Aligning Your Energy with Your Intention – Understanding How to Utilize Energy to Support Your Business and Goals with Heather Dominick, creator of Energy Rich Coaching
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Robert Harrison

Episode 29 - Aligning Your Energy with Your Intention – Understanding How to Utilize Energy to Support Your Business and Goals with Heather Dominick, creator of Energy Rich Coaching

In this interesting Episode listen to Heather Dominick explain how you can utilize your own intention, energy, and thoughts to align yourself with your business goals. If you’re wondering why what you’re doing to build your business isn’t working – this will help you discover the hidden agenda in you that get’s in the way.



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Robert Harrison:  So, hi this is Robert Harrison with Coach the Life Coach, today our guest is Heather Dominick of Energy Rich Coaching and Heather is going to talk with us a little bit today about what Energy Rich Coaching is how that works how you can use that to improve your business and how you can be a better healer.

Heather Dominick:   Understanding the feeling that they’re wanting from the service that we provide when you start to tap into that everything ignites and lights up and contributes to that force it’s the same kind of force say when you are dating someone and you know that when you sit down if there’s a connection with that person and somebody else not so much

Heather Dominick:  First of all you know I really see that there is a majority of major mistakes that entrepreneurs make they’re not connected they’re not grounded its always interesting and also amazing to me how there’s so many folks that go into business for themselves they leave corporate because they say how unhappy they are and then they try to run their business exactly like they functioned in corporate

Heather Dominick:  Step four in the system is to serve your businesses dire need what that means is there’s a lot that’s happening we want to be able to have a very large powerful vision but first and foremost is what does your business need immediately?

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Robert Harrison:  So Heather, welcome to the show.

Heather Dominick:  Thank you so much I’m so happy to be here Robert thank you.

Robert Harrison:  Great, thanks for being on the show  So Heather, first things first, tell a little about yourself about what Energy Rich Coaching is for us who have no clue, and how that can help a person improve their business

Heather Dominick:  Sure absolutely So Energy Rich Coaching was born from my own experience my first business was as a nutrition and wellness coach and, I very much loved what I did I got excellent results with my clients and, I, at the same time I found myself bumping up against this ceiling in terms of my income and just how far my business could go, and I would have to say that that brought me into what I refer to as you know, it was a dark time and I remember specifically I had what I call a down-on-my-knees moment.

 I was literally down on my knees in front of my couch you know just praying that there had to be an easier way to being the best for myself and I was just you know really praying to just take this monkey of my back.   I know I have a lot to offer the world and I just can’t quite figure out how to do that and from that moment was born what I now call the inner and outer approach to business and it became very clear to me that being in business, especially as a service professional, someone who is here to serve others, that I couldn’t do this alone.  And so at the same time that I was doing all of this marketing research about you know how to really adapt marketing to my solo business.

 I was also really doing a lot of spiritual searching and what I did is I started to become clear to me to begin to merge the two together that they actually weren’t separate and that as I really consciously tapped into taking every thing that I was learning about marketing and bringing it into a much deeper richer rich and human and also energetic level that lit a spark underneath my business that was really incredible and so much started to happen and my client numbers went up and I just felt better.  I just loved my business which I felt like I was at war with it before and so now …mmhmm?

Robert Harrison:  [interrupted] Well so can you go a little bit more into that, I mean your obviously, I assume your talking about the concept of the inner and the outer coaching and how this has really lit a spark underneath your business.  Can you go a little bit more into that like what specifically what that is and what it means?

Heather Dominick:  Yes sure absolutely so what that means is first and foremost is partnering with your life force your energy and what I found, and again, the situation was the same for myself is that, most entrepreneurs ignore; that they look outside-outside-outside for all of the answers that the answer must be in the you know perfect  marketing message in the exact words and what’s missed in that and I m not saying that isn’t valid and doesn’t hold a place but what’s missed is that who you are as a person and what you are bringing to your business so there’s a lot out there in terms of the powerful fact of energetic principles and I would say the one that s most common that has sort of been you know overused a bit now is refereed to as the law of attraction.

