DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives

Crave authority? Visibility? Want to attain a power position? Want to be a leader with your own personal brand? Then model the behavior of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives. Join Susan Bratton, industry connector, cognoscenti and creator of the Talk Show Tips System as she combines her bold approach and playful persona in this dishy mix of a talk show that dives deep into the life lessons of fascinating individuals from the world of digital media, advertising, marketing, social media and Web 2.0. Get pearls of wisdom, smart advice and warnings to heed.

Susan gets titans of industry to reveal themselves, not just their business strategy, through personal stories, their biographies, exploits and escapades. She goes beyond executive development to uncover the actions that get results. Find out what life is like as a big cheese, how they got where they are and what they want next in their lives. This show will mentor you so you can leave your own legacy of leadership. Be inspired. Be amazed. Most of all…be entertained.

Voted #1 Best Podcast on Social Media by Top Rank Blog.


A Sample of DishyMix Guests: * Marcus Buckingham, The Truth About You * John Zogby, The Way We'll Be * Pete Blackshaw, Tell 3,000 * Alex Bogusky, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky * Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter * Ori Brafman, SWAY * John Battelle, Federated Media * Charlene Li, Groundswell * Joe Pine, Authenticity * Gina Bianchini, Ning * Sarah Fay, Isobar * Julie Roehm * Seth Godin * Wenda Harris Millard * Steve Wozniak * Dov Seidman, HOW * Sir Ken Robinson * David Weinberger, Cluetrain Manifesto * Bob Garfield, AdAge * C.C. Chapman * Mitch Joel


A Sample of DishyMix Guests:

Current Podcast Episodes – Always Free!

Episode 224: Oren Klaff, Pitch Anything Part II

Part Two of Two

Part One of Two

Oren Klaff it a pitch monster who goes for the deal in a way that takes bravado, chutzpah and an underlying EMOTIONAL connection.

In this 2 part series, learn how to apply Oren's boardroom formula to your online marketing.

We give you the pitching blueprint which includes:

  • Prizing
  • Owning the Frame
  • Intrigue Pings
  • The Hookpoint
  • Hot Cognitions

You will look at your marketing in a whole new light after this valuable reset.


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Episode 223: Oren Klaff - Pitch Anything: Present, Persuade and Win The Deal

Part One of Two

Oren Klaff it a pitch monster who goes for the deal in a way that takes bravado, chutzpah and an underlying EMOTIONAL connection.

In this 2 part series, learn how to apply Oren's boardroom formula to your online marketing.

We give you the pitching blueprint which includes:

  • Prizing
  • Owning the Frame
  • Intrigue Pings
  • The Hookpoint
  • Hot Cognitions

You will look at your marketing in a whole new light after this valuable reset.


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Episode 222: Carrie Tillman, Building Character into Your Email Marketing

Carrie Tillman runs a successful online business and does it primarily through email marketing.

Her character, Shelley McMurtry, has legions of fans and followers she actively monetizes.

Learn the process that Carrie goes through to create a lovable character that gets results.

Find out how you can use Characters to increase sales in your email marketing, even if you are a b2b marketer.

Carrie and I cover her 10 techniques for sustaining a relationship via email marketing and compare and contrast our strategies.


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Archived Episodes

Episode 221: Real Time Emotional Patterns

It's likely you have an innate skill you're not fully utilizing in your marketing -- the ability to see "real time emotional patterns" in the conversations your customers are having with you.

Listen in as Susan tells you about six "Real Time Emotional Patterns" she leveraged using technologies like webinars, live chat, online surveys and more to get "inside the mind of her prospect" to drive more conversions for her online self-help programs.


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Episode 220: Sean D'Souza The Secret Life of Testimonials

In the first 5 minutes Sean divulges the six questions that get you fantastic testimonials for your product or service.

Listen now to find out:

You have a formula for Testimonials. What is it and how did you arrive at this particular set of questions?

When and where in the structured communication of leading a prospect through the conversion funnel are testimonials best placed?

What makes a testimonial unbelievable? Are there mistakes made in organizing testimonials that we should avoid?

Testimonials are one form of social proof, what are others?

Are there different kinds (including audio,video, written), categories, styles of testimonials and if so, what kind?

Is there a system a marketer can put in place that will effortlessly deliver a steady stream of quality testimonials with the least amount of work?

What does a marketer do when a product is new and there are no customers but they need testimonials?

What can a marketer do if their customers want to retain confidentiality and won't easily give them testimonials?

Should you fix spelling, grammar, punctuation and clarity within a testimonial, or leave them completely unedited.

I'm under the impression, like product reviews, if a testimonial includes negative perspectives or criticisms, but all in the testimonial is positive, then the testimonial is more highly considered by a prospect because it's authentic. Do you agree or not and why?

Where on a web page do testimonials perform most effectively? Have you done eye tracking or mouse tracking (ClickTales) research on the effective placement of testimonials?

Is there a way to use testimonials in auto-responders that results in higher conversions to sale of prospects?

Testimonials, as social proof, are one form of trust. If you are trying to create a solid aura of trustworthiness as a brand, what are some other strategies a marketer can employ to underscore trust with customers and prospects?

Customer stories seem more powerful, testimonials can feel fake and marketing-oriented. How do you think about stories vs. testimonials? Where and how can a marketer employ stories in addition to testimonials?


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Episode 219: David Spark on Brand Journalism

David Spark has a fresh, smart way to give your brand a voice in the market that is efficient and most effective when done at a conference your company is attending.

He calls it, brand journalism (an old way of saying it is custom publishing or content marketing). What he does is build editorial (produce videos and content) that is associated with your brand. That helps your company associate themselves with a big industry issue. For example in the case study white paper David got Tripwire associated with the topic of “compliance” in the security industry through creating videos and articles. And recently for another case he helped increase Zoho’s visibility with CRM.
If you're attending a conference, have a booth or speak op and want to intelligently leverage that time and energy, hire David to create a ton of video, articles, session overviews, Tweets, FB Page posts and influencer interviews that push you to the top of the content visibility for an event.

This can be done at any time but the reason it’s valuable to do this at a live event is that everything is compressed in terms of people and content in a very short period of time. So we can talk about brand journalism, and specifically doing it around live events and why it’s so valuable to do it then.


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Episode 218: Joe Sugarman on Why People Don't Buy

Join me as I talk to the legendary Joe Sugarman about why people buy.

Known for selling 20 million pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses, Joe cut his teeth as a print advertising wizard in the 70-90's.

Find out how he came up with his famous 30 Psychological Purchase Triggers and how to apply them to your marketing.

Live from the Clickbank Exchange conference in NY where Joe and I were both speakers, he joins me in my hotel room for a lively one-on-one.


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Episode 217: Chef Keith Snow Syndicating The Harvest Eating Brand

Chef Keith Snow is building a sustainable, seasonal, local food and cooking brand.

Hear about his syndication strategies, his tiered membership offering and the platforms that work best for him to evangelize and monetize the inspiring prospect of eating good, local foods in season.

We talk Apps, Roku, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, video production and conversion optimization.

And we chat about recipes, CSA food baskets and farmer's markets.

One lucky DishyMix FB fan gets a Lifetime Premium Membership when you are chosen for posting your desire on the Page.


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Episode 216: Scott Boulch Viral Facebook Webinars

Webinars are viral, a great source of leads and perfect for "closing" business.

Scott Boulch has created FBWebinars so you can leverage the "endorsed traffic" within Facebook.

Listen to this excellent interview where we not only discuss the mechanics of a webinar program but learn best practices and the psychology of using webinars for lead and revenue generation.

Scott is giving away a lifelong account to one lucky DishyMix Fan. Just post on the Facebook Page and we'll select one winner. This is worth thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your account! Go for it.


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Episode 215: Conner Galway on Facebook Page Cheats and Shortcuts

Conner Galway is a major up-and-comer in the agency world. Junction Marketing is his Vancouver, BC agency where they are performing the latest feats of social marketing for their clients.

Get Conner's cheats and shortcuts for making effective Facebook promotions and Pages.

Learn about:

The etiquette of  "Like-Gates"
The Power of Pages
Third Party FB Apps For Marketers
Where to find the most timely Facebook Page examples to copy
Conner's favorite Facebook marketer Pages
And more, more, more.

Take it from a 27 year old social maven... there's an fast-evolving wisdom of best practices for making Facebook pay off for your brand in this episode.


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Episode 214: Conversion Triggers with Susan Bratton and Lee Odden

In this tables turned episode, Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing interviews me about my Conversion Triggers SES Keynote.

Find out about the 4 realms of persuasion marketing and how you can apply copy writing, story telling, neuro-marketing and structured communications to your marketing to increase conversions.

Go to: to see the full presentation and download my cheat sheets, free book excerpts and get my list of recommended programs and reading to learn how to be a high-converting, empathic marketer.


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Episode 213: Arjun Dev Arora on Retargeting Banner Ads

One of the most effective online advertising strategies that is increasing my conversions now is Retargeting.

This is when you cookie a visitor to your landing page and then serve them ads when they are surfing other sites to remind them about your product or service.

Doubleclick came up with this as early at 1998 and called it Boomerang, so the concept is old, and finally gaining massive traction.

ReTargeter is a company founded by Arjun Dev Arora, an ex-Yahoo! guy who knows his way around scaling big banner campaigns.

Find out all about:

  • retargeting best practices
  • where Retargeter fits in the ecosystem
  • creative ideas and retargeting innovation
  • targeting retargeted ads (demo, psycho, etc)
  • engagement strategies within retargeted campaigns
  • the ad approval process
  • how pixel tracking works on sites and in emails
  • campaign cannibalization
  • inventory costs and pricing models for retargeting

Post your desire on the DishyMix Facebook page and win!


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Episode 212: Russell Pereira on 7 Mistakes You're Making That Are Limiting Your Success With A-Player Employees

Russell Pereira is an advisor to VP's and SVP's on effective communication skills to fast track your career by cultivating your A-Players for more success and managing your under-performers more effectively.


  • How to get employees to do things right the first time
  • 7 Mistakes VP's make when giving feedback
  • How to be politically savvy with senior management to fast track your career

If you've been using the "Feeback Sandwich" strategy, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Try Russell's new Feedback/Feedforward strategy to get your team humming in high gear.

As a mentor to Veeps, Russell can make everything you communicate, up and down your organization, more effective, efficient and valuable.

Tune in for this valuable interview with one of the country's best management consultants.


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Episode 211: Joe Vitale, Buddha of the Internet on Karmic Marketing

Joe Vitale has been called the "Buddha of the Internet."

A famous online marketer who was in 13 movies including The Secret now has a fantastic strategy for his newest online product, "Attract Money Now."

If you've been wondering how the most sophisticated, experienced online marketers package their products, listen to what Joe is doing to scale his business with his Miracles Coaching program  and see how it dovetails in to Attract Money Now.

Learn why "curating" your passions generates legions of fans.

Find out about Nevillizing, a concept he and David Garfinkel (one of the most important copywriters living today) thought up.

We talk about Hypnotic Writing, Blue Healer, Zero Limits Ho'oponopono (science marries mysticism) and the 7 steps to attracting money.

Joe is fun, easy going and super sharp. Enjoy!


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Episode 210: Brian Solis on the Un-LIKEing Movement, Magic Middle and FCommerce

Brian Solis, author of Engage and principal at Altimeter Group weighs in on:

  • Syndication of Social Objects
  • What to DO with Influencers vs. Press vs. Bloggers vs. Advocates
  • Identifying the "Magic Middle"
  • Using Social Media to generate FAST revenue
  • Interest Graphs
  • FCommerce
  • Brand Journalism
  • Organizational Transformation via the C-Suite

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Episode 209: David Walsh on Creating Your Passive Income Product

If you are ready to package up your expertise into an online training program, information product, ebook or membership site and are daunted by the task of selecting and integrating the infrastructure and tools to sell your products online, then take a look at M6.

I wish I'd had this platform two years ago when we started our information product marketing business.

M6 is a solution that helps you create your product niche and then automate the delivery.

Learn about membership sites, drip systems, evergreen products, shopping carts, affiliate promotions and more in this informative overview of a cutting edge company delivering a solution set for those of you who are not technical but comfortable learning web apps.

I really, really like David and his partner, Derek Johansen, founder of Dangerous Publishing, the company behind M6.

They are young, smart guys who have created a really great solution for experts who need technology but get overwhelmed deciding what to choose.

All the M6 technology works together, and there are step-by-step tutorials that get you from info to info marketer.

Use my link so we can track that you heard this on DishyMix! Thanks.


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Episode 208: Eric Schwartzman on Automated Social Content Marketing

The "Spinfluencer," Eric Schwartzman shares his strategies for content marketing, automated social media marketing and social media policy.

Learn hwy content marketing is good, but automated social media marketing, though riskier and tougher, is more sustainable.

See how social graphs are colliding as LinkedIn and Twitter integrate with sites like Amazon and Facebook to montage social graphs with more actionable data.

Learn about new companies like Janrain, Jive, DoubleDutch and Infinigraph.

Learn why the C-Suite imperative is to become digitally astute.

And what companies like B&H, Crutchfield and Hoovers are doing to leverage social for competitive revenue growth.

Eric Schwartzman is co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Listen to your B2B marketing, generate major account leads and build client relationships.


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Episode 207: Dave VanHoose on Automated Webinars that SELL

Want an automated cash machine for your business?

Webinars that sell are one of the Internet's newest technologies and Dave VanHoose, founder of 7-Figure Speaking Empire takes all his deep bench strength from selling from the stage and integrates it into the latest technology - automated webinars.

Dave covers the 5 Core Components of a Presentation That Sells and explains in detail, the blueprint for a successful pitch via webinar.

Listen for his pacing, his ability to keep you involved in the discussion and his verbiage for segueing from content to sales in a pitch. He's masterful!

Listens of this show are eligible for an exclusive, back door VIP pass to one of his three "3-Day Speaker's Bootcamps" in Florida, Vegas or LA.

VIP Pass Courtesy of Suz


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Episode 206: Jeffrey Cole on Internet Usage Trends and Fads

Jeffrey Cole founded and directs the World Internet Project, a long-term longitudinal look at the effects of computer and Internet technology, which is conducted in more than 25 countries.

In this insightful interview, Jeffrey (an ad:tech SF keynote) shares actionable consumer usage information that will impact your marketing plans.

If you are not following Jeffrey's research, listening to his speeches and making sure you get the 2011 report, you are missing out. He's a great trends guy for consumer usage of digital technologies.

Jeffrey Cole points the way to understanding where WE as marketers need to be to be ready and waiting when our customer change their online consumption behavior.

Get ahead of the curve with Jeffrey Cole's wisdom.


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Episode 205: Alicia Navarro of SkimLinks on Entrepreneurial Shuck and Jive and Essential Affiliate Marketing

Alicia Navarro's story of the evolution of her start up from what she THOUGHT she was building to what the market wanted to buy from her is a perfect example of how good entrepreneurs LISTEN to the market to create revenue.

SkimLinks is a European start up in the affiliate marketing space. If you're a publisher, creating content about products, you can easily add code to your site that automates affiliate links for additional revenue.

Now with offices in San Francisco, Alicia tells the story of her move from Australia to London to San Francisco in the quest to create a valuable affiliate marketing platform for publishers.

Listen in to this impressive entrepreneur as she regales us with tales of her journey, her learnings and her vision.


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Episode 204: Lee Odden on Today's Social and PR Marketing Strategies

Lee Odden lives at the epicenter of three tectonic plates: Social Media, Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization.

Lee looks for the competitive edge where these three plates meet for disruptive opportunities for marketers.

He joins me live at ad:tech NY to shake things up with Suz.

Listen in as Lee distills current wisdom for wringing the most out of our outbound marketing.


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Episode 203: Kit Yarrow on Marketing to GenY and Post-Recession Consumer Minds

Kit Yarrow, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, Chair of the Department of Psychology at Golden Gate University and Professor of Psychology and Business at that school.

She's also the author of GenBuy - a look at what motivates Generation Y (20 and 30 year olds) to purchase and how to sell to them. They are DIFFERENT!

If you want to get into the minds of 20 and 30 year olds; if you want to understand how to market to US consumers post-recession, listen to this information, insightful show.


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Episode 202: Heather Meeker on Mobile Social Location-Based and Proximity Service Opportunities

Heather Meeker is a much sought-after marketing/PR/biz dev start-up specialist.

She's been involved in geo-location, location-based services and proximity consumer mobile applications.

Recently at Whrrl through the acquisition by Groupon, she's now looking for her next big opportunity.

Get into Heather's mind as she sorts her career options. If you are thinking about your next career move, the way Heather positions herself and thinks about the market opportunities will be a valuable thought process for you.

Heather updates us on how PR works now, versus how it worked even just a year or two ago - the whole process has completely changed. Listen so you don't waste your energy doing PR the old way.


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Episode 201: Jeff Rohrs, Exact Target on Social + Email

Jeff Rohrs is an expert in the integration of social and email marketing and he selflessly shares excerpts from his excellent research projects.

Exact Target is an email marketing platform and they've acquired Co-Tweet, so Jeff spends a chunk of his time looking for the sweet spots for marketers at the crossroads of email and social marketing.

Learn about how to market to three unique constituents:

Subscribers - send them episodic, actionable content.
Fans - send them "emotional" content because they have a passion for your brand.
Followers - send them social objects they can play with, mash up and radiate.


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Episode 200: Mark Joyner on Being a Peak Performer In Work and Play

Want to double your productivity with 3 changes in your work habits?
Want to get crazy qualified leads without spending a dime on advertising?
Want to know how honesty can triple your sales?

Meet Mark Joyner, Founder and Chairman of conglomerate, Construct Zero, holding company for Auto Response Plus, Delavo, Simpleology and creator of the Dirt Cheap Decentralized Distribution Device DC3D philanthropic vision.

Mark is a successful entrepreneur and author of Simpleology, Integration Marketing and Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide among others.

He's an MMA fighter - Mixed Martial Arts.

He's a peak performer.

And a super cool guy.

Tune in to hear how he juggles multiple, successful companies and his busy life.


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Episode 199: David Shaner on the 7 Arts of Change

David Shaner took all he learned from being an Olympic downhill skier, a black belt Ki-Akido expert and a change management consultant and created the most innovated, evolved system for bringing everyone in your organization to a higher level of personal growth while simultaneously kicking booty in business fundamentals through times of change (pretty much every single day, right?)

If you want peak performance from your employees, and you understand that personal development and professional development are one and the same, use this 7 step process to leverage the wisdom of Asian culture with the dynamics of global business to effectively lead change.

Learn how to drive change through your organization by letting your employees change from inside out.

Experience peak business performance by setting the stage for every employee to achieve their peak professional capabilities.

Create a culture of success through blameless communication, personal responsibility and by taking the best actions for the highest potential.

If you are a leader or a player in a company that isn't performing at a peak level, David Shaner lays out a system for activating your talent and potential at a profound level.

If you want a copy of The 7 Arts of Change, post your desire on the DishyMix Facebook Page.


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Episode 198: Steve Little on Finding YOUR Perfect Business

Fancy yourself a future entrepreneur but not sure what the perfect business is for you?

Currently a struggling entrepreneur who's realized the business you envisioned is not the business that monopolizes your life?  Dissatisfied with your business and want to know why is sabotaging your success?

Would you like to perform at a higher level? Want to overcome the top 4 success saboteurs?

Steve Little, entreprenuer of over 40 years and myriad successful start ups, has created The Perfect Business Finder program. It's a process for discovering a business that satisfies all 7 areas of your life in a structured self-discovery system that's FUN and fascinating.

Click Here to get extra bonuses only available for DishyMix listeners.

Avoid these 10 surprising business-killing mistakes that consistently take 90% of entrepreneurs to their knees. [VIDEO]

Build a successful, money-making business without struggling! Love what you do.

This motivating interview will give you a new zest for dialing in your talent, your passion and the elusive process for truly discovering your best business opportunity.


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Episode 197: Tim Sanders on Today We Are Rich: Total Confidence

Tim Sanders' latest book will ultimately prove out as a classic piece of work in the human potential movement.

It will sit alongside your Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins' books.

You'll recommend "Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence" to your family and friends. You'll give it as a gift.

"TWAR" is about confidence, and personal authority, and integrity. The triumvirate of attributes that make for a solid man or woman.

Tim reviews the "7 Principles of Confidence."

Check YOURSELF against this list and see if you're doing what you need to be supremely confident.

If you are, you are a good model for your friends, family and children.

Share this list with your children. Talk to them about how to feed their mind, how to "give to be rich," how to prepare themselves for a life led with quality actions and value to others.

It's good to stop and think about the life you are leading, the model you are living.

Tim Sanders is a bright light of positivism and well-grounded character.

Give yourself a boost of optimism with this delightful conversation.


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Episode 196: J. Duncan Berry on Neuro-Semiotics: Emotional Imagery in Marketing

Want to know how images affect consumers' purchases?

Duncan Berry is the penultimate expert in neuro-semiotics. This is the study of how images, symbols, icons and indexes create emotional triggers.

In this episode you'll learn about biometric latency response, the 10 dimensional measures of a brand's emotional life, the three most important things on a sales or landing website to drive positive action, the Valence response, the hottest brands measured emotionally, and how best to embody emotional triggers in your marketing.

We also talk about the architecture of the 1880's in France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. the best recipe for lamb chops and why the work of the Stoics, including Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius and Seneca are as important today as they were when written.

Duncan Berry is a fascinating man, at the intersection of human emotion and consumerism. A 12th generation Cape Cod resident, his family has lived between the same two rivers since 1639 and in the same house since the 1850's.

Duncan answer's listeners questions from Stan Dahl, COO of Marketing Rebel, David Garfinkel, one of the world's foremost copy writing experts and Mark Joyner, Chairman and Founder of Construct Zero on subjects ranging from neuro-biological factors that increase lifetime customer value, the three most important attributes of a working website from a neuro-semiotics perspective and the single most important factor that affects an individual's decision to buy.

You will hear key insights that I guarantee are completely new and cutting edge that you can use today in your marketing.

DishyMix. It just keeps getting better...


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Episode 195: Marc de Swaan Arons on Global Brand Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a global endeavor. The difficulty of managing such a tremendous opportunity arises from the naturally distributed environment of a global marketing organization and the rapid homogenization of an Internet-connected world.

Marc de Swaan Arons is a Dutch guy who cut his teeth on global brand marketing at Unilever and went on to found a marketing consultancy, Effective Brands, that helps large organizations align and streamline their global strategies.

Effective Brands's "Leading Global Brands" study identified the key issues of global marketing and created a series of business models and frameworks organizations of this scale can use to be efficient and effective in marketing globally and locally.

"The Global Brand CEO: Building the Ultimate Marketing Machine" is Marc's (and his partner, Frank van Den Driest's) book that covers the frameworks and models, communication tools and case studies and vignettes of global marketers who are "doing it right."

Listen in to learn about:

  • 5 Drivers of Global Marketing Effectiveness
  • Brand Positioning Alignment Framework
  • The Brand ID Framework
  • The Servant Leadership Mindset
  • The Looking for Similarities Mindset

Marc has offered a personally-autographed copy of this impressive tome to a lucky DishyMix listener.

To be considered, post your desire on the DishyMix Facebook Page and one winner will be selected in April 2011.


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Episode 194: Guy Kawasaki on Marketing Enchantment

Guy's 10th book is out, "Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions."

Find out the latest Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies he employed to make this a best seller.

Get his business and personal advice on being Enchanting.

"Convince others to dream your dreams."

Is neuro-psychology research valuable to marketers? Can you trust it? Apply it?

And All-Top (Guy is co-founder) - how do the smartest people leverage the platform?

Finally I wring some great professional advice from Guy for my Personal Life Media positioning statement, "Optimizing Intimacy."

And get some great tips for creating a winning presentation for Underground 007, to try to take the prize for Cheryl's Childrens' Home, the charity in Nairobi that my daughter and I and many of our friends support. CCH is in need of 501C3 Tax Exempt status and if I win, we'll use the money to establish a beachhead for those children here in the US.

Fingers crossed!

Enjoy this fun and informative interview with my friend, the legendary Guy Kawasaki.


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Episode 193: Anne Holland, Which Test Won and Subscription Site Insider

Pimp your button, work that line... Tune in for some A/B Split Test Fun Facts!

Anne Holland has reinvented herself in a new publishing venture for B2B niche news.

Two of her first hot categories include Which Test Won and Subscription Site Insider. More coming soon as she builds a new empire of great insider information for making money online and offline in emerging categories.

This is an episode loaded like a baked potato at an all you can eat buffet on the way to a fat farm...  Goooood stuff and extra creamy!

We talk about copy writing for contemporary applications like landing pages instead of old direct mail newsletters and Anne shares a secret tip that I just used to write 100 headlines.

She also talks about the laws that changed in trials and free offers and how to lower credit card declines and membership site churn rate.

Anne also shared her best advice about selling one company and starting another and what it was like to live in Nepal.

Anne is an amazing woman with a ton of great insight. This episode will rock your world.


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Episode 192: Peggy McColl on Book Marketing in 2012

Peggy McColl, aka "The Best Seller Maker," is an expert in online book creation and marketing.

Listen to Peggy's latest thinking about how to drive your book to the top of the best seller lists.

5% of your book success is in the writing, 95% of the effort goes into marketing.

Learn what Peggy does, how she signs up affiliate promotional parters, what social media strategies work best for her and how she manages her own business.

If you wrote a book and it's languishing, if you think you have a book in you waiting to come out, Peggy can tell you the decision logic between getting an agent, editor and publisher versus self-publishing.


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Episode 191: Sally Hogshead on Fascinate - 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Would YOU like to be more personally FASCINATING?

Would you like to make your brand, your company or your public persona more fascinating?

Sally Hogshead has a plan to find your personal fascination triggers. Take her Fascination Score Test

Learn why your emotional message needs to tap into one of our instinctual survival triggers to be noticed in a world of info overload.

See what your top two triggers are and what your dormant trigger is. (Mine are Lust, Power and Trust.)

Learn the Gold Hallmarks of a Fascinating Message and how you can craft your fascination for competitive differentiation.

"Work this book and inspire your own personal fascination (or the fascination of your brand) with Sally's easy-to-follow implementation plan and terrific examples. You'll feel more alive!" -- Susan Bratton, DishyMix

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Episode 190: Jason Burnham Telepathy and Thinking Style Targeting

Love the psychology of marketing?
Here's a new concept for targeting customers with information in their personal "thinking style."

Based on the work of John Furey of MindTime, Jason Burnham, along with the Catalyst SF folks, have founded a new technology company in the digital media space to create targeted content that suits an individuals' learning and communication style.

Are you a past, present, future or blended thinker? Take the free quiz at and find out.

Soon marketers may be providing imagery, messaging and content experiences based on how you view the world from your personal Mind Time Map.

Jason believes the marketing principles we've been using to drive ad campaigns for decades has been inefficient and he has a better way.

If you currently use audience segmentation, listen to this new model.

Note: Jason mentioned that catered to Future Thinkers, catered to Present Thinkers, and catered to Future Thinkers.  He meant to say that Ford catered to Past Thinkers. 


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Episode 189: Wendy Lea, Using Social Customer Support to Get Satisfaction

Social CRM and Customer Service got married and had a baby and it's called "Get Satisfaction."

Having a Twitter account for bitchy customers is NOT a social support strategy people. It's way bigger (dang it) and you have to wake up and smell the opportunity.

Customer service is now social in the social enterprise.

And if you're a smart marketer, you're giving your customers what they want and integrating support into your loyalty programs.

Get Satisfaction is a platform that helps you manage the conversations about your brand across the web with widgets that let you be where your customers are (like FB) and still stay abreast of the action.

Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction describes her business from the four key categories where she plays best (eCommerce, Consumer Electronics, CPG and Social Games) showcasing Motorola, Panasonic, NikeRunning, Zappos, Tide and Foursquare implementations.

She talks about how social CRM helps marketers acquire customers at a low cost, nurtures customers effectively, turns loyalty into advocacy and allows customers to support each other too.

The imperative is to be where your customers are online now. Not just to have a corporate website.

With this solution, you can do it at many scales from guerilla to enterprise.

Plus Wendy is a well-spoken, female CEO who will impress you greatly.

Tune in to see where all this is going and how you get traction for your company.


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Episode 188: Joseph Carrabis on Neuro-Economics and Reading Virtual Minds Part 2 of 2

Joseph Carrabis is back with a two part series on communicating with customers and prospects using the latest in neuro-science, predictive intelligence, persuasion engineering.

As a cross-disciplinary translational researcher, Joseph studies how we process and learn information though any digital medium. Marketers use his ET engine to gather consumer behaviors via electronic connections.

  1. Want to know HOW someone is thinking in 10 seconds or less?
  2. Want to master Push Pull writing?
  3. Want to use story crafting to make social messages with meaning?

Tune in to this two part series to dive deep into the human personality, core and identity - yours and your customers!


