Sales Magic – Motivation, Visualization and Meditation
Sales Magic
John James Santangelo

Episode 1 - Sales Magic – Motivation, Visualization and Meditation

A HUGE welcome, I’m challenged and excited at the same time. Excited because I have an opportunity to present this extraordinary podcast about the "Magic" that happens when sales transactions are created. Challenged because I have only a short period of time to encapsulate all the information you’re going to learn. I invite you to keep your mind open so you begin to discover all the new possibilities and become more flexible when trying on these amazing applications. You’ll be learning many new things that will open up for you as we discuss in depth the psychology of the buying process; such as how you can establish rapport, discover buying strategies, create states of confidence, take control of emotions, elicit motivational triggers, use hypnotic language patterns, deal effectively with rejection, and learn the Five-Step selling process; which we’ll guide you through only after you've learned all about how to influence yourself first so you will move your clients to action! Tune in to each episode for these remarkable tools, techniques and methodologies about how to...   Kick Your Assets Into Action!