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Music For Midnight
Austin Beeman
The sultry vocals and blissful beats of Downtempo Electronica. Darkly cinematic ambient soundscapes. The smoky urban sound of NuJazz. The melancholy lyrics of alt-country singer-songwriters. The crystalline precision of modern-classical. Discover a sophisticated blend of podsafe music. Indie music -- perfect for late-night listening. My offering is music midnight; a place where genre dissolves into darkness and mood is everything. · Music for the comfort of an easy chair. · Music for making love. · Music for the solitude of a midnight drive. · Music for your thoughts. · Music for your future. · Music for 30 minutes. Every week. · Music for Midnight. Explore Electronica beyond Daft Punk, Dido, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Portishead, Frou Frou, Morcheeba, Chemical Brothers, Imogene Heap, Crystal Method, Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation, AIR, M.I.A., Moby, Depeche Mode, Everything but the Girl, Paul Oakenfold, Paul VanDyk, Groove Armada.


From Machine to Man (feat. Blind Divine, Falling You, Russ Hopkins, & more…)

1.  'Healing Angel' by Kirsty Hawkshaw. 2.  'Iron Sky (Chillerstadt remix' by Chillerstadt.  From 3.  'Ibiza Sunrise (With You I'm Free)' by Spicehouse. 4.  'Vinsandaan' by Hands Upon Black Earth.  From 'Translucent. 5.  'Do... Read More


Sarah Fimm – White Birds EP

A collection of hauntingly beautiful electronica designed to stop you in your tracks and just listen.1.  'Supernatural' by Artemis.  From 'Undone.'2.  'Night is a Place' by Four Stones.  From 'La Vie Chill.'3.  'Consolation' by Saros.  From 'After Di... Read More


Happy New Year (feat. Mooli, Soma Sonic, Sofia Talvik, & more…)

Great music for lounging around the Bachelor Pad.1.  'Oh My Love' by Inara George.  From 'An Invitation'2.  'Sentimientos' by TangoNuevo.  From 'Electroworld Cafe'3.  'Love Me, Leave Me' by Anji Bee (with Bitstream Dream).  From 'Integration'4. ... Read More


Merry Christmas 2008

A full extra-long episode featuring podsafe superstar Vanessa Daou. 1.  'How Do You Feel' from "Slow to Burn" 2.  'Passed' from "Dear John Coltrane" 3.  'Make Believe' from "Plutonium Glow" 4.  'Mess Around' from "Make You Love" 5.  'Peculiar' from "Pluto... Read More


Winter Chill (feat. Azam Ali, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Natalie Walker, & Bitstream Dream)

1.  'How Do You Feel' from "Slow to Burn" 2.  'Passed' from "Dear John Coltrane" 3.  'Make Believe' from "Plutonium Glow" 4.  'Mess Around' from "Make You Love" 5.  'Peculiar' from "Plutonium Glow" 6.  'Solitaire' from "Head Music" 7.  'A Thousa... Read More


Urban Evening Mix (with Sunburn in Cyprus, Antenne, Sara Valenzuela, & more)

Tonights episode features music from the CC Asia project's album Cabaca.  This album features collaborative music for artists aroung the Pacific Rim and is releases under a creative commons licence.  To download this album for free - legally - click on the right. Sorry ... Read More


All India Radio – Feature

The perfect mix of upbeat-downtempo designed for a midnight drive under the stars.  It features one of the most star-studded collection of artists the Music for Midnight Podcast has ever seen. 1.  'Better Days' by Stephane Pompougnac. 2.  'Sunday Drive (Remix) by S... Read More


Atmospheric Electronica (with Artemis, Kalabi, Blue Tribe, & more…)

Tonight's Mix features an eclectic collection of music that reminds me of rainy nights. On a personal note, this is one of the most interesting episodes I've made in awhile. 1.  'Under the Rain (Bossa Mix)' by Briareus. 2.  'Enter the Rain' by Commandante Zero. 3. ... Read More


Hungry Lucy – Feature. “In Their Own Words”

A Music for Midnight study mix created at the request of one of our fans.  Contact Austin at [email protected] 1.  'Your Smile (Sodapop Remix by Modo Azul)' by Sunburn in Cyprus. 2.  'I Can Get Out' by Delaware. 3.  'Desert Dress' by Lord Runningclam. 4... Read More