But that s a part of it,  that s an element of energetic principles so,  I’ll give you an example. I was actually holding a class today as part of the Energy Rich Boot Camp and we’re on Step 2 of the Energy Rich Entrepreneur Success System which is about magnetizing your ideal client, and what I like to call Magnetizing your client attraction plan.  So a big part of that is understanding that underneath everything that everyone wants is the desire for a feeling. 

So if someone says they want a new car what they really want is, in addition to transportation is, a certain feeling that that car they believe is going to bring to them.  The same goes for all of your clients and all of your customers so in Energy Rich we don’t just look at the surface parts of our ideal client age, gender, occupation, but we look into connecting with our ideal clients at an energetic level understanding the feeling that they are wanting from the service that we provide and when you do that when you start to tap in to that, it’s a lighting; it’s just everything ignites and lights up and that contributes to that force.  It’s a same kind of force say when you are dating someone and you know, when you sit down with someone, and your like - I feel a connection to this person, and somebody else, not so much so.
As an Energy Rich Entrepreneur your consciously creating that connection instead of just you know, hoping that it will happen and again, only focusing on the surface.

Robert Harrison:  Okay. So, how do you do that and as part of that question, I want to talk about what gets in the way.  Because I’ve gotta tell you from my experience ok, it seems to me, I totally like.   I believe in the concept of you have to really be congruent with it.

You have to have your energy alive with it I, I really believe that and in [reall p?] we call the congruence real true congruence where you feel that in your bones.Now in my experience,  Heather, where I see that lacking most in practitioners, hypnotists and coaches is when they cannot deliver on the promises they are making, and so what happens is, they literally get in their own way.  They’ll be like um, an internal conflict with actually really going out and marketing themselves and a lot of coaches have way more marketing  experience than they really possibly ever need.

But what I’ve seen, you know, if a person is advertising weight loss and they cant get anyone to lose weight then they’re gonna be very likely they’ll sabotage the marketing efforts cuz they know they can’t deliver on their promise   So I’m wondering how this…First off, how do you, how do you get ‘em aligned with their energy and get ‘em to come to your Energy Rich Program to, you know, deliver on a promise that they can’t keep because the biggest problem?


Heather Dominick:  Hmmm. Yeah well I definitely agree with you and I really see it as a loop in terms of a problem and what’s at the base of that both maybe not being able to be able to deliver on the promise and then also not, you know, that self sabotage that your now talking about is really is what is at the root of that is fear so this is an area that most business coaches don’t even go near and most people don’t go near they try to sweep it under the rug or ignore it or just deny it or you know just move on through just plough through but I really then again just from my own experience recognize what a crucial part this is in building a business for yourself so much so that  its Step e of the Energy Rich Entrepreneur Success System.

Moving through entrepreneurial fear if there’s ever anything that your looking to create for yourself whether its your ideal business or the result and I would say co-creating the result with your client because you can’t actually ever produce the results for  your client its about partnering with them the only energy or that I should say the primary energy that’s in the way is fear so in Energy Rich.

We look at that first or, or at least that’s our intention; rather than waiting for it to come to us although lots of folks who come to Energy Rich coaching is because they’ve been bumping up against this and they can’t figure out what it is now that fear takes different forms for all different types of practitioners  so its really about getting honest with yourself and getting clear and then they’re certain energetic tools that we use um in energy rich coaching like one is called the belief transformation tool another’s called an order form to the universe that supports you in moving through that fear and into action because that’s what its about so you know is it about what is it is it fear of success is it fear of failure being seen is it fear of people you know wanting something from you is it fear of money like I said it takes a different form for all different people but if the form isn’t as import as just understanding that its fear which is an energy that can be transformed.

Robert Harrison:  Yeah, so you have people in your coaching programs okay and they’re going well, I’m fearful, and I you know… my concern is this.  I believe there’s areas where persons should be fearful for example there’s a hypnotist that came to us for coaching to improve  his smoking cessation business and he was using fraudulent advertising he was making promises that he couldn’t t keep he was telling people they would quit smoking with no [?] and no withdraws and he had fears around marketing that way and I was really relieved to find out that there was actually fear around that because the problem was not in other words to fix that problem we didn’t like need to help him  remove the fear we heeded to help them change his marketing so that he wasn’t setting himself up for a lawsuit   he wasn’t putting himself in harms way he wasn’t making a promise that he couldn’t deliver on.

