, once in a while, so person close his eyes and he'll think about how he afraid go by plane, and when he begin to think he raise his hands up to let me know, because if he talking he losing concentration. After, another one, after, another one, so it five problems, five minutes. You know what I mean. But there's no additional money, and all for the same time.

Robert Harrison: Now I read when I was studying your book, "Cure Your Cravings", is excellent. It's really really excellent. And I believe that the perseverance and the endurance is absolutely right on. You seem to talk quite a bit about this really getting grounded in reality, and not buying into the cult of popular opinion, or the cult of self-esteem, and I think those are absolutely right on. But one of the things I'm curious about, and I want to talk about those in a minute, but one more question about bioenergy: why do you have them think about, like if for example someone who is drinking. Why do you have them think about their best day drinking?

Yefim Shubenstov: One place in the brain, capable to want to drink. So let's see, God forbid, car accident and person had some damage in the brain for place what is control vision. So whole body okay, but person could be blind. So another place control healing, same thing. But this place in the brain control desire to drink. But we are, no I mean all people in the world, we was born without desire to drink alcohol. This means this place originally supposed to be passive. It's original situation. According by a team of all scientists wherever they authored this research, is energy, help to make everything like it's supposed to be, like original. This appeal has a huge foundation. All animals, all, they act much better then people, because they need more then we are. Look, sense of smell for us, most recognize perfume. Sometimes, very rarely, you can recognized smell of gas, but usually is no big deal. For animals, anytime, big deal, to recognize how far is to protect life, how to get food. So they acted much sharper, much better then we are. So it's additional proof that life energy, you get this to survive without medication, and without surgery. What I can do for a cat or dog, I physically can do for people. They reacted so great, impossible even to imagine.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. Amazing.

Yefim Shubenstov: And the reason why people supposed to think what they want to drink, because this place, one place in the brain will be active, like radio station. However not passive, and immediately they will feel it, it will give you more strong energy, and thats displace you, but like supposed to be, so its like pure physical process, nothing special.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. Now have you ever, have you ever attempted an experiment, to do this kind of healing via the phone, or at longer distances?

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes, but I have to see person before, because I have no idea what, who I have to concentrate. Long time ago, international TV from Malay show how our laboratory change blood pressure for astronauts in space. They just know about three public experiments.

Robert Harrison: Amazing.

Yefim Shubenstov: In the time I'm talking about it used to be very secret, but right now it's no big deal because they sold all this information.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. Amazing. So Yefim, let's, if we can, let's switch gears just a little bit. I'd like to talk, I'd like you to just mention just a little bit, maybe, maybe just a few minutes, on the three C's of intelligence: the common sense, creativity, and cleverness that you, that you talk about as powerful weapons in beating any craving or habit.

Yefim Shubenstov: Okay, what is the question?

Robert Harrison: If you can talk just a little bit about the three C's of intelligence, common sense, creativity, and cleverness. What are they, and how do you use them.

Yefim Shubenstov: Look, common sense mostly help people with majority of problems. For instance, I help people physically when they came with phobia, but beside of me, not instead of me. I thought 'Okay, let's see you afraid go by plane.' So according by United States statistics, every year in the car accident died more then fifty seven thousand people. That's more then Korea, Vietnam, and Middle East all wars together. All aircraft travels we can count very easy on our fingers, so choice to be dead on a plane almost zero. It's like to find big diamonds in the city of Manhattan, ridiculous. So when people stop to think about, it's much easier to fight with any problems. Same thing like claustrophobia. Locked in small room, so what, genetic for God's sake. What you gonna beat, no you can. It's all psychological, so what the hell you drive yourself crazy. When people start to use common sense, much easier to get to the problem. Let's say you afraid to go to talk in front of the people. I give example, okay, if right now I will drop dead, all of you, you'll be little bit upset because you'll have time to feel sorry. Correct? Everyone starts to laugh. 'Correct!' So why have to be worry about thing of the people who don't give a damn about life or death, so ridiculous. Your only reply, entire life. You don't tell anything stupid every damn second, you don't do anything ridiculous, so what the hell you worried about. People don't listen you anyway. In general, people listen theyself. Do you want attention? Yes. I mean, if you want attention, I'm sorry, if you want attention, one of the two things. First, must be funny, second profitable. If neither one doesn't exist, nobody will pay attention to you. Okay is too deep, too deep, president of the country will talk and continue, you watch, I don't think so. But the sky level position, nobody doesn't care about. But if ordinary person with heavy accent, much worse then mine, he'll tell how to tax, everyone will listen. Because is profitable, is common sense. So, ridiculous to worry about. And when it's time to use common sense, everything is much easier, more simple.

