Deepening Your Understanding of Your Self; Positive Ego Development Part 1 of 2
Evolutionary Sales
Jason McClain

Episode 29 - Deepening Your Understanding of Your Self; Positive Ego Development Part 1 of 2

In this two part series, you’ll get a guided visualization for overcoming your fears about selling. Then in the second episode, Jason takes you deeper into the difference that makes the difference—especially in these economic times.

Your ego; your esteem for yourself.

Imagine only relating practically—not personally and emotionally hurtfully—to your results. Imagine never needing acknowledgement or praise from others to feel good about your Self.

Imagine being the locus of your results and your power. Imagine creating results most people are stunned by in these times. Imagine laughing about people who think it matters who gets elected—because you know you produce the results YOU want to produce.

Imagine you could do all of that…even now.

That is the truth and the foundation of this series as Jason shifts his tone in his desire to contribute to you deeper and more effectively even than he has in the past…



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Jason McClain:  Welcome to Evolutionary Sale.  I am your host Jason McClain and your guide to the 21st century marketplace. 

We have been speaking about self esteem and about ego.  One of the things I want to do is tie this off with an exercise; really two exercises.  The first is what I would consider self hypnosis.  By the way, if you have ever watched television you have been in a state of hypnosis.  You have been in a trance.

If somebody has ever asked you how your day was and you answered honestly after sorting through some images in your mind, you have been in a trance. 

If you have ever watched a commercial and really been in it, or watched a television show and forgotten where the last half hour went, if you have ever driven on a freeway and forgotten that last stretch, you were in a trance.

When I say hypnosis, don’t worry about it.  You are probably experiencing it even now. 


So there are two exercises that essentially help build self acceptance, which is one of the core components of self esteem and ego development-true self acceptance. 

The first exercise is to pick three sentences;  three things that you feel you need to hear; acknowledge maybe, like you are doing a great job, or frankly that you are loved, or you are a fundamentally good person, or that you are going to be increasing your effectiveness.  No matter where you are currently you will be increasing your effectives.  Or do you have what it takes to succeed?

Whatever it takes that you need to hear, perhaps you have been wanting to hear it from someone else.  Well you are about to.  So write down whatever those three sentences are.  We are going to go ahead and take a short pause.  We are going to pause the recording now.


OK great.  Make sure that you have gotten the three sentences that you need to hear; receive, believe or accept.  Then what I want to do is I want you to find a mirror and I want you to look in the mirror in one eye; pick one eye.

If you have ever noticed somebody looking back and forth between eyes and that solid gaze of looking into one eye, staring into one eye, you will notice a tangible difference in depth and connection.

That will actually go in deeper if you pick one eye.  Stare in one eye and use the second person.  Say “You blah, blah, blah”, not I.  This is not an affirmation exercise.  This is self hypnosis.  This goes much deeper. 

So pick one eye, stare into that eye, and say that first sentence five times.  Then say the second sentence five times.  Then say the third sentence five times.

Now you may have various experiences.  One is you may have the experience of feeling uncomfortable or like you are resisting receiving it.  That’s fine.  You may feel tears welling into your eyes because you are so relieved to be hearing it.  That’s fine.  You may simply say “Yes, of course!” almost nodding in validation as a result of what you are hearing.  That’s fine.

Whatever you are having as an emotional experience around this is perfect.  Just notice it.  Notice it.  Just notice it. 

So do that over the next three days in the morning and in the evening.  Take those three sentences, and if you don’t feel like you are getting any additional movement or value from them, change the sentences up.   Say something that would be difficult to hear but that you hope is true about yourself and so on.

If you are interested, simply go to and do a search.  There is a little search tag in the upper right hand corner of the main body just below the subscribe box.  Go ahead and click on search and search for “voices in my head” or “self hypnosis.”  There are a couple of articles there that go into greater detail about this for you.

Now on to the one that I will guide you through.  Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable place and that you are not operating heavily machinery.  I mean that quite seriously.  You must not be driving.  You must be in a stationery location and you must be relaxed to be guided through the experience I am about to guide you through.

So if that is not the case, we are going to go ahead and pause here.  We are going to pause the recording, and when you are in a location such as that under those conditions, then restart this podcast. 


OK great.  Welcome back, and welcome really to the ultimate “Ata boy or ata girl”; to the ultimate acknowledgement of who you are and who you have been for your clients, for your prospects, for your loved ones. 

What I would like you to do is I would like you to imagine that you are sweeping over some hills, and as you are sweeping over some hills almost like you are flying, you can notice a meadow open beneath you.  A meadow covered with beautiful yellow flowers and weeping willows.  And as you fly in you begin to slow down and notice how beautiful the flowers are beneath you and the trees up ahead.  And notice that near one of the Weeping Willows, notice now that there is a banquet table; an old oak table; a beautiful oak table-solid and strong, and around it is an infinite number of places to sit, and you probably see 15 or 20 places to sit, knowing the table can expand if necessary or shrink as needed.

And as you notice that table you can see around the table there are those prospects who didn’t appreciate you or who did; those clients who didn’t appreciate you or who did.  And also, there are representations of little characters.  There are aspects of yourself; parts of yourself that have been working so hard to keep you going, and you can begin to notice the love and appreciation.

If there are any clouds in the sky, notice those drift away.  Notice the sunlight illuminating the banquet; the banquet that is a thank you from all of them to you.  You are the guest of honor. 

Go ahead and imagine yourself floating down to the had of the table if you haven’t already and just feel their attention turn toward you, and feel the love, acceptance, and appreciation that they have for you.  Notice how good it feels to receive all of that and allow that to wash over you, just as the sunlight is washing over you, warming you to the very core of your soul, all the way to your marrow and even deeper.

And as you notice how good that feels, you can begin to notice that all these people around this table are reflections of you.  That is, they are all aspects of you.  Even if it is people you have met, the representations of them in your mind are aspects of you.  And that is the good news, because as you feel the acknowledgement of love magnify from them now, you can notice that you can recreate this experience any time you would like.

Just allow that to shimmer through your body.  Feel the good feelings that this creates.  Then allow yourself to leave yourself there.  In other words, notice yourself down there with them and leave the meadow allowing some part of yourself to continue to receive this acknowledgement and this love.

Float back above the meadow, back over the hills that you came in over; back, back, back [pop] to the room.  Just notice the room around you.  Get reoriented.  Notice that even now there is some part of you receiving that still as you move forward, as you make those cold calls. 

As you take the hits that came come from rejection, and as you seek acknowledgement in others, know that really what you are seeking is an aspect of yourself to give that to you. 

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to you.  I am Jason McClain you host; your guide to the 21st century marketplace and you are listening to Evolutionary Sale.

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