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Episode 187: Joseph Carrabis on Neuro-Economics and Reading Virtual Minds Part 1 of 2

Joseph Carrabis is back with a two part series on communicating with customers and prospects using the latest in neuro-science, predictive intelligence, persuasion engineering.

As a cross-disciplinary translational researcher, Joseph studies how we process and learn information though any digital medium. Marketers use his ET engine to gather consumer behaviors via electronic connections.

Want to know HOW someone is thinking in 10 seconds or less?

Want to master Push Pull writing?

Want to use story crafting to make social messages with meaning?

Tune in to this two part series to dive deep into the human personality, core and identity - yours and your customers!


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Episode 186: Big Jason Henderson on Email Conversion Optimization Strategies

Big Jason is an email marketing consultant who drops in, optimizes your process, gives you perfect advice for conversion enhancement and sets you up so you can run your business moving forward.

You can also hire him to get elbow-deep in your entire process, auditing your email practices and tweaking copy with split tests.

There's no depth to which Jason won't go to wring more cash out of your email marketing.

And some of the most savvy online marketers use Jason's experience to continue to give them that competitive edge that sets them apart as experts.

On this in-person show, we discuss:

  • deliverability enhancements (some of it is technical server-side management you may not know about and need to address!)
  • current industry standard open rates
  • response enhancement ideas for click-throughs and conversions
  • how to leverage your list via affiliate marketing to increase revenue
  • copy treatments for enhanced clicks
  • perpetual vs real-time launches
  • auto-responder strategies
  • creating trust

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Episode 185: Dave Evans on How To Operate as a SOCIAL Business Part 2 of 2

Prepared to be inspired!

Dave Evans is back on DishyMix to talk this time about his newest book, Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement.

Social networking has permanently changed the way consumers interact with brands - fo' shizzle!

What to DO first?

  • Listening platform?
  • Collaborative vendor WIKI?
  • Twitter account for CRM?
  • The never-ending list goes on...

Learn how your business connects itself to your customers and prospects and how, in the future, no company will survive without creating the platforms customers and partners demand to be in conversation with you.

Dave discusses social business strategy; social objects and the social graph and how they are central to your ongoing revenue strategy.

Evans give over-arching strategic advice, down and dirty platform recommendations, helpful case study examples and an inspiring viewpoint that will have you entirely reconsider your job!

This is a two part series.


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Episode 184: Dave Evans on How To Operate as a SOCIAL Business Part 1 of 2

Prepared to be inspired!

Dave Evans is back on DishyMix to talk this time about his newest book, Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement.

Social networking has permanently changed the way consumers interact with brands - fo' shizzle!

What to DO first?

  • Listening platform?
  • Collaborative vendor WIKI?
  • Twitter account for CRM?
  • The never-ending list goes on...

Learn how your business connects itself to your customers and prospects and how, in the future, no company will survive without creating the platforms customers and partners demand to be in conversation with you.

Dave discusses social business strategy; social objects and the social graph and how they are central to your ongoing revenue strategy.

Evans give over-arching strategic advice, down and dirty platform recommendations, helpful case study examples and an inspiring viewpoint that will have you entirely reconsider your job!

This is a two part series.


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Episode 183: Grant Crowell, the "Videologist" on Social Video Marketing Part 2 of 2

Are you ready to burnish your camcorder and make some personality-driven video to drive Facebook users to your website?

Online video marketing expert Grant Crowell joins DishyMix for a two part series that covers:

Video formats and styles suited to marketers
Production value and equipment recommendations
Distribution and Syndication options demystified
Social video marketing on Facebook and Twitter
Conversion-to-Sale tracking recommendations
Online video SEO - appearing in Google's Universal Search Results
Legal issues including copyrights, fair use, employee social media policies and more.


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Episode 182: Grant Crowell, the "Videologist" on Social Video Marketing Part 1 of 2

Are you ready to burnish your camcorder and make some personality-driven video to drive Facebook users to your website?

Online video marketing expert Grant Crowell joins DishyMix for a two part series that covers:

  • Video formats and styles suited to marketers
  • Production value and equipment recommendations
  • Distribution and Syndication options demystified
  • Social video marketing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Conversion-to-Sale tracking recommendations
  • Online video SEO - appearing in Google's Universal Search Results
  • Legal issues including copyrights, fair use, employee social media policies and more.

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Episode 181: Brad Jefferson, Animoto Holiday Show

Save a tree and help an entrepreneur!

Ever seen those really beautiful video animations from Animoto?

Well, they have a new trio of Holiday templates you can use as scenery to display your photos and videos.

Great for making virtual holiday movies/cards, Brad joins me to talk about the last four years building Animoto, their new features, the business model as it's evolved, some tips for marketers and how to create your personal holiday card too.

Go take some snaps of your office, your employees, your products and turn it into a video you can share across email and the web to spread love and good cheer.


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Episode 180: Jim Camp, Start with NO - Negotiating Tools The Pros Don't Want You To Know

Your humanity is killing your negotiation skills.

Two reasons. First - your fear of failure impacts your ability to negotiate. Secondly - everything you've learned about negotiation in business school is wrong. 

Based on brain science and positive psychology, Jim Camp has rewritten the book on negotiation.

We're all making agreements every day. 

Now you can master the very best habits. No more BATNA, no more Collective Bargaining, no more grinding or getting ground.

Uplevel your whole strategy around negotiating agreements in this 30 minute super session with an expert used by everyone from top global CEO's to FBI hostage negotiators.

The Four Step Check List for Negotiation includes:
1) A valid mission and purpose
2) Outlining the problems of both parties
3) Your objectives
4) What happens next?

Tune in to hear a leading negotiation training expert outline the negotiating strategies for the 21st Century.


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Episode 179: Peter Figueredo, NetExponent on How To Motivate Affiliates

Peter Figueredo shares perspectives on affiliate marketing at the 10th year anniversary of his performance marketing agency.

Learn the 2 biggest concerns he has when mapping an affiliate marketing strategy for a brand.

Find out, if he had more time, what he would spend it on for his clients.

Hear what motivates affiliates to market your product.

What affiliate marketing show Peter recommends you not miss.

And what a perfect client looks like to his business.

All this and more on a DishyMix episode devoted to the latest information for successful affiliate campaigns.


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Episode 178: Richard Jalichandra, Technorati on How To Become a Famous Blogger

Live from ad:tech NY, Richard reviews highlights from his State of the Blogosphere report 2010.

This year, he took a deeper dive into the entire blogosphere, with a focus on female bloggers.

Topics include: brands embracing social media, traditional media vs. social media, brands working with bloggers, monetization, smartphone and tablet usage, importance of Twitter and Facebook, niche blogging, and changes within the blogosphere over 2010.

Learn the WHO: Bloggers, Brands and Consumers; the WHAT: Topics and Trends and the HOW: Technology, Traffic and Revenue.

Plus Richard answers the key question, "How do YOU get to be a famous blogger???"


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Episode 177: Josh Bernoff, Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business

Live from ad:tech NY, Josh Bernoff, SVP of Idea Development reviews his latest book,

Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business

We talk about identifying mass influencers, delivering customer services, empowering employees and customers with mobile apps and amplifying fan activities to socialize your enterprise.


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Episode 176: Yanik Silver, Maverick Business on Big Hooks and Handing Them the Fish

Yanik honed his Internet marketing skills in his father's medical device business and went on to encapsulate his direct marketing success in a series of information products including Ultimate Copywriting Workshop, his seminal offering.

He's in his second metamorphosis, from IM wunderkind to Entrepreneurial Booster. Founding to create a forum a knowledge base for young entrepreneurs.

This entire interview is sprinkled with wisdom, actionable insights and clever strategies that come from years of successful online marketing.

Even better, Yanik is a visionary who wants, like Sir Richard Branson, to live a big, bold, lusty life and creates businesses that support his zeal.

Find out about:

  • Achieving financial independence using information products
  • Setting up the Big Hook in copywriting
  • Handing the Man a Fish, Not Teaching Him to Fish
  • The Brass Balls Factor
  • Pricing Psychology
  • 9 Phases of Copy Editing
  • The 500 Word Sweet Spot

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Episode 175: Kyra Reed, Markyr on Community Development, Integrated Microcosms, Tweet Reach

This is a replay of one of my favorite episodes of DishyMix. Airing over a year ago, I thought you'd enjoy this if you haven't already.

Meet Kyra Reed, co-found of LA social media agency, Markyr. Listen as Kyra helps you discover your social media strategy. In what way are you a natural content generator?

Suz and Kyra discuss everything from Tweet Crawls to Hashtags to Bing to Google Wave.

Find out how to approach your social strategy as an integrated microcosm. Learn what it takes to create a strong community site. Hear some great stories of brands like NavyMom's and The Roxy Theater who are leveraging social media to grow their business or change their lives for the better.

Then listen in as Kyra and Suz talk about men. (!) Hear why "presence" is the sexiest thing about a man. Find out how to become a "superior man." Learn what beautiful goddesses like Kyra are craving in their interactions.
If you are in the dating world or you want to know what it's like out there, the end of this show is sure to open your eyes to more possibility in being human, both man and woman.

Kyra is loads of fun, super smart, and knows her social stuff. Tune in for some mind-stretching conversations.


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Episode 174: Sharla Jacobs on Your Information Product

Sharla returns to walk you through whether YOU have what it takes to create your own information product.

  • What makes a good INFO MARKETER?
  • How to AVOID THE BIGGEST MISTAKES Most Heart-Based Entrepreneurs Make with Their First Info-Product
  • How You Can ADD AN EXTRA $5,000-$10,000 Each Month After Doing the Work Only Once
  • How to Know If You Should Create a Book, CD Set, or DVD Set First (and Which One Will Give You the Most PASSIVE INCOME)
  • Why Other People Usually Don’t Promote for You and How to Change This Immediately
  • How to CAPTURE YOUR PEOPLE'S ATTENTION so They Buy Your Product Instead of Thinking About It
  • The Simple Secret to Getting Your Info-Product Paid for BEFORE You Create It
  • How to STOP TRADING TIME FOR DOLLARS and Make More Money While Working Fewer Hours (and Serving More People)

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Episode 173: Sir Ken Robinson on The Element, Talent Assessment and Feeling Lucky

Sir Ken is one of DishyMix's all time most popular guests. He's back, this time to talk about human potential, the intersection of aptitude and passion and finding your calling.

Do you wonder if you are doing the right work? Does your job make you ecstatically happy or utterly miserable? Do you think there might be something else more satisfying out there for you? Let's find out what it is.

"The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything," is a NY Times best-seller. Sir Ken shares his stories about "creating a new paradigm of human capacity to meet a new era of human existence."

How do you discern your best attributes? Ken provides a long list of possibilities for consideration. Perhaps you are linguistic, musical, mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic. Perhaps you are more interpersonal or intrapersonal? Do you have more analytic intelligence, creative or practical intelligence?

Ken shares ways you can be in your "flow," or in your "element." Dial yourself in a little better in this heartwarming show full of hope and your human potential.

Sampling of Discussion Points:

  • What is your human potential, the intersection of aptitude and passion and finding your calling?
  • Does your job make you ecstatically happy or utterly miserable?
  • Your best attributes? Linguistic, musical, mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal or intrapersonal?
  • Do you have more analytic intelligence, creative or practical intelligence?
  • “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.”
  • Two free autographed copies for DishyMix fans!
  • The Element from @SirKenRobinson. 2 free autographed copies! Post your desire at DishyMix
  • “The best hope for the future is to develop a new paradigm of human capacity to meet a new era of human existence.”
  • Our school systems have become so oppressed and stifled by standards of systematized testing they're not succeeding.
  • “Companies have a very impoverished view of the real talents that align in the people they employ.”
  • Howard Gardener says there are 9 main forms of intelligence. What are yours?
  • @SirKenRobinson on Robert Cooper, The Other 90 Percent, about the heart brain and the gut brain.
  • @SirKenRobinson on how experiences go first to the neurological networks of the intestinal track and heart.
  • The enteric nervous system: 2nd brain inside the intestines, independent of, but interconnected with the brain.
  • Why we often experience our first reaction to events as a gut reaction, which shapes everything we do.”
  • Robert Sternberg from Tufts, kind of an anti-IQ guy on analytic, creative and practical intelligence.
  • Herman Brain Dominance: A, B, C & D Quadrants: analytic, implementation, social and future thinking.
  • Herman Brain Dominance Instrument better than Myers Briggs.
  • The Luck Factor by psychologist Gordon Wiseman.
  • Sir Ken Robinson on The Element, Talent Assessment and Feeling Lucky

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Episode 172: John Furey of MindTime: A Universal Framework for Understanding People

For more than a dozen years, John Furey has been perfecting an entirely new and universal framework for UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE.

You know Myers Briggs. You know Strengthsfinder by Gallup and my past DishyMix guest, Marcus Buckingham.

You may even know what Color Your Parachute is.

Now, learn the most simple and elegant way to understand others, speak to them in ways that they like to communicate and even build more effective teams, using The Mind Time Model.

This model can not only be used to increase the efficacy of collaborate teams, or to understand the perspective of your particular organization, it can be used in marketing to create messages that are most appropriately stated for your clusters of customers.

First, take the survey yourself at

See what your blend of Past, Present and Future is and how it compares to others in the digital marketing industry.

Then, listen to this interview where John describes how the model parses all humans into 10 Archtypes (not ficticious personas) and how the structure can be used for collaboration and messaging.

Burham Marketing and Catalyst SF have joined together with MindTime to create Telepathy, a new organization devoted to leveraging the elegance of this construct for Cognitive Targeting.

And join John Furey and I at ad:tech NY 2010 for a keynote luncheon on November 3rd

DishyMix listeners, get a free copy of “It’s All About Time: How People Work and Why Some Do It Better - A Guide for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Everyone Else.” Just post your desire on the DishyMix Facebook Page


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Episode 171: Chase McMichael of Infinigraph on Curating Content for Social Activation

Chase McMichael thinks waaay beyond influencer marketing to social 2.0. Now that you can find influencers, you need to identify your followers who have social rank. And you need to figure out what your followers who have social resonance are talking about beyond your own brand.
No more naval gazing, start setting up trusted feeds of content you've curated in which your followers are interested so your brand becomes an information discovery zone.
What are trending topics? Learn how to find out and get in the game.
This is what's happening now.
Listen up!


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Episode 170: Mickey Alam Khan on Mobile and Luxury Marketing

Mickey Alam Khan and I go way back to when he was Sr. Editor of DM News. he's now building his own media empire. Starting with Mobile Marketer, he added Mobile Commerce Daily.

He's now added another online zine called Luxury Marketing.

Find out how Mickey views the mobile landscape, where he deems the best opportunities for marketers and why he believes the luxury market is a leader in strategy and how he plans to service that segment with his newest entry into his successful publishing business.

This episode was recorded on location at ad:tech SF as part of the "Muckety Muck Insights" series.


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Episode 169: Vince Thompson on Monetizing Your Site with Ads and The Power of the Middle Manager

Vince Thompson is one of the DishyMix "Mukety Muck Insights" series guests, recorded on location at ad:tech San Francisco.

Middleshift is a boutique consultancy that works with Internet Media properties to design, implement and scale sales organizations to achieve their highest purpose.

For Marketers, Middleshift provides insight to emerging media opportunities and guides in the creation of custom content with world-class producers and emerging Internet celebrities.

As an expert in monetizing sites with web advertising and building the sales teams to service the business, Vince was speaking at ad:tech about managing through chaos.

He shares some of his golden nuggets on this episode as well as revisiting parts of his excellent book, "Ignited: Managers, Light up Your Company and Career for More Power, More Purpose and More Success."


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Episode 168: Adam Kleinberg Waxes Lofty On Leveraging Influencers

Adam Kleinberg is a DishyMix repeat offender. :P
I love this dude. He's half my height and full of hugs and we have a lot of fun together.

On this episode, recorded on location at ad:tech SF as part of the "Muckety Muck Insights" series, I ask Adam about leveraging influencers in the social sphere.

If you haven't heard me interview him before, listen to that one too. And he also guest hosted the show and interviewed the founder of Pandora. Both are additional great shows.


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Episode 167: Pierre Khawand on Increasing Your Personal Productivity While Lowering Your Stress

If you've ever listened to DishyMix, you know I love Pierre Khawand. He's an efficiency expert grounded in the realities of our world - the world of Twitter, FB, email, iPhone, etc.

Tune in to hear Pierre's latest thinking about how to organize your life so you have more time to do what you really love (you don't REALLY love doing email 5 hours a day, do you???)

This interview is part of the on location series of interviews I created called "Muckety Muck Insights."

And don't forget to follow Pierre to get one of his Free Seats of the Week to one of his excellent time management seminars.  They are life-changing!!!! (yes, four exclamation points worthy)


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Episode 166: Sharla Jacobs on Leveraging Your Genius and Teleseminars That Sell

Sharla Jacobs teaches experts, coaches and YOU how to leverage your genius to create an information product marketing business.

On this episode, she shares one module of the Leverage Your Genius material called "Teleseminars That Sell."

There's a special bonus for DishyMix listeners here:

  • Learn the 4 Keys to a successful teleseminar.
  • How teleseminars can drive revenue and leads.
  • The 2 most important things - miss these and you'll miss a ton of sales!
  • The biggest mistakes people make.
  • How to fill your teleseminar.
  • How to create compelling content.
  • How to manage the delivery during the call or webinar.
  • How to manage the technology and logistics.

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Episode 165: Geoff Ramsey on The Value of Being A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

Have you ever seen Geoff Ramsey do a keynote presentation? He's know for his combination of energy and slide builds. ;)

Geoff is the founder of eMarketer, a research firm that aggregates everyone's numbers and then takes their most educated guess on the true market opportunity across all facets of digital media from mobile to social to search and beyond.

Geoff is fun and the embodiment of "vim."

Tune in to this "Muckety Muck Insights" series live from ad:tech SF to hear what big swings in the market you should follow with Mr. Fun, Geoff Ramsey.


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Episode 164: Bob Gilbreath on Marketing with Meaning

In this "Muckety Muck Insights" series live from ad:tech SF, meet Bob Gilbreath of Cincy agency, Bridge Worldwide.

Bob just finished a new book, called Marketing With Meaning.  We talk about the power of "meaning making" both in life and in marketing.


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Episode 163: Mish Fletcher on Social Marketing for Agencies

I caught up with Mish at ad:tech SF as part of my "Muckety Muck Insights" series. Mish heads marketing for Ogilvy Worldwide and shares her latest social media campaign that both underscores Ogivly's sales-oriented market differentiation with a program that helps them locate key talent.
Tune in to meet an industry leader in the marketing of agency services.


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Episode 162: Eric Picard on The Future of Local, Social and Mobile Commerce

Eric Picard is one of the industry's brainiacs - especially when considering the near future of online advertising.

He has participated in numerous acquisition and partnership efforts, including several successful acquisitions of companies such as Massive, Screen Tonic, AdECN, aQuantive and the recent Yahoo Search & Advertising agreement.

Listen as we talk on location at ad:tech SF as part of DishyMix's "Muckety Muck Insights" series.


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Episode 161: Kevin Ryan Musings on The Wild, Wooly Web

Kevin Ryan is one of the most wry of our industry's kingpins. Well connected, well intentioned and a well spring of knowledge, I sit down with Kevin at the adtech San Francisco event to see what he's been up to.

Always entertaining, this is a fun conversation as part of the "Muckety Muck Insights" series.


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Episode 160: Joel Comm's 2 Things He Knows That Will Radically Generate More Revenue For You

Joel Comm is a font of content. It issues from him like a cool, clear spring, bubbling up from the center of the earth. Always there, always refreshing.

For the last 15 years, Joel has been authoring timely books, producing reality TV and teaching the world the value of Internet marketing.

Tune in as I talk about Joel's latest interests and newest book.

Kaching: How To Run an Online Biz That Pays and Pays will debut in June 2010. He shares the key capabilities that drive revenue in today's online world.

TextCast Live is his new mobile auto-responder email marketing system. Based on SMS, it's a way anyone, from a stockbroker sending his clients a hot opportunity to a CEO reaching out to every employee with important news to a band inviting their fans to rock out at their 11 pm set, can easily text their list.  

Joel is also giving away free books! If you go to (actual link is to the right on this page) you can download all kinds of make-money on your site ideas.

The key insight from this show comes when I ask Joel (a digital vanguard) what he knows that we don't that once he tells us will radically generate more revenue in our business right now.  How can you resist not knowing this?
Tune in to hear the two recommendations that WILL change your way of marketing.

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Episode 159: David "Hutch" Hutchinson on the Future of TV

Meet Hutch, a senior television executive in LA who has one foot in the web world and one foot in TV syndication.

Learn where TV is headed and the opportunities for marketers in this "Muckety Muck Insights" series recorded on location at ad:tech San Francisco.


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Episode 158: Brad Wiskirchen of Clickbank on Affiliate Marketing for Info Products and Contributing to Philanthropic Boards

Brad runs an affiliate clearing house service called Clickbank which matches affiliates with product creators. They've paid out over $1.5 billion in commissions so far! Hugely successful, I catch up with Brad to find out what's happening in the affiliate marketing and information product industry.

Some of the questions we cover include Cickbank's competitive differentiation, their latest innovations, how social media impacts this market, the consequences of the new FTC disclosure guidelines, fraud protection solutions, best practices for new and existing affiliate marketers and what works best in information product marketing.

Brad also shares a bit about his own personal life and what makes him tick.


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Episode 157: Alan Moore on Renegotiating Power Relationships in the Globally Networked Society

It was said that Alan Moore sounded like a character from a Guy Ritchie movie at his SXSW keynote. 

Skyping in from Over, England (a village outside Cambridge), Suz and Alan talk about our collective responsibility to leverage open social systems, global connectivity, consciousness and lightweight (green) business practices to the way we strategically create companies in the future.

We must all collectively work together to end the slash and burn mentality, or the "toxic tail end" of the industrial revolution-style business model.

In his coming book and movie, No Straight Lines: Advanced Living for the Networked Society, Alan talks about companies, like Local Motors, who are reinventing new models for success.

In between quoting Shrek and Proust, we talk about what can go wrong in a world where all of our personal information gets sucked into Facebook and what we need to do to keep the worst from happening in social media.

Lots of name dropping of our industry's great thinkers, including Howard Rheingold, Dave Evans, Tim O'Reilly and Ted Shelton lead us to an idea for a round table rendezvous in the Wine Country this fall to sup Cab and chat about Open Management -- what Ted calls the concept of using socnets and open API's to drive the next economy.

For you DishyMix wino's, a convo about our favorite Aussie wine regions ensues.

Alan Moore is a wide ranging thinker, super cool guy and one to keep your eye on.


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Episode 156: Kurt Abrahamson on Ads as Social Experiences

Kurt Abrahamson is inventing "people powered advertising." The intersection of social graphs and online display ads is rich with opportunity. Find out how leadership brands are integrating Tweets, FB Page comments, Yelp reviews and Foursquare Check Ins into their advertising and how they're handling the negative sentiment aspect of dynamically-served social commentary.

Suz and Kurt, long-time industry friends since his early days at Jupiter Networks catch up on his tenure at Google, the highlights of programming Google's Zeitgeist events and what he needs to accomplish now at

Get some valuable perspectives on Facebook's walled garden advertising and Twitter's 9 points of resonance as well as ideas for the best brands to use these new social ads.

Kurt asks for support from the industry in the form of speaking opportunities, invitations by brands and agencies to learn about social ads and intellectual dialogs about where the future of consumer generated advertising is headed.

He leaves us with a guided, visual journey of his hike on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, including a beautiful description of a rhododendron forest in full bloom.

If you are eyeing the social ad space, or want to hear from a really great, smart guy, this is the episode for you.

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Episode 155: David Kirkpatrick on Luck Strokes, Being The World's Identity Matrix and Facebook's Achilles Heel

David Kirkpatrick has chronicled Facebook's history in his brand new book out today called, "The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Changing The World." 

I dogged David for a year about his impending book, keeping in touch with him throughout the process. And as luck would have it, I got one of the very first copies and the FIRST autographed copy of this incredibly well crafted story of a Silicon Valley Super Powers' rise to be the "identity matrix for the world —if Mark Zuckerberg has his way. (and he will)

David is amazing, articulate, analytical and full of great stories.  Tune in as we cover what it was like for David to get full access to the Facebook founding fathers while he chronicled their growth. Find out what the smart moves and strokes of luck were that allowed Facebook its current glory.  Get insight from David into the impact of the recent F8 announcements and what the OpenGraph API will render for us as individuals and marketers.

Find out what Sheryl Sandberg, a woman whom David calls, "one of the great web ad geniuses" did to leverage the platform into more than $1 billion dollars in advertising revenue.  And Suz and David talk about the current walled-garden issues of advertising, search indexing and the top-of-mind privacy situation.

Facebook reaches 1/3 of all people on the Internet already... Ubiquity is their goal. Their ascent is an amazing story, eloquently told by their opinionated historian, David Kirkpatrick.

This book, published today, as of this interview, had TechCrunch, Biz Insider and Venture Beat all in a froth trying to publish early excerpts. It's hot. White hot. And you are getting one of the very first interviews with the author. And it's excellent, worldly, impressive...

This is a do-not-miss episode of DishyMix. Listen now.

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Episode 154: Eben Pagan on the eBook in YOU, Identifying Your Niche and Guru Blueprint Launch

Today Eben Pagan, the most famous information marketer in the world is launching Guru Blueprint, a culmination of his learning and training from is $29 million business.

Guru Blueprint, is the system from which I’ve been encouraging you to go get the valuable free content he’s given away the last three weeks to help you develop your own eBook.

Eben shares behind the scenes of the launch roll out, a peek into the components of the product and defends himself about advice he offers about which I disagree.
I test my theory of “real” book vs. eBook -- as in credibility vs. money and ask Eben if you can have both. 

Dying to know what he says?

And, if you missed getting any of the freebies,
I’ve listed them all here. 

Who knows when he’ll take the site down, 
so grab ‘em now before they’re gone.’


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Episode 153: Matt Arkin, CRO at Sojern on Applying Data to Dynamic Display Ads

Matt Arkin knows online advertising. He's been in it since the beginning and has brought a level of sophistication to the strategy of combining solid display advertising with the targeting from data mining.

Sojern is a travel network that leverages the data from leading travel companies like American and United Airlines to find those almighty segments such as the affluent business traveler or the luxury vacationer and targeting messages to them across the web.

Think behavioral meets segmentation meets data mining, all applied to the next generation of dynamic display ad insertion.

Matt's interview is one of the DishyMix "Mukety Muck Insights" series recorded on location at ad:tech San Francisco.


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Episode 152: Scott Berkun, Confessions of a Public Speaker

Scott Berkun calls himself a "freelance thinker," rather than a public speaker. A former teacher of creating thinking and Microsoft project manager, his latest best-selling book is "Confessions of a Public Speaker."

Learn what he thinks audiences expect today, and how important technology is to the speaking platform now.

Find out what Scott does to create intimacy and rapport with the audience and what he does to counter the inevitable disaster.

Get his advice about the best way to sell from the stage and how you can get a speaker's bureau to represent you.

Scott shares his speaker fee negotiation strategy and how he recommends you go from speaking for free to getting paid for it.

I have one free, personally autographed copy of "Confessions of a Public Speaker" for a DishyMix fan. Just go to the Facebook Fan Page for DishyMix and post your desire to have the free copy on the wall.


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Episode 151: Neil Perry on "Pro-Crowd Sourcing" Your Next Viral Video

Neil Perry, CEO of XLNT Ads is the first in the DishyMix "Mukety Muck Insights" series recorded on location at ad:tech San Francisco.

Neil opens a whole new world to me about how you can now use their site to connect brand marketers to thousands of semi-pro and independent filmmakers eager to showcase their commercial talent by creating spec ideas for your online video programs.

What used to cost $350,000 now costs $15-$35K. Maybe there's an online video program in YOUR future?


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Episode 150: Helena Bouchez on Becoming a Recognized Marketing Expert

Learn to be unique, visible and great as a recognized marketing expert. If you want to establish your authority as a thought leader, there are very specific steps you can take to cement yourself as the expert in any niche.

Find out from expertise PR expert Helena Bouchez how to develop your positioning and cultivate your character. Build your platform to get known for something unique. Learn the 10 most important channels to consider when you want to become considered the expert in your field and increase your visibility. And find out what Helena says are the things YOU must do to allow her to make you a success.

Suz and Helena go through the steps to positioning yourself to get good speaking opportunities, how to pitch yourself to a conference programmer and some organizational tips to stay on top of the schedules for leading conferences and speaker submissions.


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Episode 149: Leesa Barnes on How to Use Virtual Events to Attract Clients & Get Famous Fast

Join me as I learn from Leesa Barnes all about driving leads and sales through virtual events.

