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Teri Hausman

There is new opportunity at the intersection of technology and beauty but it comes with a price. Not just the costs of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive dermatology procedures and injectables but the costs of changing forever our natural beauty.

Teri Hausman, biomedical investor, beauty aficionado, wife of a plastic surgeon and typical woman who wants to stay ageless interviews leading plastic surgeons about the newest procedures in the market today. Teri also talks to the founders of companies behind new anti-aging products and technologies.

Get advice from experts on anti-aging and longevity, fitness, nutrition, cosmetic surgery, hormone therapies, laser and chemical procedures, cosmeceuticals and more.


Giving Your Breasts A Complete Beauty Now Makeover with Dr. Brent Moelleken of Extreme Makeover

Are you considering breast augmentation? Stop, Look and Listen! Do you love Extreme Makeover? Listen in as Dr. Brent Moelleken, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon to the stars in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, gives us women advice on everything we wanted to k... Read More


Losing Your Hair? with Dr. Robert Leonard

If you notice your hair thinning, think again. By the time it is in the sink you have lost more than you know. Listen to this episode of Beauty Now to hear Dr. Robert Leonard give us advice to stop your hair loss at any age for every reason. Teri Struck gets advice for our listen... Read More


Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. John Miklos

Ever want to ask your doctor about your vagina’s appearance and performance so you can have the best sex of your life? Dr. John Miklos, a board certified gynecologist who is a pioneer that specializes in vaginal rejuvenation surgery, educates us with the low down on all the que... Read More


Dr. Nicolas Perricone MD Podcast 3 of 3 – Promise and Prescription, Vitamins, Skin Care, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Neuropeptide and DMAE

The final episode features hormones, an aromatic that contains the combination of neuropeptides that enhance the efficacy of human pheromones, herbals, using topicals including COQ10, DMAE and ALA to regenerate collagen and elastin to repair skin damage and the positive impact of... Read More


Doctor NV Perricone MD Podcast 2 of 3 – 3 Day Diet, Anti Wrinkle & Wrinkle Cure Book, Facelift in the Fridge, Stress-Reduction and Anti-Aging, Look Ten Years Younger

This second episode covers the effect of lifestyle changes including stress-reduction, adequate sleep and exercise as well as details of the "Facelift in the Fridge" 3-Day Diet. Dr. Perricone describes how to age-proof yourself with an anti-oxidant diet that counters inflammation... Read More


Dr. NV Perricone MD Podcast 1 of 3 Salmon, Anti-Inflammatory Superfood, Low Carb Diet Eating Plan, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging

The first episode explains the miracle of cellular rejuvenation and the highly visible effects of an anti-inflammatory diet on both face and body. Anti-aging expert, Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, a board certified clinical dermatologist, and founder and CEO of N.V. Perricone M.D.... Read More


Natural Skin Care Products Organic & Healthy Cosmetics with Gina Garrubbo & Patricia Bazan Garrubbo

Ever wonder what is in the skin care products you slather on your skin? Hear the buzz on a new skin care line called Terralina, a line that does more than moisturize. It was the brain child of Gina Garrubo and Patricia Bazan Garrubo. This duo, cousins by marriage, wanted more fro... Read More


Smart Cover Make Up with Nancy & Flori Roberts

This show is devoted to make up and application techniques designed expressly for covering skin problems, flaws and scars. Flori and Nancy Roberts, the founders of Smart Cover, have devoted themselves to perfecting and concealing age spots, acne, dark circles, birthmarks, rosacea... Read More


The Latest on Liposuction: Body Contouring Surgery Update with Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr.

Is Lipo for you? Is it affordable? Dr. Wall is known throughout the country as one of the modern pioneers of body contouring surgery. Teri, our host of BeautyNow invites Dr. Wall onto the show to talk about how Lipo can transform and sculpt your body. Teri trusts Dr. Wall and has... Read More


Cellulite Treatment and Body Contouring Options with Leo Dagovich

Cellulite affects more than 80% of women over 20 years old. Cellulite can appear on the backs of thighs, buttocks, arms and calves. Teri Struck , Host of Beauty Now interviews Leo Dagovich, an expert in cellulite removal, to find out what kind of options are available for women t... Read More