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Episode 4 - Janet Miller, Hair Replacements and Hair Extensions Expert

Teri talks to an expert in hair replacement, hair extensions, custom hairpieces and wigs. Janet Miller of Hair Replacements by Janet is a leading hair specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teri asks her all the ins and outs of getting extensions. Extensions can be used on fine thin hair and short hair as well as to fill out longer shapes. Hair extensions are safe for the hair as they are a keratin protein attached to your own hair. The keratin is warmed up, melts and bonds right to your hair. They are put in strand by strand -- between 50-100 bonds – with custom blended hair for every application. You get a beautiful harmony of hues to integrate into your own color. Extensions are available in synthetic and human hair, and human hair, though most expensive, still look and feels the best. The hair is bought in the temples of India and/or comes from Europe. European hair typically comes from Russian and Italy and then processed into the range of shades available. A full set of extensions can last 2-3 months and then will need to be touched up. The costs of extensions run from $800-$2,500. In addition to the extensions that are melted onto your own hair, there are also extensions that can be “double-sided sticky taped” to strands of your own hair and layered in like shingles. These also work well and look really natural. Both kinds of extensions can be worn 24/7 and washed like normal, albeit carefully. You can even swim in these hair extensions. They are transforming. For men, there is Virtual Reality, which is the highest technology available today. It’s a breathable human hair cap that is glued directly on to a man’s scalp as a semi-permanent attachment that is slept in and looks totally natural. It is custom-fitted to each individual’s head and changed each month. Men’s hair systems range between $4,00-$7,000 for a 1 year program. This is NOT the old toupee days!



Janet Miller , Hair Replacement and Hair Extensions Expert

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Teri Struck : Hi am Teri Struck host of beauty now at personal life media.com. Tune in today podcast and learn how you can transform your hairs from nothing to fabulous in two hours or less. Today we have Janet Miller hair extension specialist to teach us how to get fabulous hairs don’t have brab hair got to FabHair. Hear what you could do if had cancer, complication if you’re a man reform comb or if you’re a woman who just simply want to have more gorgeous ticker fuller hairs. Over the last several week we have talk with a top plastic surgeon Doctor Steven Strut and many other including T.S Wiley on Biodentical Hormones lash extension and today we have hairs extension expert Janet Miller. Welcome Janet.

Janet Miller: Hello Teri how are you this afternoon?

Teri Struck: It great to talk to you thanks you so much for being with us.

Janet Miller: Of Course.

Teri Struck: Janet we have a lot of listeners that don’t know anything about hair extension and could you walk us through a consultation and just tell us what the first step that somebody interested in getting hairs extension and who is a good candidate.

Janet Miller: Ok Teri what I do a consultation with a human hairs. Hairs extensions which I like to use great length extension. The client must have at least five inch of hairs. We have a lot of client come in who either got a hairs cut by their hair dresser and want long hair or their hairs is very short and they want long hairs I don’t think a lot of people know that when you do come in to a stylist to do the extension you have to some length. So that you don’t get a Hula Hoop skirt of hairs you want a beautiful main of hairs and a lot of the thickness has a lot to do with your existing hairs.

Teri Struck: And for woman that are actually going bald on the top I knew that you can make wig not every hairs extension specialist can do that right?

Janet Miller:  Yes we have something call Virtuesque. Witch is not a wig or a hairs piece they can actually swim and shower in this piece and it become them it a truth prosthetic that they can actually wear. I call it the four weeks solution they put this on they wear it for four weeks they come back we can remove it service it and then again they can wear it for another four weeks swim shower and do anything they want it is their own hair.

Teri Struck: I actually seen the pictures their pretty amazing so you do a lot of men as well right?

Janet Miller: Yeah we sure do and that another four week solution for man. But Terry let go back also into the hairs extension. I love doing the hairs extension because I love sculpting and I love the illusion of beautiful long hair. This is the Hollywood scene that I like to do and the illusion and the vogue picture that we seen from the Oscar and so fort.

Teri Struck: How do you fit the hairs extension attach to you actual hairs and is it safe for your hairs Janet?

Janet Miller: Yes Teri hairs extensions are safe for your hairs. What the hairs extension is it is a Carotene Protein pre fit extension. That is actually soften with a machine witch warm that filament up and actually melt and bound around many strand of your hairs to lengthen them.

