Mary Ely, Lash Extension Specialist Will Guide You To More Lavish Eyelashes
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Episode 3 - Mary Ely, Lash Extension Specialist Will Guide You To More Lavish Eyelashes

Mary Ely, lash extension specialist will guide you to more lavish eyelashes. Lash extensions are an exciting way to go from drab to fab in an hour and the great news is they can last up to 6 weeks. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional application. Go from loser to luscious and wake up sexy. If you look at lash extensions up close they are attached to your natural root and look amazing. Get the latest advice on how you can get your own amazing and customized look. Think you cant afford luscious lashes? Mary Ely and Beauty Now offer advice for all budgets. Get Movie Star looks today.



Mary Ely, Lash Extensions Expert

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Teri Struck: Welcome to Beauty Now. Last week we spoke to Dr. Steven Struck about plastic surgery, face lifts, lipo, laser and other different procedures. This week I'm interviewing Mary Ely a lash specialist, who can also help you if you have no lashes, loser lashes. I'm one of those people.

Mary Ely: Its so great to look up in the morning, "hi honey, look at my lashes, I look great! I feel like a natural beauty with them." I play a lot of sports. I play tennis, I swim, I go in the ocean. I'm constantly doing things with my husband athletically. Its harder for me, but its getting easier for me because I'm absolutely addicted to them... Lashes that flirt and flutter, we're here to find out more about how we get these glamour lashes.

Teri Struck: Welcome Mary.

Mary Ely: Thank you, thank you for having me.

Teri Struck: Thank you for agreeing to be with us. Where do we start here, if somebody like me woke up and looked at my lashes pretty depressed, what can we do? How can we find a lash specialist?

Mary Ely: well, I am a licensed cosmetician, and I, only for the past 25 years have done make up, eye lashes and eyebrows. So I do specialize in this. And there's quite a few options available for people like you Teri, and one of them we can start with, I suggest an eyelash tint. And the lash tint is a vegetable coloring, and its left on your lashes for about 10-15 minutes. And it can be a really dark brown, or blue/black in color. And when its rinsed off, up from the roots to the tip its all dark, and it really makes your eyes outlined and stand out. You can wake up and have dark eyelashes. That’s a good first step. It doesn't work for everybody because it doesn't give you stiffness. and some people will do that for a special occasion, or a vacation, but use mascara on a daily basis, and that’s fine.

Teri Struck: So what kind of people doesn't it work for? What do you mean when you say it doesn't work for everybody?

Mary Ely: I like to have my lashes thin when I'm going on vacation, but I'm a mascara wearer, so I like the beefiness and the thickness and the uplift effect of the lash that mascara gives me. So some people don't want to mess with any makeup, so they can use the lash tint all around. Another option we can get into is a lash curl, which takes a little bit longer. I would tip them after. Anyone that had straight or even lashes like an Asian eyelash that grow straight down. It lifts up and opens up the eye. That combined with the lash tint, if they're medium light in color, that’s a fabulous way to get a nice uplift and bright night of you eyes for everyday everyday. The lash tint lasts about 5 weeks. And the lash curl lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Teri Struck: So you really think that you could put on these lash extensions, and they could last 5 weeks on people?

Mary Ely: Well the extensions would be another step, and yes absolutely. The ones I have on myself that I apply and I have apply, they do last... Its been ten weeks and I still have several on that were applied by a friend. So honestly I would have to say that would be for people that are really good with their lashes. for me, it lasts about three weeks. That’s because I'm really hard on my lashes and I'm the first to admit that. But I love them. I love the look of them. I love waking up and going somewhere
without having to do the mascara and all that.
Well let me take you through what people can do if they cant afford the lash extension. So people understand what it actually is. Its one eyelash, an artificial lash, thats thick at the base and thinner at the tip, but its dark all the way. Its applied to your own eyelash. So the person has to start with their own eyelash. And it enhances, lengthens each lash. For when you have 50 of them in a row, like a normal set of lashes. It makes them fuller, longer, thicker. They would not need to wear any kind of mascara, or product. And the longevity is anywhere between a week to eight weeks.

Teri Struck: So people can swim in these, or shower in these?