Heather Dominick:  Hahaha Ok so there we’re talking about integrity right?  So that your right that s a different focus so what you know when I was talking about fear before the intention is that you have yourself fully aligned in integrity in terms of your offer that s a bigger can of worms.  Now not that that cant be shifted or moved through like you did for your client but that sounds like it would  require a little bit of understanding, investigating and exploring ok what we really have going on here is  we need to be in truth in integrity with who you are and what you have to offer so that sounds to me like first in foremost in getting clear about who you are what you’re here to offer..

Now that really speaks to Step One of the Energy Rich Success System for Entrepreneurs which is to claim your core value you offer so in Energy Rich Coaching, even core value offer has a very different meaning than it does in traditional building circles.  In Energy Rich your core value offer is getting very clear about not just the value that you bring to your business or the value that you bring to your clients but again going back to that essence of what are you here to offer.  I really believe that anyone whose called  to be in business for yourself is really called to, you know, in a very powerful way, bring forth a purpose.  It sounds like your client was what I would call off-purpose; he wasn’t clear, he wasn’t connected to that, would you agree?

Robert Harrison:  I would agree in one of the questions that comes up to me around that  is you know what is cuz I know your doing a lot with fears and it seems that fear is one of the biggest things that prevents coaches and hypnotists that prevents people just in general from seeing things in reality as it is in other words they want to believe they’re in integrity or they want to believe they’re doing the right thing but they’re simply  not grounded enough to  see it as clearly as they could and if they were to get it more grounded less fearful see it more clearly,  they would see they were making a pretty huge mistake.  So, I’m just kind of wondering if we could take  brake here,  if we could just briefly mention how you might address that at the program?

Heather Dominick:  Well I love that you said making  big mistakes because that is exactly what its about is to take a look at you know what are the mistakes.  First of all, you know I really see that there’s a majority of major mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make and you touch on some of them; that they’re not connected, they’re not grounded.  Its always interesting and also amazing to me how there’s so many folks that go into business for themselves. 

They leave corporate because they say how unhappy they are, and then, they try to run their business exactly like they functioned in corporate so that’s would call a mismatch  that‘s an energetic mismatch your saying one thing but your acting in a different way so I really believe that there’s places within each of us those that I would refer to as energy rich where you are really you know putting forth your highest serving ability and there’s parts of us that are energy poor and its not like your wrong its not like you’re a bad person or a bad entrepreneur but we do need to activate that which is in you that is energy rich that is an alignment and then we need to raise those places that are energy poor which is like the mistakes that your talking about and we need to you know just raise those up to an energy rich level so does that take some effort and some attention and some energy in focus sure, yeah, otherwise we would all leave our quote unquote full- time jobs and just step into successful business.  But I really, like I really believe and I say a lot that starting your own business is your fast tract to personal growth so haha if you want to really you know

Robert Harrison:  [Interrupted] Personal self destruction hahaha

Heather Dominick:  hahaha

Robert Harrison:  What else can you do?


Heather Dominick:  If you want to step up in the world as who you are I would say start your own business it would give you so much more than any weekend workshop that you can go to if your really committed it will call on you it will call on you to face those parts of you that you’ve been able to sweep under the rug I know that’s was the way it was for me but would I trade it?  not for anything for the world I could not be more joyful profitable just more full and whole as the human being than I ever was before I was self employed

Robert Harrison:  Absolutely and you know and I really believe that like kia salkey [?] [sp]talks about there are the employees there are the business owners there’s the self employed people and there’s the entrepreneurs not all of us are that and I think that I’ve seen personally I’ve seen even close friend s have major meltdowns trying to run a business for the wrong reasons or really there are better suited to being an employee and then go and beat their head against the wall for five years to figure that out and realize that that was an elongated ego trip and when they really understood that complete they’re able to kind of go back to being an employee but in a different way they did get the spiritual  personal growth and it changed a lot of things  so we need to take a quick break this is Robert Harrison with coach and live coach with Heather Dominick energyrichcoaching and Heather what’s your website?  Its  Excellent and we’ll be right back


