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John James Santangelo
John James Santangelo wants you to learn how to be a success…a SALES SUCCESS! Through John’s peak performance coaching, Hypnosis and NLP mastery, you’ll learn his Five-Step selling process to develop the mental habits and performance strategies utilized by highly successful sales experts! This dynamic podcast is specifically designed in helping you focus your mind, maximize your influential capabilities, and overcome fears and challenges that hold other sales professionals back. Every jam-packed episode will invigorate and educate you on the principles of sales success including; creating lasting business relationships, seductive selling strategies, persuasive and hypnotic language patterns, winning negotiation techniques and the power to control emotional states to become rejection-proof! Our proven cutting-edge format outperforms the old sales training concepts and delivers you new motivational insights, meditations for commanding attention and visualizations lead by John to electrify and skyrocket your revenue and RESULTS!


Attitude… Your FIRST Impression

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression; “You only have one chance to make a first impression! “ Your attitude, is immensely affected by your self esteem. HOW you feel about yourself is reflected in your behavior. Nathaniel Branden in his best-selling book; “The Six Pillar... Read More


Setting Your Goals… Clarifying Your Destination

Goal setting, what is it? Well basically its plotting a destination of WHERE you want to end up. Let me give you a metaphor I use with my clients; imagine I’m YOUR travel agent, what’s the first question I’m going to ask you? Right... WHERE do you want to go? Why do I need ... Read More


Selling, Buying and Influencing Yourself First!

Today’s podcast will focus on what your rules, labels and expectations are about selling.  We KNOW from a psychological point of view that your perspective or perceptions greatly influence your client. HOW you perceive yourself and others will either help or hinder your ab... Read More


Sales Magic – Motivation, Visualization and Meditation

A HUGE welcome, I’m challenged and excited at the same time. Excited because I have an opportunity to present this extraordinary podcast about the "Magic" that happens when sales transactions are created. Challenged because I have only a short period of time to encapsulate all ... Read More