Incantation 4: I Trust My Resources
Purpose-Centered Life
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 34 - Incantation 4: I Trust My Resources

Today’s episode is episode 7 of the Ten-Second Centering Series

When you use Incantation 4 you announce to yourself that you have sufficient resources to achieve your goals, live a centered life, and successfully accomplish the work that you named in Incantation 3. What would typically happen if you named your work and then said to yourself, “Okay, let’s get on with it!”?  As likely as not you’d immediately doubt that you were really equal to tackling the work you just named. You might even feel tempted to resume your speedy, fugitive flight away from centeredness and your cherished dreams. Incantation 4, a deeply affirmative and optimistic incantation, is designed to help you believe you are equipped to succeed.