Medi-Spas: How To Personalize Your Experience with Bella Schneider
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Episode 19 - Medi-Spas: How To Personalize Your Experience with Bella Schneider

Bella covers spray tans and her recommendations. She recently "tanned" Paris Hilton for an awards ceremony. You’ll also get her advice for creating the most up-to-date and customized facial available today. Whether it’s halyuronic acid, alpha lipoic acid, retinoid extracts or other anti-oxidents, Bella reviews the basics of what every man and woman should consider for their morning and evening anti-aging routine. You’ll hear Bella’s updates on hair highlights and lowlights, hair extensions, Brazilian hair straightening to eyelash extensions and her agreement with Teri that Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner and the Vitalash Conditioner are amazing products. (Listen to the episode with Jan Marini to find out more about this. Tune in as Teri asks, as always, all the questions you would ask if you could think of them. Great show on getting the most out of your beauty regimen and your spa visit.



Medi-Spas: How To Personalize Your Experience with Bella Schneider, Founder, Labelle Day Spas

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Teri Hausman: I am Teri Hausman, host to Beauty Now. We bring you the latest in beauty, plastic surgery, skin care, tourmaline and more. Today, we’re really lucky to talk with Bella Schneider, owner of La Belle De Spa.

I want to share with you that we just spray tanned Paris Hilton in San Francisco, went to her hotel and scrubbed her and sprayed her and that’s what you saw in their world. She had our tan. Be sure that you just a small amount of emollient around the eye area on the face, hyloraunic acid being the best moisturizer in the world.

So we need to choose our friends and we need to align a program that targets our skin type, targets our lifestyle which means are you in a hot climate? Are you in a frozen climate, all that matters and target ingredients that would be the most transforming for our skin because they’re all available now.

I like endermology very much and we do endermology for face and body and endermology works in a series. There’s no way for a spotty treatment. It’s a massage that is very technical, that breaks down sending the deposits…


Teri Hausman: Welcome Bella and thanks for joining our show.

Bella Schneider: Thank you for having me.

Teri Hausman: Well Bella, tell me what’s the hottest in anti-ageing today?

Bella Schneider: That’s a hard question but I think it just depends on what we’re talking about. Are we talking about products? Are we talking about ingredients? Are we talking about injectibles? What are we talking about?

Teri Hausman: Let’s talk about products to start. What’s your favorite product?

Bella Schneider: Ok, I think we are still in antioxidants, we are still in retinoic acids. We are still in blenders and lighteners and the technology of different variant ingredients are extremely effective in all work in concert for anti-ageing efforts. So we’re talking topicals.

Teri Hausman: So your favorite topicals are what?

Bella Schneider: Well, I like a blend and I have to always look at the age of the person and I have to look at the goal that we want to achieve, which has to be a realistic goal. I believe that the outmost importance is to always know how to cleanse skin best, to know how to protect skin best. A lot of people don’t understand sun management very well. They think that if they use an STFC skin moisturizer or makeup for daily use, it’s ok because they’re not going to the sun but I continuously emphasize at layering and learning how to put the actual self best you can.

Teri Hausman: And you can buy all of these products at your La Belle De Spas?

Bella Schneider: Of course you could buy all at La Belle and some of it is even physical covertures, the day the manufacture mazing hats that are very attractive and fashionable that’s most people don’t know about and so and so forth.

So I have a lot of the products to buy at my place and I don’t have something that I want our client to use, I’d recommend where to purchase it. We carry all medical and aesthetic products in our, being that we have medi spas.

Teri Hausman: And what should Beauty Now listeners look for in a spa? How would they choose a good day spa they don’t live by any of one of your spas?

Bella Schneider: Ok, I think it depends on their personal goals. Some people like pampering, relaxation organic, some people like more result-oriented spa, so it depends on who the person is, their lifestyle, their profile.

I think that most importantly is to go where there’s experience, where they can get a very good consultation and feel like all their questions are answered, if that’s what they’re seeking. If they are seeking just a relaxation, again they need to go somewhere a place that’s established, that has a reputation, that somebody recommends. I think the word of mouth is very important, satisfied clients.