I am participating in her upcoming virtual event about virtual events. ;)

Find out more at

  • How do virtual events differ from webinars or conference calls?
  • What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event to marketing and digital professionals?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make hosting virtual conferences?
  • How do you entice valuable speakers to say "yes" to your event?
  • How do you set up your affiliate program?
  • What kind of events sell?
  • How do you price them? Can you give them away free and upsell?
  • What technology do you recommend to run your virtual events?
  • What kind of team, staffing or support do you recommend?
  • Is there a place I can get checklists for virtual events?

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Episode 148: Michael Ellsberg on The Power of Eye Contact in Business, Love and Life

Michael Ellsberg shares his story of the shift to enlightenment about the power of eye contact at a networking party.

He describes Eye Gazing parties and why they are so hot, intimate and connective.

We cover ways to enhance your love life, your sales success and your public speaking using specific eye contact strategies including "relational presence," "Touch Turn Talk," and the value of starting with silent audience connection.

We then segue to "eye intimidation," or what I like to laughingly call, "the mother death stare." You can experience the raw power of this dominating strategy by watching Mixed Martial Arts staredowns on YouTube.

Then we get into LOVE - "eye contact and intimacy are involved in the dance of co-causality." Michael shares the value of doing eye gazing with your lover and how to ignite the "loop of awareness." And we discover how eye contact can help us dissolve into ecstatic states where you let of of ego and judgment and reconnect with your own humanity.

The show ends with how you can create an eye gazing "experiment" with your lover tonight. Give it a try!

More about Michael: Q: What is your plan for yourself 10 years from now? What is your life purpose? (I can answer these both the same way)

A: I'm incredibly passionate about writing books. I don't know why I'm drawn to books in particular, over say, blog posts or YouTube videos or DVDs. I've been a passionate reader (of mostly non-fiction) since fifteen, and there's just something magical about non-fiction books for me.

My plan/goal is to write a book a year for as long as I can keep chugging. I wrote this last book in 8 months so I know I can do it. I'm already on-track to keep going, as I just got a deal for my next book "Self-Educated Billionaires: Lessons From the World's Most Successful People", which is going to be published by Penguin/Portfolio--and I've started writing it!

I feel I was put here on earth to do two things: love my fiancée Jena, and write books that change people's hearts and minds

Q: What is the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

A: Tell a woman, on our second date, that I was falling in love with her, and commit to moving across the country to be with her. 2 blissful years later, we're engaged, and about to be married in July!

Q: What dark or traumatic event has actually had a beneficial impact on your life?

A: I know it's a cliche to say that "cancer is one of the best things that ever happened to me," but I can unequivocally say that my experience getting diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer (during the time I was writing the book) transformed me in a positive way. If it didn't come back (knock on major wood) I'd say without a doubt it was one of the best things that happened to me. It woke me up, made me see how much of my life I was sleepwalking through, made me focus on what I really want to accomplish and give to the world in the short time I'm here.

Q: What are the 3 actions you've taken in the last three years that have had the most positive effect on your bank account?


--Unequivocally, learning sales. Specifically, reading "SPIN Selling" by Neil Rackham. That book doubled my monthly income almost overnight after reading it!
--Finding the right business mentor. If you want to accomplish something in life, find someone who's already done it and soak up all their knowledge. My relationship and study with my business mentor Bryan Franklin has transformed my financial/business life.
--Connecting with great people. I like the word "connecting" more than "networking" as it feels/sounds less self-interested. Real networking is not about self-interest, it's about giving. But I've also found that what I give comes back hundreds of times over. Finding amazing people and giving all you can to them is the best "investment" you can make as it will come back so many times over.

Q: What travel experience changed your life?

A: Traveling to Cuba when I was 22, right after college. My 1 month in Cuba changed my life more than any other travel I've ever experienced. People have so many hardships and struggles on that island, yet they have developed this incredible ability to escape from their troubles and elevate themselves through dance and music. In my one month there, I met more people who seemed fundamentally happy than I normally meet in a year in NYC, even though they have it way harder than most people in NYC do. Music and dance is a huge part of that--the passion, the joy, the community, the creative flame they experience regularly through their music and dance keeps a spark going alive through the cultural soul, which I will never forget, and which I still can feel in my veins every day 10 years later.


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Episode 147: Wil Reynolds on Universal Search, Keyword Research and Gangsta Rap

Wil Reynolds is a classic example of what Malcom Gladwell calls an "Outlier." He's put in his 10,000 hours, working long days for 11 years every day on search marketing.

Tune in as Wil tells us about the accelerated innovation in Universal Search and how you can create a strategy to stay ahead in SEO for your business.

We cover growing a business based on referrals, how YouTube can help your business, and why Time Tracking with Harvest is his best efficiency trick.

Wil shares all his FREE keyword research tools (see the links on the right side of the page to find them all) and tells us his most sinful, decadent guilty pleasures plus his latest techniques for becoming a solid photographer just in time for his honeymoon to Southeast Asia.

Wil is tight, concise and chock full of great details and insights. Plus, he's a Philly brother —my kinda guy.


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Episode 146: John Federico on 7 Habits, iPad Gamechanger and Mob Seen Generators

John Federico is a social media master, tech geek, fellow podcaster and great marketer.

Listen as we discuss why the iPad is a game-changer, how John regards social media strategy, what it's like to be a certified meeting facilitator and why Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Successful People" is his professional mantra.

John also created a special eBook, just for DishyMix listeners called, "Mob Seen: How To Use Social Media to Create Awareness, Drive Traffic and Acquire Leads at Conferences, Expos and Your Own Branded Events."

Just go to for your copy.


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Episode 145: James Andrews, on Monetizing Passionistas, Hashtag Streams and In-Flight DJing

James Andrews is a social influence marketing master who has spawned hit after hit for brands from Delta to Macy's to Jane Fonda.

On this episode, DishyMix fans including Peter Fasano of Mass-Logic, Karna Crawford of Engauge, Dusty Wright of Culture Catch, Jody Turner of Culture of Future, Rick Calvert of BlogWorld Expo and Aaron Strout of Powered lob in hardball questions covering:

  • How to get the youth culture to pay for music.
  • Who are the key influencers in our society today?
  • What kind of content is valuable to a community that a brand can provide?
  • What's happening in the PR world with the confluence of social influence?
  • What can we do as managers to ensure diversity?
  • How to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for social media marketing.
  • What the TV device manufacturers are building so we can have Social TV.
  • How to live stream a DJ set from flight level 35.
  • How to hold your own when you accidentally piss someone off online.
  • One key strategy for work/life balance.

James imparts gems steeped in experience. And he's just a super great guy you will enjoy getting to know. Tune in and discover this busy, amazing man.


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Episode 144: Cory Trefiletti of Catalyst S+F on Rethinking Agency Inefficiencies, Digital Influentials and The Pyramids of Egypt

Cory talks about his history with agencies over the last dozen years and how the business has evolved.

He shares some of the client work he's doing now at Catalyst S+F and how to sign up for his fun and pleasantly "semi-regular" Digital Influentials newsletter.

Learn how to approach social media and what Cory and team call the WTF approach to social influence.

Some questions for Cory:

What have I been up to lately?
I have been having a great time, balancing my life, building a business with a great business partner and raising my little boy who is now 9 months old.  I love what I do for a living, but the last few years have been amazing; getting married and having a little boy have made me an even happier person than I ever thought I would be.

What projects…?
For Catalyst S+F we’ve been working with a number of start-ups and established brands including Wowd, Track Simple, University of San Francisco and Del Monte Foods.  Our work ranges from standard go-to-market strategy and positioning work to monetization strategies that drive a measurable increase in revenue.  We create content that will help deliver messages, we program events, we develop media strategies and execute them, we create sales strategies and materials and do what’s needed to drive business.  We sit squarely at the intersection of Madison Ave and silicon valley and we pride ourselves on the ability to create relationships and strategies that are meaningful for our clients.  It’s not what a typical agency does; it’s proof of concept for what we think an agency needs to be in order to be successful and to be a valued partner for their clients.  Additionally, trying to stay up to date with my weekly Online Spin for Mediapost and the semi-regular Digital Influentials column that I run through our Facebook group.  Also we’ve been incubating an idea – some IP which is still being refined and not yet launched– based on a saying that I have which is Life Doesn’t Suck (find out at  

I admire people who….are able to find the right amount of balance in their lives.  The people who when you speak to them, are 100% present in the now.  These are the people who when you speak to them, they make you feel valuable and as if you are the only person that matters to them right at that moment.  Those people have an aura about them and they are the ones that seem to be the most successful.
In what area do you feel superior to people?  What area are you most remarkable?  This is a fun question because I don’t think I am superior to anyone, but I do think that I am better at many people and identifying who the right team is and who may be better at something than I am.  I have a strong ego, like anyone else who starts businesses and has ideas, but my ego is based on pride, not a sense of superiority.  I have a lot of pride in what I do and the team that I work with and I never have to be the smartest person in the room.  I just want everyone in the room to respect me and to respect each other and if they do so, then good things will happen.  I guess what’s remarkable is that my ego extends to the team around me, its not exclusive of them.  When they succeed, I succeed.

We have a philosophy at our company that you should always take your job personally, not just seriously.  The idea is that you cannot separate personal from work and why should you?  Your professional interactions are with people and these people are going to remember you as you were with them, so it naturally becomes personal.  The best relationships I have personally extend into my professional life.  I even met my wife through the business, so how can I not think that business is personal!  Without this business, I never would have met the love of my life!

What is your life purpose?  I always wanted to be a writer.  And a rock star.  But I can’t sing.  My purpose had to change; and its quite simple.  I want to have a positive impact on the world and the people around me.  I choose to do that through marketing because it is creative, and I tend to get stressed out too much because I take it too  much to heart, but I want people to remember me and think well of me.  I hate it when people think ill of me, so my purpose is to have a positive impact.
One thing I am doing to change or improve myself?  There is not one thing, there is actually a number of things.  I have spent the last 12 years, incidentally when I have lived in California) trying to be the man I want to become.  I have glimpsed the man I think I can be and from time to time he comes out, but I want him there more of the time and I try, in my free time, to remember who he is and become that man more often.  Does that make sense?
An experience that moved me to tears… this is easy, the very first time that my little boy began to recognize who I am.  That moment will be etched in my mind forever as the moment when my family was truly created.

Travel experience that changed my life… I went to Egypt with my father about 9 years ago and we saw the pyramids, among other things.  That made me feel small and powerful all at the same time.  I realized that people had created those monuments with not even half the technology we have today and they are still there.  Why can’t I create something that lasts that long?  That and being able to spend time with my father, who I am very close with, and really enjoying being together.  That was one of the best trips and times I have ever had.
If I could spend my time how I wanted without financial issues… I would spend time with my wife and my son, I would balance my days with work and personal time and I would leave my email off when I am focused on my time with them.  Email, as wonderful as it is, invades the moment too often and I wish that we could just truly unplug for periods of time each day.  That would be a wonderful feeling.  Oh – and I would probably see pearl jam once a week.


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Episode 143: Julia Hartz, Eventbrite on Sell Out Events, Heroic Fireman and Humping The Shark

Meet Julia Hartz, co-founder and President of Eventbrite, the leading online ticketing site for conferences, seminars, workshops, social events, fundraisers and more.

I met Julia at the Girls in Technology Catalyst Conference. She was on a panel about branding that I moderated.
Learn what kind of events are the hottest, how to sell out your event, best practices for getting the word out using email, seo, social and widgets and how important offline events can be for marketing.

Julia talks about her recent Series B fundraising, her recent Press Tour and her experience helping out an orphanage in the slums of Bankok.

DishyMix Fans - go to the Facebook Fan Page for DishyMix and post your desire to win the free event from Julia. All ticket fees will be waived for one DishyMix fan.

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Episode 142: Mike Donahue, AAAA's on Agencies Lassoing The Bucking Bronco Of Media Evolution

Mike Donahue programmed an agency event called "Transformation 2010." I caught up with him in SF at the conference...

After you get over the shock that it's actually twenty ten, you can imagine the fine mess that agencies are in now that they've been knocked over by three waves: The Internet, Search and now Social.

Just keeping up with the consumer's manic fascination of social and where the opportunity lies is a feat.

Then making sure you're not only responding to this new wave, but aligning your talent and organizational dynamics to provide leadership around digital media for your client. This has to create a sea change that some days must feel like your boat is sailing upside down in the water.

Hear what Mike thinks are the big discussion points, how Transformation 2010 is going and what you can do to get to some smooth sailing waters.


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Episode 141: Josh Gordon on the Digital Magazine Advertising Revolution, Selling Against Your Competition and Deeper Hidden Truths

Josh Gordon is an old school print ad sales guy. And he's pushing the edge of digital magazine advertising. 

In his groundbreaking research, revealed here on DishyMix before anywhere else, "The Case for Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines," showcases the specific opportunities marketers have in creating highly effective digital print ads.

Find out which is more "engaged:" digital magazines or websites and why.

What makes an ad in a digital magazine get the most interaction?

What kinds of digital extras keep readers from skipping the ads?

What segment is the most accepting of digital magazines?

And, from Josh, author of four books on selling, find out:

What the most effective strategies are for getting a client to choose your brand over your competition during a presentation.

The key archetypes of difficult customers and how to handle them.

How to use a "motivational approach" to getting your customers to buy from you.

This is a great episode for anyone who has bought or sold media, had to give a critical presentation to a client or who is involved in digital publishing.

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Episode 140: Dave Evans on Social Media as a Business Platform, India's Social Scene and Marketing Masters.

Dave Evans is back. One of my favorite DishyMix guests and author of the top selling book on social media, "Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day."

Expand your mind as we talk about:

1) The evolution of social media as a business platform: Beyond marketing, into collaborative design (Starbucks MyIdea, GM Labs) and enterprise knowledge transfer (platforms like Social Text, Bob Pearson's work at Dell). This is the subject of the book Dave is working on now.

2) The parallels of India's social media audience with the US and what it means for business (higher expectations in India) and society (increased awareness and use of shared language by global 13-24 yr olds). Dave wrote about some of this in ClickZ recently:

3) What Dave learned about himself, as a result of being separated from his family during a particularly heavy bout of business travel.

And, if you're going to ad:tech San Francisco, 2010, join Dave and I for the Marketing Masters special track on social media.


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Episode 139: Shawn Collins on Affiliate Resources, Forums and the 80:20 Rule

Shawn Collins answers all my questions about affiliate marketing including what's hot, data feeds, affiliate recruitment, affiliate forums, the Affiliate Summit social network, empowering affiliates in PPC and other resources for affiliate marketing.

Shawn also shares some of his personal aspirations.

What are the hottest new trends in affiliate marketing? Name the big three that you are watching closely?
[Shawn] Local, pay per call and video.

What are the affiliate trends that are waning? Used to be big part of conversation but are not so exciting anymore and why?
[Shawn] I don't know if it could be characterized as waning, but I'd say mobile. It has been heralded as the next big thing for years, and the promise has not been realized.

What were the key take aways or most interesting actionable insights for you from Dr. Robert Cialdini and Brian Clark aka Copy Blogger's keynotes at ASW10?
[Shawn] I like how Dr. Cialdini have out a tip card at the conclusion of his keynote ( which boiled down his 6 principles of ethical influence. As far as Brian Clark, I liked his perspective that affiliates should think of themselves as new media producers. 

What are your best tips for merchants who are willing to let their affiliates bid on their keywords? How can you empower your affiliates in PPC?
[Shawn] I think the Animal Farm approach works best, though it can upset some affiliates, whereas all affiliates are equal, but some are more equal. There are some affiliates that are willing to build extensive, long tail campaigns for a merchant, and I think it's good to select a few of these affiliates to allow trademark bidding, as this enables them to make some easier money to balance the work and risk in working the long tail.

What are the best resources for finding affiliates if you are a merchant/vendor? How can you recruit affiliates? What are the strategies and practices that are best for recruiting?
[Shawn] Google is a great tool - affiliate managers should search for their keywords to find sites ranking well for those keywords. The two ways I recruited the best affiliates were through in-person meetings at conferences and direct mail.

Explain product datafeeds and how they work for affiliates.
[Shawn] These are simply database files that enable affiliates to build out a variety of sites, such as comparison shopping or review sites, and the database files populate the latest information and images for the products from the merchant.

Facebook is the new place to advertise - what tips and techniques can you offer for increasing conversions, for targeting, other?
[Shawn] I haven't run affiliate campaigns myself on Facebook, so I can't really speak to what is most effective.

What are the best practices for using Twitter to drive traffic to sales pages?
[Shawn] The soft sell - Twitter is no different from any other avenue for affiliates. They should add value to the process by solving some sort of problem. A straight up affiliate link is useless for all.

How do you find a CPA network that is right for your business? How do you compare and contrast them? What kind of offers work best for CPA nets? Where are the danger points in working with one or more networks?
[Shawn] My recommendation would be to monitor the affiliate forums to see what affiliates are saying about each cpa network. That's the best way to get the pulse. On the surface, many of the make the same claims and are difficult to differentiate. True to the name of the networks, pretty much any offers based on leads work well within CPA networks (assuming these is sufficient consumer interest in the marketplace), while retail, revenue share offers aren't as effective - those fare better in the "traditional" affiliate networks. The reputation of an affiliate network can make a big difference, for better or worse. It's essential to perform due diligence to determine whether a CPA network tends to engage in unethical behavior.

Who are three of the most amazing people in Digital Marketing and Web 2.0 and why?
[Shawn] Missy Ward: while it's hard to remain objective, since she's my business partner, I am continually impressed by her passion, business sense, and charity work.

Wil Reynolds: he has been the speaker with the best marks at Affiliate Summit for several years, because he shares an extensive amount of new information each time, and he's such a genuine guy.

Note: Wil is going to be a guest on an upcoming DishyMix.

Rae Hoffman: she provides fantastic, honest assessments of the industry at large, and regularly performs SEO site clinics that provide real, applicable, advice that can be quickly implemented for results.  

Describe why you think these people were the category winners for the Pinnacle Awards at Affiliate Summit West 2010. How do they distinguish themselves? Are they people we should follow and why?
[Shawn] The Pinnacle Awards start with an open nomination process by anybody who wishes to nominate folks in the industry (including themselves) and then the nominees are voted on by the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board (~30 folks from different aspects of the industry), and the winners are those who get the most votes in each category. So, mine is just one vote for each of the nominees. That said, these are all people who have distinguished themselves before a jury of their peers, and I think that makes them well worthy of following.

Affiliate of the Year
Nicholas Koscianski

Affiliate Manager of the Year
Matt McWilliams

Best Blogger
Jeremy Schoemaker

Affiliate Marketing Legend
Scott Jangro

You do two podcasts, Affiliate Thing and - describe the value of those shows - how do they compare?
[Shawn] Thee main show went silent, due to the challenge of getting four busy people together weekly for a show. But I've been doing the Affiliate Thing podcast weekly for over three years with Lisa Picarille. On this podcast, we typically chat unscripted for about 30 minutes per show on the latest news, tips, and resources in affiliate marketing.

Tell me about your new book - what are the highlights?

Internet Marketing From The Real Experts : 3 Minute Lessons On.. Affiliate, Email, SEO, Social and More. The Gang of '88
~ Shawn Collins

(Author), Missy Ward (Author), Jeremy Schoemaker (Collaborator), Brian Clark (Contributor), Jim Kukral (Contributor), Ted Murphy (Contributor), Mari Smith

[Shawn] The book is a compilation of the first seven issues of FeedFront Magazine, a magazine I started with Missy Ward to give a voice to the people in Internet marketing who are the doers in the various areas and continually innovate. We were frustrated by the magazines out there that were researched and written by journalists, because they were often out of the loop on how things were done, and they didn't understand the nuances of affiliate, search, social media, etc. So, we decided to create an outlet where the people with first hand knowledge could share their wisdom without filters.

As far as highlights, there are 100 or so "chapters" in the book, which are mostly articles of 500 words or less. I am more excited about the concept overall and the easy to digest format of short articles that pack a lot of information over select sections. We tout on the cover how these are all items you can read in about 3 minutes, because this is something we've found to be important with our fellow marketers - they don't want fluff. They want to jump in and grab some key nuggets of information in a short amount of time. 

What is your plan for yourself 10 years from now?
[Shawn]I've always found print to be a really exciting, even romantic (in a non-love way) area. This probably explains why I enjoy getting into magazine and book publishing when many are signing their respective death certificates. Ultimately, I'd like to write the great American novel (or 2 or 10). 

If you could keynote any conference or event, which one would it be and what would the title of your speech be?
[Shawn] I am intrigued by TED, and would love to speaker there, but I'd have no business as a keynote.

In what area do you feel superior to most people? What talent or capability of yours is remarkable? Name your single most amazing personal gift/talent.
[Shawn] I've always had a passion for writing, and I used to take it for granted until I started editing articles for others. It's a great outlet and gratifying when it can be used to influence people in a positive way.

Who has been your greatest teacher?
[Shawn] My father was the most influential with direct moral lessons and indirect life lessons. He always reflected back to his post-college years and how he wanted to take a job in advertising, but the pay didn't equal another job as a statistician. It burdened him that he settled for a career he didn't like, and one he worked in until the day he died. That put a fire in my belly to do whatever I could to do work that I loved and wanted to do. I never wanted to have the look on my face on Sunday nights that he used to have, as he was mentally preparing to go back to work and b miserable.

If I could wave my magic wand and make one thing work better in your business or career, what would it be?
[Shawn] I'd be able to break through more with the younger marketers who are seduced by the easy buck for shady business dealings.

What is the axiom by which you live your life?
 [Shawn] The Golden Rule - (paraphrased) do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

How much do you think luck has played a role in your success?
[Shawn] I can't deny luck has played a role, but I think it's been somewhat minor. Hunger for success has been far more instrumental.

What is on your bucket list? Top 5 things on you would like to do?
[Shawn] Visit every MLB ballpark, drive through Ireland with my family, run a political campaign and get the candidate elected, write a book that's been in my head for 20 years, and see that book made into a movie.

What activity could you do all day long without getting bored?  [Shawn] Write.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? [Shawn] Political marketing 


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Episode 138: Eileen Gittens, Blurb on Killed Ideas, Self Publishing & Offline as Amplifier

Eileen is a a passionate advocate for self publishers.

She created Blurb, an on-demand publishing platform that enables anyone to design, share, market, and sell bookstore-quality books, out of her own need to create a small quantity of beautiful books with her own photography.

With over one 1.2 million books produced and '09 revenues approaching $45 million dollars, Eileen is not the only one who wants to create short-run custom books.

Listen as Ellen shares:

  • The big picture overview of the changing book publishing landscape.
  • Blurb's business model and some success stories.
  • How you can  self publish and then put your Blurb book in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.
  • How to take your eBooks and manuscripts and turn them from digital product into hard copy books.
  • What the different categories of books are that are self-published. Which are the most popular categories (top 3) and which are not yet popular but Eileen believes will take off in the future because they are such smart ideas.
  • And three tips that are counter-intuitive that create a successful book using Blurb's technology.
  • Find out about the 80 VC's she kissed to get funding.
  • Steve Hall's Killed Ideas book about agency creative pitches that never got funding.
  • Why offline is an amplifier for the connections we make online.

And more, from this smart, clever CEO who took her desire and turned it into your pleasure.


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Episode 137: Jim Kukral on Creating Passive Income Sharing What You Know

Do you want to work less and make more money?

That's what Jim Kukral, entrepreneur, coach, teacher, author and emcee wants to help you do.

Tune in as I interview Jim live at Affiliate Summit.

His newest book, "Attention: This Book Will Make You Money" is coming out in July and he shares tidbits from it as well as his next book, "The Ultimate Pitch."

Jim is also the creator of, a web service that allows you to create passive income by creating online workshops and ecourses on any subject which you market to your followers.

Tune in to meet the Biz Web Coach and learn more about monetization, motivation and mobile - three of Jim's areas of expertise.


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Episode 136: John Doyle on Mergers, Acquisitions and Capital Raises in the 2009 Media Industry

John Doyle is back, with his 2009 round up of all the companies in the media and marketing industry.

Find out who raised money, who was acquired and for how much and what the hot sectors were last year and what John thinks they'll be for 2010.

Google went on a buying spree - it was a happy Christmas season for a few companies. Learn who they acquired and why.

How did Social Media fare? What were the remarkable deals?

What areas are HOT for acquisition in 2010?

And if you've survived the storm, and you're a CEO or working in a start up, what you should do this year to improve your lot.

John Doyle does an amazing job tracking our industry. Get an overview of all the momentum in a half hour on DishyMix.


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Episode 135: What Pick Up Artists Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

Dishy-mixin' it up again -- this time I interview three pick up artists or "PUA's."
I met them at a conference in Austin and they are excellent Internet marketers.
This episode includes Dan Rose of SexGodMethod and Carlos Xuma of CarlosXuma and The Alpha Male Lifestyle.
Each share their latest insights about cutting edge online marketing. But you must go to my blog to hear the show because some of the conversation is not suitable for work...

to download or stream this amazing, detailed insider's interview and learn about online marketing AND how to pick up girls.


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Episode 134: John Santangelo "Goal Setting Success Formula" Part 2 of 2

This second in a series with John Santangelo is a guided audio program from his "Speak Up with Power" system called, "Goal Setting Success Formula - Getting What You Really Want."

Just in time for 2010, John teaches you how to figure out what you REALLY WANT. What are your real desires? What do you really want your life to be like? How can you “vision” what you truly yearn for?  How can you keep from getting caught up in where you are now and clear your head to think about what you really want?

Once you have an inkling of what really makes you crazy passionate with hunger to have in your life, how do you make these outcomes clear, achievable, congruent, self-maintained and purposeful?

And then, how can you make a personal commitment to succeed in achieving those goals? Why don’t most of us succeed in accomplishing what we really want? And what distinguishes the “high achievers” who successfully realize their goals? And how can you model their behavior? What tools work best to keep your goals top of mind and focus?

John shares a free Goal Setting Worksheet with DishyMix listeners free from his powerful product, “Speak Up with Power.” Just email him [email protected] to get a copy.  And be sure to listen to the previous episode where you’ll get even more insight into what makes people successful.


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Episode 133: John Santangelo on Envisioning and Clarifying Your Personal Goals for 2010

John, one of DishyMix’s favorite guests, is back again. Just in time for 2010, John teaches you how to figure out what you REALLY WANT. What are your real desires? What do you really want your life to be like? How can you “vision” what you truly yearn for?  How can you keep from getting caught up in where you are now and clear your head to think about what you really want?

Once you have an inkling of what really makes you crazy passionate with hunger to have in your life, how do you make these outcomes clear, achievable, congruent, self-maintained and purposeful?

And then, how can you make a personal commitment to succeed in achieving those goals? Why don’t most of us succeed in accomplishing what we really want? And what distinguishes the “high achievers” who successfully realize their goals? And how can you model their behavior? What tools work best to keep your goals top of mind and focus?

John shares a free Goal Setting Worksheet with DishyMix listeners free from his powerful product, “Speak Up with Power.” Just email him [email protected] to get a copy.  And be sure to listen to the next episode where you’ll get a free audio lesson from John, “Goal Setting Success Formula: Getting What You Really Want.”


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Episode 132: Robert Cialdini on Persuasive Marketing in Times of Uncertainty and Amplifying and Activating Influence Strategies

Dr. Robert Cialdini has codified the art and science of persuasion strategies at a cognitive level.
In understanding how our brains work, and what behavior can be created using a series of rules that motivate us to act, Bob has given marketers, sales people and leaders the structural frame to become more effective... more effective at selling product, ideas, causes.

Find out not only what the six principles of persuasion are, but how to amplify and activate them. Learn the most common mistakes marketers make when employing these principles. And get a glimpse into which of the principles should be given the highest focus in times of uncertainty.

Bob compares his procedures to NLP, noting the similarities. He explains how you can win over your rivals by inconveniencing them... and attributes the idea to Ben Franklin. He also teaches us exactly what to say to avoid bungling a critical "moment of power." And share the one word that can increase your persuasiveness by 50%!

Tune in to meet the keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2010 and the author of the marketing bible, "Influence: Science & Practice" and his best-seller "YES! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive."


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Episode 131: Garrick Schmitt, Razorfish on Priceless Facebook Fans, The Agile Agency and Location-Aware Branding

"Here's The Easy Way To Have The Relationship You Want With A Facebook Fan By Knowing What He Wants, And Knowing How to Have Him Begging To Give You More Of What You Want"

with Garrick Schmitt, Razorfish

OK, so the subtitle of this episode is just for fun - I wrote it like an info product headline.
But truly, we DO want our customers to fan us on Facebook. And we want them utterly besotted.

As Garrick says, "a fan is worth EVERYTHING to a brand."

Listen in as Suz and Garrick talk about what to do with your best brand advocates in a world where Facebook Fans are becoming legal tender.

