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Sex, Love and Intimacy
Chip August

What is sex? And who said so? Welcome to the show that brings sex out of the closet. Sex, Love & Intimacy will help you embrace the fullness of your sexual experience and help you reach new levels of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction with your partner. Every week you’ll get a transformational exercise to widen your perspective and deepen your intimacy and communication. It's a fun loving and open look at sexual education for adults. Hosted by Charles Chip August, personal life coach, counselor and workshop facilitator from the Human Awareness Institute, you’ll meet interesting authors, researchers and other transformational coaches with new ideas about sexual techniques, sexy monogamy, igniting your marriage, managing chemical sex with Viagra, Cialis and L-Arginine, the art of intimacy, fighting fairly, adult behavior, talking to your kids about sex, real sex for real people - the myth of Hollywood and more. This is a fun, easy way to work on yourself and your relationships.


Dr. Arthur Aron: The Science of Intimacy & Love

Interviewing Dr. Aron was like having a conversation with your favorite college professor about the psychological research being conducted around the subjects of love and intimacy.  Art Aron is an internationally acclaimed research psychologist.  He is an Associate Edit... Read More


Michele Newmark: Letting our Bodies Do The Talking

Meet Michele Newmark, Reichian Therapist and teacher for more than thirty years. According to Michele (and Reich), we humans spend an enormous part of our energy holding back basic needs and feelings which we've learned were not OK. Unreleased rage and/or psychosexual energy prod... Read More


Mary Roach: Revealing the (often amusing) Secrets of Sex Research

The study of sexual physiology—what happens, and why, and how to make it happen better—has been going on for centuries, behind the closed doors of laboratories, brothels, Alfred Kinsey's attic, and, more recently, MRI centers, pig farms, and sex-toy R&D labs.  My gue... Read More


Kat Calderon: Breaking Through the Shame Around Sexuality

How’s your “erotic intelligence”?  How can you increase your capacity for pleasure?   My guest Kat Calderon is an extraordinary trainer and workshop leader, teaching ordinary people to have extraordinary sex.  In an open and candid style Kat talks about ... Read More


Cheri Huber: From Awareness to Compassion to Love

About 20 years ago, I was looking around a bookstore that specialized in “spirituality/new age” fare and a little book titled “The Key and the Name of the Key is Willingness” by Cheri Huber, jumped into my hands. I opened to a page at random and discovered it was not set ... Read More


Karen Finch: Listening to the Messages From our Bodies

Too often, when we talk about “couples therapy” we mean “talking about our problems, pain, anger in the hope that talking will make it go away”.  Meet Karen Finch, a marriage and family therapist specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy - an interdisciplinary field invo... Read More


Brian Swimme: Love in the Cosmos

Most of us have some basic knowledge of the “big bang” theory – that billions of years ago there was a singular event, the big bang, that created all the matter and energy in the Universe.  My guest, Brian Swimme has a doctorate in gravitational dynamics and is an expe... Read More


Jamison Green: How Do You Know What You Are?

Are you a man?  Are you a woman?  How do you know, what makes you so certain?  Meet Jamison Green.  For as long as he can remember, Jamison has “known” he was a boy.  But Jamison was born possessing a female body.  ”The technical term is “tra... Read More


Toni Bentley: Talking about Taboo Sex

As a child, my guest Toni Bentley, developed a passion for dance, ultimately landing a place in George Balanchine's New York City Ballet. In 1982, when she was just 21, her book ''Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal'' was published to wide acclaim. When a hip injury forced her off ... Read More


Heather Corinna: Sex, Gender and Feminism for Young Adults

Sometimes it feels like the world is spinning madly out of control, one generation to the next. What was “naughty” in the nineties is “normal” in the aught-ies. Questions that never got asked in the sexy sixties are the ho-hum topics in today’s “blogosphere”. Meet H... Read More