So they on the internet, there is so much information about people liking a place. So if you don’t have a personal friend that can recommend, do your own research, don’t just walk into a place and put your face in the hand of somebody that’s not experienced.

Teri Hausman: That’s such good advise.

Bella Schneider: Thank you.

Teri Hausman: I say that for everything, doctors, everything.

Bella Schneider: True, true, and you know it’s amazing. If you come across in this like myself, I recommend everything. There isn’t a plug that I won’t give you because I believe that once you come to me, you know I should be the resource for everything.

Teri Hausman: Exactly, now I really believe in that, referrals are the best.

Bella Schneider: The best.

Teri Hausman: How frequently do you think people come in to spas?

Bella Schneider: Again, that varies. I have people that come weekly. They have different goals. They are looking at working at their body, at their face. So one week they are having their massage or they’re having their cellular treatment, LPG or something that’s more scheduled and something that’s more within a program.

I think if they have oily skin, it needs to be cleansed more often, if they are on an anti-ageing program, it’s to be done more often, are they having laser done, are they having injectibles? In general, a lot of people come to the spa frequently now especially a spa like ours that offers anything that you could think of.

We are just in there giving you whatever it is, whatever beauty needs, you need and relaxation needs. We’re not a getaway spa.

Teri Hausman: Sounds good to me.

Bella Schneider: So it’s frequent. It’s frequent for the ones who are spa junkies.

Teri Hausman: And a lot of women are spa junkies. What about men?

Bella Schneider: You know it is wonderful. It is absolutely wonderful how much more men I am seeing in my spas. It used to be five percent, two percent, I can whole heartedly say it’s between 25 and 30% now.

Teri Hausman: I have noticed that trend as well that men are taking better care to their selves.

Bella Schneider: Men are competing, men are competing out there in business, they’re competing in sports, they’re competing in grooming and they want to look fabulous for their women and they want to look fabulous for themselves and its, you know I see a lot of men getting hair color. I see men getting grooming, which means eyebrows…

Teri Hausman: Exactly, my dad has did that yesterday, that’s so important, the eyebrows I think for men.

Bella Schneider: I have full makeup or it is in just walking station kind of a deal and I have men-women, men-women, men-women kind of a deal. So what can I cay, I think it’s fabulous.

Teri Hausman: So people come in as couples then?

Bella Schneider: People come in as couples and what I am saying is for every woman, we get a man coming in for eyebrows. But you know, couples is whole other service. We have couples massage as in couples biz, that’s already very personalized but you know who refers their man is the woman. The woman goes to a spa, she loves it, the man comes after.

Teri Hausman: That’s the best referral ever, and what do you see in hair trends today?

Bella Schneider: I think highlights are still going to be very stronger and people switch from flat collar to highlighting their hair and as long as it’s strong out there, it’s going to be strong out there. Extensions, extensions for all ages for different reasons, lack of hair or wanting length, very young, much older so extensions are in and they’re getting better.

Hair straightening, now we started with the Japanese hair straightening that was very popular but now there’s a Brazilian hair straightening, so the product line are standing up to that demand and creating a lot of good, straightening products that are going to make a lot of women very very happy and not so harsh.

We are staying away of course from the old chemical work and the hair preferred is long and luscious and the colors and the highlights are in different shapes, they’re not just blonde. In every hair color now we highlight and we lowlight.

Teri Hausman: And what type of extensions do you use at your salon?

Bella Schneider: Natural hair.

Teri Hausman: Natural hair?

Bella Schneider: Yeah, and it depends. We have hair from Russia, we have hair from India, so it depends.

Teri Hausman: And what about the procedure to, do you use locks or what type of things? How do they affix to the head?

Bella Schneider: Yeah, we use both. It just depends, some clients want it more fashionable, they wanted less other hair to their own hair so we could use the log, the ones they want, a little bit more natural looking extension with less sensation in the hair. Well, you don’t feel when you talk so hard, then they go for the ones that we glue to the hair and it looks very nice and it just gives you a full head of hair.

Teri Hausman: It doesn’t break your hair?