Mary Ely: Absolutely, water is not a factor. You don't want to do water for the first two days. You don't want to get them wet. I just wash my face with a washcloth, and don't have the shower beating down. And swimming and hot water its not a factor but my tip for any of my clients that I mention. You really want to baby your eyelashes, so swimming in the ocean would make my eyes sing. That means I would rub my eyes, so anything you could to do to baby your eyelashes is preferable because they are going to last longer. And coming into the season of allergies, so people get itchy eyes. When I first had them on tried to just itch the inside corner of my eye and it worked out ok. I try not to do the big eye rub. I sleep on the side of my face on my pillow so my eye lashes are hanging off the edge.
This might sound silly to a lot of people but. Once you have a set of lashes, you will want to do anything you possibly can to keep them long thick and dark.

Teri Struck: So what would, the cost be for the virgin eyelash person coming in, that has no die, nothing?

Mary Ely: An average set f lashes takes about two hours. And i charge $250. And I've seen it anywhere from $100 up through $350. And I feel its fair to charge by the hour when I do that. There are a few clients that i have that don't want a big eyelash look. They don't want it to look like
false eyelashes, which it generally never does. I do what I call a half a set, and I start two-thirds of the way in with a quarter lash and go longer on the edges and it takes me about 45 minutes to apply and I charge usually $125-$150 for a set, and its perfect for a lot of people.

Teri Struck: It is expensive, but I think its well worth it. And I also think that its worth researching lash specialists. People that specialize in doing the lashes, not new people at it, because it really is an art.

Mary Ely: Well thank you, and yes it is, thank you for noticing that, because I am trained with Lavish Lashes, and the company that I chose to go with will not sell their products to anyone, unless they had gone through the training. When you realize that one tiny eyelash with a very potent glue on the end, a little tiny drop, but it could, if the person is not skilled and practiced, some people are not trained. I have had people tell me what their experience was, and its a little bit scary.

Teri Struck: Right, and ti would be so disappointing to spend all that money and have the lashes fall out the next day.

Mary Ely: That is so true.

Teri Struck: So for the average listener, if they cant get to a lash specialist, what can they do if they cant afford this?

Mary Ely: I, as a make up artist, I recommend using the Flare, individual lashes, they look really pretty. I have several clients and I have done this on myself. Just use 4 or five flares at the end of the eyelashes, from the outer third As long as you use a little bit of eye liner, it usually covers up the little knot that’s at the end. There are lashes called Demis, which are half strips. I've seen them at Sephora. I have a manufacturer that I like to work it, a company that I buy them from, which I use a lot on the photos of brides that want the look, but don't want a heavy artificial unnatural looking strip lash. They're pretty easy to apply. I think that most people could handle them and they peel right off when you remove them. What I do is I put the Flares on in the corner, and a little mascara. Start at the base of your lashes. Go up with the mascara, its going to give you that extra lift. And it will blend with either Demi Lash or the Flare Lash.

Teri Struck: Is there any special glue that they can buy?

Mary Ely: I would suggest what they call water proof glue. Its white and it dries clear. They do have color but I wouldn't recommend the black.

Teri Struck: You wouldn't recommend the black. That’s interesting, I would think that it would blend better.

Mary Ely: Well its very messy looking. If you were going to do an evening or a showgirl drama type of lash, then you would need that extra bit. But most people when they're going to put a flare or a few lashes on, they don't want it too look detectable. You want to try to stay away from the heavy make up look. So that’s what I recommended

Teri Struck: Ok, well since this is the podcast, can you explain visually to our listeners how to start to put on your lashes.

Mary Ely: Well first
fit the lash. I like to work with a toothpick, put a little bit of the glue out, its white so its easy to see and if you're doing a demi, which is a partial strip. Put a little bit on the end while you're holding the lash with the tweezers. Make sure that there is a right and left side. Make sure you put a little bit of the glue on. Bring it in closely to the upper lash line, you want it to touch the lashes , but not be totally on the skin, because you don't want to see any separation between the lash on the skin at the top, because it will move differently than your own lashes. You want them to be batty and very feathery looking. The heaviness of a Demi or a Flare if not applied properly will be on your eyelid, which your eyeball moves around and that kind of designates where the eyelid goes, so that would look funny if they were on the skin area within the upper parts of the lid. I've seen a lot of people do that and then they don't fill it in with eyeliner, so you get a skin area. You get the dark lash with a space of your skin and then another lash on top, It doesn't look good. And with the Flares, it would be the same thing. Pick it up with the tweezers, put a little bit of glue on the end, and start at the outside corner on top of your natural lashes, and drop one in. I like to push up from underneath with a brush or something, so it kind of works it in, and let it dry a little bit. Then move over a little bit and add another Flare. And the flares and most eyelashes come in black or dark brown, which are pretty easy to get to work with most hair colors.