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Robert Harrison:  Okay this is Robert Harrison with coaching the life coach we’re here today with Heather Dominick of and she’s talking about what energy rich coaching really is how you can use it to improve your business to improve what you offer to the world how you help people and of course that always includes yourself and Heather just before the break we were talking about there are some people who are simply not suited to be entrepreneurs its just not in their genetic code and how do you do you handle that with people in your coaching program  

Heather Dominick:  MMMM  I love that you brought that up because I really do believe that such an important piece and that again you know in traditional business building circles it s just often ignored it s just you know your told well if you just do this and do this and do this you know itll work so in energy rich coaching a big piece of what we do is we get clear again about your heart in your business so I’d like to consider it what I call it like self marketing and authentic marketing and  you often what will happen is that when we re in that place of really you know creating that authentic marketing thats when that mismatch that you were talking about Robert will show itself and there is you know lots of different avenues but there’s two main streets when it comes to that  and it s either you get committed and you say I will do whatever it takes do this business and being in business I feel so called to it it s like I m just pulled I can t help but to that or what will show itself is exactly like what you were speaking about Robert wow I realize I’ve been doing this for all the wrong reasons and either way is okay that the most important part its okay it doesn’t mean again that you’re a bad person or that bad entrepreneur  we weren’t taught these things in our you know  traditional school and training but what a gift to be able to know that discover that and then make a conscious choice about how you want to move forward either in your business because if your called you’ll do it  you will do it there isn’t anybody whose really called to burst forth with what they re meant to bring forth to the world through their business who can’t do it but if your not and that you really feel that you understand that reality exact what you were talking about with your friend then you can choose a different path and be so much happier doing that  because I always say isn’t that really about if your business isn’t bringing you joy something’s off so


Robert Harrison:  [interrupts]Why are you working it in the first place haha

Heather Dominick:  Right right right it will if your fully aligned with it fully connected with it it s here to bring you joy you know I will say that to my clients and to my boot campers you weren’t given the idea of a business to put yourself through torture you just weren’t there s a higher you know divine plan that’s in action now if part of that is that again you end up going back to you know something different than an entrepreneur then you feel so much better in your life what a gift great beautiful that’s what its all about anyway otherwise what’s it all for

Robert Harrison:  Exactly  exactly so tell me what else what else makes energy rich coaching unique as an offering to the sole entrepreneur  you know were bombarded with offers on a daily basis and you know people are constantly looking for the next thing I have had business coaches talk about you know taking you know going on info diets 

Heather Dominick:  Haha

Robert Harrison:  Literally, like, you don’t  you don’t read any of your e-mails for a week you don’t  answer any subscriptions and you simply focus on you know the most important thing of your business and I really believe that I mean  I’ve  seen so many coaches get into this reactive mode where each day they open up their email oh my god there’s this is this new latest and greatest thing you have to get now and this direct response marketing pathology going on so what makes what is truly unique about what you’re doing and can you talk a little bit about that and give my listeners something that they can actually go out and apply and  get like a  real knowing a sensation of what it is like to do energy rich coaching


