Rebooting Your Sales Mastery–ES Version 3.5; Personal Work
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 27 - Rebooting Your Sales Mastery–ES Version 3.5; Personal Work

In this episode of Evolutionary Sales, Jason delves into the first Module in Evolutionary Sales: Personal Work.

He explains why this is the most overlooked—yet the most critical component of your sales success. Be it your ability to manage your emotions or to separate your results from your personal self-worth, your results are always impacted by your degree of personal awareness of facility with self.

He also gives you the first taste of managing your mind and your emotions by making you aware of your internal self-concept.



Jason McClain:  Hi,  I'm your host Jason McClain and your guide in the 21st century marketplace and welcome to evolutionary sales. I'm excited to continue to bring this information to you and last week we talked about what to expect in terms of the modules that are to be covered ,and we're gonna drill down the first one.  This week with no further adue, so thank you for joining me again.

Here we go, let's talk about the personal work. It's really interesting, because the most people who are sales professionals ,they want some sort of hip or trick or techniques.or slight of hand , that will assist them in gaining new prospects, converting them into clients etc. closing more deals, overcoming objections, these things, and really I have found that's the last thing that they should be concerned with.  I've found over the years what's stopping you isn't a new technique, it's something that a new prospect senses in you, maybe it's something you 're attached to them, sign the deal and it doesn't feel rational to them, and they feel uncomfortable, and maybe what’s stopping you is your own fear or anxiety around a particular presentation or  a belief around the economy, whatever it may be . I  have found that over the years, that it doesn't help to add more tips and tricks on top of a faulty foundation, and the thing that stops people in the 21st century marketplace from being successful sales professionals, rather than just sales people, is whether or not they’ve done the personal work. That’s the difference. It makes the difference, and that’s the difference that will make  the difference for you in the 21st century marketplace.

 What I wanna say is, first of all, I will not cover closing techniques, because you  shouldn’t need them. I don’t use them. You’ll definitely need some reframing perhaps, even then it’s probably because you didn’t use the system effectively enough upfront, but just consider that the place to look or the reasons that you’re not as successful as you are within.  The good news is, there’s been so much work done in this area that you can have access, every portion of your subjective experience, navigate your own interior, essentially like a skill, like Kobe Bryant navigates a basketball court or another sports metaphora.  I thought of metaphora,  pick your favourite one, now make it professional, at the high level or Olympic, and just know that it’s a skill to develop and you’re gonna begin to develop it now.

When we think about our experience.we usually think it’s something outside ourselves that has this feeling, the way we feel, whether it’s good or bad, it really makes no difference, except if you ask five people to report the same event . Let’s say the police need a witness, all five people who’ve seen the event would give a different representation of what’s happened.  They’ll have a different emotion around it, maybe somebody’s excited, maybe another person is scared, maybe someone-else, they have a heightened sense of awareness, and they feel the need to stop things or to protect somebody or perhaps they need to help.

If you have five people, who all have the same report, the same event.  The police knows they’ve essentially lied. They got their stories straight, “as they say.”  This is because we experience our internal representation of reality, not reality.  Some people aren’t experiencing “the you” in front of them. They are experiencing the you in their minds, as they cheer you or as they look at you and talk to you. Some part of them is actually imagining you inside of yourself.  So if you think about this. What if you had all the control, all the choice, all the freedom that you needed to feel what you needed to feel.?  Now some people will say, “that’s not human.”  I’m not necessarily saying to do that to yourself, become robotic.  I know, I’ve tried that for a few years, and frankly while I found that it’s possible, the negatives of it, the downside on the backend of it, not so good. You definitely want to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. At some point you have to function and in the face of tremendous odds, you have to be able to produce results in time, and if you can have access to it , the question is simply, will you be able to apply it?

So in the next few episodes, we will give you access to how [xx] your awareness of your internal representation, so you know what you’re experiencing and what you are responding too, that it’s internally generated, so you have access to freedom around this area. We’ll also get into other structures, like your linguistic structures around your beliefs and the way you essentially engage in self-hypnosis without knowing it.  Engage in self-hypnosis about the economy, or about your clients, or prospects, or about yourself, or about the product or service that you’re offering, or maybe about money and those perceptual filters that some people label beliefs, often get in the way.

So we’ll be doing two or three over the next few episodes to assist you in not only uncovering those, but gaining access to it.  For now I want you to consider, now only is it possible for you to achieve a new level of access and awareness around your own internal experience, but that you can take that apply it to your life, and to your business with dramatic results as the effect. As I promise earlier on in the reboot of this program.  We gonna guide you through several exercises along the way, and you’re about to experience on of them.  So make sure that you’re not operating heavy machinery.  You wanna be sure you’re not  driving ,etc, etc. I  really mean this, and those of you, who ignored  my advice in the previous version of this podcast, you gave me some interesting stories. Please be aware that we are not responsible, nor is Personalised Media, if you ignore this advice.

[xx] the audio, if you’re driving, and wait until you are in a safe comfortable location.  Excellent! This  process works in the level of identity, that is your internal representation of yourself and  so I’d like you to imagine, the last time that you were unskilled , unsuccessful or ineffective in some way, and just create a television screen in front of you.  Imagine what you look like out there, just a few feet in front of you.  Is it color or is it black and white, and as you notice now. Is it bright, dim or normal, and is the contrast ,high, low or normal.  If you notice knew, is the focus, sharp, fuzzy, dim or are there any sparkles on it, or any scratches on it like an old movie or maybe it’s vibrant.  How’s the color saturation?  Is  it  motion or still again.  Go ahead and take a note of that, take an inventory, memorise that unresourceful you, that ineffective you, and let that ghost know.

By the way I’ll always do all the sound effects for you, so you don’t have to worry about that, and then bring up a new resourceful you. You that has all that handled, and notice the differences between that image and the previous image and just notice that, and now without going into too many details about the mechanics of the exercise which we’ll experience next time.  I’ll like you to just take the edges of that and make it larger, make it brighter, make it so compelling, maybe it’s bringing the color up, maybe it’s actually meeting it a bit.  You want to step into it, maybe there’s a soundtrack you would add, and just notice your internal experience, and know that the resourceful states that you have within you are limitless.  Question is, will you remember to call upon them or not?  I intend to assist you in having that answer, the almost always yes.  You’re gonna bring it closer make it brighter, and just begin to enjoy this new you, this becoming you.  I’m Jason McClain, your host and your guide in the 21st century marketplace.  Any questions about this podcast or any other podcasts in the Personal Life media Network or for other podcasts in the Personal Life Media Network . Please visit personal life media .com