Incantation 5: I Feel Supported
Purpose-Centered Life
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 35 - Incantation 5: I Feel Supported

Today’s episode is episode 8 of the Ten-Second Centering Series

You come to your parents and say, “I want to take a risky path and become a painter. You know I love art and don’t want to do anything else. I know how hard a time I’m going to have and I know that I may fall flat on my face. What do you think?”  The answer that you want to hear is the very definition of “I feel supported.”  For one person it might be, “We’ll help you through art school and you’ll always have a room in our house.”  For another person it might be, “Let’s discuss the pros and cons, not to talk you out of it or to talk you into it, just to get our thoughts on the table.” No one, however, would feel supported by the response “You have no talent and you’re a complete idiot!” or “You’re such a dreamer. Grow up already!”