Bella Schneider: No it doesn’t, I had extensions myself. I was so excited about it and I worried for a year and a half and then I stopped worrying it and it feels like nothing ever happened.

Teri Hausman: And what about eyelash extensions?

Bella Schneider: Oh well, eyelash extension is very popular. You know there’s some products now that make your eyelashes grow and they really work.

Teri Hausman: Right, I just interviewed Jan Marini and I loved that product and I also liked the vita lash.

Bella Schneider: There’s the vita lash and there’s the Jan Marinis and they really work and I sell, there might, I don’t sell other people’s product as I have my own complete line but I do so for medical products or things that I love.

Teri Hausman: And I can vouch for Jan Marini’s products.

Bella Schneider: I love Jan Marinis or the vita lash, to me they pretty are the same, I see the same type of result. They really grow up the lashes, we do the 3D lashes, which is the eyelash extension and we do three different products. So we kind of match the person with what we think is most appropriate.

Teri Hausman: I think that its good to use that, either the Jan Marini or the vita lash with the extensions because you’re kind of damaging your eyes and it probably does work.

Bella Schneider: Truthfully, if you allow your eyelashes to grow for a little, they’re not, it doesn’t create a volume in the lash what it creates is length and sometimes the curl, especially Asian eyelashes, I noticed get curly which they like and it’s nice because they’re flat straight.

So we need to see how much growth they attain within three months and then what we do is we put the 3D lashes in the middle so it gives a fullness and then it’s love, I mean it’s amazing. For people who haven’t had lashes, it’s amazing.

Teri Hausman: Let’s talk about nails for a second, what’s the new trends?

Bella Schneider: Well, you said the word ‘trends’ and we have a product that’s called trend. My opinion is anybody who doesn’t have to have fake nails on shouldn’t have them. Natural nails are the most beautiful nails and French is still in and natural color is still and the dark colors are in too because Chenille started a trend was the dark nail polish and it’s here to stay, you know, and the light ones was a natural look or ear, and we carry align this cult trend that gets you out of any full nails into a natural nail and I am one of those people who has been addicted for years because I work as an aesthetician, my nails are pretty soft and I was having Felix and what have you in, I went there, I just said I can’t do this anymore and my nails were pieces and pieces and we strand after three to seven months, I grew completely natural nails and I am excited and we offer it as our “natural manicure system”, and we also have it for pedicures because a lot of people from wearing continual polish damage their toe nails and they become very soft. So I recommend that very highly, the natural nail.

Teri Hausman: I am glad you brought that up because I actually want to start doing the trends, I want to come in and win myself off of these artificial nails.

Bella Schneider: Just because they take two hours every week, three hours and there’s no end to it, right?

Teri Hausman: Right, there’s no end to it but also my mom just got diagnosed with cancer and you just don’t know what caused it.

Bella Schneider: I am so sorry Jennifer, I am so sorry to hear that.

Teri Hausman: Ok, I am sorry too but I just think that if I decided I am going to get rid of the artificial nails, not that they caused cancer, I love the look of them, I love, you know..

Bella Schneider: Well, let’s put this way, if you can have a natural nail, why to have the artificial? And I think we have a system now in place for people who have had a problem with that and I also believe that it’s actually younger looking, that’s just my take on it.

Teri Hausman: I did feel, I agree, I am going to have to switch, it’s just that I am addicted to everything.

Bella Schneider: And you know to come to La Belle.

Teri Hausman: I am definitely going to do that, I am going to start trying that trend.

Bella Schneider: Yeah.

Teri Hausman: So what’s the most common mistakes women make in choosing skincare products?

Bella Schneider: I think the first mistake is to hop from one thing to the other and use all the samples that you get, that’s where the mess starts. I also think that women have to understand the ingredients that they need to use in their daily routine. They need to incorporate, regardless of age, just needs to be proper formula in terms of, but the balance between emollient and non=emollient products.