Robert Harrison: That's true. That's so, so true. So, how about, real quick, the patience and endurance. Do you want to say a little bit about that?

Yefim Shubenstov: What in, give me an example.

Robert Harrison: Well, you mention that you know, that you really, one of the things you really stress in your program, and I love this, is the idea of using patience and endurance, and ignoring the quick fix. People are addicted to the quick fix, which I think is part of using that common sense that you're talking about.

Yefim Shubenstov: Many many many things, people imagine just not because we are like, part of society. Okay, I'll give example. If right now we look at history in general, once I had a big group, with almost all is not in my office, I give a lecture at Harvard Medical Health Center, in where they invited me, Harvard Medical School I am sorry. And one group of students they asked me about, okay, look at history in general. Each war, each one, started usually by two, three, five people. Sometimes people who knows each other very good. Sometimes even really good, and died millions of people who never saw each other. So what does it look? Example. First World War begin by Russian czar and German kaiser. They been cousins for God's sake. They had met as cousins, few time on vacation, good time, and died more then ten million people who never saw each other ever for one second. So if people would start to use common sense, just for one minute, you think would they have to kill each other for the power of two idiots. Why, what for? But, same thing today. We have plenty of terrorists who even simply can make huge big damage in the each place of the world. You know what I am talking about. Because if God forbid they will use nuclear weapon, you carry major troubles could be in the world. But if for one moment, everybody, including them terrorists, think for a second, 'What the hell'. Because some people going to the church, some people going to the temple, some don't go any place at all in this case. But, today today, was born a lot of kids, I have no idea how many, not a lot. So all kids who born in Poland in general you'll be Catholics, because Poland generally Catholic country. People who born in Middle East, you'll be Muslim, will be Jews. People who born in India, Buddhist. So first depends, where the hell you born. So practically, people hate each other, just because they're born in another side of the state, more then stupid. Because it will take all people from the Middle East who born today, and they raise the Poles are Catholic, not Muslim. Is ridiculous to hate each other because you going to a different temple or different church. So when people start to use common sense, the majority of all troubles in the world can be gone dramatically. Why does the world supposed to listen to any damn idiot, just because they wants to get a power. Honestly, I know this not for radio or TV, but my opinion, anybody, I mean anybody, wants to be President, they not supposed to be President, only because he wants them power, he wants power, not to help people, because he won't do anything good for the people. This is a problem. People supposed to choose theyself. If somebody spent millions of dollars for advertising to be President, he never... not supposed to close this power. Dangerous.

Robert Harrison: Yeah. You know, this is one of the things that I think really separates healers and service professionals apart from other people, is that especially the good ones...

Yefim Shubenstov: No, all together, because when you help people to use common sense, you help people to be healthy. Everything, in the human body and animals, controlled by brain. This book, very very very interesting book if you want, 'Mind Power into the 21st Century', John Kehoe writer, Canadian. Whatever you're thinking, very very important, each our thought not innocent. If, God forbid, for a stupid reason, someone will think "I will get a cancer", he'll get a damn cancer, because his brain will create it. If hope is it, person already get a cancer, but he'll be sure hundred percent, hundred, not ninety nine, cancer will be gone, cancer will be gone. I saw more then thousand people like this, with X-Ray, MRI, cat scan, and blood test, before and after. I say this. Whatever you think is really big deal. For a health, for a life, everything. Brain like biological computer, nothing else. So when people start to think, 'I will do my the best', is very dangerous. Why? The best, maybe yes, maybe no. No easy. All computers, like water, choose easy way. Look at like example. Everybody decided for sure, they will brush our teeth, if once in a while you allow it. But everybody try to excess, the majority drop it, because they try. When you cheated just once, you show the brain is possible to go in another direction. Is very very dangerous. But if every single day doing the same very easy, very simple. Is one of the reasons why, practically, everybody who came in my office to quit drugs, quit. Drugs the most difficult in the whole entire world, because if you did not cheat, everyday easy easy easy. But if you cheated, that's it, you'll be enormously difficult or impossible. No I support them, if necessary. Is another story. But, when you decided something for sure, is no problem. If you try, very difficult, or impossible.

Robert Harrison: Exactly. Hoping and trying will not work. That's what I tell smokers when they come in my office. It will...

Yefim Shubenstov: Absolutely, yes.