Teri Struck: And so it does not pull your own hairs out?

Janet Miller: It does not pull your own hairs out because they are put in strand by strand. So the typical amount of bonds that we put in someone head is between fifty to a hundred bonds and all that is structurally engineer so that when you comb your hairs toss your hairs or put your hairs up their actually no weight on the hairs at all.

Teri Struck: And so how do you choose the colors? Do you have hairs available or the does somebody have to come in for a consultation and choose their hairs color?

Janet Miller: Teri you know when someone has one-color hair it actually look artificial or collared. So what do we here at Hair Replacement by Janet we actually custom bland the hairs and we also use two or tree colors within one application. Because no one hairs is one color and you get a beautiful Hue and a beautiful harmony and perspective of beautiful natural colors hairs.

Teri Struck: And you use Human hairs only or do you also use synthetic?

Janet Miller: Well you know extension come in synthetic however human hairs is the best you want to match the texture and the color of your own hairs and definitively the longevity of an extension is anywhere between two or tree month so you definitively would want to use human hairs.

Teri Struck: So on the day that you get your extension are you able to took a shower swim what do you do?

Janet Miller: Ok you know what Teri when extensions are applied you do not want to wash your hairs that day. If you color your hairs you want 48 hours for any chemical treatment before you apply the extension and then after you receive them either the glue or the adhesive have to cure so you cannot wash your hairs for at least 24 to 48 hours after worth and once that cure your extension could stay anywhere in your head for two to tree month.

Teri Struck: So if I came in to you how much would you expect to pay what are the cost you pay for the hairs individually the consultation the labours how does that work?

Janet Miller: Ok the extension in human hairs are not cheap actually the human air his bought in a temple of India and the hairs is process actually to different shape of color with a process of osmosis meaning that it takes a great deal of care to make dark hairs lighter and into different shape.

Teri Struck: So what if people want a use synthetic because of the cost?

Janet Miller: Ok as far going reasonable with extension can go anywhere between two to six thousands for an application depending on length and color blend synthetic also can be use. However I recommend that if you are trying to get a lesser or cheaper extension try the clip on extension. You can go to you favourite hairs beauty supply and find a clip on extension two tree four or five extension with in the hairs would give you a beautiful main appearance but again it would just be for a party and it would definitively be temporary it not a semi permanent application.

Teri Struck: And you have to be coordinated witch is difficult you have to be good with your hairs witch a lot of peoples are not.

Janet Miller: Yes you would and their nothing like having somebody doing it for you it is the luxury and it is definitively the talent of an artist and designer to create the illusion of the dream that you want!

Teri Struck: So typically how many extension you do per day?

Janet Miller: We actually try to limit it because it takes actually between tree to five hours to do the extension. So we do a couple of extensions a day along with many other type of hairs replacement.

Teri Struck: So you say you average about two to tree peoples a day?

Janet Miller: Two to tree peoples a day yes definitively.

Teri Struck: Typically how long do they last?

Janet Miller: Ok extensions last anywhere between two to tree month. Peoples don’t realize that when you have an extension in you hairs there has to be proper care. Everybody looks in Vogue magazine or see it on Tv that Britney or Paula Abdul is wearing the latest extension however they do not know how to take care of it and their stylist or their wig master should actually create a schedule for you. You must return to the salon definitively have the bad one remove and the better one put back in. Another word they do wear with brushing so has your own hairs shed from day to day week to week so does your extension. It does not leave that extension bounds it stay in there. You must remove certain and replace certain extension especially if you are going to be using it for longevity if not just for a party or an event definitively I personally had been wearing extension for over tree years and I have never taking them all down the one actually could wear this for many, many, many years.

Teri Struck: So you reuse the hairs?

Janet Miller: Some hairs is reusable but because you are sleeping in the hairs and you are combing and coloring with these extension in your hairs you definitively wear the cuticle out. Meaning that a cuticle is like a fish scale it has an appendage on top and eventually will lift and the hairs could tank so you definitively want to be very careful and use new air almost every time that you apply a extension.

Teri Struck: Is it easy to get color and a cut with extension in and can peoples feel them when they touch your hairs let say you go on a date and you got the man rubbing is hands through your hairs.