Teri Struck: So if you're a blond, you recommend the brown, and if you're darker you recommend the black?

Mary Ely: It all depends on what kind of look you're going for. A lot of blonds, like the dark, if they only use a dark mascara, then I would use the black. and it seems like the brown would only work with light haired people but a lot of light haired people like the contrast. They like dark lashes, dark liners, dark eye make up. So brown would look funny. It would look like it had eye shadow, it wouldn't look good.

Teri Struck: Now we need to take a break to thank our sponsors right now. Stay with us and we'll be right back to talk with Mary Ely about lash extensions.

Teri Struck: Hi I'm back with Mary Ely, lash specialist, lashes that flirt and flutter. We're here to find out more about how we can get those glamour lashes. Thanks Mary, thanks for being with us. Now, we were talking about colors, brown versus black and skin coloring. You were saying that it just depends on what the individual person wants.

Mary Ely: That's right. Its not predictable because a lot of people that I work with make up really like almost transparent eyelashes. They like black mascara, they like black eyeliner. So it really needs to work with the individual and their style. It think that works the best. I think its more common to use the black eyelash, that’s more readily available. I’ve seen a lot of lashes in drug stores, and Sephora has lashes and there’s some companies I've seen on the Internet, that you can browse through the different styles and a lot of them, for the woman that’s new to putting a fake lash on, they're pretty dramatic looking. So there’s a few styles that you just want to try to decide before hand if its going to work for you. I mean, right away, you can tell that its very theatrical looking. There’s a few of them that have really...

Teri Struck: What can you do if you go and pay good money to get good lash extensions, and two days later a couple fall out? Its there anything a emergently you can do. Should you try to get them and re-apply them yourself, or should you call your lash specialist?

Mary Ely: Well, no need to worry, because its a very natural thing with the eyelash. Between 90 and 120 days is the average expectancy for your eyelash to last. And as a lash stylist, what I try to do is hit the lashes that are medium in length that are not fully grown out, but are not really short, so hopefully that lash extension will bond on the whole lash and stay as long as the life of your lash. And again, if the person babies their lash, and really, not even work hard, you just need to be a little more...

Teri Struck: Its a learned behavior, I can attest to that. I mean I was horrible because I play a lot of sports, I play tennis, I swim, I go in the ocean. I'm constantly doing things with my husband athletically. So its harder for me, but now its getting easier. I am absolutely addicted to them.

Mary Ely: It is a great look, what a great feeling.

Teri Struck: Its so great to look up in the morning, "Hi honey, look at my lashes, I look great! I feel like a natural beauty with them."

Mary Ely: Yes, the only time when the lashes have been wearing for a while, usually around three weeks is when you need to have what we call a relash or a fill. You would come in and you would fill in any spaces that you have. Sometimes they'll crisscross a little bit. Its very normal. Sometimes the base lifts a little bit, but its still attached so it goes a certain way that you don't want it to go so a little bit of combine or brushing with your fingertips after they're wet is good to keep them in place. Its very normal for a few to fall out, you cant expect them not to fall out. So I wouldn't worry about it. It is normal, but when you start to see spaces, you know they don't look as fine...

Teri Struck: I would definitely recommend going in for the touch ups, i think that it can make the lashes last so much longer.

Mary Ely: It does, it does.

Teri Struck: Any lash specialist, please contact and advertise with us and let us know how to get a hold of you because I really think this i the lashes and greatest. I have so many friends contacting me and asking me "where can I get lashes done?" So now I think its a big trend.

Mary Ely: Its is a big trend. On the Emmys, and you'll see on the Academy Awards. A lot of times I'll see pictures of the big movie starts in People magazine, and all the big magazines, and I can tell they have them. Its very different than looking at a stripped eyelash. They're very different.

Teri Struck: They look so natural.

