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Theo Horesh

Business represents the leading edge of business innovation. This show looks at the emerging world of conscious business and examines the strategies, leaders, cultural conditions and new markets that are driving its evolution. Topics include issues of distributed leadership, the growing importance of mutual trust and respect in business, and actualizing high ideas in a business environment.

Listen to dialogues on revolutionary topics with influential thought leaders in all walks of business and professional development. If you want to “do good” while “doing well,” this show will light the way.


The Cooperative Movement: It’s not Me and Mine, It’s We and Ours

Did you know that there is a 40% chance you are a member of the cooperative movement? In this episode we speak with three brilliant voices behind the modern cooperative movement: Dick Williams, Alex Tsoucatos, and Karin Di Giacomo. At the center of the discussion is Dick's recent... Read More


The Business of Being Spiritual

A great portion of the conscious business movement involves the sale of spiritual accessories and practices. This week we are back with Waylon Lewis, founder–editor of Elephant Journal, exploring whether or not businesses selling spiritual objects are necessarily conscious busi... Read More


Independent Media: Keeping Away Big Daddy

This week we converse with Waylon Lewis, founder-editor of Elephant Journal, along with Dave Rogers and Abbey Smith. In our dialogue, Waylon describes his path starting Elephant Journal, moving from a small locally distributed magazine to what is now a nationally distributed jour... Read More


Conscious Business and the Internet

Would the conscious business movement be possible without the internet? This week we talk again with Mathew Gerson, founder and President of eConscious Marketplace, about the co-emergence of the internet and the conscious business movement. We explore how the internet has given p... Read More


How Responsible Can Businesses Actually Be?

In the second part of our conversation with Joshua Onysko, we explore how socially and environmentally responsible a business can really be. We touch on a number of interesting topics including Natural Capitalism—a concept introduced by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and Hunter Lov... Read More


How to Build a Better Banana Peel

In this episode we converse with Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of Pangea Organics, an organic soap and bodycare company. We kick off our conversation by digging deep into Joshua's story as well has his vision of Pangea Organics and it's non-profit counterpart Pangea Institute. D... Read More


Conscious Consumerism: Can We Buy Away Our Problems?

Is it possible to buy ourselves out of our social and environmental problems? This week we explore this question with Mathew Gerson, founder and President of eConscious Market, an online philanthropic eco-mall. In this dialogue we first dive into eConscious and its vision for bec... Read More


Arete and the Hero’s Journey

In this episode we talk with the founder and former CEO of, Brian Johnson, and explore conscious business in relationship to areté, the classical Greek notion of living at one's highest potential, as well as the archetypal hero's journey. During our conversation we tou... Read More


By the Way, What is a Conscious Business?

In episode 1 we introduce the conscious business show and preview what's to come. We talk with Mark Wilding about the purpose of the Marpa Center for Business and Economics and then dive into exploring what a conscious business is. During the conversation we touch on a number of ... Read More