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Purpose-Centered Life
Dr. Eric Maisel
Bring to light your cherished principles, values, hopes and dreams into a personal plan for authentic living. This is the counter concept to "the purpose-driven life." There is an art to making meaning that isn't taught in any school, church, boardroom or home. Get weekly lessons that help you turn your passion into action and your principles into a life plan you can sustain. Learn how to fill your days with meaning, stop procrastinating, and bring new richness to everything you do. Join Eric Maisel, family therapist, creativity coach and bestselling author, as he spells out the art of making meaning. Life is as worthwhile as you make it. Banish meaninglessness by working some existential magic! If the atheist, rationalist, secular-humanist, skeptical, free-thinking, or existential tradition appeals to you, you will especially appreciate Maisel’s insights. Learn how to invest meaning, where to put it, how to withdraw it, and what returns you should expect from this practice. Picture one of your typically busy days, where a lot gets done with no sense of accomplishment. Now picture that day transformed, artfully redesigned so that you experience islands of meaning in a sea of hurry. Get your values and your life aligned! Open up to new meaning opportunities! Understand the language of meaning and the dynamics of meaning and learn how to avoid going down the tubes when bad luck strikes. Consciously decide what you want to value and keep on top of your meaning priorities. Meaning is a lens through which to view life: focus your lens on an intentional life.


Incantation 10: I Am Equal To This Challenge

Today’s episode is episode 13 of the Ten-Second Centering Series We regularly get uncentered in anticipation of doing something that strikes us as hard to do. The thought of that unpleasant task raises our anxiety level, which immediately uncenters us. For many of us, an awful ... Read More


Incantation 9: I Am Open To Joy

Today’s episode is episode 12 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Joy is the word we use for a certain deep, delicious feeling that sometimes arises in us just because the sun is shining and it feels good to be alive. But because of our frenetic pace, our worried mind, our exist... Read More


Incantation 8: I Make My Meaning

Today’s episode is episode 11 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Centering and meaning are connected. If your days don’t feel meaningful, an uncentering restlessness and boredom set in, along with existential anxiety and, eventually, a bout of depression. Incantation 8 can p... Read More


Incantation 7: I Am Free of the Past

Today’s episode is episode 10 of the Ten-Second Centering Series We are pretty convinced that people are significantly harmed by experiences like being shamed, beaten, ignored, discounted, mocked, and abandoned. Nor can encountering a lot of disappointments, rejections, defeats... Read More


Incantation 6: I Embrace This Moment

Today’s episode is episode 9 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Each of us can read a book, watch a television show, run errands, have a chat with a friend, and in countless other ways pass the time of day. But if we turn off the television set and just sit there, endeavoring t... Read More


Incantation 5: I Feel Supported

Today’s episode is episode 8 of the Ten-Second Centering Series You come to your parents and say, “I want to take a risky path and become a painter. You know I love art and don’t want to do anything else. I know how hard a time I’m going to have and I know that I may fal... Read More


Incantation 4: I Trust My Resources

Today’s episode is episode 7 of the Ten-Second Centering Series When you use Incantation 4 you announce to yourself that you have sufficient resources to achieve your goals, live a centered life, and successfully accomplish the work that you named in Incantation 3. What would ... Read More


Incantation 3: I Am Doing My Work

Today’s episode is episode 6 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Incantation 3 is the most interesting and intricate of the incantations. Each time you use it, you insert a new phrase that names some work that you hope to accomplish. There is great centering power in mindfully ... Read More


Incantation 2: I Expect Nothing

Today’s episode is episode 5 of the Ten-Second Centering Series While it is wonderful and necessary to have goals, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, it is a mental and emotional mistake to have expectations. Desire as much as you like. Plan as carefully as you like. Try as hard as ... Read More


Incantation 1: I Am Completely Stopping

Today’s episode is episode 4 of the Ten-Second Centering Series All of us are rushing around, prodded and pulled by our multiple duties and responsibilities. We’re doing too many things and worrying too much. Many of us are also in a mad rush because we’re running away fro... Read More