Selling, Buying and Influencing Yourself First!
Sales Magic
John James Santangelo

Episode 2 - Selling, Buying and Influencing Yourself First!

Today’s podcast will focus on what your rules, labels and expectations are about selling.  We KNOW from a psychological point of view that your perspective or perceptions greatly influence your client. HOW you perceive yourself and others will either help or hinder your ability to persuade. In order to truly start bringing in the BIG money, you must let go of having to make the sale and begin to think about creating long-term relationships and what THEY need because that will be the deciding factor which will greatly increase your success to grow your bank account and become more consistent in generating referrals. Great salespeople realize it’s not a one-time deal. This is all about relationships and NOT transactions. Remember, we’re not closing sales, we’re opening relationships.