Henry Mintzberg: On Moving Toward a Balanced Society
Conscious Business
Theo Horesh

Episode 24 - Henry Mintzberg: On Moving Toward a Balanced Society

Henry Mintzberg, internationally renowned academic and author on business and management, joins us this week to discuss his insights into the conscious business movement. Find out why the conception that managers "plan, organize, coordinate, & control" isn't accurate, why innovation can't be institutionalized, and why efficiency can't sometimes kill creativity. Also listen in to hear Henry's perspective on what a balanced society, which has gone beyond Marx and Smith, might look like, as well as how socially responsible businesses play a part in this vision.

This is part 1 of two-part series. Listen to part 2, A Tool is Something you Use in Place of a Brain (airing next week).


- Henry Mintzberg
- The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning by Henry Mintzberg
- Managers Not MBAs: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development by Henry Mintzberg
- The Psychology of Consciousness by Robert E. Ornstein
- Coaching Ourselves
- "Developing Theory about the Development of Theory" [pdf] by Henry Mintzberg