Janet Miller: Ho my goodness definitively I know all about that. Ok let me say this to you when extensions are put in definitively it is a cosmetic it is something that is artificial in your hairs but you have such beautiful hairs that is just, just a minor thing. Definitively if you are sleeping in the extension or romancing in the extensions you could pouch your hairs up for instance and you would not have somebody touch your hairs off course this is cosmetic you can feel something has a professional I cannot lie and say you cannot feel anything.

Teri Struck: Well Janet we are going to take a minute here and thank our sponsors so if you could hold on for a second we’re going to thank our sponsor and come right back with you to talk more extension talk.

Janet Miller: Of course.


Teri Struck: Hi were back with Janet Miller talking about hairs extension at great length and all the different option there are for everybody we touch on woman that have thinning hairs we talk about how long it last let talk now about the man out there that are balding what you can do for them?

Janet Miller: Yes Teri let talk about Virtual Reality for man. Which I think is one of the most finest hair replacements for man hive technology for man today. Ok what Virtual reality is it is a tin German lenses with hairs individually planted if I can summarise it like a contact lenses it is a very tin lenses that is put on the bare skin where the man is bald it is adhered with the same adhesive that they use for surgeries which is very safe adhesive. Which is call a bonds and actually last between three to four week. Now I call this the four-week solution. What a man could do is swim, shower and do everything romance, date, travel actually in this system and no woman would know that he has anything attach to is scalp. You could actually run your finger through is hairs you could actually tug it and pull it and it would not come off it is the most exclusive program that we have on the market today and that call Virtual Reality for men.

Teri Struck: Is that synthetic or is that human?

Janet Miller: No. It is human hairs and the reason why we use human hairs is because he does sleep in it. If you did use synthetic it could have friction burn on the hair shaft, which would make the strand frizz so actually human hairs, is actually best for semi permanent attachment.

Teri Struck: Like hair extension?

Janet Miller: Like hair extensions that we go back I highly recommend the human hairs the European hairs the beautiful Indian hairs for extension not so much…

Teri Struck: now when you’re talking about European and Indian hairs what the difference?

Janet Miller: Ok Indian hairs off course is cut hairs actually from the temples of India and European hairs is from Russia and Italy and actually is a lot more expensive because European hairs is really actually consider to be almost virgin hairs. And again it has to be cut in a certain way don’t forget that hairs is actually cut in the parlour or the temples and it put on the floor an gather up and when you gather hairs up from the floor it in both direction. So when European hair is cut it must be cut in a ponytail that actually seal so that when place into extension or a hairs system it does not tangle. So again going back to the Indian hairs there is a process to remove cuticle in that hairs strand so that if hairs is not Rude Turn. And that a professional term if it is not a Rude Turn than             definitively it would not tangle because there is an acid that would wash the cuticle of the strand of the hairs and that is the difference between the Indian and the European.

Teri Struck: Am sorry what did you say the Indian and the European which one doesn’t tangle? 

Janet Miller: Ok well for instance human hairs can tangle that, even our own hairs tangle. But what am saying to you Teri is that once the hairs is gather off the floor of the temple where it is cut it is actually acid wash to remove the cuticle so it would not tangle. Now the European hairs have to be cut a certain way so that it remain in a long ponytail in one direction if it is tie into a weff for an extension or a hairs system or a wig definitively it could tangle. So European hairs in other word would tangle more if it was’ ant in one direction place into the hairs tip extension or the hairs system.

Teri Struck: We are going to have listeners from all over the country can you tell us how do peoples find their hairs extension specialist.

Janet Miller: Ok on the web probably is best type in Hairs Extension, Hairs Weff, Great Length definitively off course. And the web probably would be the best way of finding a reputable one but the best way to do is to interview two or tree extension specialist so that you agree with the personality of the person who is doing it also the price and also the quality of the product they are using.

Teri Struck: And if we have any qualifies hairs extension specialist out there who would like us to link them to our website Personal Life Media dot com please go to Personal Life Media dot com and we will link you up and has well has Janet you be able to find Janet on our website. So Janet tell us a little bit more in these last few minutes about how long hairs the extension can last how long does the man hairs can last.

Janet Miller: Ok Teri the man hairs solution last about four weeks and is sold in a program meaning that German lenses would only last about four weeks I call it James Bond hairs because it actually self destruction for a weeks.

Teri Struck: And how much does that cost we did talk about how much this man hairs cost? 

