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Sex, Love and Intimacy
Chip August

What is sex? And who said so? Welcome to the show that brings sex out of the closet. Sex, Love & Intimacy will help you embrace the fullness of your sexual experience and help you reach new levels of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction with your partner. Every week you’ll get a transformational exercise to widen your perspective and deepen your intimacy and communication. It's a fun loving and open look at sexual education for adults. Hosted by Charles Chip August, personal life coach, counselor and workshop facilitator from the Human Awareness Institute, you’ll meet interesting authors, researchers and other transformational coaches with new ideas about sexual techniques, sexy monogamy, igniting your marriage, managing chemical sex with Viagra, Cialis and L-Arginine, the art of intimacy, fighting fairly, adult behavior, talking to your kids about sex, real sex for real people - the myth of Hollywood and more. This is a fun, easy way to work on yourself and your relationships.


Helping Men and Women to Communicate at a Deep Level

It's no secret that men and women frequently have trouble communicating. Trouble at home. Trouble in the office. Don't you wish you knew the secret to dealing with your boss' or spouse's anger? Wouldn't it be great to know how to use your feelings in your communication rather tha... Read More


Dr. Felicia Williams: Spiritual Partnerships

What does our spirituality have to do with our sexuality? Have you ever felt that you were capable of something more in your relationship but not sure how to get it? Join Chip and his guest Dr. Felicia Williams as they talk about the role of Divinity in our sexuality. Discover ho... Read More


Gypsy: Help for Your Most Intimate Moments

In my private coaching practice I often hear complaints that sex has become boring or routine. In this episode of Sex, Love & Intimacy find out what really spices up our bedroom activities. Learn the secrets of the professionals for turning on your partner. Every year countle... Read More


Genevieve Bouvier: Creating Intimacy with Fetish and Fantasy

Everywhere you look today it seems like people are talking about sexual role-playing, spankings, and including fantasy as a part of good sex. The fashion industry often seems to be influenced by, if not run by, the leather fetish crowd. And did you see those movie ads for "Catwom... Read More


Dr. Stan Dale: Inspiring Intimate Relationships

In a wide-ranging interview, this world renowned radio personality, workshop leader and sexologist shares his vision. Stan Dale is the founder of the Human Awareness Institute (www. which, since 1968, has produced workshops on the subjects of love, intimacy and sexuality... Read More


Dr. Marty Klein: “America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust, and Liberty”

Dr. Marty Klein is a Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor and Sex Therapist with more than 26 years of experience. Through therapy, lectures, writing, lobbying, court work, and media work Marty has aimed his entire career toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about ... Read More