So yes, definitely an antioxidant that should be used in the morning because it is elevating your sun protection capability, good cleansing system basic, you don’t need a lot of stuff, you know, one eye makeup removal, I want this, I want that, one good cleanser, if you have to make choices in budget, you could stay away from mechanical scrubs but be sure that you have some kind of a light alpha hydroxy because that you do want to renew the cell so a little alpha hydroxy, antioxidant, maybe vitamin C, maybe alfalipolyc acid or maybe you know the elegant new ingredients that are there, which is I’ve ever known.

So one of those great sun protection, layer your sun, you know, mineral powder is great. Mineral powder that is mixed together with titanium and zinc is phenomenal. At night time, be sure to use some kind of a retinoic acid extract whether it’s retinet type or retinal type based on age exactly, some kind of a blender, natural high and natural lightener whether you know the Burberry, mulberry, all those or corjaic or hydro condone, if needed and be sure that you use just a small amount of emollient around the eye area on the face, hyloronic acid being the best moisturizer in the world.

Teri Hausman: I love hearing all this and I want to talk more with you. We need to take a break to thank our sponsors. So we’re going to back with Bella Schneider, founder of La Belle De Spas to know everything and anything we need to know about beauty.

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Teri Hausman: We’re back with Bella Schneider, founder of La Belle De Spas and we just list up talking about common mistakes women make in skin care. Bella was just telling us about all the different topicals that we can put on our skin. Thanks Bella, welcome back.

Bella Schneider: Thank you.

Teri Hausman: So keep going, tell us more.

Bella Schneider: In terms of ingredients?

Teri Hausman: Of all the topicals and layering your skin…

Bella Schneider: There’s a lot of extracts now and serums and every company is coming up with, whether it’s tomatoes, whether it’s pudina pubonea which is type of a seaweed, all detoxifying, I believe in all these ingredients but I first believe in the most important ingredients which I did mention before.

Your topicals have to have a goal in mind. It is no longer cleanse, moisturize, it’s not about that, the more exfoliated your skin is, the better receptor it is, the better receptor it is, the more you want to have cell turnover. We know this is the big secret that we have discovered with the invention of glycolic acid.

You don’t want to over-dry, you don’t want to over moisturize so the art is in balance like everything else in life, it is surrounded the balance, drink a lot of water but it’s not going to get you hydrated skin, it is going to get you more clean, non-detoxified system. You know we are not spending in the mirror and putting a hundred things into our face, we’re all busy people these days.

So we need to choose our friends and we need to align a program that targets our skin type, targets our lifestyle which means are you in a hot climate, are you in a frizzing climate, all that matters and target ingredients that would be the most transforming for our skin because they are all available now.

Teri Hausman: You just brought up a great point. Do you have a product that has a lot of these ingredients in them, because I find it’s really difficult to put so many different things and layer as you say but is, what’s the best product that has a lot of these ingredients like alfalypoic acid and some of the other ones?

Bella Schneider: You know if a product has a lot of the ingredients, it’s deluded down, that’s all for a catch, you know. So what I always say is that you have to prioritize in terms of what it is that your skin needs. Are you 20, are you 50? I am not going to give you the same advice.

The number one most important thing is to protect the skin at all ages. Taking in consideration where you live. I am not going to tell you to layer three products if you are living in a very mellow weather area but if you’re in Hawaii or if you’re in a very cold weather, you need to protect the skin.

So there’s new creams out in cold weather that actually create a physical block or in hot weather that act as a physical block. So I need to be very specific with the people that I am analyzing and looking at and I trouble all over being that we sell and manufacture to other spas and I customize in different environments and different areas, products that have to do with where people live, that is the most essential.

Now again, let’s say the five most important elements – excellent cleansing, and today we have just like we have the toothbrush that is ultrasonic, we have a face brush like that. I think it’s fabulous and most dermatologists say this is the best cleansing we’ve ever invented, was a life lite gel cleanser that does the trick, ok?

Then you want to use your antioxidant. So whatever is accessible to you whether it’s vitamin C that’s easy perishable and get no matter what people say, it still gets oxidized, so that would be my least choice but it still is a good choice.

Alfalepolic acid is in many products. It depends if you want it in cream form or in the serum form, and lastly, [unintelligible] which is an allegren, the one that is sold in department stores, is not as good as the one that is sold in a higher concentration by physicians.