We chat about:

  • Interaction Design
  • The agile agency
  • Razorfish - from MSFT to Publicis
  • Facebook marketing sophistication
  • Digital Primacy
  • Geo-tagging and augmented reality for marketers
  • Location-aware browsing
  • Crashing Foursquare servers at SXSW

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Episode 130: Rich Horwath on New Growth from New Thinking, Setting Your Strategy and Contextual Radar

Rich Horwath is a strategy expert. He teaches managers like you how to "think strategically" so that you can generate new growth from new thinking.

"The weapons ultimately brandished in competitive battles come in the form of offerings."  What is your organization's offering and are you putting the right priority on it for true growth and success?

Learn the three value disciplines of successful organizations: product leadership, operational excellence and customer intimacy.

Find out why "think time" is the most important precursor to success and how to produce a "Creative Insight Generation Process."

If you are responsible for setting strategy at your organization, or you're just fed up with the bad strategy under which you labor, this episode will help you crystallize your next steps.


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Episode 129: Eben Pagan on Hot Topics, the Secret Billion $ Industry and the Kiss Test

Eben Pagan is proof that the urban legend of a young guy making millions on the Internet is true.

Eben is both a urban and a true legend, having co-created, with a small group of pioneers, the information product marketing industry. And industry it is. By Eben's estimates, information product marketing is a $ dollar business.

Find out the secret to making $25 million a year, what the best ideas are for information products, how the business has evolved in the last 8 years and his advice for breaking into the JV world.

Eben shares his path to his end game - what he's doing, what he's thinking about the world and his place in it.

Myth is more individual and expresses life much more precisely than does science.  -- Carl Jung


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Episode 128: Pierre Khawand on Personal Productivity in the Digital Age for People on the Go

Are you a task hopper? Do you have trouble getting your projects done? Have you found a way to integrate your long term goals with your short term priorities? Are you a slave to email, feeling overwhelmed by all of your priorities?

Help his here and his name is Pierre. Learn how to up your personal productivity in the age of social media, 24/7 cell access and email avalanches.

Pierre shares his simple system for accomplishing and collaborating, his filing structures for matching your inbox, desktop and folder systems to stay organized and stress free and how to align your daily activities with your long term goals.

By using simple and emerging tools from countdown timers to written journals to emerging collaboration tools and filters and flags in your inbox, this episode opens a world of possibility for your organized potential.

DishyMix fans get a free autographed copy of "The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook" and a "Free Seat of the Week" when you follow @pierrekhawand.

Tune in and change your ways, you ADD disorganized under deliverer! :)


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Episode 127: Dusty Wright on Universal Vibrations, the Future of Webcasts and Smart Culture

Dusty Wright is the coolest guy I know, personally. When I'm with him, I just drink him in.

From his time as editor-in-chief of Creem magazine to 5 seconds ago when he posted a review of psych-rocker SF quartet The Mother Hips, he's bringing awareness of super talent to web dweebs like me (and you?).

He's a master interviewer, talking to celebrities like David Lynch, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Laura Dern on The Dusty Wright Show. Listen in as I ask Dusty about his vision for CultureCatch, his highlight interview moments, and his thoughts on the future of webcasting. And, if I could wave my magic wand right now, what's the one thing he'd have me change about the world of webcasting that could increase his success?


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Episode 126: Ted Shelton on the Crucial Attribute of Adaptability and Destroying the Culture of Secrecy

Join Ted Shelton, CEO of social influence consultancy, "The Conversation Group," as we talk about the importance of adaptability and behavioral flexibility at a personal and professional level.

Find out why Ted would choose Google as the place to work if he hadn't created TCG and why Open Management is the new process he's helping organizations implement to survive the next round of shake outs.

Open Management supports multi-dimensional collaboration using social platforms like socnets, open API's, prediction markets, ideagoras and other groundbreaking ways to access information assets.

Then jump "across the pond" and find out what Ted is doing with Silicon Valley Comes 2 the UK - a tour of London and Cambridge that he's working on with Sherry Coutu. And he answers Charlene Li, co-founder of Altimeter Group's question about the key differences in social media and marketing between the US and UK.

Ted answers DishyMix fan questions from Cathy Brooks, Andrew Anker, Jason Falls and Oliver Mutoh about how he differentiates his agency, social media marketing ROI, strategy vs tactics approaches with clients, common themes in social media, what next after Twitter and Facebook and what's the #1 problem global clients are facing today.

The show wraps up with a discussion of the burgeoning field of Ambient Awareness in this wide ranging interview filled with big ideas and future-is-now concepts.


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Episode 125: Bryan Eisenberg on Persona Marketing, Persuasion Marketing and Trimming the Fat

In this episode I catch up with long-time friend and industry expert Bryan Eisenberg. Bryan is the author of Always Be Testing, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark and Call To Action.

He recently left FutureNow to strike out on his own as a speaker and blogger and shares the best of his wisdom about improving online conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, and persona marketing.


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Episode 124: Eric Ryan on Making Your Soap and Company Green, His Secret Power and Freedom to Tweet

Aaron Strout, recent DishyMix guest, CMO of Powered, uber-networker and host of his show, Quick and Dirty guest hosts this episode with Eric Ryan, chief brand officer of Method.

Eric is a lot of things. Father, brother, entrepreneur and of course lover of all things green. Listen in as he talks about:

  • What is your secret power?
  • Where do you get inspiration from? How much do family and friends play a role?
  • Talk about one of your greatest successes?
  • Greatest failures (or as we’re supposed to say, “opportunities to learn from”)
  • Where do you see Method in 3 years?
  • I notice that Method is on Facebook and Twitter and has a blog. How are those working out for you?
  • How much freedom do Anna (your chief Twitterer & I assume FB-er) and Drummond (blogger) have within the company?
  • What advice would you give for other entrepreneurs who are looking to start a company?
  • What advice would you give to a Fortune500 company that wants to be as fun, green and nimble as Method is?

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Episode 123: Aaron Strout on Branded Communities, uber-Networking & Great iPhone Pics

Aaron is a CMO who walks his talk as a social marketing expert and he shares his strategy for lead gen through social influence for Powered, Inc., a technology and services company that helps brands create online communities. Find out about brand-supported communities from Sony, Kodak, HP, Ford and Atkins as examples of excellence, and about BreakingPoint Systems as small business social network marketing example.

Take a trip to SXSW, where Aaron, a veteran, shares his top three recommendations for how to “do” the event. More tips follow with Aaron’s advice about how to be an “uber-networker,” how to take great iPhone photos and how to go from “Zero to Community” with his new white paper.

Aaron is going to guest host DishyMix and interview Eric Ryan, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Method, the home care and personal product brand who call themselves, “people against dirty.” Tune in to meet Aaron and get his best advice for social influence marketing in the brand world today.

Follow Aaron on Twitter at @aaronstrout.
Read Aaron's blogs at Citizen Marketer 2.1 & Engaged Consumer.
Listen to Aaron on the Quick & Dirty Podcast.


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Episode 122: John Santangelo Teaches You How to Speak Up with Power and Influence to Get What You Want Part 2 of 2

Though it's best to listen to the first of this two part series, if your focus is on sales and marketing, this episode gets into using hypnotic language patterns for selling and copy writing, along with the 108 most persuasive words in the English language.

Learn about the 5-Step Selling Process that integrates NLP best-practices including easy ways to establish rapport you can do today with the next person you meet, how to ask great questions that will move your buyer along the decision process and certain words of agreement you must use and ones you must never use again! Then you will learn how to create a "conditional close" and ask for the order in a way that feels comfortable to everyone.

John offers his 21-day mini-course called "The Top Ten Best Kept Secrets to Influence, Persuade and Seduce Anyone, Anytime!" free at

You can also get a free bonus copy of his Goal Setting Worksheet just for DishyMix listeners who send an email to him at speakupwithpower at gmail dot com.

And don't forget to listen to the Stress Reduction Guided Visualization. This is hypnosis and will help you "anchor the state" of calm in your life.


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Episode 121: Stress Reduction Guided Visualization and Hypnosis by John Santangelo

Please listen to this guided visualization anytime, as much as you'd like. It's a bonus gift from John Santangelo of Speak Up with Power.

This bonus audio file is a companion to the two part interview with John Santangelo about NLP, Hypnosis, Creating and Controlling Emotional States, Behavioral Flexibility, Hypnotic Language Patterns, Building Rapport and the 5-Part Selling Process that are part of the Speak Up With Power teaching system.


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Episode 120: John Santangelo on Getting What You Want Anytime from Anyone Part 1 of 2

In this two part series, Susan and John deconstruct NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and review the main tenets of John's training system, Speak Up with Power and Influence.

Learn the basics of NLP, how to build instant rapport with others, how to control your emotional states and why behavioral flexibility puts you in more control.

Listen to the follow on Stress Reduction Guided Visualization and Part 2 of this interview where we get into Hypnotic Language Patterns, NLP for copy-writing and the 5-Step Selling Process.

This two part series is chock full of actionable tips you can use today to get more of what you want anytime, from anyone.

Get the "10 Best Kept Secrets to Influence, Persuade and Seduce Anyone" free at and send John an email (speakupwithpower at gmail dot com) to get the bonus Goal Setting Worksheet free for DishyMix listeners.

And if you want to save $100, use promo code DISHY when you buy the Speak Up with Power system.


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Episode 119: Tim O'Reilly on the Shift to the Vast Cloud, the Mirage of Self-Publishing and 1 Million Followers

“@SusanBratton Aw shucks. You're a very thoughtful, polished interviewer.” -- Tim O’Reilly

Consumer technology book publisher Tim O’Reilly weighs in on his exponentially expanding empire, the future of eReaders, self-publishing and the disruptive crack in the industry.

Find out how Tim manages his more than 1 million Twitter followers, what he thinks will be the ultimate impact of Facebook and where online communities are gaining power.

Hear about Local Dirt, taxing soda, Lulu/Blurb and LighteningSource, Vark, Google Moderator and other companies Tim is following, recommending and/or in which he’s investing.

Tim answers DishyMix listener questions from Chris Brogan of New Media Labs, Renee Blodgett of Magic Sauce Media, Chris Fralic from First Round Capital, David Kirkpatrick, Author of upcoming book, “The Facebook Effect” and Alutha Jamancar of Pixelcorps.


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Episode 118: Bob Garfield on Ammonia-Scented Writing, Listerine Breath Strips and the Chaos Scenario

Bob Garfield is back -- DishyMix redux with the "district attorney of advertising."

Bob's book, "The Chaos Scenario: Amid the Ruins of Mass Media the Choices Are Stark: Listen or Perish," finally made it to our bookshelves and Kindles after five years of build up via his AdAge column, his global speak ops open loop and his On The Media NPR gig.

We know the Internet is forever altering the landscape of marketing, we are the ones changing it. So you'll love hearing Bob's advice for agencies and media companies and the new ad modes and models he think will be our future.

Listen in as Bob and Suz have an f*bomb laden heyday with their fatalist predictions for the world of advertising.


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Episode 117: Greg Jarboe: Pimp My YouTube Channel, 6-Steps to SEO PR and Roosevelt's Arena

This all started when I saw Greg Jarboe dashing through SFO, newly minted book in hand. "YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day" is another one of those Wiley tomes that plunges all the way to detail hell on every aspect of using web video for marketing. This book is a must-read that will get you up to date on the constant changes YouTube is putting into place so marketers and Google can milk this phenomenon for everything it's worth.

Nobody reads anymore, except the newsbots that crawl your press releases. So start making video and let Greg tell you how to produce it, research the keywords and optimize your video so you can get found, watched and loved.

And in case you still want to get those press releases out there, Greg gives us his updated, freshly reformulated 6-Step Process for Optimizing Press Releases for the News Services.

If you like those DishyMix episodes where the guest delivers how-to advice in painstaking detail, this show is for you. Packed with great tips, insider short cuts and a level set on the world of online video marketing, banana-milkshake fueled Jarboe works his buns off for you.


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Episode 116: Bernie Borges on Social Optimization for SMB and Faith in Community

Bernie Borges runs a national agency focused on inbound marketing (lead generation) for small and medium business leveraging the intersection of search and social media marketing.

His new book, "Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap Between Seller and Buyer Through Social Media Marketing" distinguishes itself by focusing on the strategy of social optimization for SMB.

In this episode of DishyMix, Bernie presents a series of case studies showcasing companies ranging from a 75 year old solder paste manufacturer (Indium) to a hot new CRM software company (BatchBlue) to an intellectual property attorney (Brent Britton) to a real estate agent (Chris Griffith) and how each is successfully using social optimization to drive revenue.

Bernie is one of the most articulate speakers on this subject in addition to being charming and good to the bone. He has his own podcast, called Find and Convert and shares his personal stories about the hardest thing he's ever done and helping his church create a social strategy.

This is the best DishyMix ever done with real-word examples of best marketing practices. Tune in as Bernie raises the bar.


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Episode 115: What's New With Suz? Her New Publishing Biz and Your Next New Web Aps

Susan Bratton does a solo breakout performance on DishyMix this episode. Hear what she's been hatching since the new year. Find out about her blogger junket to the UK called The Traveling Geeks. Learn about her "Social Media Super Powers." Get hooked on her favorite new web aps from the best of Europe.


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Episode 114: Tim Westergren on and the Human Genome Project, Revolutionizing Radio and Being an Un-Self-Conscious Entrepreneur

Imagine if great music you loved could find you? Well, it can.

Tune in as former DishyMix guest, Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg, fills in as the first-ever DishyMix guest host to interview Tim Westergren, founder of They really "dish" it up in this one.

Pandora is a service that creates radio stations on the fly that are "genetically" mapped to your music tastes.

Imagine a radio station that knows you. Intimately. You've just imagined Pandora.

Find out how the Human Genome Project is creating DNA maps out of hundreds of thousands of songs so that Pandora can serve the perfect ones up to millions of listeners based on their individual tastes.

Learn about his grand dream of a world where any musician could quit their day job the moment their song gets uploaded to Pandora. Be inspired by his wisdom on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur with vision.

If you haven't discovered Pandora yet, you'll want to after this show.


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Episode 113: Chris Brogan on Becoming an Agent Zero, Promiscuous Networkers and Content Creation Secrets

Trust Agents author Chris Brogan shares his strategies, tips and opinions on a wide range of subjects including:

  • How to build a social listening station for free.
  • Twitter link tracking preferences.
  • Video blog techniques.
  • Time saving content creation tips.
  • Keeping clean on reviewer products.
  • Real life networking tips.
  • Creating velvet rope communities.
  • His sinful, guilty pleasure.

Find out how the #2 marketing blogger in the world manages his time, produces his content and then get the lowdown on his new book, "Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation and Earn Trust."


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Episode 112: Keith Ferrazzi on Fear of Networking, 3 People Who Will Change Your Life & Vipassanā Meditation

Have you ever been afraid to go to a networking event? Do you fear asking for help from a potential mentor? Have you identified the 75 most important people in your life? Are you willing to hear criticism?

Listen as Keith Ferrazzi, author of #1 best seller, "Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success - And Won't Let You Fail," teaches us the single most successful step in achieving our goals.

Learn the Four Mindsets of Networking. Get a Relationship Action Plan. Get the secret to finding the 3 people who will change your life from master networker, Keith.

Then, tickle your marketers fancy by hearing about the book marketing launch for "Who's Got Your Back." From million-person email marketing campaigns to social networking components to traditional media PR outreach and mega corporate sponsor programs -- Keith details his multi-faceted approach to being a #1 best seller on the NY Times, Wall St Journal and Amazon lists.

Keith talks about some of his favorite gurus - Tim Sanders and Tony Robbins - along with some of his personal crusades in business.


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Episode 111: Jan Valentic of Scotts on Killing and Growing Brands, the Energy of Poetry and Being a Corporate Subversive

Jan Valentic is a "corporate subversive" working at a chemical company and creating a platform for "natural capitalism." A fascinating Renaissance woman, she can drive a golf ball from the men's tees while spouting naturalist poetry from Mary Oliver.
Learn what Jan is doing to drive innovation and meaningful creativity into a company that has "killing brands" and "growing brands." One thing is her philanthropic endeavor, "Grow Good" which encourages gardeners to donate their harvest surplus to local foodbanks.
Jan shares her "worst fork in the career road" war story; talks about traveling to Greece a la Henry Miller in his book The Colossus of Maroussi and why she likes and has animal spirits that guide her life.
Just the kind of DishyMix you like: a little business and a lot of insight. Tune in and enjoy!


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Episode 110: Jack Lang on Cambridge Entrepreneurs, Knowing Thy Customer and Molecular Gastronomy

Reporting from Cambridge, England, Meet Jack Lang, entrepreneurial expert. Jack Lang is a Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. He’s also a “Silicon Fen” entrepreneur and angel investor, having launched more than 20 companies including NetChannel and recently Artimi, a company making ultra wide band wireless semiconductors.

He started in AI, as a computer scientist and is now Chair of Enrollment for the Computer Labs at University of Cambridge. Jack spends much of his time now supporting would be and burgeoning entrepreneurs. You’ll get the best advice from his book, “The High Tech Entrepreneurs Handbook,” which integrates the wisdom of his years as an entrepreneur and angel.

Discussions include augmented reality, 3D worl creation, fooglefarghs, fireworks for May balls and blowtorches.

Then Suz and Jack talk about an emerging trend in cooking called molecular gastronomy and Jack shares precise details about this science-meets-cooking strategy that uses very low temperatures over long periods of time to take into consideration the melting rates of fats, collagens and other chemical changes that happen during cooking. And the word unctuous is actually used in this show, so it's not to be missed. :)


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Episode 109: Dave Taylor on Secrets to Producing Great Quality Content Quickly

Dave is an author, blogger, business consultant and frequent speaker at the best industry conferences. He's helpful at a strategic level in understanding how to prioritize "what to do" online to create your personal or corporate brand using social media tools.

Dave gives his personal strategy for using Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools, including the all powerful blog and Flickr for his copious photos.

There's a solid focus in this episode about how to be organized, efficient and still create a lot of useful content. Many good details and insight here to streamline your content creation activities.

The conversation turns to syndication of content and Suz' new favorite site, Then they talk about "comment threading" across socnets. (Note: Try uberVU, a new comment threading social service coming out of Europe.)

Dave talks also about the discipline it takes to write consistently and how to train yourself to "just do it."

Get a copy of Dave's latest book, (he's written 20!) by writing your desire on the DishyMix Facebook Page If we love your request, Dave will send you an autographed copy of, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google."


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Episode 107: Bruce Clay on Video SEO, Page Rank Sculpting and Search Siloing Strategies

Bruce Clay brings his deep experience in search engine marketing strategy to DishyMix, answering listener's* burning questions on the latest machinations in SEM.

  • Is there a hidden conversation between SEO & PPC?
  • Does the "nofollow" tag still have value?
  • What are the latest and best ways to build inbound links?
  • What SEO ops does BING provide compared to Google?
  • What are 3 great money-making uses of online video?
  • Bruce's opinion of, Seesmic, kyte and other Flash-based video creation and sharing sites.
  • Video tagging best practices for SEO?
  • vSEO syndication options - what works for what outcome? YouTube, TubeMogul and Traffic Geysers
  • Video tracking and analytics solutions and options?
  • Advice for getting videos to appear in Google's organic universal search results.

Bruce gives great answers, artfully balancing the strategy with the tactics. Tune in for YOUR search update.

Questions in this episode were provided by:

  • David Szetela, Clix Marketing
  • Rebecca Lieb, Econsultancy
  • Richard Snee, Creativity POP!
  • Gregory Markel, Infuse Creative
  • Dan Perry,
  • Michael Rosenfeld, Mediasmith
  • Julie Perry, YouTube Secret Weapon
  • Shea Park,
  • Tim Bratton, Personal Life Media

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Episode 106: Alvin Toffler on the Road Race to the 21st Century Economy.

Alvin Toffler rocked the 80's with his futuristic look into the future of the knowledge economy with his international best seller, Future Shock. A global economist, he's predicted the third wave, our Internet world.
Susan and Alvin talk about his life, his work and his latest book, Revolutionary Wealth. Take a road trip to the 21st century economy with Alvin and see who the fastest cars on the road are, and who are the steaming hunks of junk on the side of the road.
Alvin, and his wife and co-author, Heidi, invented the role of the futurist. He's an American legend. And he gets dishy with Suz. Tune in to get your mind expanded.


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Episode 105: Adam Kleinberg, Traction on the Best Book He Never Read, Tai Chi and Building a Successful 21st Century Agency

Anyone with this as the first line of their bio promises a great interview: “Stir (never shake) a spoonful of charisma, a jigger of positive energy and a mind as sharp as a freshly plucked lemon and you get close to the cocktail that is Adam Kleinberg. Adam is CEO and a founding partner of San-Francisco-based Traction, a creative agency with a digital core.”

Suz and Adam get together at Traction, with the cable cars clanging outside in the background, and talk shop, life and general silliness. Hear about some of Adam’s clients including Alibaba, Adobe, Apple and LiveScribe. Find out why he left Tribal DDB to start his own agency and what he thinks of the newest agency models.

Adam wants to be remembered professional as “the guy who started a truly great company.” Find out how he’s creating a TGC and what the impact has been of being named “#1 Interactive Agency,” by B to B Magazine.

Suz and Adam riff on everything from cashmere cuddle piles to Tai Chi in this very entertaining episode.


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Episode 104: Chip Conley, Joie de Vivre on Creating a Culture of Recognition, Potka’s Scorecard and Finding Your Calling

Chip created a boutique hotel chain of niche targeted properties and is the author of several books, including “PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow.” In this episode we talk about Maslow’s Hierarchies as Chip has applied them to The Customer, The Employee and The Investor.
Get Chip’s “Peak Prescriptions” for creating a culture of recognition and providing inspirational work that goes beyond a job or even career for employees and creates their “calling.”
Then Chip takes us on a tour of Asia, with highlights of his many trips to Bali.


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Episode 103: Shiv Singh, Razorfish on the Social Influence Marketing, the Portable Social Graph and Friendsters

Shiv Singh is VP, Social Media and Global Strategic Initiatives at Razorfish, one of the top digital agencies in the world. In perfect alignment, he also holds an MSc (Research) from the London School of Economics and Political Science on social network theory. And he’s writing, “Social Influence Marketing for Dummies.” Dude knows of what he speaks...

Suz and Shiv discuss four of the top "Trends in Social Influence Marketing" from the insightful and masterful Razorfish "Digital Outlook 2009" report:

1. The Focus Will Shift to Influencers
2. Social Advertising Will Grow Up
3. The Portable Social Graph Will Fuel Marketing Innovation
4. Not Just Friends, but "Friendsters," Will Start to Matter

Shiv breaks down his thoughts about where the three categories of Social Influence Marketing are going - listening, advertising and participation. Shiv's favorites are companies doing Appvertising, like ContextOptional, BuddyMedia and and companies doing social graph analysis like Media6Degrees and Unbound Technologies.

Unbound Technology's ability to cluster social graphs by kinds of products, services, public figures and media they "fan" on Facebook (called Affinity Maps) is giving marketers a distinct advantage in gaining insight into clustered preferences. Suz shares some of the key affinities in her map on the show.

If you are interested in tracking the most cutting edge thought about where marketers are taking the social media opportunity, this show will delight and educate you.

Click now to listen!


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Episode 102: Lori Schwartz, IPG on Gadgets of Desire, Bleeding Edge Companies She Loves and Trekkie Heaven

Lori Schwartz is cool. Wait until you hear her describe the gadgets she desires most. The Chumby, The Clutch, The Hub and her favorite, the Apple TV. She also shares the most interesting companies she brought to ad:tech SF in her session, “Tales from the Bleeding Edge.” Passenger, and Sojourn made her favorites list. Find out why.

One of the ‘100 People to Have Lunch With’* according to MediaPost, Lori is fun. Playfulness and openness are what turn her on spiritually, creatively and emotionally. And she’s a Trekkie! She’s definitely the kind of girl geeks love, even girl geeks.

She runs the Emerging Media Lab for IPG, the big agency holding company. “Equal parts think tank, research facility and change enabler, IPG Lab is both a physical space and a collection of resources (read, “TOYS”) designed to help marketers drive successful digital initiatives.” Essentially she has an apartment-like room full of gadgets and one way windows where marketers can experience consumers using technology in situ. It’s interesting to hear some of the insights her clients have gleaned from this technologic anthropology adventure.

Tune in and get invigorated by the possibilities of consumer technology.

*I am compelled to call out bad grammar. Shame on MediaPost. I’d prefer the more grammatically correct, “100 People With Whom To Have Lunch.”


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Episode 101: Lorrie Thomas, Web Marketing Therapy on Chill Pills, Give to Gain and the Four Agreements

Lorrie Thomas may be the first “social profile manager.” Mark my words, cultural anthropologists, you heard it here, on DishyMix, first! Lorrie runs an agency, with her sidekicks, the “wild web women.” down in Santa Barbara. She teaches UC Berkeley and UCSB Extension classes on web marketing. And she carries around pill bottles with her logo, Web Marketing Therapy filled with tiny little “chill pills.”

If you’re in the need of a chill pill, listen to this episode where Suz and Lorrie talk about the notion of “giving to get” or “giving to gain.” Lorrie regales us with great stories of companies you’d never predict being significantly more successful by giving away their knowledge, information and even products which boost their sales.

Than Lorrie reminds us, poignantly of Don Miguel’s excellent book, The Four Agreements. It brings us back to ground and takes the air out of the self-importance that creeps into our work.

Lorrie has a fantastic schtick with her Web Marketing Therapy angle. You must check out her site as well as this lighthearted but meaningful episode of DishyMix, recorded on location at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. And get a bonus - the delightful Mr. Jim Sterne does the show’s introduction.


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Episode 100: Lee Odden, Top Rank Marketing on SEO and Social Media Public Relations

This is the 100th Episode of DishyMix on the Personal Life Media network and to celebrate, I had one of my personal favorites on the show for you - Lee Odden. I am an avid reader of Lee’s Top Rank Online Marketing blog and interviewed him at SXSW for the #CommunityPowered series I produced with Aaron Strout.

The minute I met Lee I fell in love. Sure, he’s gorgeous, sweet and super smart, and he distinguishes himself by the amount of strategic thinking he gives away so freely in his blog and in public speaking.

Lee and I decided on a theme of “the intersection of PR, social media and SEO.” On the show, Lee shares his experienced results of many client projects by discussing:

  • SEO PR
  • Social Media PR
  • Direct to Consumer PR
  • Push and Pull PR
  • Digital Asset Optimization
  • eWire and Alternate Syndication
  • Keyword Glossaries
  • Using Anchor Text
  • Title Tags

If you are involved in radiating news and product information online, this is a must-listen show full of practical advice and deep detail.

I hope you’ll get as much out of it as I did and that you’ll agree with me that Lee Odden is one of the best in the biz!


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Episode 99: Kelly Mooney, Resource Interactive on The OPEN Brand Framework, Your Social Profile Manager, Blizzard Rafting

Meet Kelly Mooney, president and chief experience officer of Resource Interactive, a Columbus, Ohio-based digital agency representing big brand clients including P&G, Victoria's Secret, HP and Best Buy. Kelly's new book (her second) is about the shift in marketing to a world of consumers who are all "famous" for something and who would rather create than consume their media. "The OPEN brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World."

Kelly walks us through some of her recent work for Gain, Pink from Victoria's Secret and Shaw Floors. Sam Decker of Bazaarvoice and Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Online post thorny questions about slipperiness and being "truly open" as a company.

Go on a wild ride through white water rapids in a blizzard at the end of the show and find out Kelly's key take away from the experience that pushed her edge the hardest in her life.

Kelly Mooney is a very strategic, big thinker about the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. OPEN flawlessly sums up the sea change in consumer marketing and she provides solid council to her clients and shares those insights with the rest of us through her excellent books. Get to know this VIP of the marketing world on this fun and informative episode.


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Episode 97: Clark Kokich, Razorfish on Social Influence Marketing and the 2009 Digital Outlook

Clark Kokich shares his insights on what's happening with digital marketing for 2009 and he should know. Razorfish is the 2nd largest global agency (AdAge) with net billings over $400 million, 20 offices in 8 countries and a blue chip client list.

Find out about the shifting digital media spend, what areas are growing, where the economy his hit the industry hardest. Verticals and portals are down, search is up, networks are flat, ad exchanges are becoming more popular but where does social fit in?

Find out how Clark views the changes of running a successful agency now versus his time as EVP & GM of WPP's Cole & Weber in the late 80's. Clark shares the evolution of capabilities, proccess and culture in the agency world. He believes we have moved from being "communicators" "saying things" to being adept at "building experiences."

How has that changed the culture of his agency and what is he doing to help his organization flourish and grow? (that's what he wants to be remembered for)

Get bead on how digital agencies and traditional agencies will manage the opportunity of long-tail Internet television. Hear Clark's perspective on Social Object Theory. Learn about some of their recent campaigns for Levi's Project Runway and Docker's Shakable iPhone application.