Janet Miller: Ok the man hairs system range anywhere between four to seven thousands depending if it has to be,. If the German lenses have to be custom made or..   

Teri Struck: That not every three weeks right?

Janet Miller: Pardon.

Teri Struck: That not every tree weeks is it?

Janet Miller: No.No No. That it is for a program of one year. Again with man hairs system now this is not the old toupee day definitively the hairs system is put on a man for four weeks. So you would keep that on hairs piece on for about a month and then that hairs piece would be throw away after it is remove and then a new one would be put on. And that program you would receive one hairs piece once a month for one year and would go anywhere between four to six thousands dollar depending on the type of hairs it is off course and if it custom build for the gentlemen.

Teri Struck: They come in to you and then you advice them on what color you like or they tell you what color that they prefer.

Janet Miller: Everything is actually custom blended for what you have actually a good master of hairs color or a replacement specialist would custom blend all the hue all the highlight all the lowlight it would be totally undetectable a truth professional when you walk out the door no one would know that this is a hairs system.

Teri Struck: Some of those are amazing they really amazing.

Janet Miller: They are truly amazing yes.

Teri Struck: It a really good option instead of hairs surgery.

Janet Miller: Well hairs surgery is talking about expense it even more so definitively if your looking for something instant and definitively you know a lot more hairs follicles because you don’t have to use a donor spot sky is the limit.

Teri Struck: And definitively successful some of the hairs surgeries don’t work you need to find a real specialist in that area witch I think that those can look very good has well.

Janet Miller: Yes Teri I agree with you.

Teri Struck: So how do you get starting doing this.

Janet Miller: Ho Teri I think if you cut my wrist I bleed here.

Teri Struck: HaHaHa

Janet Miller: I have been doing this now for over thirty years. After High School I decided that my hairs was getting thinner and definitively I had to do something about it. And I actually started has a licence hairs specialist and than also self thought in the wig and hairs piece industry and I spent a lot of money equipping up with the latest technologies. But I have been doing this for way over thirty years and wearing the hairs system for over that has well in fact I don’t leave the house without it.

Teri Struck: Also Janet I wanted to ask you about lady that have gone through chemo and radiation I know you do a lot of work with cancer patient what can they do for themselves.

Janet Miller: Teri first hand experience Am a survivor of sixteen years of Hotchkins lymphoma I just want to let you know that I have clients come in who have been diagnose with cancer now when they come in they definitively are overwhelm it definitively a overwhelming experience and the wildest roller coaster ride of their life.
Teri when they come in we have to do something to keep them looking fabulous if they look fabulous that part of it, part of healing part of going on not hearing their friend say that am sorry. So what we do for cancer patient when they come in is find out exactly when the treatment start. It usually after two weeks of chemotherapy their hairs start to fall out not only does it fall out but it start to nap within their hairs it is all over their cloths and all over their floor so this is so detrimental and so shocking for them to see their hairs fall right then and there. So when I invite the client, the patient to come back and what we do is actually select the piece out don’t forget they can’t custom make a hairs piece when you go into chemotherapy because they need it now it take ten to fifteen weeks to make a custom hairs piece. What we do is we get actually a slip from the Doctor so when they come in to pick up their hairs piece there is no tax it become actually a medical device. And we sit them and we actually match the character of hairs piece to their hairs so when they actually lose their hairs no one will know that they are even wearing a hairs system or a wig.

Teri Struck: It truly a great service which you are doing Janet. I really think that these women feel so low and then you could actually make them feel look even better than before.

Janet Miller: Yeah and also you know when they come back to pick up their wig after they selected it we actually clip their hairs and shave it down so they don’t have all this fallen hairs all over them. And actually treat them so wonderfully. Actually, a good doctor and a wonderful wig is always my slogan that would help in the ordeal.

Teri Struck: A wonderful hairs person witch you are and I know that having being a survivor yourself that you’re so supportive you really know your stuff and your hairs look so great.

Janet Miller: Thank you.

Teri Struck: Am hoping all our listeners can get beautiful hairs after listening to this podcast and figure out what work best for them. I want a thank you so much for talking with us today and any of our listeners that want to find Janet please go to personal life media.com and we will link you up. And also please tune in to my past podcast with Doctor Steven Strut a match extension specialist Mary Hele and also a Bioidentical Hormones specialist T.S Wiley please tune in for those podcast has well. Thanks for listening today.