So that is a morning product with zinc and titanium in your cover up, whatever that maybe with mural powder and then for night time, I think the vitamin A extracts, retinae type, which I mean retinae is no longer the exclusive asset, you could buy the ones that are not brand anymore, right? So they’re less expensive and a lot of them are sold at different percentages.

I even have a formula that I love for people with rosatia you know, rosatia in sensitive skin type, I think that one of the way to treat those sensitive capillaries in rosatia that is not acne, is to use 0.001, which means one tenth strength of retinae and those can be prescribed by physician, a special formula can be blended with a separate hyloronic acid mixed together apply to the skin twice a week, I’ve had fabulous results on people because it does slow down the rosatia and it does disperse some of the capillary.

So you know, you need to be wise, so yes, vitamin A, acid or retinol, retinol which is not as effective but it still works, and some kind of a lightener because we all tend to be blotchy or uneven as time goes by.

So if you don’t have a big case or it’s a little bit then you want to botanical lighteners, citric acid, any kind of berries, there’s a lot of ingredients, there’s cojaic acid, if you have a dramatic case, more dramatic case of hyper pigmentation, you need to use hydro condone in a limited amount to the area, handle it and then go back to kind of a botanical lighteners as regular use and then some kind of an emollient, first being hyloronic acid is the biggest humidifier that doesn’t have any emollients need in it.

Teri Hausman: And you sell the hyloronic acid that you’re…

Bella Schneider: Yes, we have hyloronic acid 20%, very very high emollient.

Teri Hausman: And what does that do to your skin?

Bella Schneider: It just gives you moisture. It helps moisture from the outside adhere to the moisture inside, it draws moisture to your skin. We use it after burn patients in hospitals so its really a very valid, very researched ingredient and then of course, as I said there’s ton of ingredients out there that are very good and if you can then select one or two things that you want to use like lipokyne which is you know, from tomatoes or now there’s from snake venom or all kinds o ingredients that are interesting or botox like ingredients, the maritals and all that, you can use those but you can, those you can switch.

My first group is the high die hard group that you need to use. Then you can introduce different serums at different times and play and see what makes you happy.

Teri Hausman: I love that advice, so you just need to come in and get a consultation and get a customized skin care.

Bella Schneider: Oh absolutely, I am right there and we’re all there, all 35 aestheticians at La Belle.

Teri Hausman: And that we only have a few more minutes left and I really wanted to talk about endermology, I know that you offer that and I actually love that.

Bella Schneider: I like endermology very much and we do endermology for face and body and endermology works in a series, there’s no way for a spotty treatment. It’s a massage that is very technical, that breaks down cellulite deposits and really I see a lot of results, a lot of internals, people that exercise and do endermology and eat well and live well are people that have the biggest results like anything else.

Teri Hausman: It’s amazing.

Bella Schneider: Yeah, and we really know our stuff on it and we also have another system that we call the Presso therapy and the unit that’s kind of was designed for us for lymphodema, for water built up in the body, so we put a person in that unit for us…

Teri Hausman: What’s that called, nasal therapy or what is it?

Bella Schneider: Presso.

Teri Hausman: Presso therapy, I’ve never heard of that so tell us about that.

Bella Schneider: You know, you’re talking to a person at La Belle, they found that, 36 years I am in this business, what can I say?

Teri Hausman: Oh good, well come on, inform us.

Bella Schneider: Well, then Presso therapy is what pushes on your lymph nodes and also pushes on the important conjunctive points of the body. So the first setting on that machine is pre-therapy which empties your lymph and after emptying your lymph, it does a Presso therapy on the important parts of the body where the water stores and after that, we could do a session with addressing your cellulite and so that is the most effective way.

The Presso therapy lymphodema treatment and the machine from LPG, which is great, that’s the one I like best.

Teri Hausman: Which is the cellulite machine.

Bella Schneider: Yes, yes, the cellulite and you know it also breaks down all kinds of deposits, not just cellulite.

Teri Hausman: And what’s your best facial, what’s your favorite facial, Bella?