Then find out what Clark is playing on his Fender Stratocaster and why Italian Wine gives him strength and inspiration.

Suz and Clark wrap up the show on a hopeful note, discussing Jeffry Sach's book, The End of Poverty and his blueprint for worldwide economic success - which he believes is possible in our lifetime.

An uplifting show with sage advice from one of the great leaders in our industry.


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Episode 96: Lynda Resnick on Predicting Winning Products, Outliers and Rubies and Cuties

Meet Lynda Resnick, co-chairman of Roll International Corp, the company behind POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Cutie oranges and Teleflora bouquets.

Lynda is a sharp marketer who has a rich history of branding commodities and creating amazing value for the companies she's touched.

Her new book, "Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover Hidden Gems in Your Business" is half marketing genius and half auto-biography of an amazing billionairess.

Suz and Lynda talk Social Object Theory as it relates to her hit product at the Franklin Mint - her Jackie O Pearls. Hear about her grand scheme for an integrated television, real world and online promotion called "Teleflora Presents America's Favorite Mom." Find out where she's taking the POM brand with POMx. And listen to her stories about saving rainforests, creating the first carbon-negative beverage product and how she's built solar manufacturing plants and LEEDS-certified schools for her employees.

Lynda is a artists turned marketer who has had the incredible luck and skill to take some simple products and turn them into powerhouse brands.

She wants to be remembered professionally as "a mentor who helped others define their mission in life and go for it." Let Lynda inspire you today. Listen now.


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Episode 95: Anna Talerico, ION Interactive on Honest Seduction, Selling is Dead and Housewives of Beverly Hills

This episode focuses on landing page optimization and post-click marketing. Anna recently self-published a book called Honest Seduction, using Amazon's BookSurge on demand printing system.
We talk about the latest landing page best practices, what Web 2.0 Social Media elements work on landing pages, what increases conversion on landing pages, her opinions about squeeze pages and her perspective on optimizing for SEO on landing pages.
She offers two free personally autographed copies of Honest Seduction for listeners. Just join the group on Facebook, post your request and you could be the lucky winner.
We also talk about how the change from marketing an agency services business to a SaS technology company has pushed her edge. Her favorite book, Selling is Dead and her Sinful Pleasure: watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
If Anna wasn't at ION, she might have been a horse trainer or radio talk show host. I tell her my new eBook is on it's way showcasing the best of my secrets for being a master talk show host.


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Episode 94: David Szetela and the PPC 10 Cylinder Engine

This episode focuses on the major components of a Pay Per Click campaign. From the strategic to the tactical minutiae, David gets you organized for a program using the latest intelligence, tools and best-practices.

He likens the process of executing a PPC campaign to a 10 cylinder engine -- if one spark plug is bad, the car doesn't run well. Let's get the timing down! (No fouled fuel injectors for YOUR PPC campaign!)

“Ten Cylinder Engine” Components:

  1. Customers Segmentation/Personas; Keywords as an expression of needs
  2. Keywords research Excel and intuition; Nouns and root words that create a need or desire, cancatonization "The Permutator"
  3. Architecture: Campaign settings and architecture
  4. Ad Groups: Aggregating keywords into tight groups
  5. Budgets and Bids management
  6. Zero to 60, but slowly: Start the campaign in stages, quality score, google slap
  7. Ad excellence: Display ads and Search Ads Best Practices
  8. Landing Pages: Optimization Best Practices
  9. Reporting and interpreting data
  10. Testing and refinement

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Episode 93: John Doyle, Peachtree Media Advisors on Digital Media M&A, 2008 Capital Raises and Social Media Co's Out of Biz

John Doyle is an investment banker specializing in the online marketing and social media space. His 2008 M&D and Capital Raising Round Up is free, fantastic and fascinating.
John has a terrific sense of analysis of the media market. John answers my questions:

  • Quarter over quarter, how has the digital media space been wrt M&A and Capital Raising?
  • When did the shit hit the fan?
  • Who were the 15-20 social media companies that silently slipped under last year?
  • What areas will be hot for acquisition in 2009?
  • Of the few transactions that have occurred lately, how would you typify them?
  • Name the remarkable deals of 2008 - the good, the bad and the ugly. (Bebo-AOL, Bezos-Twitter and more)
  • When do you expect a turnaround?
  • What are your indicators for a turnaround?
  • What can companies do to position themselves to raise money? Get acquired? Survive?
  • You recommend strat partnerships to stay alive (better than going under) How do strategic partnerships work? What's a great way for a smaller company to structure a deal?

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Episode 92: Rebecca Lieb on The Truth About SEO, Journo Interview Techniques and Oceans & Otters

Rebecca Lieb is one of the most important and distinguished journos in the digital media world. She's taken all she's learned at the ClickZ Network and Search Engine Watch and is launching US Operations for Econsultancy, the leading digital media analyst organization in the UK.

Rebecca shares her three most contemporary ideas about Search Engine Optimization from her new book, "The Truth About Search Engine Optimization." Learn why universal search, your content strategy and search categorization are the most important things to focus on in SEO today.

Then Rebecca, one of the best press interviewers ever, shares with you her press interview techniques. If you are a journalist or a blogger, you must listen to these tips.

Hear Rebecca's "no reservations" vacation stories from the hinterlands of Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Suz gives her insight into her Spirit Animal, the Otter. And get tuned into one of the TED prize winners, Sylvia Earle, who needs the interactive industry's support for her wish to establish more marine preserve areas to protect our Oceans. As a scuba diver and wanna-be marine biologist, this connects deeply with Rebecca's interests and perhaps it will also impress you?


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Episode 91: John Cecil on Video Spokespersons, Pickle Fights and Surfing in OC

Research shows that over 90% of people like video spokespersons on their landing page. And this human element creates trust, helps make your website easier to use and increases conversion rates 90% of the time.

Having a video spokesperson is the newest rage in landing page conversion optimization. The direct marketers have known it for years now.

Innovate Media is the leader in the space and John Cecil tells us not only what makes a good video spokesperson but how you can radiate that character into your advertising and integrate him or her into your site even more deeply for profound increases in sales.

Listen as John and Suz go through the "day in the life" of a video spokesperson shoot and John gives his best, experienced tips about creating one of these personas for your site:
"Cut the fluff and have a close."

John is a successful serial entrepreneur too - his first company "Gherkin Ruckus" was named after a pickle fight! John shares what he knows about the value of video and how all-important it's becoming in the web world.

Stay on the leading edge of thinking with John Cecil in this fun and informative episode.


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Episode 90: Daisy Whitney on the Many Uses of Online Video, Syndication and the 168 Hour Workweek

Meet Daisy Whitney, multimedia reporter with her own vidcast, the "New Media Minute." Suz and Daisy talk about using video to promote products online, the Jeff Jarvis video book on Amazon and how brands can utilize video.
Hear stories from Embarq, Adiago Teas and other brands who are generating revenue with online video content. Gain insight into tagging for SEO. And hear the pros and cons of video syndication.

Daisy says that Social Media will be one of the biggest drivers of traffic to news sites - find out why she thinks so.

And Daisy, a reporter who knows everyone in the TV and online video space features two special executives, one from Google, the other from NetFlix. Who does Daisy say are the two most amazing people in the Web 2.0 world? Listen in and find out who they are, what they do and why they're special.

Once again, that "business porn" book, 4-Hour Workweek creeps into the conversation. Get Daisy's take on why it's her favorite book to recommend and why it makes Suz howl.
Fast-paced and very informative - these two professional podcasters teach you tons and keep you entertained. Tune in for your double dose of "High IQ Blondies."


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Episode 89: Nolan Bushnell, 20 Start Ups Later, on Chemical Engines, Existentialism and "My Cave."
Nolan Bushnell

is the founder of Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza-Time Theaters and is considered to be the father of the video arcade industry.

Bushnell has started over 20 companies, most recently uWink and NeoEdge Networks. He has been named by Newsweek as one of "50 Men that Changed America."

Hear from Nolan what advice he'd give entrepreneurs. What to do if you have to change your business model. The attributes of a successful start up management team. His opinion of the "4-Hour Workweek." Where he'd invest $10 million of his own money if he could only invest in one social networking company.

Find out what it was like to live in the Folger's Mansion in Woodside. How he named his yacht. For what he wants to be remembered. The axiom by which he lives his life. His greatest achievement. From where he draws his strength and inspiration. And what other profession he'd be if he wasn't a successful technology entrepreneur.

In this revealing interview, Nolan shares life perspectives and some very personal insights with you, dear listener.


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Episode 88: Bill McCloskey on Email Marketing Best Practices, Creating Passion Groups, Jazz Clubs and Dolphins

Bill McCloskey sits in the celestial cockpit above the world's commercial email traffic at Email Data Source. His company collects competitive intelligence on over 40,000 email marketing campaigns a day (1 million a month).

Hear Bill's analysis of the latest trends savvy marketers are using to get you to buy. Learn the #1 idea you can model from the country's best marketers to increase your success. Find out what clever techniques Harley Davidson and Stoli Vodka are using to increase the 'bond' to their brand.

Bill gives his expert opinion on the leading email services; his POV on single vs. double opt-in and the always classic question of "text vs. html?" His answers will surprise you.

Bill and Suz talk about channeling inspiratoin, the muse and the original meaning of a demon. A very creative man, Bill has personally launched myriad of special interest groups and exclusive online forums. Find out why they are a salve for his shyness and what you need to know to effectively launch your own passion group. Yes you can.

Now imagine a dolphin sipping a martini at a jazz bar. Why? Listen to this interview from an email maestro to find out.


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Episode 87: Roxanne Darling of Beach Walks on Video Promotion, Event Marketing via Social Webs and Paddling to Molokai

Have you watched Roxanne Darling's episodic online video show, "Beach Walks with Rox: Sometimes Serious, Sometimes Frivolous, Always Aloha?"

She walks on the beach of Oahu with her black lab, Lexi and gives sage and thoughtful words of wisdom. And she's been giving her life perspectives for more than 700 episodes!

Rox and her partner, Shane Robinson own Bare Feet Studios in Hawaii. They are a video production studio specializing in leveraging the intersection of video and the social web. You can learn a lot about the power of video distribution on this episode.

Rox also organized Podcamp Hawaii and used the social web for her event marketing. She gives some great examples of the power of soc nets for events - and she got more than 400 attendees to the Podcamp, so she knows what she's talking about.

Hear her amazing story of paddling 41 miles in a 6-person canoe with 5 other over-50 women from Molokai to Waikiki and then watch this video to practically experience paddling yourself!


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Episode 86: Tim Ash of SiteTuners on Landing Page Optimization and Cultivation of the Complete Person

Tim Ash, President and CEO of just wrote the book on landing page conversion optimization: "Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions."

Tim breaks down the various kinds of landing pages; talks about usability testing; landing page tuning methods (including A/B, Multivariate and Full Factorial Parametric Testing) and Google's new Website Optimizer.

He answers questions from DishyMix listeners including:

Chance Barnett, Founder & President of Catch Him, Inc.

  • Do you use any thing like a CMS (content management system) to help shorten the process of testing and iterating new pages?
  • What are your favorite examples of success stories of using Social Proof elements on landing pages?
  • Are you seeing many online marketers developing landing pages that are both SEO and PPC optimized?

Craig Peters, Founder, CKP Creative

  • What's the best way to balance the need for selling and the need for education on a landing page?

Sean Cheyney , VP Business Dev at AccuQuote

  • Are most brands ready for multivariate testing or do you recommend A/B testing for most brands?
  • What are the most counter intuitive positive changes that your clients have done on their landing pages?

Mark Michael Lewis, Host of "Money, Mission and Meaning"podcast

  • Is it better to have 1 or 3 general landing pages that appeal to broad spectrum of people, or to have dozens of landing pages each customized to appeal to the niche you think they linked from?
  • Are "sales letter" style pages with a bold red headline, extensive copy, and continual calls to a single action most effective, or is that hype and there are other formats that are more effective?

Michael Lovitch, Co Founder, The Hypnosis Network

  • How many, if any 2.0 elements should be included on product landing pages?

Garrison Cohen, VP of Development, Authentic Man Program

  • What is the most effective way of creating customer conversions on the landing page and does he have any particular tips, tools or suggestions to have each of the following approaches be their most effective?

Free gift.
Showing a short video?
Creating a quiz?
Giving them a survey?
Showing yourself personally through audio or video?

Adam Gilad, Gilad Creative Media

  • How has the "Hi, I'm your friend" mentality of social media affected the twist-the-arm direct sales effectiveness of squeeze pages?

Jim Sterne, Founder and Producer of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits

  • The "local maximum" problem has always bothered me. Figuring out the very best permutation or 5 creative options precludes that off the chart winner that was never considered. What's the Best Practice for throwing in (almost) random ideas to see which ones fly?

Listen to hear some very insightful answers to the issues with which DishyMix listeners are wrestling right now.

Tim, in true DishyMix style, also shares the wisdom of his favorite book, "The Lexus and the Olive Tree," along with the axiom by which he lives his life and how Tai Chi Chaun helps him cultivate his "complete person."

Lots of food for thought as well as great answers about the latest thinking in landing page optimization for maximum conversions.


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Episode 85: Jim Sterne on eMetrics, Must-Have KPI's and Cocktail Parties of the Future

Jim Sterne, eMetrics expert and darling of the web analytics industry answers DishyMix listener questions about:

Bounce Rate
Must - Have Key Performance Indicators
Promotional Attribution
Landing Page Optimization
Tracking the Right ROI Metrics

Learn about the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits, the Web Analytics Association the new event, Predictive Analytics World and who Jim Sterne says are the "gods of the web intelligence industry" and how YOU can get a piece of them.

Jim asks listener questions from Scott Fasser, CEO of Domain Strategies; Adam Boettiger, Internet Advertising Thought Leader and creator of the i-Advertising List; John Ardis, VP Corp Strategy for ValueClick and David Baker, VP Email Solutions for Avenue A/Razor Fish. These smarties pose great questions from which you can learn volumes!

Jim, author of six books himself, recommends his favorite book, "How the Best Get Better," by Dan Sullivan. He gives us lessons learned from 28 years of marriage, his worst year ever and how he feeds his rampant intellectual curiousity.

Hear Jim's idea of the perfect "cocktail party of the future." Get a drink in hand and enjoy this amazing man.


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Episode 84: Dacher Keltner, Cro-Magnon CEO’s, Your Jen Ratio and Why We Are Born to Be Good

Part Two of a Two Part Series

One of America’s preeminent psychology professors has devoted his life to understanding human emotion. In this wild ride of a two-part series, Susan and Dacher get deep into brain science to explore emotions that can positively affect your success in business and in life.

Find out how to gain elevated status in your work environment. Learn how to get more power in the office. Key in on the true emotions of your customers and co-workers to know what they are really thinking. Learn exactly what it takes to create better rapport with everyone around you and how to become more likable.

Find out the single most important characteristic you can hone to find your perfect mate and be more appealing to possible relationship partners or your spouse.

Dacher proves that we are wired for good and gives us a list of the activities on which we can focus our intention to create a life of meaning.

This episode includes:

  • Creating Rapport
  • The Value of Embarrassment, Laughter and Teasing in Creating Connection
  • Touch and Trust and His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Your Reputation Rests on Kindness, as Does Your Marriage
  • How to Be a Vagal Superstar
  • Sympathy, the Strongest of Instincts
  • Taking The Camper on THAT Fork in the Road
  • Acoustic and Tactile Social Networking
  • The Science of a Meaningful Life – Building Resilience, Reducing Stress and Strengthening Relationships

Part One Includes:

  • Shatter the Myth of Homo Economicus
  • The Thesis of Zen Romanticism
  • Upping Your Jen Ratio
  • How to be Good
  • The Categorization of Human Emotion – Facial Action Coding System
  • The Moral Gut
  • Cro-Magnon CEO’s and Power Hierarchies

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Episode 83: Dacher Keltner, Born to Be Good, Your Jen Ratio and Cro-Magnon CEO’s

One of America’s preeminent psychology professors has devoted his life to understanding human emotion. In this wild ride of a two-part series, Susan and Dacher get deep into brain science to explore emotions that can positively affect your success in business and in life.

Find out how to gain elevated status in your work environment. Learn how to get more power in the office. Key in on the true emotions of your customers and co-workers to know what they are really thinking. Learn exactly what it takes to create better rapport with everyone around you and how to become more likable. Find out the single most important characteristic you can hone to find your perfect mate and be more appealing to possible relationship partners or your spouse.

Dacher proves that we are wired for good and gives us a list of the activities on which we can focus our intention to create a life of meaning.

This episode includes:

  • Shatter the Myth of Homo Economicus
  • The Thesis of Zen Romanticism
  • Upping Your Jen Ratio
  • How to be Good
  • The Categorization of Human Emotion – Facial Action Coding System
  • The Moral Gut
  • Cro-Magnon CEO’s and Power Hierarchies

Part Two Includes:

  • Creating Rapport
  • The Value of Embarrassment, Laughter and Teasing in Creating Connection
  • Touch and Trust and His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Your Reputation Rests on Kindness, as Does Your Marriage
  • How to Be a Vagal Superstar
  • Sympathy, the Strongest of Instincts
  • Taking The Camper on THAT Fork in the Road
  • Acoustic and Tactile Social Networking
  • The Science of a Meaningful Life – Building Resilience, Reducing Stress and Strengthening Relationships

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Episode 82: Jim Meskauskas, ICON Intl on Digital Ad Agency Evolution, the Future of Ad Networks and The Inca Trail

It's fitting that Jim Meskauskas works at a company called ICON International, because he's an icon in the digital media industry.

Jim comes from the agency business - Left Field, MediaSmith, Underscore, Pericles and now manages corporate trade barter deals for Omnicom.

He explains how these barter deals work; the top issues affecting the digital media agency in the 21st century; where the ad network business is headed and how we should be executing media "according to the protocols of optimization, algorithms and database management."

Jim is known for his wide-ranging interests, deep insight, high-level thinking and ridiculous phraseology. In this interview you'll hear everything from references to Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys to "sweating like Paul Prudhomme on a hit of ecstacy." Find out what pushed Jim's edge the hardest in his whole life and why peeing is involved in the axiom by which he runs his life.


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Episode 81: Renny Gleeson on Walking in Stupid, Ouroboros and the Meaning of Friends in a Social Media World

Renny Gleeson is the Global Director of Digital Strategies for Weiden + Kennedy, a leading creative agency based in Portland, OR.

Renny talks about his career at agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi's Darwin Digital and his client-side work at Delia's and the NBA. Now he's working on digital strategy for Nokia, Old Spice, Nike, Electronic Arts and Google Japan.

Renny shares his views on the evolving social media landscape and its opportunities for marketers. He gives us "lessons learned" at the Social Graph Foo Camp. We talk about the word "friend," and whether it's been devalued in the brave new world of social media.

Hear Renny's recap of the concepts of "ambient intimacy" and "social proeception" - where your ego is in space, both in the reality landscape of where your physical body is as well as where your digital footprint is online and how that affects the mindspace of others.

Suz and Renny talk about E Clampus Vitus and what Clampers are. The talk about Ouroborous, the snake that eats its tail and how that's as applicable a concept as it was 2,000 years ago.

Finally, Renny shares the axiom by which he lives his life, "Walk in Stupid." That resonates with Susan as she carries a similar belief typified by the statement "Begin as a Beginner."

Take that on today for yourself. Walk in stupid. Ask one dumb question... Do it for Renny. Do it for Suz. Do it mostly for yourself.


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Episode 80: Managing Through Change: A Personal and Professional Workshop

In this episode I share with you a workshop I conducted at the iMedia Agency Summit's Aspen Group "Agency RX" Day:

Managing Through Change: A Personal and Professional Workshop

The advertising business gets hit harder than almost any industry in every down cycle. If you’re going to be in the biz, you have to learn how to roll with the markets. In this workshop, Susan Bratton teaches you first how to get control of your own fears and anxieties. Then you learn some valuable techniques to manage stress. Finally, you learn what it takes to be a really good manager during times of chaos. This interactive workshop includes three interactive segments involving Socratic Questioning, Calm Abiding Meditation and a Work/Life Balance Assessment.

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” —Albert Camus

Quote from DAVID COWAN of Bessemer Venture Partners and recent guest on DishyMix - “Folks love to pick on ad folks along with lawyers, VCs etc. But I'd remind them of the vital role they play in society today by promoting digital media and the digital economy. At a time when people around the world worry about our friends in Mumbai, only the Internet brings us the news instantly and directly. And a time when households are under unprecedented financial pressure, digital media and e-commerce can play a vital role in helping us save money on everything we buy. The digital economy is transforming education, philanthropy, music, even dating. And none of it would happen without matching sponsors and publishers as efficiently and creatively as the people you're addressing.”

There are very specific behaviors you can invoke to thrive in the natural cycles of the ad business.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Confronting Personal Fear and Anxiety
  • Techniques to Manage Through Change
  • Emotional Leadership


Change your thinking!

3 Exercises:

  • Socratic Questioning
  • Calm-Abiding Meditation
  • Lifestyle Balance Assessment


  • You will be richer, thinner, more loved. ;)
  • Less stress, more accomplishment, a great leader through using these techniques and perspectives I’ll teach you today.
  • Excel in a down market.

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Episode 79: Bert Decker on The First Brain, Transforming Your Personal Impact and The Decker Grid

When I was 35, my mother told me the next thing I needed to accomplish was to be an extraordinary public speaker.
If I wanted to be a CEO, this was my next task.

I got myself a speak op and started practicing. By the time I found my way to speaker training at Decker Communications in San Francisco, I was already a good, if not great presenter.
Decker speaker training changed my life. I learned the 6 ways to transform my personal impact. I learned how to be "first brain friendly." I learned how to be successful at the "preconscious level." AND YOU CAN TOO.

Meet Bert Decker, founder of Decker Communications and inventor of The Decker Grid. He's one of my idols and I found him on Twitter and invited him onto DishyMix. This episode is devoted to taking YOU to the next level of your personal power.

Bert is a coach, consultant to famous executives, a communications expert, a professional speaker, a best-selling author and a documentary film maker. He's a man of ethics who brings his values into his profession.

Bert and I talk about his book, "You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard: The Complete Book of Speaking...In Business and in Life!"

I never create a presentation, a speech or a PowerPoint without using the Decker Grid. I literally have it memorized, though I used to carry a Decker Grid card in my wallet before I learned his simple system by heart.

In this episode you'll learn how to create rapport with your audience. How to give a great speech that moves your listeners into action. You'll get an overview of the simple, powerful and effective Decker Grid. And you'll get to know Bert, who is a selfless and wonderful talent. He's hooked on Twitter now - leveraging the latest communication tools. After 30 years of teaching people to speak with bold assurance and create messages that motivate, he continues to stay in the game, evolving with the technologies of communication.

If you want to be a great speaker - read Bert's book, go to Decker and get trained and check out his "10 Best and Worst Communicators of the Year" at You can emulate the greatest speakers of our time.


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Episode 78: Bob Schmetterer on Becoming a Powerful Speaker, Advertising by the Decades and Yachting in Key Largo

Meet Bob Schmetterer, Chairman and CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide, who is recently retired and doing DishyMix from his yacht in Key Largo. Bob is living the life now and always did when he was running a massive agency conglomerate.

Bob shares his wisdom and perspective on four decades in the agency business. Hear about the different eras of the ad biz, how Bob founded his first agency, his advice for starting an agency and some of the highlights of his amazing career.

One of the most polished executive speakers not just in our industry, but in the US gives listeners the 5 key tips for being an accomplished, engaged presenter. This is very valuable and sage advice, well worth the listen! Then he regales us with stories of his heady bachelor days at the NY city dance clubs of the late 70's and 80's - go to The Palladium, Studio 54 and more with Bob.

The axiom by which Bob lives his life is "living well is the best revenge." This episode gives you some great perspectives on your job potential and how to leverage your personal talents into an amazing career.


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Episode 77: Jeff Lehman on The Frugal Millionaires, The Sales Managers' Mentor and Being a Chief Pre-Revenue Officer

Meet Jeff Lehman, Internet old timer, author, entrepreneur and sailor. Jeff was in ad sales in the early days of online advertising and has segued his success into a profitable consulting career. He's recently launched is second book, The Frugal Millionaires: 70 millionaires anonymously share their ideas bout money to help each other and you." He tells us about "the model millionaire" and why the favorite part of his book is the marriage advice.

Relationship advice is a big part of this show as Suz and Jeff discuss his favorite all time book, His Needs, Her Needs about how women want affection, conversation, honesty and financial support and men need sexual fulfillment, companionship, an attractive spouse, peace and quiet and admiration. Very insightful!

Jeff also wrote "The Sales Manager's Mentor." Find out why there are no keys to the executive washroom and the need for typecasting sales people. Then Suz and Jeff "dish" on their mutual acquaintances including George Garrick, Ann Burgraff, Clark Kokich and Scott Swanson - other famous industry executives. Go from Singapore to personal elegance to the Men's Movement in one fell swoop.

Jeff shares his most sinful guilty pleasure and the one thing that pushed his edge the hardest in his life. They have to do with adrenaline rushes of yacht racing and motorcycle riding... So hop on and hang on for a fun and insightful interview with the very successful "mentor man."


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Episode 76: Tom Hespos, Underscore Marketing on Beer, ATV's, RV's and Being An Old Timer in Media

Tom Hespos is one of the fathers of digital media. He joins Susan live at ad:tech NY where they share a big bottle of Three Philosopher's Belgian-style ale from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY.

He shares the highlights of his career... In 1996, he "dove off the cliff" into online advertising and never looked back. Going from K2, to Blue Marble, to his own consulting company to Mezzina Brown and then got together with Tim McHale and created Underscore Marketing.

Media is all he's known and he loves the technology behind the campaigns. Now at Underscore, he's doing amazing work for Wyeth and the Chapstick brand and introducing the product into the daily experience of young females through social networking.

Suz puts Tom on the spot to do an elevator pitch to Steve Case for Revolution RV's. He's in the elevator. 28 floors. He wants a fresh new brand to promote online. Hear his pitch.

Once the founder of The Old Timer's List, now owned by Skip Graham, Tom had the foresight to develop a list of early insiders who provided support for each other in these heady, early days of Internet advertising. Find out if there really IS a secret handshake for the Old Timers and what the original story is about how it was founded.

Tom is one of the smartest and nicest people who has marshaled in the digital revolution in media. Tune in to get the story behind this amazing man!


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Episode 75: Jonathan Salem Baskin: Branding Only Works on Cattle; Marketing Interventions and The Sock Puppet Blues

JSB slays the sacred cow of branding in his book, "Branding Only Works on Cattle: The New Way to Get Known (and drive your competitors crazy) Apply Brand Here." Learn the new model of marketing: targeting what your customers actually do. Learn how to affect behavior through marketing communications, distribution strategies and customer service to birth your brand anew. From the ranks of Edelman PR and Grey Advertising, Jonathan cut his teeth at brands including Nissan, Infinity, Blockbuster, and Limited Brands. Now he tells us why the marketing world has changed forever and what you need to know to flourish including his formula for a marketing intervention.

Learn about Tom Standage, author of The Victorian Internet and how as humans we are always living on the edge of the future... Learn why Buckminster Fuller's ideologies are as applicable in today's world of sustainable living as they were in his heyday. Suz and Jonathan talk about the greatest minds in advertising including David Ogilvy (Confessions of an Advertising Man) and Marshall McLuhan ("the medium is the message").

Described as a "merry iconoclast" by Publisher's Weekly, Jonathan ends the show with his song, "The Sock Puppet Blues."


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Episode 74: Matt Williams, The Martin Agency on Component Thinking, How We Can Solve It and 21st Century Account Planning

Meet Matt Wiliams, EVP/Partner and head of Group Planning at The Martin Agency, the #3 ad agency in America with over $600 million in billings. With a client list that includes Wal-Mart, Geico, UPS and the high-profile WE campaign from The Alliance for Climate Protection, Matt is responsible for the strategy behind some of the best brands in the country.

Learn about channel planning in today's complex media landscape. Get acquainted with the "brand experience path." Matt describes the account planning discipline and how strategy and research integrate with media. Hear how Matt applies his "component thinking" to tradition-breaking campaigns for Geico and UPS. He also covers the exciting and innovative activism program called the WE campaign at - an outgrowth of Al Gore's success with an "Inconvenient Truth" movie.You'll also learn the insight behind the campaigns you know well from a consumer perspective: "15 minutes could save you 15%" and "What can Brown do for you?"

Suz and Matt get dishy, covering his mentors and his favorite author, Martin Amis. Amis has been described in Wikipedia as "the undisputed master of what the NY Times describes as "the new unpleasantness."" Matt offers his recommendations for the two must-read Amis novels. And then we roll back in time to the heydays of the 80's. Matt was lead-singer in a band called (oh, god, I can barely type this...) "The Flannel Animals." New wave, big hair - he was HOT! Ha ha! In addition to playing music with his sons, his guilty pleasure is playing the Rio album from Duran Duran. Suz can't miss an opportunity to sing on the show with her guest, so yes - there's a duet of Rio as the smash ending to this hit show.

