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Music For Midnight
Austin Beeman
The sultry vocals and blissful beats of Downtempo Electronica. Darkly cinematic ambient soundscapes. The smoky urban sound of NuJazz. The melancholy lyrics of alt-country singer-songwriters. The crystalline precision of modern-classical. Discover a sophisticated blend of podsafe music. Indie music -- perfect for late-night listening. My offering is music midnight; a place where genre dissolves into darkness and mood is everything. · Music for the comfort of an easy chair. · Music for making love. · Music for the solitude of a midnight drive. · Music for your thoughts. · Music for your future. · Music for 30 minutes. Every week. · Music for Midnight. Explore Electronica beyond Daft Punk, Dido, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Portishead, Frou Frou, Morcheeba, Chemical Brothers, Imogene Heap, Crystal Method, Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation, AIR, M.I.A., Moby, Depeche Mode, Everything but the Girl, Paul Oakenfold, Paul VanDyk, Groove Armada.



Atmospheric electronica to take you to another world. 1.  ‘Hymn to the Water Child’ by Blue Tribe. 2.  ‘Ghost Song’ by Hands Upon the Black Earth. 3.  ‘Calm’ by Ammonite. 4.  ‘Revolver (feat Canola Tenderfoot)’ by Kalabi. 5.  ‘Charmi... Read More



This extra long episode features the band Hungry Lucy as they celebrate 10 years of beautiful music.  Haunting gothic vocals and electronica beats. All music is from Hungry Lucy. 1.   'Softly' off "To Kill A King" 2.   'Bound in Blood (waltz lullaby)' o... Read More


MoShang ‘Asian Variations’

Background music - Music for Midnight style. 'Planetenstaaten' by Philippe Weigl. 'Returning' by Jami Sieber. 'Waht' by grapes. 'The Buddha Bar' by Blue Tribe. 'Liquid Heat' by Leon. 'Walking the Night' by Leon. Tracks 1 and 2 come from Magnatune. Track 3 comes from CC Mixter. T... Read More



Tonight's mix is entirely featuring artists new to Music for Midnight. 1. 'Wonderwall' by Melissa Rebronja. 2. 'Good to Be Here' by Susannah Blinkoff. 3. 'Wolf' by Tripstar. 4. 'Simple' by Milo Firewater. 5. 'Where are You My Love?' by Inga. 6. 'Little Boy' by Sweet Annie. 7. 'Be... Read More


M4M 2/14/08

Anji Bee, lead vocalist of Lovespirals, guides Music for Midnight listeners through three of their finest songs and the interesting remixes made from them. An exciting look at collaboration in independent electronica. All music by Lovespirals. 1. 'Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix... Read More


Driving Under the Stars (feat. Stephane Pompougnac, Lovespirals, and more…)

Journey into Outer Space with a collection of 'heavenly music.'1.  'Space Harmonics' by Cygnotic Realm.  From "Reflections From the Future." 2.  'Trance Vision' by Nebula.  From "Lemuria." 3.  'The Third Planet' by Meditronica.  From "Meditronica." 4... Read More