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Conscious Business
Theo Horesh

Business represents the leading edge of business innovation. This show looks at the emerging world of conscious business and examines the strategies, leaders, cultural conditions and new markets that are driving its evolution. Topics include issues of distributed leadership, the growing importance of mutual trust and respect in business, and actualizing high ideas in a business environment.

Listen to dialogues on revolutionary topics with influential thought leaders in all walks of business and professional development. If you want to “do good” while “doing well,” this show will light the way.


Bright Green Future

Ross Robertson and Alex Steffen assess the bright future bright green environmentalism can deliver today.  Growth means changing how we develop, rather than stunting innovation.


Megatrends II: Beyond the Information Age

Patricia Aburdene, Theo and Duff conclude their discussion arc on the whether wisdom is a necessity to process business data.  Will this megatrend carry us from the information age into a new economy of consciousness or can CEOs succeed based on the size of their i... Read More


Megatrends: 2010 with Patricia Aburdene

The day after Easter, social forecaster Patricia Aburdene shares her new book's research and implications on why modern business must shift spirituality from the personal to organizational.  All under the big tent Megatrend she calls "Conscious capitalism".


The Many Models of Model Business

Esteemed management philosopher, and author of over 15 books on management, Henry Mintzberg explores with us the paradoxes of management and the many ways to model a business. He continues his discussion with us on the importance of more conscious business practices. The discussi... Read More


Henry Mintzberg: On Moving Toward a Balanced Society

Henry Mintzberg, internationally renowned academic and author on business and management, joins us this week to discuss his insights into the conscious business movement. Find out why the conception that managers "plan, organize, coordinate, & control" isn't accurate, why inn... Read More


We Need Leadership Not Just Heroic Leaders

How does business need to change to meet the growing complexity of the modern, global world? And what does development have to do with it? This week we continue our conversation with the author of Spiral Dynamics, Dr. Don Beck, and discuss the emergence of a more complex way of d... Read More


Spiral Dynamics: A Theory about Making Theories

Don Beck joins us to discuss a revolutionary model of human and cultural development called Spiral Dynamics. Originally developed by Professor Claire Graves, Spiral Dynamics is a theory that intends to make sense of the way that people respond and grow in the face of life conditi... Read More


The Non-Negotiables of Conscious Business: Transformation and Grooviness

Find out why transformative value and the quality of grooviness in the workplace are non-negotiables at Sounds True—a multimedia publishing company. Also listen in as Tami Simon, the founder of Sounds True, discusses the importance having a collaborative workplace tempered with... Read More


Why are the Employees at Sounds True So Happy?

"I don't value the financial growth of the business at the expense of our moment-to-moment experience." - Tami Simon Are there really companies where you can come to work and simply be yourself, where your shared humanity is as, or even more, important than the "the bottom-line".... Read More


Why Cooperatives Work: Love is More Effective Than Greed

Cooperatives have been shown to be 9 times more likely to succeed than normal businesses, but why!? In simple terms one could say that "love is more effective than greed", but it turns out that it's a bit more complex. Our guests discuss many different factors involved in creatin... Read More