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Teri Hausman

There is new opportunity at the intersection of technology and beauty but it comes with a price. Not just the costs of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive dermatology procedures and injectables but the costs of changing forever our natural beauty.

Teri Hausman, biomedical investor, beauty aficionado, wife of a plastic surgeon and typical woman who wants to stay ageless interviews leading plastic surgeons about the newest procedures in the market today. Teri also talks to the founders of companies behind new anti-aging products and technologies.

Get advice from experts on anti-aging and longevity, fitness, nutrition, cosmetic surgery, hormone therapies, laser and chemical procedures, cosmeceuticals and more.


Janet Miller, Hair Replacements and Hair Extensions Expert

Teri talks to an expert in hair replacement, hair extensions, custom hairpieces and wigs. Janet Miller of Hair Replacements by Janet is a leading hair specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teri asks her all the ins and outs of getting extensions. Extensions can be used on fin... Read More


Mary Ely, Lash Extension Specialist Will Guide You To More Lavish Eyelashes

Mary Ely, lash extension specialist will guide you to more lavish eyelashes. Lash extensions are an exciting way to go from drab to fab in an hour and the great news is they can last up to 6 weeks. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional application. Go from lo... Read More


Interview with TS Wiley

Menopause and hormone replacement theory expert on custom bioidentials, TS Wiley, Author of "Sex, Lies and Menopause" gives us answers and information on where to find doctors in your area to discuss custom made hormones for your body. According to the Wiley Protocol site, “the... Read More


Anti Aging Secrets with Steven Struck, MD

Teri interviews Dr. Steven Struck,Stanford-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon from Silicon Valley, CA about the latest in cosmetic surgery procedures. Steven Struck, MD, gets into very helpful detail about face lifts, brow lifts - endoscopic vs. traditional, chin lifts and... Read More