Mary Ely: They're so beautiful, and as you notice Terry, when you just brush your fingertip across the end of the lashes, how they feel so natural, it feels like my own lash. I have some on now, and I'm lucky to have a pretty good set of eyelashes to begin with, but they really enhance my eyes, and I'm getting ready to go on vacation, and its just amazing I don't need that many. But the ones I have just outline my eye, they enhance what I have. I have permanent eyeliner, which is amazing also, and they really enhance my eyes. They feel natural and hey look natural. I have never had anyone say "you have fake eyelashes, or lash extensions" but later when they get to know me they'll say "I've always noticed your eyes and your eyelashes." So I think that’s really something to say that people cant immediately spot anything that he’s been done. And its very amazing. And I'll tell you that its pretty rewarding to be able to give something to someone that has never been able to have it before. Especially me coming from a thick black with fairly long lashes to someone that has straight short lashes and you cant really get the look without putting the strip lash on, they'll never get the look with mascara and its...

Teri Struck: I agree, its dramatic. And its dramatic even if you have lashes.

Mary Ely: Yes it is! And its effortless because I am a mascara wearer. Everyday I wear mascara and usually between the sixth or seventh week. Mine have fallen off, some of them have fallen off, and I do feel the need to thicken up a little bit, and I'll put a little mascara on the tip. But for me not to have to slave over the mascara which, I love it thick, I love it dark, I love a lot of it. And its a look that I'm used to, and not to have to use it every day, its wonderful.

Teri Struck: Well I have to say I'm addicted to mascara as well. I love it . But this is the first week since you did my lashes last week that I have not worn mascara all week and it has been great.

Mary Ely: That’s great, and we didn't even tip the lashes this time. So its really holding well and giving you a great look on your eye. And you also like the dramatic look on your eye, so having the dark...

Teri Struck: Without a lot of work. Since I'm an athlete too, I think that’s the thing, that it’s not a lot of work.

Mary Ely: That’s right, and its really quick. I do want to mention that I do have different weights of eyelashes that can be used. I happen to have three different sizes. 0.10, 0.15, and 0.20 which are the thickest lash available.

Teri Struck: Now, for the average listener, what do you mean by that, .10. Is that length or thickness?

Mary Ely: Its actually thickness. You need to go to someone that knows what their doing to put the right thickness on you. The thinner ones, they're definitely a cheaper eyelash, and that’s what most people use.

Teri Struck: And I definitely think it demands some research You can go to to get some links to lashes to find Mary Ely. I definitely recommend doing the research to find people that are experienced and certified in the area. Thank you Mary so much for being with us today. I wanted to talk more with you too. Just touch on before we go, the brows.

Mary Ely: Ok.

Teri Struck: That'd be great. Can you tell us about the brows?

Mary Ely: Sure, eyebrows are a really important feature to frame your eyes. And everybody wants to have beautiful eyes. Almost every woman that come to my care says "I want to play up my eyes. I feel they're my best feature" The first thing I look at is their eyebrows. Eyebrows take a little bit of maintenance. You need them professionally shaped. Some people have a nice natural shape and some people really don't And I do more corrective brow work from people that over tweeze and there’s lot of options. Pinching and shaping the brows with wax, just shaping the brow, lightening the eyebrows if there’s too much definition. And they're distraction away from the beautiful eye. So professional shaping or 'bringing out the art' and trimming and tweezing. I feel its really important and play up the eye. And most women want that look.

Teri Struck: And you can actually tint the brows while you're doing their lashes.

Mary Ely: You could yeah. Absolutely.


Teri Struck: I think that’s important too, I mean you get these gorgeous lashes and then you see people’s brows are unkempt.

Mary Ely: That’s right, or they're so fair and light with really shiny blond hair that they don't stand out, you don't see where the brow begins or ends. Then they're not enhancing the facial structure, and that’s really what its all about. So a little bit, they don't have to be died dark. I use a feathering technique a lot with several different colors. There are some people that have hardly any hair, but I can dint that the right shade and wax around it, and make it look almost twice the size of a regular eyebrow from not doing anything to it. So they don't have to be a slave to putting eyebrow pencil on, if that’s what they normally do. it again is a nice freedom.

Mary Ely: I think its a nice complement to the lash extensions. Thank you Mary Ely for being with us, lash specialist. You can find her at please tune in and hear my last show on plastic surgery, Brazilian butt lifts, BoTox, Restylane, Fraxel Laser, and you can find out how to get gorgeous lashes, and we're also going to be interviewing T.S. Wiley, the Hormone Connection that is Susanne Sommers medical researcher, we'll find out about hormones and how they affect you as we get older. Thank you.