Inside Out Weight Loss
Renee Stephens

Episode 0 - Prologue

In this episode, learn how to make the most out of the free Inside Out Weight Loss program. Learn why Inside Out Weight Loss is the difference that will make the difference in your quest to become a slimmer, fitter you. Inside Out Weight Loss isn't about dropping a few pounds for swimsuit season, or the class reunion. It's about much more than that. It's about letting go of the struggle, of the negative body image, of the self-criticism, and learning how to bring joy and ease to your weight loss journey, and to release you to the rest of your life. You will learn the simple keys to getting the most out of this program, including the best ways to participate and engage. Learn about creating your own Inside Out Weight Loss support group and get the bird's eye view of the steps you will be taking to create unstoppable weight loss motivation that lasts for the long run as you become Naturally Slender. Plus, Renee will share the sordid details of her own struggle, and how she came to be so passionate about ending the weight struggle and helping you live your best life. Join her.