M4M 2/14/08
Music For Midnight
Austin Beeman

Episode 1 - M4M 2/14/08

Anji Bee, lead vocalist of Lovespirals, guides Music for Midnight listeners through three of their finest songs and the interesting remixes made from them. An exciting look at collaboration in independent electronica.

All music by Lovespirals.

1. 'Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix)'
2. 'Walk Away (Suit & Tie Guy Remix)'
3. 'Walk Away (Sunburn in Cyprus Remix)'
4. 'Motherless Child (Original)'
5. 'Motherless Child (Hungry Lucy Remix)'
6. 'Motherless Child (Chris Caulder Remix)'
7. 'This Truth (Original)'
8. 'This Truth (Grooveblaster Remix)'
9. 'This Truth (Kambronn Remix)'
10. 'Motherless Child (Karmacoda Remix)'

Thank you Anji!

All of tonight's music came from the Podsafe Music Network.