Robert Harrison: will not work. They imply doubt, uncertainty, and failure.

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes, absolutely. In the moment when you try, you show reaction for brain, possible to go in the wrong direction.

Robert Harrison: That's right. Now Yefim, before we, before we wrap up here today, just because you've had so... I read here that you've never advertised, and yet you've seen so many people. So when you first started in 1980, how, where did your, where did your customers and clients come from, how did you attract them?

Yefim Shubenstov: Few medical doctors from Harvard Medical Center, they want to learn how to do what I am doing. And they start to send me patients. No big deal, few. I don't remember numbers. No more then ten. And these people what I help, they start to talk with another people, and step by step from word to mouth started going happen.

Robert Harrison: Amazing. And then since then, what do you think also is the key... I mean know you've worked with a lot of celebrities, and the celebrities we see on the Internet, like Billy Joel, Al Thompson, Amy Tan, Drew Barrymore are only the ones who've given you permission to talk about, so there's been more then that. How, what is it that you think about you that's attracted those celebrities and that opportunity?

Yefim Shubenstov: I have no idea, because, to be perfectly honest, it's no offense, I never saw Billy Joel before, and I did not know who he is. And when he came in the office, I've been enormously surprised with everybody looking for him. And I asked my secretary, who live in the United States, 'Why everybody looking for this guy? He's Billy Joel, what is it?' [laughs] So, shocked she tells me he very very popular person. I never saw him before. So I did not have any reaction for him.

Robert Harrison: Hey, here's a question for you too. Since you are so sensitive to energy, do you find that the energy of some of the celebrities is much higher then the average person?

Yefim Shubenstov: No no, not high at all, everything the same, no problem. Some of them, just more spoiled from their attentions the people, nothing else.

Robert Harrison: Yeah. [laughs] And so one moment, before we wrap up here, now, when you, I read in your book about how you project the energy, so once you identify where the, you know, where the craving is living in the body, or where the energy is off, do you just simply project life force energy into that, and that cleans it up, that straightens it out?

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes. Yes. And don't forget, your left hand, it doesn't matter, your right handed person or left handed, left hand much stronger then right. So let's see if shoulder pain, you have to put your left hand in front of the place what is guilty for the troubles. A right hand, will be in front of left, just to make it stronger. A right hand for two reasons. To make it stronger, and second to show your reaction. Look at example. Suppose person has a stroke, and his left hand lousy, real terrible. In this case, your left hand must be in front of his right temple, right hand in his finger, just to show reaction. Slowly, slowly, slowly, you move through all of this reaction and guilty enough clears up your health and again and again and again. As long as you can do this, it is better result.

Robert Harrison: Until it feels normal again.

Yefim Shubenstov: Yes. I work with people with strokes, and medicine with result, but wait a long time. Is not for a three, is not for a two, is long time. But very excellent result.

Robert Harrison: Very very excellent. And is it possible to use bioenergy on yourself, once you've learned it?

Yefim Shubenstov: Possible, just more difficult, more like karate. If I show you some move, you can kill huge big guy. But it doesn't mean you stroll safe in the streets. But after couple years training, you will safe in the streets. Same thing to help for somebody, much faster, much easier. To help for yourself, more difficult because you have to concentrate for exactly place, and forget about anything at all, and to put all energy into that place, what is not so easy, because something will interrupt your attention.

Robert Harrison: Got it. Great. Well listen, this is Robert Harrison, this has been Coaching the Life Coach today, we've been talking with Yefim Shubenstov of the Brookline Clinic, and Yefim, real quickly, just tell everyone how they can get a hold of you, if they would like to come see you and work with you.

Yefim Shubenstov: Okay. Because is not a real advert, I don't pay money, might as well, I can give my telephone, yes. 617 is the area code in Massachusetts. 232-3930. And I have three secretaries they will give you appointments any time whatever you want, but is not advertisement, I don't pay money for this program, and I never had any advertising in my entire life.

Robert Harrison: I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Well Yefim, it has been an absolute pleasure having you on the show. I love the work that you're doing, I love the fact you're making the world a better place, and cheers to everyone who is doing that, and thank you very much.

Yefim Shubenstov: Thank you very much, and Happy New Year.

Robert Harrison: For transcripts of this show, please go to under Coaching the Life Coach, and remember everybody we'd love to hear your feedback on how you like the shows, and what you want to hear about. Remember, if you want to be on the show and get some coaching, make sure you let us know in the forum. Take care, and everyone have a great day.