Unstoppable Weightloss Motivation
Inside Out Weight Loss
Renee Stephens

Episode 1 - Unstoppable Weightloss Motivation

In this episode, Renee shares the structure of unstoppable weight loss motivation. First, she discusses towards and away from motivation, as well as how to create a motivation cocktail that will get you going and keep you going all the way to Naturally Slender, the Inside Out way. Renee then shares the nuts and bolts of creating your own away from motivation. Hear examples of what works for others, and learn Renee's own, slightly embarrassing, away from motivation for working out. Then you'll be guided through a series of powerful questions that will take you right to the heart of what will get you going. Plus, find out the single most important key for helping overweight kids slim down. If you have subscribed to this show (it's really easy, just click the subscribe button), you'll get Renee's "How Do You Know You Want to Change" worksheet automatically delivered with the episode.