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Teri Hausman

There is new opportunity at the intersection of technology and beauty but it comes with a price. Not just the costs of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive dermatology procedures and injectables but the costs of changing forever our natural beauty.

Teri Hausman, biomedical investor, beauty aficionado, wife of a plastic surgeon and typical woman who wants to stay ageless interviews leading plastic surgeons about the newest procedures in the market today. Teri also talks to the founders of companies behind new anti-aging products and technologies.

Get advice from experts on anti-aging and longevity, fitness, nutrition, cosmetic surgery, hormone therapies, laser and chemical procedures, cosmeceuticals and more.


Tummy Tuck Doctor To the Stars Tells Us What We Need to Know with Brent Moelleken

Ever wondered how the rich and famous get a tight tummy after kids or weight loss? Dr. Brent Moelleken, known for his tummy tucks, tells beauty now listeners what is important when thinking about a tummy tuck or other procedures. Teri asks Dr. Moelleken about the trade offs such ... Read More


Thinking of Taking a Medical Vacation for Plastic Surgery..Listen First! with Dr. John Grossman

Think you might want to go to Africa or Rio to have your surgery and save money while having a vacation? Tune into Beauty Now and hear what Dr. John Grossman, a board certified plastic surgeon warns you about. Kanye West's mom just lost her life here alerting all of us of how imp... Read More


Celebrities Are Discovering The Cellulite Cure Thanks to Dr. Lionel Bissoon

Teri Hausman interviews Dr. Lionel Bissoon to find out how Mesotherapy is the treatment of choice for celebrities, models and actresses. Tune into Beauty Now and download this episode to get the real scoop how women all over the country are turning to Mesotherapy.& Want to ge... Read More


How Celebrities Stay Young and Wrinkle Free with the Fraxel Laser with Dr. Steven Struck

Teri interviews Dr. Steven Struck about how anyone, not just celebrities,like Jillian Barbie keep their skin looking so young at all ages. Celebrities, such as Jillian of the Fox Good Morning LA show, use Fraxel, a non invasive laser that reverses sun damage.Dr. Struck goes throu... Read More


Choosing A Qualified Doctor For Your Cosmetic Surgery with Christopher Saunders, M.D.

Beauty Now talks to Dr. Christopher Saunders, the author of " A Woman's Guide To The "REAL REALITY" Of Cosmetic Surgery". Learn the facts, dispel the myths and understand just who has the scalpel above your face when you are on the operating table. Did you know that any Dr. can e... Read More


Medi-Spas: How To Personalize Your Experience with Bella Schneider

Bella covers spray tans and her recommendations. She recently "tanned" Paris Hilton for an awards ceremony. You’ll also get her advice for creating the most up-to-date and customized facial available today. Whether it’s halyuronic acid, alpha lipoic acid, retinoid extracts or... Read More


How To Deal With Menopause with Dr. Michelle Warren

Dr. Michelle Warren, a menopause specialist, tells our Beauty Now listeners how to get started on their personal programs. Women as early as their twenties can experience loss of hormones and fertility. How can our Beauty Now listeners find a menopause Dr. near them? Let's unders... Read More


Eyelash Repair & Hair Restoration “Derma Diva” Jan Marini Discusses Her Age Intervention® Line

Jan Marini is one of the most respected names in skin care with her eponymous line. On today's show, Teri talks about one of Jan's lines -- her Age Intervention® series. Teri (and the show's producers) are big supporters of Jan's products and we invited her on the show because w... Read More


Eyebrow and Eyelash Loss and Transplant Options with Dr. Sara Wasserbauer

For thick, lush eyelashes, we've traditionally turned to mascara, false lashes, even extensions. But what if those options won't help? What if your eyelashes are thinning, or completely gone? Absent or underdeveloped eyelashes can now be restored using advanced hair transplantati... Read More


Teri Gets The Down Low On The Brazilian Butt Lift From Dr. Frank Ryan

Ever since Jennifer Lopez showed off her gorgeous behind, millions of women have flocked to plastic surgeons to see what can be done since the term Brazilian Butt Lift became popular. Dr. Frank Ryan gives it to us straight and tells our listeners the truth about getting that sexy... Read More