Williams is impressively articulate and entertaining. Enjoy!


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Episode 73: Bill Tancer on CLICK, Idea Diffusion, What We're Afraid Of and the New Bohemians

One of the beautiful attributes of the Internet is the insight we can gain by aggregating non-personally identifiable click stream data from online users. What secret details are divulged about our humanity? What are our fears? What drives and delights us? About what do we carry false hopes? Are we more besotted with fame or money?

Get answers from Bill Tancer, GM at Hitwise and author of "CLICK: What Millions of People are Doing Online and Why It Matters - Unexpected Insights for Business and Life." Bill has been featured in Good Morning America, NPR and has his own column at where he reveals the insights he amasses from the deep data to which he has access.

Find out how three key market segments are a sure predictor of success for online websites. Meet the Young Digerati, Money and Brains and The Bohemian Mix, three psychographic segments that fuel the early adopter usage that creates critical mass for new consumer web services.

This former prosecutor turned self-avowed data geek goes from porn to Viagra to gambling to hot pics of Sarah Palin. He ticks off our greatest fears and is riveting every step of the way through this fascinating interview. Join in for a peek into the collective American psyche.


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Episode 72: Simon Van Wyk, Australian Media Expert on "Lessons Learned" from DishyMix Guests: Blogs, Search, Social Media, ROI and Marketing as Conversation

Meet Simon Van Wyk ("van vake"), host of Hothouse Interactive Podcasts out of Sydney, AU. Simon is one of Australia's leading Internet marketing savants. He's Managing Director of Regional Media Networks, a constellation of local content sites serving cities and towns across the continent under the OurPatch moniker. He's also involved in Zazoo and Hothouse Interactive, an agency in Sydney for Toyota and other multinational brands. 

In this episode of DishyMix, Simon turns the tables on Suz and interviews her about key takeaways she's gleaned from her past guests - some of the smartest, most-successful and innovative Americans in the digital media, marketing and Web 2.0 sphere.  Hear what Seth Godin, John Battelle, Charlene Li, Danny Sullivan, Rex Briggs, David Weinberger, Ellen Siminoff and other luminaries have to say about Corporate Blogging, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, ROI and "Marketing as Conversation." Get the top-line perspectives and actionable nuggets from digital media's thought-leaders through Bratton's ability to net out the most salient insights from 20 of her most valuable interviews.


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Episode 71: Beth Comstock, CMO of GE on Change Agents, Green Innovation and the Strength of Teams

Beth has been leading the communication of the Ecomagination strategy across the infrastructure, finance and media verticals that comprise GE's business. Learn how she innovates internally, what outside consultants she leverages and how she continues to build the global brand. Beth shares how she manages the CMO role with the 4I's: Instigator, Innovator, Integrator and Implementor and why she thinks the role of CMO is misunderstood. Find out what the 6,000 marketing pros across GE are tasked with figuring out. Trust me, it's good stuff.

And who does Beth track in the media, marketing and Web 2.0 industry? Which CMO's and entrepreneurs does she look up to and why? She reflects on some of the mentors through out her life and the value they brought.  Then Suz and Beth talk about the wisdom of elders and move to the "Strengths Revolutions" that Marcus Buckingham so eloquently proffers.  Gain perspective from one of the top CMO's of the biggest global brands. She's beautiful, smart, articulate and a delight. Tune in with Beth Comstock.


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Episode 70: Marcus Buckingham on The Truth About You, Career Intervention on Oprah and the Strength's Revolution

Meet Marcus Buckingham, Oprah's darling and promoter of focusing on your strengths  and neutralizing your weaknesses. Here's a new way to create peak performance, not only for yourself but for your team at work.  Jon the  "Strengths Revolution." To kick-start the strengths revolution, Marcus and Gallup developed the StrengthsFinder exam (, which identifies signature themes that help employees quantify their personal strengths in the workplace and at home. Now Marcus has an 8-part workshop on, he's touring college campuses by bus to help kids get into the careers that suit them and he's written a new book to help you figure out your strengths and how to leverage them in your career.

"The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success" is a workshop in a book. There's a 100 page book, simple enough for anyone to use to understand their strengths, there's a DVD that illustrates how you can work your strengths and there's a "Rememo" pad that you use to capture those moments when you feel strong and are working in your zone of strength and to document those times when you experience that weakened feeling from working outside your strengths. Buy one for every member of your team and make great strides in shoring up your talent and engendering satisfaction at work.

Hear Marcus explain the core concept behind his "Strengths Revolution," how the Oprah workshop has helped him reach more than a million people and how you can begin to work with your employee's strengths in your organization. Marcus reviews the difference between intra and interpersonal strengths assessment programs like Strengths Finder vs. his system in "The Truth About You" so you can understand how to apply these amazing tools to your life, your career and your team at work.


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Episode 69: Dave Evans, Digital VooDoo on Interruptus Vulgaris, Trusting "The Cloud" and Social Media: An Hour A Day

Social media muscle - according to Dave Evans, author of "Social Media: An Hour a Day," a social media consultant and expert eMarketing columnist, says you can get bench strength about the social web in just and hour a day. His new book devotes 11 chapters to grouping social media services and platforms so you can systematically take an organized tour of the social web and gain familiarity and an understanding of the range of options available to marketers. Think of it as a hands-on inventory of the social web.

Dave shares his favorite daily exercises, talks about moving to "the Cloud," explains Friend Feed and shares his perspective on the "campaign mentality" of today's marketers. 

Then Suz poses two unique questions. Find out who Dave would invite for "Dinner for Six" if he could dine with any industry luminaries of his choosing. Then Suz bestows a magic wand to Dave to change ONE thing about the digital media industry. What do you think he changes? What would you change?

This episode has a special bonus segment completely focused on forums, community and white label social networks. As a social media expert hired by some of the biggest brands in the biz, Dave gives advice about how to build the right set of features for your customers. What does your audience want? What are your business objectives? What do companies like Ning, Jive, Pluck and Lithium offer and how do they differ? If you are considering creating a place for your customers and prospects to share with each other, listen to this bonus segment that runs after the regular DishyMix interview.  Just keep "staying tuned." :)


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Episode 68: Kevin M. Ryan on Thuggish Anonymity, Zen + Motorbikes and Cash Multiples

Everyone knows Kevin Ryan. Whether from reading his iMedia Search column, watching him take the SES conferences ever more global or from his SEM work at IPG, Motivity, Kinetic or Walstrom. You've heard of Kevin Ryan or seen him in action at every digital media event. Now discover his latest incarnation. Suz and Kevin catch up on the ch-ch-ch-changes at SES, the future of search engine marketing, the companies he's tracking around the world and one of his favorite authors, Lee Siegel. Lee wrote "Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Mob," and sat down with Kevin at a recent SES keynote. Find out what Lee means by "thuggish anonymity" and how our lives are being "packaged like merchandise." 

Speaking of books, Kevin is writing one too. Tune in to get the scoop on DishyMix. Kevin talks about his worst "fork in the road" bad decision; his most decadent pleasure and how he achieved his new Zen approach to life. The hop on Kevin's BMW R12 motorcycle, introduced in 1928 as a bike used by the German military, for an imaginative journey out of Manhattan and into upstate New York as the fall leaves are changing.


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Episode 67: John Zogby, Preeminent Pollster on The American Dream, Retail Politics and the Value Chasm

Meet John Zogby, head of the eponymous research and polling firm whose clients comprise an exhaustive list of the top news firms including Reuters, C-Span, NBC, the NY Times, and Fox. John is a spot-on predictor of consumer sentiments and in addition to tracking the upcoming 2008 elections has just release his new book, "The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream."

John's father, a Lebanese immigrant, believed devoutly in the American Dream. Now John chronicles the change in our values and our lives in America with his fascinating market insights. Learn how Zogby redefines the moral majority into two fascinating sectors: the Traditional Materials and the Secular Spiritualists. Hear how he typifies life in the first decade of the 21st Century. Get his cut on age-based market segmentation by comparing the Boomers, Jones, GenX and Millennials to how he groups his Private Generation, the Woodstocks, Nikes and First Globals.

Market opportunities abound, if you just understand the consumer's psyche. The American public is striving for authentic relationships, not just at home but with their politicians and their products. Suz and John talk about authenticity, personality and how to speak to American consumers in today's connected society.

Tune in to the man who has been spoofed on NPR's "All Things Considered", by Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" and by David Letterman on the "Late Show." Or catch his clip where Jon Stewart and John Zogby are goofing together on "The Daily Show." Sure to give you new ways to consider your customers, this is a big-picture episode underscored with the data-points that make it so.  


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Episode 66: Justin Smith, Inside Facebook on Drinking from the Watercooler, Talking Smack and the Beauty of eBooks

Meet Justin Smith, editor of "Inside Facebook," the biggest blog covering social media marketing and app development and author of my favorite ebook ever, "The Facebook Marketing Bible." Justin, in his spare time (as he's one of those Silicon Valley Brilliants who can multi-task with technical precision) also heads up product strategy for Watercooler, one of the Top 10 social media apps developers focusing on sports and entertainment. 

You'll want to sit in front of your computer with Facebook loaded up as Justin gives you a virtual audio tour of Facebook for marketers and guerilla self-branders. Learn what new ad models are emerging for marketers through the new Facebook design. Get Justin's highly-educated opinion about the best opportunities for brands on Facebook which include integrated home page ads, video ads with commenting and best uses for News Feed ads and marketer's pages.  If you are a "web celebrity" you can learn more about pimping yourself on Facebook with some of Justin's guerilla Facebook self-promotion strategies.

Justin offers advice about building and maintaining applications and widgets and some estimates of the cost of producing one. He also categorizes the app development companies into buckets we can wrap our marketing-hatted heads around. Suz also asks his opinion about how open to be about your personal life in the social web and what's next on the social media horizon. The future is plastics. No, wait! It's Facebook Connect. Hear why on this detailed episode where Justin's breadth of social media marketing experience is eclipsed only by his amazing ability to explain these complex issues (think "opportunities") beautifully.


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Episode 65: Ellen Siminoff, CEO of Shmoop on Homework Helpers, The State of SEM and Being a Great Board Member

Meet Ellen Siminoff, famous for creating Efficient Frontier, one of the largest independent search agencies in the world. She's now on to her next start up, Shmoop, a free online homework and writing helper for high school and college students. Hear Ellen talk about growing a company from a team of eight to over two hundred employees in a few short years. Get her uber-perspective on the state of the SEM industry from when she started eFrontier to now when she's more removed from the day to day and operating as Chairman of the company.

Benefit from Ellen's advice on how to get acquired if you are a facile start up interested in being bought by a larger, corporate entity. This is excellent counsel from one of Yahoo!'s original founding executives who ran both business development and corporate development in the initial go-go years of the web. And then gain some deep exposure to Ellen's perspective on what it takes to be a truly excellent board of directors or board of advisors member. Ellen "shmoops" or "moves things forward" in this fast-paced, advice-packed episode from a very impressive, savvy business executive.


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Episode 64: Sean Cheyney: 21st Century Marketer, Scrabble Aficionado and Multi-Variate Mad Scientist

Meet Sean Cheyney, VP Marketing and Business Development for Chicago-based insurance broker, Sean shares the intricacies of his success increasing his website lead conversion 50% by using multi-variate testing with Optimost and how to be fully involved in the life-cycle of a lead. Get Sean's advice for advanced cold calling techniques and his "networking guru" recommendations for working a conference. 

Sean shares a story from his favorite book, The Ultimate Gift and gives suggestions about how to use behavioral research to create great employee team work scenarios. Suz and Sean talk about focusing on one's strengths as a key to success and the evolution of personality testing from Myers Briggs, to DISC, to Personalisis to taking a Shaman Journey to find your Spirit Animal. What ever works!  

Sean closes the show by describing his date night with his wife. Tune in for some great tips, both personal and professional, from one of the most respected marketers in the digital media industry.


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Episode 63: Stephan Spencer on Top SEO Blog Mistakes, Social Media Power User Hacks and Sticky Posts

Stephan, founder of Netconcepts, an SEO agency in Wisconsin joins Susan live in the studio to help listeners increase their blog visibility. Stephan is a master SEO expert and he shares the top mistakes we make on our blogs that prevent us from having the best organic search rankings possible. He breaks the issues into three categories: inbound links, internal links and content. Hear what you can do easily to get more blog traffic including creating good Link Bait as a strategy for visibility. And if you do not have a technical bone in your body, find out how you can hire a business blog consultant to just "take care of it" for you. 

Suz and Stephen also discuss SEO PR and Social Media PR and what really works vs. what is a waste of energy. Stephan demystifies StumbleUpon and gives some power user advice for more fully leveraging LinkedIn. Stephen's excellent blog posts also give you more detail about all these issues - so read on after he sets the stage on DishyMix.


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Episode 62: Paul Woolmington, Naked Communications on Brilliant Misfits, Integrated Marketing Communications, Mountain Gorillas and Titanium Lions

Meet Paul, an advertising agency veteran now at hot NY firm, Naked Communications, who preaches the benefits of transmedia communications planning. Along with his tag team of "brilliant misfits" at Naked, he works with traditional and digital agencies to integrate business, marketing and communications planning to generate amazing work for Coca Cola, Nokia, Sony, Nike, J&K, Google the Gap and more. 

From his roots as worldwide media director of Ammerati, Puris Lintas to worldwide chief strategic officer of Y&R and the Media Edge to his role as Chairman and CEO of Media Kitchen he's been espousing media neutrality for decades. Find out what makes Naked, an agency with no ties to buying media, building sites or producing TV commercials, unique as a strategic partner for so many big agencies and brands.

Paul as also expanded the events at the Cannes International Advertising Festival in myriad ways including running the inaugural Media Lions jury in '99, speaking to the Young Lions about IMC and judging the Titanium Lions this year. Like the ad:tech Industry Achievement Awards founded by Suz for the digital marketing world, Paul is tireless in expanding what Cannes means for our industry.

Then go deeper as Suz plies Paul's past. Born in Uganda, famed for the Mountain Gorillas and near Lake Victoria, Kenya and Tanzania, Paul lived under Idi Amin's rule in the 70's in what's called "the pearl of Africa." Get some insight into what it was like to be raised in Africa and how it has impacted Paul's life. 

One of the best connected agency exec's in the business, Paul Woolmington has a twist on advertising that bears considerable thought. He's a man ahead of his time and full of ideas for the industry. Tune in and be impressed.


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Episode 61: Pete Blackshaw on Expression Platforms, Digital Detox and the Love Spot

Pete Blackshaw has a new book out, numerous blogs and he's tracking the online reputations and conversations of some of the world's biggest brands. Listen as Pete lays out the "3 Truths" for flourishing in marketing today. Customers want the emotional gratification of being heard, and it's our job to support that need. Pete gives us ways we can both listen and respond to our customers as consumer and b2b companies.

Once you hear Pete talk you'll be hooked. He's elegantly articulate. His turn of phrase is a delight. We range from Talk Triggers and Complaint Icebergs to Brand Association Maps and Expression Platforms.  Pete gives great examples of "passionista communities" and promises his favorite list of consumer-generated and community experts for the DishyMix blog. As always, Suz reads the book so you don't have to. Just get all the goodness from Pete's book," Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000: Running a Business in Today's Consumer-Driven World" by listening to this show.

And it wouldn't be DishyMix without those personal questions. Get to know Pete's dreams including what his bigger life plans may be and if he could clone himself, what Pete would do with twice the time.


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Episode 60: Mary Brown, JWT BOOM on Boomer Archetypes, Seasoned Sexuality and the "Club Sandwich Generation"

Meet Mary Brown, Partner, Strategy and Insight at JWT BOOM, and expert in the Baby Boomer generation. Mary has co-authored (with Carol Orsborn) the definitive book on Boomers called "BOOM: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer - The Baby Boomer Woman." On this episode, she closes the gap on what we collectively know about Boomers with the latest research and insight into this all-powerful demographic.

LiveWire: The Summit is an annual Boomer marketing conference that JWT BOOM (a subsidiary of J. Walter Thompson) produces annually. On DishyMix, she updates us on the key takeaways from some of the most interesting presentations at the recent event. Find out what Gene Cohen, behavioral scientist has to say about "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What is Aging After All?" Jonathan Pontell's insights into the Generation Jones cohort and Richard Adler's "Boomer's the Next 30 Years" also give us some new data to consider.

Mary talks about new Boomer findings, generational influences, the continued importance of understanding lifestage events and how to craft your message to archetypal Boomer segments: Conventional, Transitional and Aspirational profiles.

We talk about Seasoned Sexuality, the new blossoming Boomer woman, as well as the Boomer's search for meaning, significance and contribution and how that can be leveraged with brands, services and the appropriate positioning.

Get more detail with the ThirdAge/JWT BOOM study: "Boomers and Social Networking" and a Boomer Trends Study "Boomers: The Next 20 Years Map of Future Landscape Affecting Boomers" by the Institute for the Future in the Related Links on the right side of this page.


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Episode 59: Alex Bogusky of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky on Culture Jamming, Hermie the Pygmy Elephant and Telling the Subservient Chicken to Go "Pluck" Himself
Meet Alex Bogusky, darling of the advertising world. He's loved not just because he's cuter than Jackson Browne. Or because he's cooler than Laird Hamilton. But because his campaigns have simultaneously delighted us while screwing with our minds. From The BK Subservient Chicken to Mini "Transformers" to Virgin Atlantic's Jetrosexuals campaign, Alex and his more than 900 employees have consistently captivated us and raised the bar by artfully combining publicity with branding.

Hear Alex deny awareness about the YouTube satires that poke fun of him. (I don't believe it for a second!) He gives opinions about "the death of TV" and how to use social media. He waxes poetic about the importance of account people in making campaigns pay off and how to hire and care for people with "imagination."

He talks about the lure of P.T. Barnum's marketing strategies and how a stuffed, pygmy elephant became the company's mascot. And Suz must know...what is the ratio of smutty requests (I know you are thinking of a few ideas right now) for the Subservient Chicken vs. sweet requests like "River Dance" or "flap your wings?" Find out on the show and get the Easter Egg command to make something unusual get revealed in the Chicken clip on my blog at

After being on the cover of Fast Company, all DishyMix listeners wanted to know about the Microsoft account status. But listeners went beyond asking questions about making Microsoft cool and gave their opinions about how to manage the opportunity - now that CP+B has a tidy $300 million to work with... Find out what everyone is asking -- and what Alex plans to do to "coolify Microsoft."

This is a relaxed yet insightful interview with a man who has done as much to change the face of advertising as those Mad Men from the '60s. And he's giving away CP+B swag to DishyMix listeners. Do you want a Hoopla bike shirt? Listen in to hear how you can get the goods. more.

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Episode 58: Peter Shankman, "Hottest Male Blogger," on How To Help A Reporter, Outrageous PR Stunts and Adrenaline Addiction

Peter Shankman turned a Facebook group into the hottest PR service ever - This service connects reporters to sources via social media, easing the friction between the PR and journo world. It's free. And you should subscribe. Who doesn't want free press coverage opportunities in your email inbox every day?

Hear Peter's story about how he "invented" his Profnet killer. And hear how he channels his ADHD into creativity on behalf of his clients at GeekFactory, his NY PR firm. A clever man, Peter has shared his strategies for creating and implementing PR stunts, for which he's professionally famous. His book, "Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work and Why Your Company Needs Them," is chock full of great examples and practice "how-t's." Peter's DishyMix advice comes in three easy bullet points. First, break out of the norm when you're brainstorming. Second, start with the outcome when planning a PR stunt. Finally, know part of the process is that you must befriend the "stoppers." Peter tells us how to effectively evoke great creative ideas and then get traction with a PR stunt that drives business strategically.

This food-loving, angst-ridden Jewish boy from NY embues his blog, Twitters and email messages with personality galore. He follows Rohit Bhargava's (author of "Personality Not Included) advice to get beyond authenticity to personality. Embue he does. All kinds of antics are a normal part of this triathalete, sky diver, stunt puller's life and he shares them freely. That's why he's engendered such a fan base. Because he is raucous, opinionated, self-deprecating and fun, fun, fun. From the moment this interview starts you'll be chuckling along as Suz and Peter make lots of fun of his newest moniker, "Hottest Male Blogger," awarded the day the episode was recorded. 

You'll learn. You'll laugh. Oh, and call your mother.


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Episode 57: Ori Brafman, Author of "Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior" on Purchase Psychology, Interview Insights and Employee Incentives

Ori will change the way you think about the way you think. Sway is an insightful book on a personal and professional level. In this interview, Ori regales us with story after story of "typical irrational behavior" and artfully applies it to:

1) Insight for marketers into purchase psychology.
2) How to leverage the power of beauty.
3) How to hire the right person, not just the person you like.
4) How to find and work with a winning therapist.
5) Managing your VC as an entrepreneur.
6) Incentivizing employees for pleasure vs. altruism.
7) Becoming an expert in challenging authority in your organization.
8) The 4 personality types it takes to make good decisions.

This fast paced and entertaining interview will help you overcome "the diagnosis bias," "loss aversion," "value attribution," "commitment issues" and the "chameleon effect." You are suffering from many of these scenarios in your daily life right now. Listening to this show and reading sway will help you overcome your biases, become a more rational decision-maker and have more success in your career and your personal life.

Powerful insights, packaged in a fun conversation make this a must listen episode of DishyMix.


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Episode 56: Rohit Bhargava, Author of "Personality Not Included" and 360 Degree Digital Influencer at Ogilvy PR

Are you faceless? Take a quiz from Rohit's new book, "Personality Not Included." You can rate the personality of your brand, determine areas of weakness and get techniques to shore it up.

According to Rohit, authenticity is only part of the story -- it's personality that is the macrotrend. Does your brand have a "backstory?" Are you leveraging your "accidental spokesperson?" Learn techniques on this episode to bring your company's personality to life, including "Useful," "Sensory," "Insider," and "Participatory" marketing strategies.

Full of analogies from Innocent Drinks in the UK to Mr Lucky's in Vegas to FlyerTalk from Starwood, you'll get specific ideas you can meld to your brand to deepen your customer's connection and experience and with which you can seduce your prospects more effectively.

Rohit, blogger, speaker and coiner of the concept "Social Media Optimization (SMO)," shares his favorite read, "The Alchemist," his top picks for most amazing people in the Web 2.0 world and a bit of his history.

Best of all, you can customize your "Masters of Personality" diploma from the "University of Authenticity" to decorate your office with some sassiness in documentation and showcase YOUR personality! Free certificate download when you listen to this episode. 


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Episode 55: John Battelle on Google's Mathmatical Equation, Acting Like a Media Company, Video Search and Having Lots of Dry Powder Part 2 of 2

John Battelle, considered an essential figure of the digital world, is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Federated Media Publishing. Hear John talk about being an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger, author and scaler of mountains. Susan puts John in the "guest chair" for this two part series. Make sure you hear part one, which is just as informed, thoughtful and entertaining.

John answers DishyMix listener questions from Steve Bustin, Advertising Revenue Consultant; Shea Park of; Brian Cowley of Ad Infuse; Michael Crosson of InsWeb; and Steven Comfort of YuMe.

Find out what excites and dissappoints John about Google's current business strategy. He gives his solution to information overload, video search and the mobile marketing opportunity. John reveals the true costs of video blogging. And listeners find out if John has plans to buy Technorati or relaunch Industry Standard. He also shares his going forward strategy for Federated Media now that he's raised a C Round ($50 million on a $200 million pre) from Oak Investment Partners. This is his "dry powder" and now he has plenty of it.  

At the end, Suz gets personal as John talks listeners through what it's like to go with him on a run up Mt. Tamalpais in Marin Valley, CA. He does this every day to shed toxins and stay fit. And he takes us to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, a music festival that he converted into a new project called Crowd Fire to support Outside Lands, a sort of Bonnaroo West in San Francisco August 22nd-24th. Crowd Fire is a  "digital campfire" where attendees can aggregate their Tweets, Flickr streams, You Tube videos and other assets from an event in a group environment. Can't wait to see how that looks!

If you like this amazing interview with John, please forward this episode to a couple of friends and help support Suz' goal to double her listener base by the end of the year. 


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Episode 54: John Battelle on The Conversation Economy, Hairy World Issues and High School Musicals Part 1 of 2.

John Battelle, considered an essential figure of the digital world, is an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger, author and truly masterful interviewer. Susan puts John in the "guest chair" for this two part series. John goes into detail about how the web has "infected the world," he shares his tips for being a master emcee, he explains what the Conversational Analysis Toolbox can do for marketers, and gives us a sneak preview into his ideas for the sequel to his highly-acclaimed first book "The Search." John also offers the cure for social networking fatigue and shares his sadness at the "enervation of Yahoo!" And that's just part one of a two part DishyMix!

John answers DishyMix listener questions from Steve Patrizi of LinkedIn; Tom Hespos of Underscore Marketing; Mario Faria of Accenture; Scot McLernon of Upstream Group's Habitat, Dominique of eCairne, Des McDonnell of Farille and Steve Bustin, a top Internet Revenue Consultant. 

The questions range from "How successful have you been in building conversation between advertisers and blog readers?" to "How should B2B marketers use conversational marketing?" to "How will advertisers benefit from using social networking as a channel to reach customers and prospects?" to "What's your perspective on the plethora of social network offerings?" and "Are you gonna go for the Yahoo! CEO position?"

John takes these questions in stride, gives pithy and actionable answers and still delivers key insights and strategic technological considerations you may have never even pondered, like the idea of opening Google's search algorithm -- creating a completely open search index and using "the force of many" entrepreneurs to create better forms of search. 

Then look through the Battelle filter to find out what some of the most interesting Web 2.0 trends are, including "using the web as a platform for good," genomics, outer-space, health and world poverty. This wide-ranging interview will give you a lot to consider and it will make you feel great to be part of this industry.

If you like this juicy show, please forward this episode to a couple of friends and help Suz' double her listener base by the end of the year. 


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Episode 53: Charlene Li, author of Groundswell on Emotional Motivations and the 5 Objectives of Social Media

Charlene finally explains her oft-quoted prediction that "in the future, social media will be like air." Go with us to "Charlene Land" and hear how open social interoperability and the ubiquity of her social graph will change her life (and yours) for the better.  If you are in corporate America and need to address social media, this interview will give you direction. Groundswell helps corporations artfully solidify a rational strategy for social media engagement based on their customers' profile and their corporate mission.

Find out what emotional motivations cause you to participate in social media. Are you fueled by the hope that your altruistic impulses will pay off Karmically? Are you in need of validation? Do you have the prurient impulse to seek other's exhibitionism for your personal pleasure? Or are you succumbing to social pressure from your friends?

You'll enjoy seeing not only where you fit in the emotional landscape of social media, but where you fit on the ladder of participation. This is what Forrester calls the Social Technographics Profiles. And there's a tool on the Groundswell blog that you can use to understand the profile of your customer base so you can choose the right applications and technologies to satisfy your business needs. Find out: are you a spectator, a joiner, a collector, a critic or a creator? Can you be more than one? Yes! It's a categorization, not a segmentation.  And Charlene gives us the secret to getting audiences to become active contributors. Charlene reveals the "Holy Grail" --  "What drives participation?"

Charlene and her co-author, Josh Bernoff have done an amazing job leveraging the blogger community for book reviews. Suz "retweets" a question from Jeffrey Philips of OVO and the Working Smarter blog review where Jeffrey asks "What are larger firms, who have concerns about disaggregated, third party solutions run by very small firms that may not be able to demonstrate longevity or the ability to manage critical, sensitive communications links to customers?" Charlene solves the question handily and it's great advice for any corporation who knows that they MUST get involved in the groundswell but is concerned about HOW to do it.

It wouldn't be DishyMix if we didn't get to know more about this "Woman to Watch" (according to AdAge) and her personal life. Hear about her favorite book (which Suz' likens to "business porn"), her secret, decadent pleasure and more on this actionable and entertaining episode. And, please forward this episode of DishyMix to one friend! (You'll hear why in the show.)


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Episode 52: Jon Swartz, USA Today Tech Journo and Author of "Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cybercrooks Steal Your Money."

I was most interested in having Jon on DishyMix to talk about "the day in the life" of a leading tech journo. His beat, social media, the Silicon Valley power players (like Google, Y! et al) and cyber crime are a fascinating stew in the world of what's happening right this second.

Jon wrote, "Zero Day Threat," which I assumed to be a geek boy's tech novella. Wrong! This book is fascinating. I would have NEVER thought to read it if Jon wasn't coming on the show. I got hooked in. 

