Why are the Employees at Sounds True So Happy?
Conscious Business
Theo Horesh

Episode 18 - Why are the Employees at Sounds True So Happy?

"I don't value the financial growth of the business at the expense of our moment-to-moment experience." - Tami Simon

Are there really companies where you can come to work and simply be yourself, where your shared humanity is as, or even more, important than the "the bottom-line". Tami Simon, the founder of Sounds True—a multimedia publishing company dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom—claims that there is, and that her company Sounds True is just such a place.

Listen in to hear about the conscious work practices that Sounds True employs, including emotional intelligence training, conscious meeting practices, and a hiring system that filters out those people who aren't in "values alignment" with the rest of the company.

This is part 1 of two-part series.

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