Setting Your Goals… Clarifying Your Destination
Sales Magic
John James Santangelo

Episode 3 - Setting Your Goals… Clarifying Your Destination

Goal setting, what is it? Well basically its plotting a destination of WHERE you want to end up. Let me give you a metaphor I use with my clients; imagine I’m YOUR travel agent, what’s the first question I’m going to ask you? Right... WHERE do you want to go? Why do I need to know that? Because without it the "how we get there" is irrelevant. 

Can YOU imagine what it would be like to be among one of the wealthiest people you know?Well, that’s what it begins with, a clear IMAGE of yourself having already achieved what you desire.  Because without a clear destination...  anywhere will do!

This will be what this lesson is all about; clarifying your destination!  So listen in and let's get creating!