Amy Ippoliti, Meredith Sasseen & President Obama – Anusara Yoga SuperHeros, Just for the Sake of It
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Meredith Medland Sasseen

Episode 54 - Amy Ippoliti, Meredith Sasseen & President Obama – Anusara Yoga SuperHeros, Just for the Sake of It

In this wild and fun episode, Santa Barbara Based Carp Yoga Instructor and Journalist, Meredith Sasseen interviews Amy Ippoliti, Anusara's "Optimist" and Yogalebrity who is creating the new 90 minute local yoga teacher into one of the hottest new jobs in the yoga industry.

If you listen to the whole show, you'll have the pleasure of listening to Amy's "interaction" with President Obama -- you'll actually hear her talk about his "Blossoming Butt" as well as her description of how kids around the United States can learn the Universal Principles of Alignment.

Here's Our Show Overview:

Sexy Spandex & Quad Stretches

Have you seen the latest pictures of Amy is her sexy spandex and her new bike? Learn how Amy plans to maintain strong backbends with effective quad stretches including the ole' Ninja yoga move.

DeMystifying Amy's appearance in the "sexy and violent" Charlie's Angel's Parody Video

Learn why the Yoga Sutras and "Just for the Sake of It" plays a role in Amy's pillow fighting pajama party with 2 other Anusara teachers.

90 Mintes to Save the World - Advice for the Local Yoga Teacher

Learn how to become more present in your yoga classes through theme building

Become more respected in your local community by shifting away from being a YogaLebrity and refocusing on becoming great at what you do in your current classes

Get a taste of Amy's webinar and learn what Desiree Rumboaugh brings to her collaboration with Amy in online education.

Learn about creating themes by looking at what is moving within you right now. Get students up and moving with short and sweet talks at the Beginning of class and save partnering for workshops when students can learn to spot and assist in partnership.

New Teachings in the 21st Century - How Vision and Creativity Helps Amy Bring Anusara Yoga to President Obama in the White House 

Learn why the phrase "Obama's Blossoming Butt" is actually an acceptable and respectful word choice.

How Meredith's vision of every child in grade school owning a mat may just get communicated to the Obama's.

Listen in as Amy creates her Private Jet Experience with President Obama

How the Principles Affect and Change the World of Grade School Kids

Our show ends with the internal vision of Amy Ippoliti, one of the United States Yoga Rock Stars Making the Difference that Makes the Difference.

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