Bella Schneider: Well, I really believe in the ultimate facial because we take the client and match them with the ultimate results and that’s my favorite facial. I don’t necessarily get this facial and that, you know there’s a lot of facials out there that are branded and you know, and I don’t think it’s uniform. I don’t think everybody needs the same thing and those are… so I really believe that you come in and we kind of throw everything in there, today you need an ultrasonic spatial upper cleansing and you need the microderm version machine which I prefer the diamond for about and you need the led light for collagen stimulation and you need light acid for penetration and you want a real good extraction somebody that knows what they’re doing and you want a good lymphatic massage during the facial and you want great mask and great skin analysis, there you go an hour and a half of my time, right there and that’s a facial, you know, that’s the facial. That’s the facial of today.

Teri Hausman: It sounds great.

Bella Schneider: And ingredients, everything that’s used on the skin needs to have sense.

Teri Hausman: So again, everything should be customized?

Bella Schneider: Every facial should be customized. You know the first entry to a spa, you need to choose from a menu and you need to sort of match yourself with something that appeals to you, whether it’s deep root cleansing or… but the moment you had that first interaction with a good aesthetician, the next facial should be all customized.

First one get to know you was the consultation, second one should be all custom designed and with the progress in mind, and with the target in mind, you know people that go from one place to the other for facial, it’s not the same, it’s just not the same. If you work with one aesthetician who could really improve your skin and give you the sense of direction, stick to it because that’s a good choice.

Teri Hausman: Well, last but not least, let’s talk about spray tanning.

Bella Schneider: Ok.

Teri Hausman: Tell us, what the best thing to do is?

Bella Schneider: I want to share with you that we just spray tanned Paris Hilton in San Francisco, went to her hotel and scrubbed her and sprayed her and that’s what you saw in their world. She had our tan.

Teri Hausman: Oh that’s great.

Bella Schneider: While we have, you know I’ve been, I don’t like the booze that you walk in and it sprays you because it’s not customized to your body. When we do a manual spray tanning, you could actually you know, collar should be placed properly and not all over the place.

So we do a spray tanning with a natural product and it’s called effects and we really love this system and you just need to try to see if it’s a match. It is not great for people who have a lot of natural freckles because it adheres to the freckle and it’s not great for people that have a lot of capillaries on chest and so and so forth because it intensifies that.

I always recommend to have a full body scrub for it and have the spray tan several sessions of that and then go back to a full body scrub, just that your tan is maintained clean and sparkling and fresh looking and it could be done all the year around.

Teri Hausman: So your aesthetician would scrub you down with the salt or what, how do you do that?

Bella Schneider: Not salt, we have a scrub that’s gentler than salt, that we work throughout the body and then you take a shower and we put a little bit of an emollient because you don’t want to spray on very dry skin and then we spray you standing up in a very special way that we do it.

Teri Hausman: And how long does that last, Bella?

Bella Schneider: I think that’s five to seven days is the max of real good looking tan. You could also buy some of the product and touch up and then perhaps every 10 days, every two weeks, special occasion, that’s a really very individual.

If people want to look tanned all the time, they need to spray tan, touch up and come every ten days to two weeks to redo it.

Teri Hausman: I can’t believe, we’re running out of time. We’re going to have to have you back for another show because there are so many more things I want to talk to you about.

Bella Schneider: My pleasure Teri and I am holding you up to coming in and get in those nails done in a consultation whatever.

Teri Hausman: I am going to do that next week. I am definitely going to switch over to natural now.

Bella Schneider: And my best for your mother.

Teri Hausman: Thank you so much Bella for being with us today. We’re going to have you back because you know so much about everything.

Bella Schneider: Thank you, thank you Teri. It would be my pleasure.

Teri Hausman: We’re talking today with Bella Schneider and thank you so much again for being with us and we’re going to have you back.

Bella Schneider: All right, take care, bye bye.

Teri Hausman: All right, bye bye and for today, if anybody needs to get transcripts of today’s show please go to and we’re going to link Bella’s website to our website, Thanks for joining Beauty Now.

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