Heather Dominick:  Mmm sure great that’s beautiful question well the first thing that I would say is that what we are really committed to in energy rich coaching is building your business in a way that its truly aligned with you that s the first and foremost so rather than you know here put this on because this is what s worked for me the steps of the energy rich entrepreneur rich success system are set up to guide you to make that connection for yourself  because that’s first and foremost if your going to be out there in business for yourself it has to be fully aligned with you that s a real big piece of the inner heart of the inner and outer approach to business now the second thing in terms of uniqueness is I am very much what I would call a get it done gal hah so I always have been and at the same time like when I was sharing with you about my down on my knees moment I understood that it was more than just getting it done and ploughing through but I bring that to my teachings in the philosophy  of energy rich coaching that’s really what I refer to as the partnering of the energetical and practical the mistake a major mistake that    I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is they’re trying to just do one of the other they’re full over there in the energetics  or in the healing aspect of their business or the spiritual part of who they are as a person or they’re so out there in the outer world you know all of the marketing techniques and jargon and direct response like what you were talking about before so consistently throughout energy rich coaching is were weaving the two together always weaving the two together and that is truly what I would say is a missing link for a lot of people and then in terms of something that you can ignore away that you can begin to put this in practice for yourself is first of all I love what you said about you know you can just be bombarded so that again why I don’t I keep calling on the steps of the system  so that s why they’re there step 4 in the system is to serve your businesses dire need


Robert Harrison:  [interrupts]Ahh yes


Heather Dominick:  Yes what that means is there a  lot that’s happening there’s a lot that we’re called to we want t to be able to you have a large you know eh very powerful vision but first and foremost which is why is at the center of the system is what does your business need immediately so for a lot of folks who are just starting out that s clients and income but that dire need should and will change with you as you continue to grown and enhance and burst your business it’ll shift but you must stay connected with it so part of that is first just being clear and honest with yourself what is my dire need so let me give you an example of how that could go off track okay so let’s just go with the common getting started in business dire need  clients and income so someone might know I need clients I need income I need income so then where is their energy and focus they go off into building the you know the most you know the biggest bells and whistles website or they’re pulled off to look at all the ways they can use social networking now not to say that those are not important pieces but are those going to immediately going to serve your dire need well when it comes to those of us who work with clients that’s first that s before any of the bigger marketing approaches so what’s a client well a client is another human being so how can you best and most immediately make a direct one on one connection with a human being now interesting because when you apply the energy rich approach on the inner and the outer what will often come up for people is they begin to realize wow I’m so terrified of connecting with another human being as a client because I’m afraid of being rejected having to talk about money feeling like I’m salesy you know not knowing what to say all of those things that’s why they’re off reading a hundred newsletters instead so they’re fooling themselves into pretending that I’m being really busy in my business then we pull it back to the dire need  and this is what I want your listeners do first is get clear whata your dire needs second is that that becomes the first thing that you do at the beginning of each day you do one action that s going to serve your businesses dire nee but heres the thing your going to do it in a way that both manages your energy and has you in practical forward movement action so back to the example of the person whose actually afraid of connecting with a client okay so then what  can you do to manage your energy around that fear so maybe you know okay what I need to do is go to a networking event or I need to follow up with that referral that Aunt Jane gave me but Im doing everything else instead so lets put something in place of managing that energy maybe you write a letter to yourself  you let yourself know that just taking the action is enough its going to be alright your doing the best that you can something else that will perhaps help you manage you energy put you in an even flow state whatever that may be and there’s lots different tools and techniques that we use at  energy rich coaching to manage your energy   be one to make sure that s part of serving your dire need and the need and then the next step is the practical step where you take the action you pick up the phone and you call that follow up and you leave a message you get dressed you put on your suit and you go to a networking event and you introduce yourself to one person whatever that might be but you want to have both  that s the energy and the action need to be connected to your dire need does that make sense Robert


Robert Harrison:  Yes that makes a lot of sense   and I love the concept I love the concept of the dire need and example of this I had a client who called him said you know I’m trying the referral strategy delivering my brochures to the doctors offices and I just wasn’t getting referrals from the doctors and I’m like well how many did you talk to  she s like well I went to 12 offices and I m like how many doctors did you actually talk to

Heather Dominick:  [interrupts ] mm hmm mm hmmm

zero I m like how many office did you talk to zero and literally if you had a hidden camera on her it would have been her walking up  throwing the brochures into the office door  and running for her car because she was so afraid making that human connection and that you and I both know in the coaching business in the healing business and I believe with all business really it is all about relationships and human connection now I know for a fact that people are utterly wasting their time going to networking events if their energy isn’t alive and they re not congruent with what they’re doing if they don’t believe cuz the thing is if you don’t believe that you can deliver on what your promising there’s no way other people are going to believe it either