Jon and his co-author, Byron Acohido, also a USA Today reporter, did an amazing job exploding the heinous business of cybercrime. You go in the gutter with Canadian meth addicts and their dumpster-diving, mail stealing abuses all the way to Russian data theft cells and warehouses full of laptops and electric guitars. You learn about mules and re-shippers, the skimmers and botnets and all the amazing online and offline criminal activities that now comprise a $200 billion, lemme say that again, a two hundred billion dollar business that rivals money-laundering and drugs!

Why are banks are enabling this crime? How do the scams work? What can you do to protect yourself? Jon lays out the best precautions with sage advice.  

And it wouldn't be a DishyMix if we didn't talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Jon's favorite book, "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls" covers the 70's in Hollywood. From urine-flinging (yes, pee) to porn stars to LSD-fueled swan dives and psychotherapy sessions in hot tubs, this book chronicles what Jon believes is the best era in movie-making.

This is a not-to-be-missed episode beautifully balances mind expansion with silliness and a soupçon of cautionary tales. Join in to get the vibe of this legendary tech reporter, Jon Swartz.


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Episode 51: Andy Beal, author of "Radically Transparent" on Creating Your Personal Brand, 26 DIY Reputation Management Freebies and Twitter as Mentor

Andy debuted "Radically Transparent," his book on online reputation management, this March. He said writing it pushed his edge harder than anything he's done so far in his life. It shows. This is a great book, chock full of step-by-step instructions and applicable examples that culminates in a "7 Step Action Plan" to execute your strategic goals for creating, understanding, managing, growing and if necessary, repairing the online reputation of you and/or your company.

Andy balances his advice with both personal and professional wisdom. From offering a "how to develop your personal brand" with "DIY reputation monitoring" for the guerilla marketer in all of us to more business-oriented objectives including the specific steps to execute a social media-optimized press release and how to leverage a videogenic CEO.

One of the gems of this interview is Andy's explicit instructions for targeting top bloggers in your space with your story. How can you tell who the best bloggers are for your news? Which bloggers might be interested in covering you? The secret in finding your most aligned targets is through the beauty of cross-tabbing data-points. Compare blog site traffic on Get a vibe for "citations" and the level of respect a blogger engenders from traditional media by checking if they've been quoted via Google News. Use Google Search to see which bloggers rank for your target keywords and phrases. Check the number of in-bound links a blogger gets and from whom they get them on Yahoo! Site Explorer. Type in your keywords and phrases and sort by "Authority" on Technorati. These are just some of the ideas Andy gives for helping you get your arms around the tricky process of targeting bloggers as a media channel.

Andy does a marvelous job explaining his new service, Trackur, which is like Google Alerts on anti-oxidant, pomegranate infused martinis. (Yum!) With Trackur's online reputation tracking technology you can keep track of any web content that mentions your name. Not just your personal name, but your executives, your company brands, and even your competition. And instead of filling up your inbox with Alerts, you get an optional dashboard, filters and all kinds of trend analysis.

Twitter - what would DishyMix be without a mention of Twitter and/or Facebook?  Andy leverages the collective knowledge or "crowd sourcing" of his 2,500 followers to learn about the market, test his ideas and promote his book and blog, MarketingPilgrim. Then he wraps up the show by taking us on a mental tour of his favorite spot in Hawaii. Sigh. I can feel the tropical air brushing my skin right now.


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Episode 50: Sean X. Cummings on Lateral Thinking, Social Networking Implants and the Buddhism of Advertising

In this 50th celebratory episode of DishyMix on Personal Life Media, enjoy this live, in-studio interview with bon vivant Sean X. Cummings.

Sexy, funny, informative, irreverent, and serious, this interview with Sean reveals a man who has struggled with the dichotomy of advertising and his sacred soul. Trip along Sean's career path from agency guy working on Nike, MSNBC, Miller and Corona beer, Hyatt and American Airlines to client-side marketer at American Express and A free agent now, Sean gives us his filters for deciding what a good career move might be in today's market. Find out what he thinks are the hot digital up and comer categories and why start ups may not be worth the effort if work/life balance is your desire. Get advice if you are thinking about a career change. Discover why is the best venture-funded start up he knows and why he's driven to find ways to give back to the universe.

Life is what Sean desires, and as much of it as he can get. In his journey for the perfect woman with whom to have a "fully open hearted love" relationship, we check in and see what's keeping him busy on his quest. Hear about his favorite Pacific Coast Highway drives on his Ducati. Why he's not a great Buddhist, only a good one. (His favorite book to recommend is "Awakening the Buddha Within" by Lama Surya Das.) Find out what Sean learned recovering from a nearly fatal stroke that left him without speech or motor skills and how it changed his life. One thing Sean realized is that chicks do not dig a man who drools... Hmmm...that's enough motivation right there!

Oh yes, and the "X." Of course I got the story on that. And you can read Sean's column, The X Factor, on iMedia Connection.

Tune in to hear some crazy stuff  in this no holds barred, very personal interview where we weave from "WiFi Thighs" to Social Media PR to how to be a fantastic father.


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Episode 49: Jason Heller, Laredo Group on Synchronicity, Digital Natives and Swimming with Hammerheads

Jason Heller is a guy who just wants to give back. He wants to tell you everything he knows about digital media buying and selling. He wants to show you the beauty of sharks through his underwater photography so they will stop getting harvested for soup. He wants to live a life of honesty and humbleness to set an example for the world. Jason Heller is a cool guy, living an amazing life that perfectly suits him.

Life wasn't always this great for Jason. He's had some hard knocks, and made some questionable decisions he's regretted - temporarily. But he's believed in synchronicity since he called it "the power of positive thinking" in high school.

When Jason is fulfilling his duties as EVP at Laredo Group, a training company that teaches digital media to online buyers and sales pros, he trains the biggest agencies in the business --- all the names you'd know. Jason gets pure pleasure from sharing his 12 years of agency experience with those he trains, now that he's sold his agency, Mass Transit, to Horizon Media. Jason beautifully balances dual careers, the first - training. His "other" career is underwater photography. 

Learn about Jason's axiom, his mentors, and his travels to Southeast Asia. Learn the subtle differences between Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Hear the story of how he swam with and photographed more than 1,000 hammerhead sharks. (see the photo on the DishyMix blog) and catch Jason's deep thinking on his blog, The Digital Blur, where you can also see his Columbian Drug Lord Alter Ego caricature.

This is a heart warming and entertaining episode of DishyMix. Learn how Jason gets the work/life balance just right. And you can too.


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Episode 48: Annette Tonti, CEO of MoFuse on Connected Intelligence, Raising Venture Funding and Mobilizing Your Blog

Get great advice from industry icon, Annette Tonti, founder of Blue Streak who is launching her second digital media company, MoFuse. The 122 million blogs worldwide make perfect "media snacking" content to view from your phone. Annette is helping bloggers make their blogs "phone ready," tracking readers and monetizing the content via the mobile channel.

Annette says women start businesses at two times the rate of men but don't have easy access to significant venture money. Hear her story of raising capital - almost $30 million in funding. Get advice on how to lead, not react, to the market with your business planning and why that's a must.

Susan and Annette talk about mentoring and the right steps to getting advice from those you most respect. These helpful tips and specific ideas will help you get the kind of advice you need from those most well suited to give it to you -- the post powerful and successful people in their category.

Annette weighs in on the state of the climate crisis and her experience getting trained by Al Gore's team on his climate project. She shares the axiom by which she leads her life by quoting Frank Lloyd Wright -- a "power of intention" discussion ensues...

The end of the show gets into the future of social media. What does the world look like when we're past Open Social? Hear Annette's concept of the "social media engine" and "connected intelligence."

Another Dishy episode full of wisdom, laughs and happenings on the rocky road of life.


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Episode 47: Author Joe Pine on the Principles of Influential Authenticity, The Experience Economy and Phoniness Generating Machines

Meet Joe Pine, co-author of a Time magazine cover story "Synthetic Authenticity" heralding his latest book "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want." In a world where everything seems fake and we've reached a "toxic level of inauthenticity," Joe steers us forward as marketers, helping us render our brands authentic in a world where advertising is a "phoniness generating machine."

Joe breaks down the reasons why as a culture we crave more authentic experiences and how we self-actualize through consumption. You'll get a view into our culture and our needs as humans. Joe even rates Personal Life Media as a brand and talks about going beyond creating experiences to creating transformations with our products and services.

Listen to this episode, then go back and listen to Patricia Martin, author of "RenGen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Means to Your Business" on a recent DishyMix. The two dovetail beautifully and help determine how we should position our brand in today's market.


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Episode 46: Gina Bianchini, Ning CEO on Top Tips for Attracting Members to Social Networks, Viral Expansion Loops and Listener Love

Gina ("bee-yon-kini") has recently rocked the social media world with the valuation she's created ($60 mil on a $500 mil pre) at Ning. A white label social network platform, Ning has over a quarter of a million implementations ranging from "Hip Hop Is Us" to "Powerful Intentions: The Law of Attraction," taking long-tail passions to a whole new level of interaction. A number of these groups sport members over 100,000 strong!

DishyMix listeners sent in nearly 50 questions in a single day for Susan to pose to Gina in this interview. This episode is dedicated to the active DishyMix audience who want to know about the Ning platform, monetization, how to create a successful network, the enterprise space and of course, personal questions about Gina.*

On this eipsode, Gina describes the power of "viral expansion loops," how best to attract members to a social network, social media monetization and how she handles being called a "high tech hottie."

Tune in to learn more about this recent Fast Company magazine cover story CEO.

*Gina shares her Chicken Fajita recipe (the magic is in the marinade) and a list of developers who specialize in business integration of the Ning platform on the DishyMix blog at


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Episode 45: Vince Thompson on Being an Ignited Middle Manager, Universe Maps, The Bigger Yes and Your Personal BOD

Meet Vince Thompson, online celebrity host of Dog & Pony show, author of "Ignited: Managers, Light Up Your Company and Career for More Power, More Purpose and More Success," and founder of Middleshift, a consulting company that helps Internet companies build sales and biz dev teams to drive online ad revenue.

If you are NOT the CEO, this show is for you. Vince tells us how to be successful in our current organization. You will understand your manager's implicit and explicit needs so you manage to your boss' universe. You'll learn how to close the relationship gap with the cross-functional peers in your company and how to effectively lead in highly-matrixed and decentralized organizations. 

You'll learn the dangers of "pot-banging" and how to engage "cave people" as well as the "committed" and "compliant."  Vince will help you understand not just the power of networking but why people network and what people need from you. You'll learn about The Bigger Yes and why "F-U money" can be just a state of mind and still work.

Enjoy figuring out your workplace archetype. Are you the process master? The link maker? The translator? The scout? And follow Vince's 5-Step Program to True Balance. It's easy and holds you accountable in a refreshing way. 

Even if you hate your current job (50% of middle managers do!) Vince will show you how to have more power, more purpose and more success. You'll understand what your "value proposition" is, and more importantly, so will those above, below and beside you. This is the best DishyMix EVER if you are working your way up in the world. Tune in, pass it along and get out your pencil. You're going to want to take notes!


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Episode 44: Bratton Revealed: DishyMix Host Susan Shares Her Rocky Patches, Self-Promotion Tips and Her Allure with Your Personal Life

On this episode, I bring listeners up to speed on how I weave together running a start up, sitting on boards, co-managing an industry association and producing my own weekly audio show and companion blog, DishyMix. If you think about me only in the context of ad:tech, or only know me from DishyMix, or only know me as the Vice Chair of the Association for Downloadable Media, read on. 

I'm one busy girl and take a moment on my own show to share my work and a few of my personal travails -- not to self-aggrandize -- but to encourage you to step up in a way that works for you.

This show includes:
·      Running 21st Century Mom & Pop Shop
·      Intimacy, Connection and Honesty in Marriage
·      Promoting Myself Through Social Media
·      Serving on Board of Directors/Advisors
·      How to Give Back to Your Industry
·      Indulging My Passion for Exploring the Personal Power of the Famous People in Our Industry

I'm driven to connect with people. My "special purpose" is to divine the unique talents and value that an individual offers and to want to support, promote and celebrate that. That's why I do my weekly DishyMix show - I want to find out what drives the titans of our industry and how they've leveraged their capabilities to create their success. My aim is to help others model success through the insights I can uncover in my interviews. 

In nearly every episode of DishyMix my guests repeatedly offer slight variations on two themes that are their secret to success. First, "no regrets." Simply, don't look back. Don't focus on what you've done, focus on where you are going. Secondly, take the risk. Every time they've taken the risk, they've ultimately prospered. Playing it safe doesn't pay off for these winners.

I am taking my guests' advice. I've taken the risk to launch a new company, Personal Life Media, with my husband. That's a double risk: launch a start up AND do it with your spouse! But I love it and believe we have massive potential for aggregating an important audience of "cultural creatives" driving the "renaissance generation" as well as the ability to deliver technology of great interest to a publisher who just can't move as fast as we, a nimble Web 2.0 start up.  It's both a lifestyle company and a potentially appealing acquisition.  

Perhaps more interestingly, you'll hear the story of my nearly failed marriage and the abject pain that drove me to the changes I had to make in my life. This "work" resulted in a re-bonding to my husband so strong it would have been painful to drive away from him to go to a job everyday. We started Personal Life Media together to give voice to the roster of experts in personal growth and relationship who reconnected us to a depth we never thought possible. We have the intimate connection everyone wants and few know how to achieve.

On Personal Life Media we have created a platform of shows that provide a depth and authenticity about relationships, consciousness and connection that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Truly special content - I encourage you to check it out.

It's also been risky to launch an industry association (ADM) and drive standards in an industry (podcasting) fraught with rugged individualists who prefer to defy authority and cleave to few. Luckily I'm surrounded in call cases by amazing partners.

I've taken risks to join boards of fledgling start ups and support them in needs ranging from sales training and sales team organization and motivation, product positioning, pricing, business modeling, strategic planning, market positioning, naming, branding, ID, market segmentation, persona creation, messaging matrices, PR strategies and plans, new business launches and my most esoteric but best skill, CEO encouragement and support. Some of the companies with which I'm currently engaged include ZEDO, NewsForce, (800) FREE-411, Merchant Circle, Collarity, Powered and a new stealth start up founded by one of my heros, Tony Robbins, called My Vision One. 

And on this show, I celebrate more ways to give back, beautifully illustrated by this year's ad:tech Limelight Award "Industry Achievement" Winners: Rich LeFurgy, Archer; Kate Thorp, Real Girls Media and Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Buzz Metrics.

Jump in. Get involved. Bring your talents to industry associations, industry events and conferences through sharing what you know, selflessly blog great information for the rest of us to model, mentor someone coming up through the ranks, serve on a board, or take a page out of an Industry Achievement winner's play book. It's time to step up.

And if my show helps enrich your thinking, will you forward it to a friend or colleague? I'm trying to double my audience and I welcome your support.
If we're not connected on LinkedIn or Facebook, send me a request! 

And will you take my listener survey? It's anonymous, takes less than 5 minutes and helps me with my sponsors. You know how important market data is!

Thanks again for listening. I really appreciate your precious time. Let me know any comments or ideas you have about DishyMix. I am in service to you.


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Episode 43: Mark Silva, Real Branding on Consolidating Social Maps, the "New School" of Beer and the Connected Agency

Meet Mark Silva, managing director of independent San Francisco interactive agency Real Branding. Mark is an ad veteran, social media geek, beer maven and painter to name just a few of his dalliances. Real Branding artfully blends the innovative perspective of digital pioneers with the business rigor of a buttoned-up agency. The company occupies an old can factory in the up and coming "Dogpatch" area of San Francisco. Beer is where it all started for Real Branding. Mark is a beer maven, having tasted over 2,500 brews. He started in 1994 and soon picked up a number of local micro-brew clients for digital marketing. He's parlayed his experience in the adult beverage business into one of the hottest independent shops in the country, managing digital brand strategy for such stellar names as ABC/Disney, Anheuser Busch, Darden Restaurants, ESPN, HBO, Pepsi's Lipton partnership and Unilever.

Mark talks about who he follows in the agency world to keep up with the industry and how he does it. Find out his Twitter strategy, how he creates and manages his blog, and his take on social media. Mark says "every agency should include customers' social maps as an agency best practice." Clearly Real Branding is taking market segmentation and persona development to a new level.

Susan and Mark discuss an online video by Loic Le Meur, the CEO of video site Seesmic. Seesmic lets you record video right from your computer's camera in your browser and then uploading it to your Seesmic account, your blog or your website.  In Episode #115 on, Loic quotes a NY Times writer who says "if the news is important, it will find me." It's a remarkable video that shows how much the manner in which we consume news content is changing. Loic's point being that if it's relevant to him, the information will come to him via one of his feeds and that he no longer must go to news sites as news comes to him.  This is a big, directional demarcation point in the evolution of the web that did not go undetected by Mark. Mark is a watchdog for these shifts, informing his client strategies through these insights. 

On this episode, you also learn about the "New School of Beer" where the Americans are making funky, yeasty beers in Chardonnay and Pinot casks that even the Belgians are imitating. Mark gives his a complete list of what to buy (Dogfish Head, Allagash) and where to find the rare bottlings on the blog. Find out what Mark's "greatest truth" is about marriage. Learn about his holy grail of the liberation that comes from getting beyond fear, and why it's so important in the sphere of loving and being loved. And speaking of love, Mark talks about rediscovering his love of painting. You can see some of his work on the DishyMix blog, including some photos from his Flickr stream. 

This show has some great insights, ideas and recommendations from a man you will hear more and more about in the future. Get to know Mark Silva on this episode of DishyMix.


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Episode 42: Doug Weaver, Upstream Group on Digital Media Sales Talent, Faustian Bargains and the Advertising Revenue Shortfall

This episode is for anyone dependent on direct sales teams for revenue in the digital media and technology sales industry. According to Doug, the market has radically shifted -- TWICE. Have YOU adjusted your business culture, operations, staffing and revenue expectations to the way the market is NOW? 

Do you understand the difference between ad networks and ad exchanges? If you don't. Now you must.

Do you know why the online media market numbers took a big dump in Q407 and Q108? Do you know why they are predicted to be low in the first half of '08 and are you prepared? Do you know how to prevent your company's revenue from bottoming out?

Find out what Doug calls "the network effect." In this case it's not good. But you can counteract it by training your team to be "Digital Sellers 3.0."  Doug tells you how in this helpful show. Is your sales team set up to fail? How can you affect a turn around to a consultative sales/ How do you change your staff from "RFP Order Takers" to early-cycle strategic big-deal sellers? How do you differentiate yourself through your sales people and staunch the tide of commoditization of online media?

Doug gives you a clear path to success, rather than expecting you to make a Faustian bargain for change. This is one of the most actionable, helpful shows ever done on DishyMix to truly affect your business, your revenue and your future. Tune in. Learn. Change. Go!


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Episode 41: Sarah Fay, CEO, Carat USA and Isobar US on Corporate Sustainability, African Safari and Managing Billions in Media Integration

Get to know Sarah Fay, media strategist, tech enthusiast, super-connector and knitting mama. Sarah is responsible for a cross-functional team of media professionals that manage billions of dollars in combined TV, print, outdoor and digital media for brands including Nikon, Adidas, Reebok, Stolichnaya, Pfizer, Microsoft, RadioShack, Wachovia and Electronic Arts. She shares her experience creating the Isobar global network with Nigel Morris that grew their holdings from 200 to 2,600 interactive experts. She talks about the strong and charismatic team that they put together and how they sustain individualism in their corporate culture.

The Carat/Isobar culture also supports sustainability with a focus on green corporate governance both for themselves and how sustainability can be integrated with media for their clients. She also describes her personal investment in Greener World Media, a leading voice in creating green standards for companies whom she says is "on fire!"

Sarah says "What differs now from 10 years ago is that strategy development starts with a new question: What do we want the consumer to do -- not what do we want the consumer to see." Sarah talks about how this statement manifest in her day to day business and showcases examples of some of her recent work to underscore her meaning. The Adidas Brotherhood campaign connected the media experience through mobile, using "interior moments" in the game of basketball to create connection to and intimacy with the Adidas brand through mobile short-code inspirational messages from Kevin Garnett, NBA player for the Boston Celtics.  She also shares the Web 2.0 experience created for Nikon as a content management system that allows the content to grow and change and talks about the TV shows created for Reebok and distributed on Yahoo! and the gay and lesbian community targeted show for Stoli vodka.

Sarah, youngest of five, whose parents - married for 60 years - are in their mid-eighties, is very close with her family. Hear Sarah and Suz sing the eponymous song from The Roches, a girl group they both love and whom Sarah and her sisters are on their way to see. Then find out about Sarah's upcoming trip to Victoria Falls and the Okavanko Delta on Safari with her family.

A beautiful blend of the personal and professional (the DishyMix goal!) this show will delight and inspire you as you get to know Sarah Fay, one of the most important executives and women of leadership in the media landscape.


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Episode 40: Julie Roehm, Firebrand, Press Icon, F500 Marketer and Change Agent on The Importance of Culture

Dance The Night Away
Have you seen her? So fine and pretty
Fooled me with her style and ease
And I feel her from across the room
Yes, it's love in the third degree
Ooh, baby baby
Won't-cha turn your head my way?
Ooh, baby baby
Ah come on! Take a chance
You're old enough to
Dance (Dance) the night away
Whoa-oh (Ah) Come on g-girl, dance the night away
---- Van Halen


What in the world is Julie Roehm? The Mad Ave Scandal with Wal-Mart is reconciled and she's cranking out progressive marketing strategies for client after client at her consultancy, /META, Llc. Still living in Arkansas with her husband and two sons (want to buy a nice house in Bentonville?), she's flying around the country working on projects as diverse as a media platform for Sports Illustrated to a project for a real-estate developer who rubs elbows with a Sultan from Dubai. Julie talks about some of her career highlights at Chrysler and Ford and gives solid advice about managing one's career reputation - lessons she learned the hard way. 

Never one to lead a small life, Julie tells us about her helicopter flight to book Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler for a Dodge sponsorship, her work with Jack Nassar at Ford launching the Focus and how she ended up in a magnificent parlor room at the Wynn Hotel high above Vegas where she called in for the interview. She and Suz talk about her favorite band, Van Halen and the tour with David Lee Roth that's happening now. Here's what else is happening now - Julie Roehm - she's picked up the pieces from the Wal-Mart debacle and she's back out, creating progressive marketing that pushes the edge of the world as we know it. Thank you, Julie. You walked through the fire and emerged with vision, energy and grace.


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Episode 39: Rafe Needleman, Editor-at-Large of C|Net's Webware Site on "Rafe's Fav's," Being Happy and Brilliant Web Aps.

Rafe Needleman, chief blogger, tech dweeb, new daddy, and ardent Twitterer has the best job in tech editorial. For a living, he gets to play with all the latest mash-ups and web applications and levy his opinion. Reviews editor turned web aps expert, Rafe and team have turned Webware into a black hole of fun. It sucks you in. The variety of applications is amazing. Entertainment, mapping, networking, media, search and tons of other categories have reviews of all the latest web applications for your fun and enjoyment. Plus he keeps you up with the Web 2.0 side of media machinations.

Rafe talks about his "conference strategy," since he must attend so many events. He shares his life lessons learned from interviewing more than 1,000 start-up CEO's during the dot-com bubble. Suz and Rafe talk about the best applications for robots and their impression of the Roomba/Scooba "janitorial" robots. Rafe bemoans the role of "player-coach" saying "When I'm the boss, I miss doing daily work (like writing)." "When I am a writer, I miss being the boss." "Therefore, I am never happy. Ask my wife, she'll back me up on that."

Rafe talks about "martini abominations," the book he as most given as a gift called "The Baron in the Trees," a book he wrote when he was 14 years old about Star Trek, being a hobby catalog and gadget lover, the time Suz scared him at the Web2 Summit ;), his exactitude at delivering exactly 200 words a day for two years for his "Catch of the Day" column and whether his "Make Hay-dar" is finely tuned.  Tune in to this episode of DishyMix to get the full flavor of the entrepreneurial spirit driving the Silicon Valley and the man that reports on it.


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Episode 38: Seth Godin, Leader of the New Marketing Movement on Authenticity, Google Dicing and Orange Rubber Squids

Business Week calls him "the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age." Meet Seth Godin, author of 10 seminal books on marketing including his latest, "Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?" Best known for his NY Times and WSJ bestseller "Purple Cow" and for coining the phrases ideavirus and permission marketing, Seth shares with Susan the 14 trends no marketer can afford to ignore including authenticity, atomizing the world, the impact of infinite channels, the end of the advertising "big idea" and how to manage the "new gatekeepers."  Meatball Sundae is more than a marketing book, it permeates business strategy entirely.  From spreading your ideas via the web rather than your mass advertising to understanding that you are now in the business of "soft qualities" to create differentiation, Seth gives actionable advice you can use to rethink your business strategy today.

Seth talks about the best thing about living right here and right now, his best tips for making a powerful presentation and how social networking will evolve. He shares the one book he's most recommended to his friend and one of the books that has changed his life and why "The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional & Personal Life by Ben Zander. You'll end this show with hope and action items that will drive your life and your career forward in a powerful way.


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Episode 37: Eric Maisel on Creativity, Life Purpose, Blog Tours and Sleep Thinking

Meet Eric Maisel, Author, Podcaster, Creativity Coach & Meaning Expert. Susan and Eric talk about "being creative" and working with "creatives" in the Internet, media and agency world. As the author of "Fearless Creating," "Creativity for Life," "Sleep Thinking," and "Coaching the Artist Within," Eric intimately knows the intricacies of the personality of the "creative type." 

In this show, you learn about what makes someone "creative." And why it's important to have meaning in the work you do in order to avoid the existential crisis so common among those who are creative.

Eric sheds light on “creating and relating,” offering ideas about how to be an effective and productive creative person. He calls this “loving, knowing and doing.” Moreover he discusses the oft-combined creative streak coupled with depression issues we find in creative people. He proffers in his book, "Van Gogh Blues," the idea that depression in creative people most often comes not from biological, psychological or social issues, but rather, existential issues.

Dr. Maisel encourages all of us, creative or not, to “nominate ourselves as the hero on our own journey.” He emplores us to “get out of our cultural trance” and live our lives in a way that is personally meaningful and gratifying. That’s great advice for all of us. Especially when we’re on a fast-tracking treadmill in the Web 2.0 world. In his book and on the podcast, Eric shares some meaning statement examples. Ones he reads from his fans will make you shiver with their authenticity.

Last but not least, Eric describes the efficacy of a blog tour. He uses blog tours to promote his books in a very compelling manner and always sells out his first printing through the blog tour. This is an interesting concept that can be applied to promoting nearly any product and showcases the power of the blogosphere.

If you want to be more creative in your life, or if you work with or have friends or family members that are "creative types," this show will give you key insights into their personalities.

You might really enjoy Eric's shows on Personal Life Media: The Joy of Living Creatively: Tapping Your Innovation and Imagination and Purpose Centered Life: A Plan for Authentic Living.


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Episode 36: Patricia Martin, Author, RenGen and President, LitLamp Communications Group

"Now more than ever, selling everything will require that the product or service deliver incredible value. It should be truly useful, beautifully designed, well-constructed, emotionally relevant and convey a sense of altruism. Tall order, I know." -- Patricia Martin, Author "RenGen"

"Meet Patricia Martin, founder and President of LitLamp Communications, a consultancy focused on supporting brands in sponsorship of the arts and philanthropic programs. Patricia has just completed her second book, "RenGen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Mean to Your Business." It is an important book and a must read for marketers and agency professionals. It proffers a few important concepts for marketers. One, that the American culture is on the brink of another renaissance - wow! Patricia gives a parallel of the history leading up to the first Renaissance as compared to what's happening today with the Internet, climate crisis and the indie entertainment movement. Two, that there is a new psychographic cohort that is sophisticated in their expectation around brands who measures value through their preference for authenticity, aesthetics and design, self-determination and self-actualization called VIVIDS. And three, that marketers who are moving from a mass media mentality to a focus on imbuing their brand with or associating their brand with creativity and meaning will win the hearts of the VIVID's, an important and lucrative market segment.

"Hear Patricia tell the story of the Renaissance and how it fits into the map of our culture today. Get a description of the new VIVID profile. Understand the attributes of a "RenGenner." Hear Patricia's profile of a "creative" and find out what separates the "real" creatives from those who will toil without results. Enjoy examples of the 3 kinds of brands that will succeed in the future - "idea," "compassion" and "anxiety" brands such as Barak Obama, Starbucks, Kleenex, Hummer, Hilary Clinton, and FedX. Can you guess which are which? Learn about why "fusion" is now the standard for connecting with consumers and how activities such as "ritual" are important areas to watch. This show will give you a whole new way to think about persona marketing, target segmentation and the brand experience you are creating for your consumers.

"I highly recommend this book - it has further cemented my thinking about my target audience for Personal Life Media. I used to target "cultural creatives." Now I am taking the next step in appreciating my customers and integrating my learning about the RenGen and the VIVID profile. RenGen and Patricia Martin have already impacted my belief structures about this group of people and given me new and innovative ideas to continue to imbue my "indie brand," Personal Life Media with values that will mesh with my target. Thanks, Patricia, for this excellent book.


