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Sex, Love and Intimacy
Chip August

What is sex? And who said so? Welcome to the show that brings sex out of the closet. Sex, Love & Intimacy will help you embrace the fullness of your sexual experience and help you reach new levels of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction with your partner. Every week you’ll get a transformational exercise to widen your perspective and deepen your intimacy and communication. It's a fun loving and open look at sexual education for adults. Hosted by Charles Chip August, personal life coach, counselor and workshop facilitator from the Human Awareness Institute, you’ll meet interesting authors, researchers and other transformational coaches with new ideas about sexual techniques, sexy monogamy, igniting your marriage, managing chemical sex with Viagra, Cialis and L-Arginine, the art of intimacy, fighting fairly, adult behavior, talking to your kids about sex, real sex for real people - the myth of Hollywood and more. This is a fun, easy way to work on yourself and your relationships.


Dr. Karen Gail Lewis (pt. 2): Can Men and Women ever REALLY Communicate?

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis, has written six books and three ebooks and has more than 36 years experience as a family therapist. Join us as we talk about men and women and communication. Dr. Lewis offers insights into the different approaches to intimacy that often leave women feeling u... Read More


Dr. Karen Gail Lewis (pt. 1): A Different view of Being Single

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis, author of _With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives_, has written six books and three ebooks and has more than 36 years experience as a family therapist. Listen in as we discuss single women and how they can take control of their liv... Read More


Francesca Gentille: Sexual Shamanism and Relationship

Meet Francesca Gentille, host of "Tantra & Kama Sutra" on the Personal Life Media Network, teacher of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, and self-described "Diva of the Devine". Listen in as Francesca and Chip talk about incorporating ritual and role-play into lovemaking. Francesca... Read More


Gay Hendricks: Conscious Loving

In the 1980's, as I was struggling to create the loving life-partner-relationship I so wanted, I found an amazing writer, teacher, healer named Gay Hendricks. His books - The Centering Book, Learning to Heal Yourself, Conscious Loving - all helped me redefine what is possible in ... Read More


Michael Gilbert: What Darwin Teaches US About Men, Women and Relationships

According to my guest, Michael Gilbert, "The everyday male is in trouble. It seems that manhood no longer requires preparation. Boys stumble without a map onto the pathways to masculinity, forced to learn by their own devices the essential traits and qualities of authentic manlin... Read More


Kelly Bryson: Communication as a Path to Intimacy

Does this sound like you? "One minute we're just talking and then suddenly we're in a fight." "All I'm doing is trying to tell you my feelings and you won't listen." Meet Kelly Bryson, psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, author of _Don't Be Nice, Be Real_, and expert ... Read More


Bill Noble: Poems and Stories about Sex, Love and Intimacy

From the first time heard my guest, Bill Noble, reading poetry I was immediately transported by his his way with words and I think you will be, too. Bill is an award winning writer and poet (National Looking-glass award for poetry, nominee for the Pushcart prize), a Sex Educator,... Read More


Anne Watts: Finances and Intimacy

When you ask social workers, therapists and family law attorneys why so many marriages end in divorce the two most common answers are - Sex and Money. Yet how few of us are comfortable really talking about money and finances with our most beloved. We argue and accuse, but rarely ... Read More


Barbara Musser: Mothers and Daughters Talking about Sex

Teenage sex may or may not be more commonplace these days but it is certainly more noticed, studied and reported on than ever before. Babies are having babies. Twelve year old girls are acting and dressing like professional sex-workers. All the experts agree that what's needed is... Read More


Alison Armstrong: Creating Peace in the War Between The Sexes (part 2)

Ever feel like you just don't understand the other gender? Ever wonder why relationships between men and women so often start out like a fairy tale and end up like a horror story? In this second part to their interview Chip and his guest Alison Armstrong and learn more about what... Read More