Keeping At It; The Daily Grind and Your Thankless Job
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 28 - Keeping At It; The Daily Grind and Your Thankless Job

In this episode of Evolutionary Sales, Jason gives you a moment to pat yourself on the back and encourages you to keep going—to play for the long haul. He also lets you know that while you may be in the grind and that while you have a thankless job, some people do understand you are ultimately trying to improve the lives of your prospects…aren’t you?

Of course you are.



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Jason McClain: Welcome to Evolutionary Sales. I’m your host, Jason McClain and your guide to the twenty-first century marketplace.

I’d thought we’d start this reboot of Evolutionary Sales off right. So let’s kick it off right. By you just stopping and taking a breath, and really taking in - you work your tail off. And you have very little thanks. I mean, you certainly have the financial rewards and the freedom that many of you have probably chosen the sales profession for. But at the same time you work your tail off. And you have a thankless job.

Sometimes people don’t want to talk to you. Sometimes they resent you. But you are ultimately good, and you are trying to do good for them. And you are trying to assist them in easing the pain in their business and in their lives.

So as somebody who has been on both sides. I mean, you know, I used to hates sales. I think I mentioned that on one of the earlier podcasts. I didn’t care for sales. In fact, I didn’t care for it so much I developed a system for sales professionals and also for prospects, though. The thing is - the reason I’m so excited about this system - is it solves the problem on both sides of the divide and really closes that divide so that there’s connection.

But you, as you look in the mirror, look yourself dead in the eye and realize that you are a good person. You work your tail off, and you are working your tail off for your prospects. Certainly for your family and for yourself, of course. But I want you to really get that you are doing good in the world and it’s a thankless job.

You may be shocked to hear all that. Or you may be crying with tears of relief because, for God’s sakes, you needed to hear it. Whatever you’re feeling about it is fine, because the way you are supposed to feel about anything is how you are feeling about it.

But I want you allow the gratitude and the pride in what you do. Making phone calls day, after day, after day…sometimes with no positive regard from the other end, and no positive results. And know that in the end it all balances out.

On the balance, you’re going to create upward spirals for yourself, for your prospects, for your loved ones, for your family, but mostly for your prospects and for yourself.

So as you really relax into that, I know it’s a thankless job, so thank yourself. And let me thank you for sticking with. Because it’s a rough job. I’ve done it. I’m doing it. I just happened to have designed a system so that I can do it with ease and grace.

But I remember what it was like to use more difficult systems and I know it’s challenging. And a lot of times you don’t even get a system. They throw you a phone. They throw you a - worse case scenario - white pages or maybe an old call list. Maybe your own call list you’re working through, but some many of them are disconnected. And sometime it’s just a grind.

But as you think about that I’d also like you to think about the rewards eventually. Because they will come, eventually. Of course they will. It’s an unquestionable fact. It’s a settled matter. That if you just stick with it you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labors beyond anything that you could possibly imagine currently.

Whatever your goals are, they’re going to look silly to you in ten years because you’ve achieved even more. So in whatever way is appropriate for you. Whether you want to pat yourself on the back; whether you want to stop and look in the rearview mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself and that you’re a good person. And that you know that regardless of what other people think.

Or if you want to get on the phone right now with the knowledge that they simply don’t understand the gift that you have to bring to them through your product or service. Know that I understand and I’m with you.

And I’m Jason McClain, your host and your guide in the twenty-first century marketplace.

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