Heather Dominick:  Yes yes yes That s right exactly right

Robert Harrison:  If you’re afraid of connecting with people and you show up at a networking event and stand in a corner and talk on your cell phone and things like that forget about it so

Heather Dominick:  Right

Robert Harrison:  We’ll put  before we wrap up um can you talk to us a little bit  cuz I’ve seen this is and totally in line with what your talking about here getting grounded enough to actually see what s most important to see that dire need seems to be one  of the most biggest skills that is lacking and if you could give our listeners one or two simple drills on how you would coach your people on how to do that I know you can t just cover all of it but if you could just cover a little bit

Heather Dominick:  Sure absolutely  so the first thing is to start with a I like to think of it like a series of questions and  I like to start with a question which to most people they avoid this completely even though theyre thinking it  and that question is what I want  what don t I want so answer that first  just allow everything to flow forth and then ask yourself a question what do I want  and same thing  just allow that to completely flow forth and then ask important question  which is how do I want to feel  and same thing just allow that to flow forth and you might find as you go thru these questions as I’ll give you one more in a second is you start to get mixed up and that s okay because what that’s  showing you is  that s what’s  creating that disconnect that inability to get grounded right now because all of the wants and don’t wants and feelings are overlapping mixed up  no clarity so we just feel conflict so this is really what I call creating clarity from conflicting energy so again those first three questions are what don’ t I want  what do I want and how do I want to feel  and as you coach yourself through that you’ll be amazed in terms of the clarity that shows itself and now here’s the most important question that is  ha ha so often  I would say 99.9 percent of the time ignored avoided not even thought about for most coaches and entrepreneurs and that last final question is how do I want others to feel  

Robert Harrison:  hnmmm

Heather Dominick:  And that will get you grounded that will get you very clear

Robert Harrison:  Yeah make it them

Heather Dominick:  Mmmhmm absolutely

Heather Dominick:  Because if you are called to be a coach then your called to create transformation of some sort now if we get honest with ourselves about you know how do we want others to feel then if we’re off in the corner on a cell phone in a networking event feeling fearful there’s no way you can t be honest with yourself about how that does not serve what your intention is behind how you want others to feel and  so as you create the clarity with those questions for yourself and that’s the beginning of a bigger exercise that’s one of the energy management tools and techniques in Energy Rich Coaching but that clarity will begin to guide you and it will move you then into action which is what we want because I agree with you Robert  I always say that marketing is really just four C’s its connection communication consistency and call to action that s what it is connection

Robert Harrison:  Wonderful

Heather Dominick:  Communication consistency and call to action so as you just continuously align yourself and set yourself up to be able to connect to communicate to do it consistently and to make a powerful stand for what your business is through that call to action you can t fail

Robert Harrison:  Good good  Heather thank you so much for being with us today and we are going to be talking with more about connection in upcoming episodes I just want to briefly mention in fact I want to talk about the power of network science because it s not just where you connect it s how you connect and also with the power to connect into a very powerful hub that s germane to you and a hub in which you bring what’s called dynamic value and that’s based on the work of Buckmeister Fuller and Marshal Ferber we’re gonna be talking about that in upcoming g episodes but Heather I want to thank you real quick for our listeners how can they get a hold of you if they want to learn more about uh you know the energy rich coaching” 

Heather Dominick:  Sure absolutely so just like we were talking about how to avoid mistakes please go to there’s a very powerful free five part e-course waiting there for you which is about how to avoid the five major misconceptions entrepreneurs make and I’ve just consistently received you know just wonderful stories about the results that were experienced just by putting that e-course into practice and again that s at and if your more of a phone person please feel free to just pick up and give a dial to my office direct line 917 338 6754 and I’d be happy to chat with you or connect you to our client care coordinator who could just set up a time for us to chat

Robert Harrison:  Excellent Heather thank you so much for being on our show I look so much forward to getting you back on in the future questions about more business stuff as you all know this is the topic that I love to speak about this is Robert Harrison  coach of the life coach and see you next week


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