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Episode 35: Amy Powell, SVP Interactive Marketing - Paramount: Secret Crushes, Iron Chef & Movie Marketing

Amy Powell creates all world-wide digital marketing for Paramount Studios. Interfacing with film makers and studio executives on top grossers like Mission Impossible and War of the Worlds and cutting-edge technology offerings like Beowulf, she plans her multi-platform engagement strategy for a movie, sometimes years in advance.

Amy shares a bit of her movie budget planning, her career background and describes her internal team as well as her open door policy for anyone with talent and an innovative idea to make a movie a hit. The viral pre-launch campaign for Cloverfield with JJ Abrams may be her all-time best project and she shares her career learnings from CNN and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Get this movie studio executive's tips for the best all-time movies and her favorite TV shows. Find out on what two men she has a crush (besides her television-producer husband) - hint: they are both very large-headed and sport googley glasses.  Amy, a twin, offers her kooky side to us (thank you) by describing her office, her Iron Chef prepartion plans and her serious addition to chocolate.  

As always, this DishyMix episode delivers a fast-paced balance of insight and entertainment.


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Episode 34: Wenda Harris Millard, Martha Stewart Living on Intelligent Marketing, The Go-Go Days and Food Trends

Industry personality Wenda Harris Millard sits down with Susan to talk about her new role at MSLO, why she left Yahoo! and the heady days of launching an industry at DoubleClick. Wenda lays out sage career advice for those who really want to get ahead and talks about what she learned from her mentors in business. She tells us what one thing she'd change about the business world; defines her motto "Speed Kills;"  and explains why her MBA is not as important as her gut.

Wenda reviews the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia empire, showcases an example of an "intelligent marketing" program from Unilever's Dove pro.age, and talks about how Martha is a geek.  Now that she runs both editorial and advertising, Susan and Wenda discuss the fine line between product integration and shilling. She harks back to one of her favorite campaigns at Yahoo! where she was responsible for taking the sales team from $720 million in revenue to $6.5 billion in sales by "providing business solutions for marketers." Listen as she outlines the Nestle ProPlan dog food campaign that used behavioral modeling and database management to move share on a languishing brand.

Wenda regales us with two funny stories of the heady times at DoubleClick when there were thousands of people under 30 on her watch and the tricks they played on her. Then the conversation moves to food - one of DishyMix's most common themes. Wenda is cooking veal and artichoke stew; saffron rice; carrots salted just right and roasted pears with pepper and honey. Get the recipes at along with the recap of the Top 5 Trends in Food for '08. 

Wenda reveals herself like never before and brings her experience and stories to this not-to-be-missed interview.


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Episode 33: Adam Gerber, CMO Quantcast on The Soul of the Viewer and the Enablement Side

Meet Adam Gerber, now helping Quantcast, an upstart online audience measurement company get a seat at the table beside Nielsen, comScore, Alexa, Compete, Omniture and on.  Learn about "hybrid ratings" and why they make sense in understanding the soul of the consumer. Adam takes questions about metrics and the state of online video from listeners including John Durham of CatalystSF, Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution, Larry Everling, Mark Silva of RealBranding and Jed Savage of ScanScout.

Adam's career spans media planning and buying, a stint at AOL in the ad services group, a recent foray into online video at BrightCove and now his position at QuantCast. Learn how this once journalism/poli-sci major got into advertising and how he's transitioned from the buy side to the "enablement" side. Hear his biggest career mistake - leaving AOL in '97 before he vested and why he made the move. Get the story on how he helped build two of the industry's most progressive digital agencies, WPP's Digital Edge unit - now MEC Interaction (formerly known as MediaEdge: cia) and Publicis' MediaVest and his advice for serving on committees for those who are trying to continue the goal of standards for the industry.

Hear Adam's story of finding Sarah on JDate and how they broke it to their family. He's not just a mild-mannered nice Jewish boy who's good with numbers...he puts his analytical skills to the test in Vegas at the Black Jack tables and apparently has had some pretty good times in New Orleans and the Super Bowl! Then there's the story of the Hot Chicks, Video and Hot Chicks AND Video. Suz scares Adam with her verbiage - find out what it's all about and what it has to do with Adam. They do a final review of the books Adam wants to read, including Freakonomics, BlackSwan, I am American, And So Can You and Suz' shameless plug for her sponsor Audible has Adam convinced to sign up for the service. That will give him something to do on his bi-coastal commutes from NY to SF every other week for QuantCast! 

Adam Gerber has been a leader in the digital marketing space since it's inception. He's been an evangelist, a pioneer, spending solid budgets on digital media on behalf of his blue chip clients. He's a believer. He's amazingly smart. He's a great man and you'll enjoy knowing him better in this entertaining and informational interview. You'll grow. You'll learn. Enjoy!


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Episode 32: WOZ Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer on Inventing as Art, Philanthropy and the Spirit of Creativity Part 2 of 2

This is part two of a two part interview of Steve Wozniak, who personally invented the Apple I and II and launched Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976. Thirty years later he released his autobiography, "iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer, co-Founded Apple and Had Fun Doing It." Hear Susan get beyond the book and deeper than Google deets to explore one of the most generous and down-to-earth icons of Silicon Valley.  Hear how technology shaped his world view; why he believes inventors are like artists and what the greatest technical challenges are that face the current generation. Hear Steve's opinion on the "Technology Divide" (i.e. the so-called 'racial ravine') and how he adopted the Los Gatos school district, providing students and teachers with hands-on equipment. Find out what one gadget he'd take if he were marooned on an'll be surprised!

Uncover Steve's list of inventions. Hear what he'd say today to Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop who gave Apple their start with a $50,000 order. Find out what he learned in his 30s', 40's and now where his passion for technology stands today in his 50's. Discover the one thing that pushed him hardest in his life (so far) and which of his prestigious awards he most values. Find out about his wide-ranging philanthropic work - from founding the Silicon Valley Ballet, the Tech Museum, the Children's Discovery Museum, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and launching Shoreline Amphitheater with Bill Graham. Woz even has a street in San Jose named after him - "Woz Way" - hear how that landed for him when he found out.

Understand his love of anagrams, repetitious phone numbers and vanity license plates and what they all share in common. Hear about Dial-A-Joke and Phone Phreaking with his Blue Box. Learn about his new love, Segway Polo and his team The Silicon Valley Aftershocks. Woz sets the record straight on what Us Magazine reported about him dating comedienne Kathy Griffin and if he did indeed buy her that flashy ring you see in the press photos. Track him on his Hard Rock memorabilia collection and his most guilty pleasure. Hear about his favorite concert he ever attended besides his own US Festivals in the 80's  - Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour. See why it was magical. Then Suz and Woz discuss the "Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice." 

This two part series tracks Steve's history, his current passions and gets deep into some of his beliefs about technology, philanthropy and what's most important in life.  Don't forget to listen to part one. Enjoy!


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Episode 31: WOZ Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer on Inventing as Art, Philanthropy and the Spirit of Creativity Part 1 of 2

This is the first part of a two part interview on Steve Wozniak, the Woz, who personally invented the Apple I and II and launched Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976. Thirty years later he released his autobiography, "iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer, co-Founded Apple and Had Fun Doing It." Hear Susan get beyond the book and deeper than Google deets to explore one of the most generous and down-to-earth icons of Silicon Valley.  Hear how technology shaped his world view; why he believes inventors are like artists and what the greatest technical challenges are that face the current generation. Hear Steve's opinion on the "Technology Divide" (i.e. the so-called 'racial ravine') and how he adopted the Los Gatos school district, providing students and teachers with hands-on equipment. Find out what one gadget he'd take if he were marooned on an'll be surprised!

Uncover Steve's list of inventions. Hear what he'd say today to Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop who gave Apple their start with a $50,000 order. Find out what he learned in his 30s', 40's and now where his passion for technology stands today in his 50's. Discover the one thing that pushed him hardest in his life (so far) and which of his prestigious awards he most values. Find out about his wide-ranging philanthropic work - from founding the Silicon Valley Ballet, the Tech Museum, the Children's Discovery Museum, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and launching Shoreline Amphitheater with Bill Graham. Woz even has a street in San Jose named after him - "Woz Way" - hear how that landed for him when he found out.

Understand his love of anagrams, repetitious phone numbers and vanity license plates and what they all share in common. Hear about Dial-A-Joke and Phone Phreaking with his Blue Box. Learn about his new love, Segway Polo and his team The Silicon Valley Aftershocks. Woz sets the record straight on what Us Magazine reported about him dating comedienne Kathy Griffin and if he did indeed buy her that flashy ring you see in the press photos. Track him on his Hard Rock memorabilia collection and his most guilty pleasure. Hear about his favorite concert he ever attended besides his own US Festivals in the 80's  - Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour. See why it was magical. Then Suz and Woz discuss the "Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice." 

This two part series tracks Steve's history, his current passions and gets deep into some of his beliefs about technology, philanthropy and what's most important in life. Subscribe to listen to part two as well. Enjoy!


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Episode 30: Doron Wesly, Millward Brown's "Stats Man" Dishes the Gossip With Suz on "Chardonnay Tawk"

Meet Doron, Vice President of Millward Brown's media practice who has helped put the digital media industry on the map by showing the quantitative value of online advertising through his research at both the IAB and MB.  He shares his childhood stories of Haifa and Maastrict, talks about the current state of digital media research and then Susan and Doron pop a bottle of Chardonnay and get down to the gossip. Ching! Ching!

"Chardonnay Talk," much like "Cawfee Tawk," is a wanton Friday afternoon abbondanza of scuttlebutt, scandal and here-say about mutual friends and famous people in the interactive agency, online publishing, and digital marketing world. Who has a hot body? Who should have their own video show? Who has a bi-coastal job and a 2 year old? Who owes Doron lunch? Who is a hottie in Facebook? Who keeps sending Doron hamburgers? Who is holding his groin? Who has a home in Arkansas they can sell you? Why was Suz worried?

Who constantly reinvents herself? Who just got engaged? Who is the super-cool chica with whom we want to have pedicures? For whom, when they fell in love, was it pure agony? Who has the best combination of freckles and dreads? Who is mad at Doron? Who owns a bar? Who still dresses like Allie McBeal? Who has the most beautiful wife in the world? Who is a big mover at AOL now? Who is the best at debating politics? 

Who takes 400 slides to do a 20 minute presentation? Who is the fair-haired beauty? Who was key in driving interactive forward in the early days? Who has been married to their sweetheart for 15 years? Who plays the Ukulele? Who should be doing FedEx commercials? Who is moving abroad? Who is a magician? Who moved to Toronto? Who is a visionary? Who doesn't want to fly on Bill Gates' jet? What color are Martha Stewart's offices?  Who is well-suited to be a CMO? 

Julie Roehm, Molly Parsley, Melinda Gipson, Hugh McGoran, Heidi Lehman, Jason Krebs, Tom Hespos, Adam Gerber, Benjamin Hill, Tim Kopp, Corey Kronengold, Leslie Laredo, Daina Middleton, Dave Morgan, Nick Nyhan, Greg Stuart, John Stichweh, Geoff Ramsey, Joanne Bradford, Wenda Harris Millard, Julian Aldridge, Allison Arden, Michael Barrett, Judit Nagy, Mike Stoeckel, Mary Bermel, Lynn Bolger, Rick Bruner, Sarah Fay, Masha Geller, Crystal Guerin, Jack Haber, Taddy Hall are are in the mix.

If you can resist listening to this episode of DishyMix, smack yourself -- twice -- because you are a BORE!


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Episode 29: Dov Seidman of LRN and Author of "How: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything... in Business (and in Life)

Meet Dov, founder and CEO of LRN, a company dedicated to creating ethical, sustainable and profitable business cultures. Have you ever been put to the test ethically in a business deal? Have you worked at an unscrupulous company? Is your boss completely lacking in moral principals? Dov argues that out-behaving your competitors is more important than out-performing them, especially in today's viral/WOM/transparent web-connected world.  Enter one bitchy blogger and your world comes apart, right?

The paradox of success now pushes us to pursue significance, not profit. You have permission from Dov to wield charismatic authority in delivering your brand promise. Doesn't that sound like fun? Learn how to imbue your corporation with ethics and why that will pay off in profit like nothing else you can do.

In this episode of DishyMix, Susan brings questions from some of the digital marketing and media world's new and leading CEO's including Rob Simon, CEO of Burst Marketing who asks, " why do people need direction now?" Scott Blumberg, CEO of Return Path asks how to standardize "how." Dakota Sullivan, CMO of Yahoo!'s Blue Lithium asks how we can train our children in this new paradigm. Matt Edelman, CEO of PeopleJam wants to know how we can instill values in a sustainable way in a society overly engaged in shallow pursuits of wealth and celebrity. And Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, Sarah Fay, President of Isobar USA, Richard Jalichandra, President & CEO at Technorati and Ben T Smith, Chairman of MerchantCircle have more questions for Dov that are answered on the DishyMix blog.


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Episode 28: Daina Middleton, HP Marketer, Shenanigans and Power Tools

Meet Daina, HP's gobal advertising and interactive marketing director for their $28 billion dollar imaging and printing business. Hear about her impressive roster of cutting-edge marketing programs from "HP Uncut" to "Project Direct," an online film festival with Jason Reitman, director of "Thank You For Not Smoking" coordinated with YouTube to the "HP Community Mosaic" on Flickr.

On this show, be comforted by a marketer who "gets it" and who is harnessing all the creativity and connection that the web can bring to a brand when in the right hands, in this case Daina's. Hear her manifesto to be transparent in her company's engagement with customers and to create a continuous brand conversation. 

Daina and her husband, Rob, own One Spirit Ranch where they raise Andalusian and Lusitano horses together. A proponent of the "mom and pop shop" they've built their house together in addition to managing their ranch outside of Boise, Idaho.  Daina has nearly perfect recall of the names of virtually any tool in existence and she's used most of them, including both arc and acetylene welders.  Part of that she learned as a range-land firefighter for the BLM.

Susan asks her about her "no regrets" policy in life; about her love of languages and their applicability to the semantics of search marketing and her most difficult challenges in life. Daina is the perfect blend of bold woman, courageous marketer, sweet mother/wife and authentic woman that appeals to all. Tune in to hear her secrets for success.


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Episode 27: Scott Rafer, CEO of Lookery on Facebook Aps, Europreneurs and Sleeper Networks

Scott Rafer has a rich history of being the CEO of cutting edge companies. From WiFinder to Fresher to Feedster to MyBlogLog to Mashery to his latest endeavor, Lookery, Scott has been involved with "what's hot now."  Lookery-for-the-Web super-targets ads based on three pieces of self-reported data from social networks, dating and ecommerce sites and ISP's: age, sex and location to create a new way to revalue commoditized inventory. Scott believes in "un-sexy business" as being the most valuable and thinks he can trump the BT and other ad networks who rely on imputed data for ad targeting. David Cancel, Scott's co-founder at Lookery is a big burley dude yet he and Scott have a hot pink logo and their company names' rhyme. Find out how Scott manages his his masculinity around this.  On the flip side, as a "fairly good economist" - Scott is most adept at packaging technology in ways it can be monetized.

Scott gives advice to website owners about a way to instantly create social networking capabilities to keep up with the SN world. Then learn more about what's happening in the start-up world in Berlin, Amsterdam and Helsinki and Scott's viewpoint on the difference between Silicon Valley and Europreneurs. Find out which ad networks Scott thinks are the "sleepers" including Pheedo, Azoogle and Oridian in Israel.  Finally, hear Scott's belief that the Silicon Valley runs in 8-11 year cycles and his hear his prediction that the market cycle will end by March 2008. What can you do to prepare? Listen and find out.


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Episode 26: Mary Hodder, founder & CEO, Dabble on Video Search, Key Takeaways and Insider's Tip to The Best Conferences

A "dabbler." That word defines one strong aspect of Mary Hodder's rich personality. Long before she got involved in developing algorithms for search engines, she was a florist, chef, film-maker and paralegal to name just of few of her transformational careers. Once she perfects something, she moves on. Learn the most important insights she gleaned playing the "Key Takeaway Game" with Susan in this measured and insightful interview with the entrepreneur Marc Canter calls "the leading smartest woman in the Internet today."

Find out more about, the site that lets you search, collect and organize video. Where else would you keep your favorite episodes of "Psycho Potato?" Mary is normalizing the metadata from video across the web. Find out why is an amazing, helpful media planning tool if you are buying interactive broadcast spots. She weaves in human-powered video search rankings to create high-value discovery and recommendation for your next video-ad media buy, including time spent and velocity of specific videos so your ads get in the best video on the web that is most germane to your brand.

Suz and Mary talk about 23andme, the new "personal genome service." Who knew we needed one!?! You can find the origins of your genes and potentially “connect genetically with friends, family, and others across the globe.” And they discuss Aubrey de Grey's "bio-remediation" research focused on reversing the molecular and cellular damage of aging. I'm all for that. Here's his Facebook group if you want to live forever... 

Next up is the Social Media User's "Bill of Rights." Mary describes the steps Dabble is taking to protect her user's privacy and the disconnect she sees in "Facebook's extremely liberal view of how they use data." That's YOUR data, dear listener. Did you know FB is collecting data from any sites external to their own platform and matching it up to build a bigger profile of you? Similar to the aggregation done by Rapleaf. Mary doesn't want to "creep people out" but I am definitely beginning to worry...and you might to. Find out what's happening in the world of data collection. It's getting heady.

Finally, Mary, a Silicon Valley Insider and "Chix Populi" gives us her tips on the conference circuit. What's hot? Find out Mary's favorite event, the one she finds most interesting and the one where she convenes with the most powerful women in technology. We'll take more Mary's in our world any day. Bring 'em on!


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Episode 25: Doug Weaver and Scot McLernon, Upstream Group on Training Digital Sellers, the Retention Crisis and "The One Thing You Need to Know."

Two stalwarts of the digital marketing industry just teamed up to launch Habitat, a new traveling sales training campus. This would be exciting news if just one of them announced this new sales program. But to get Scot McLernon, ad:tech's Industry Achievement award winner aligned with Doug Weaver, one of the finest minds in our industry together to move our industry forward is an amazing, newsworthy coup!

The business of digital marketing is suffering from a massive, critical talent training problem. We are sucking in dewey-faced youngsters as fast as we can hire them. Now who is going to train them? Voila! Doug and Scot want to teach our children to sell. Now we can send our fresh workforce to school and teach them about the digital marketing ecosystem. This is where Upstream steps in. With professional faculty, blogs, community and an immersive course structure, they can bring in fresh talent and teach them, not just about technology, measurement and media, but also about the all-important soft qualities of trust, integrity and honesty.

"Getting to Us" is their mantra - not getting to "yes"; but creating a sales environment that is collaborative. And tackling the big problem, the "retention crisis." Upstream's team will help companies with engagement by and investment in their teams. Scot believes a company with a culture of investment in talent will retain their people for less salary and withstand the flush start-ups waiving stock options and newly-minted VC cash at existing companies' personnel. If you are running a sales team or a company, this episode will give you ideas and hope and some great perspective.

Hear the dreams, plans and aspirations of this deeply-experienced duo with their new Habitat program and get some great tips on their "required reading" including "The One Thing You Need to Know" from Marcus Buckingham (Doug's choice) and "How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie (the classic as recommended by Scot - have YOU read it recently???). This is a wise and uplifting show and it's great to know that we have such amazing talent training our future stars. This is also the first DishyMix to have two guests on at once. Let us know if you like the format!


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Episode 24: David Scott Carlick, Vantage Point Venture Partners on Life, Love and Taxation

David is back for another visit on DishyMix. One of the all-time best DishyMix programs was with David in March '07. In his original racy interview, Susan and David discussed everything from the race riots of the 60's to sex on waterbeds. Find out why he takes his signature look from Ivan Boesky and how a lapel pin becomes an engagement beacon. David's conversation ranges from mood rings to sumptuous Australian Shiraz to the value of keeping intimacy strong in marriage.

In this next installment, hippy woodworker turned millionaire VC, David is both an "agency guy" and a venture capitalist. He has been directly involved in the transfer of over $200mm in cash from Vantage Point's investors to startup companies. David says, "This has, in turn, helped to create hundreds, and soon, thousands of jobs, and a number of products and services that have, I believe, made the world better, or are doing so." His current investments and boards include 3Guppies,, Datran Media, Grocery Shopping Network, Healthline, ReachLocal, Zvents and Multiply.

On this episode, find out where David thinks social networking will evolve from today. What book he most recommends to friends: The Reckoning by David Halbersham. Hear David describe the worst "fork in the road-bad-decision that he regrets and his advice about how you might not make the same mistakes... Susan and David also talk about the good and the bad of the Boomer legacy. Then you can find out the importance of shared passions and David's advice for happiness in love. Hear his guiltiest pleasure. Hint - it's a person.

Following along on David's rational, if not doable plan for restructuring the tax system: he would "replace it with a tax on consumption and a phased-in surtax on energy consumption, with the proceeds of the latter specifically allocated to replace our energy and transportation infrastructure with sustainable infrastructure." He explains his ideas and boy do they make sense. Find out if politics is in his future.

Once again, David delights, informs and entertains. Be inspired. Listen now.


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Episode 23: Joseph Carrabis, Founder, NextStage Evolution on "Why People Do What They Do."
Meet Joseph Carrabis, Chief Research Officer, author, inventor, musician, cultural linguist and genius. Susan talks to Joseph about being a cultural linguist, gender specific marketing discoveries, cultural anthropology and how humans, as social animals, are interacting with social networking.

Hear Joseph describe the differences between neurolinguistic modeling, psychodynamic modeling and psychosocial modeling and how our brains are still working with 10 million years of evolutionary history. Get details on gender differences in the ways women create networks to establish power and authority and how men establish power and authority to create networks. more.

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Episode 22: David Clark, EVP and GM, Joost -- Big Brother, Buddha Collector and TV "Re-Inventor."

Dealmaker extraordinare takes time off from reinventing television advertising to speak with Susan about his life, his loves and his career. Joost is a press-darling start-up founded by the Skype dudes that uses a P2P platform to deliver over 15,000 TV shows in 250 channels through broadband to your computer. The beta is available now and you must check it out - it's free and amazing.

David's job is to monetize that plumbing with next-gen interactive television ads. And he's on a mission to do that -- he's signed over 40 of the biggest brands in marketing. From Sony to Sprite to BMW, David discusses the unique and integrated experiences his service can offer at the intersection of the web and TV. You hear about "telescoping" and other ways marketers are experimenting with this new medium.

Before Joost, David was SVP for MTV Networks' global marketing partnerships. He implemented worldwide TV campaigns for HP, Motorola and McDonald's and tells us about some of those $75 million dollar deals. But David was not always the boy wonder he seems - he shares his failures or "train-wrecks" as he likes to call them, including a real-estate asp for managing properties that bombed in the late '90s.

We take a tour of Southeast Asia where David has spent considerable time, first teaching English in Japan then back-packing around in his early twenties. That time in his life sparked the beginning of his collection of antique Buddha's. And he's spent significant time in Vietnam, launching a TV show in concert with the government. This small town boy (Roxbury, CT) still loves the pleasures of home, especially strawberry rhubarb pie, which he considers the perfect food.

David lives on Central Park in NYC with his wife and son and has been a "Big Brother" to a now 21 year old college boy who he help helped raise from the tough world of the South Bronx. Those 9 years of weekly get-togethers gave David not just an understanding of that community -- both good and bad -- but an invaluable and humbling perspective on life. Get to know "Scooby" in all his glory on this episode of DishyMix.


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Episode 21: Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics on Open Social Networks, Threesomes and Cutting Through the Bull
Fear and awe. I worried about this interview with Marc Canterof Broadband Mechanics for more than a day before the actual interview itself because Marc is bigger than life, exploding with opinions, very technical and impatient. Plus he berated my prep questions via email - gulp. I already knew he was "slightly more than a handful" (can you say understatement?) and had the potential to steam roll me hard and fast. Then the actual interview occurred on the day that Google announced its Open Social standard API layer. Wheeeee! Can you say "in over my head?" Good for Marc - he didn't cancel. He squeezed me in between cell calls from his twin boys, Kara Swisher (WSJ) and a date with his "Wife 2.0." So I did what I could for you dear listener, I got everything possible in 30 minutes about where the future of social media is headed according to one of the Identity Gang. more.

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Episode 20: Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image on Power Speaking and Personal Branding
Mitch will blow you away in this fast-paced and "content-rich" episode. You'll learn how to create Your Personal Brand. Hint - you already have, now learn how to harness it and why you are just like toothpaste. Find out who you are with this three step process. One, have an internal conversation. Two, have one-on-one conversations. Three, have one-to-many conversations. Then voila, you'll have a insight into your personal brand. Mitch teaches you how. Next, get great advice on being a "power speaker." Find out what Mitch learned from Bill Clinton, Dr. Phil and Tony Robbins and how you can apply 10 steps that range from creating a team of coaches to being a little more excited than you think you should to become the kind of speaker that gets paid to present. With over 1,000 members in his Facebook group, Mitch talks to Suz about building an audience, leveraging widgets, blogging and podcasting and how to create community-centric connection. Get a sneak peak into Mitch's new book, Six Pixels of Separation and how to understand what Avinash Kaushik of Google calls "the fluid web." more.

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Episode 19: C.C. Chapman, The Advance Guard - From Deep in New Media
Meet C.C., filmmaker, podcaster, social media strategist and Renaissance-man. If you’re a bit of a web geek or an iconoclast, this is a fun show for you. Suz and C.C.’s conversations range from photography to indie music to great books to Twitter and Facebook. Get C.C.’s strategy for taking amazing portraits and see them here on his Flickr site. C.C. talks about his podcasts, Managing the Gray (about new media and technology), Accident Hash (global indie music review), U-Turn Café (acoustic music sampler) to his vidcast, One Guy’s Thoughts and how he promotes his content. Putting C.C. to the test, he’s asked to play three choices of independent music - his favorite male and female artist from all his podsafe artists and his number one all time favorite indie song. Listen to the show to hear the clips. I won’t spoil the surprise here, but the related links to get to the artists’ work are on the Episode Page of DishyMix on and on more.

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Episode 18: Scott Kauffman, President and COO of Blue Lithium
Meet a veteran of the traditional media and online world - Scott Kauffman. Famous for launching Entertainment Weekly, Scott leveraged that success to pioneer CompuServe, one of the first ISPs in the industry. From there he helped sell AdKnowledge to CMGI and then spent time with eCoverage, CoreMetrics, MusicNow and Zinio before landing at Blue Lithium, which has recently made news by being acquired by Yahoo! Suz and Scott have a good laugh at what Kara Swisher called "the hyper-trendy data analytics sector." Scott describes the highs and lows of his various career stops and the key take-aways learned from the dot bomb. Get insight into this former brand manager and media planner on the day that Yahoo! signs the acquisition papers with Blue Lithium. The excitement is palpable. more.

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Episode 17: John Durham, CEO of Catalyst SF "Market Capitalist" and "Cork Dork"
Hear Susan dig a little deeper into this amazing man. Like a delicious brownie, perfect nuts and chocolate bits you can savor their discussions range from John's early years leading Winstar Interactive, one of the most well-known rep firms in the online ad space to his big biz dev moments at Carat where he landed 30 deals to his latest venture, Catalyst SF - a market capital company. The conversation ranges from Shanghai where the 5th century meets the 21st century, to the various uses for shipping containers include a "dude's lair" of straw and bale to his collection of African Tribal Masks from Gabon and the Ivory Coast to a discussion of "The Great Books of John Durham." You learn, you'll be entertained and you'll get some sage advice from a man who seems always to have everyone's best interest at heart. Tune in to get inside the life and love of John Durham. more.

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Episode 16: "Matzoh Man" Pinny Gniwisch, Founder of
Meet Pinny Gniwisch, online diamond and jewelry retailer who has cracked the code on digital marketing. A board member, frequent speaker and expert in customer retention, Pinny saddled up in '99 for a roller coaster ride through retail hell from the bubble to the bomb. A true believer in the power of the Internet, he bought his company back from the VC's for $1 - and went on to build a top 200 retail site. Susan and Pinny talk about "Universal Truths" that are particularly relevant in today's business community. Hear Pinny prioritize Leading by Example, Commitment, Being Ego-less, Transparency, Letting Go of Our Authoritive Nature and Committing Your Full Presence. He leaves listeners with a tip for evoking your native creativity. Life lessons from Rabbi Pinny. It's a gem of a show and he's a gem of a man. more.

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Episode 15: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Content Hurricane
Step inside the eye of the hurricane that is Danny Sullivan, search engine marketing master, industry leader, journalist, conference producer, publisher, podcaster, blogger, pundit, social media developer and one-person content creationist. Danny is one of the most well-known, respected and truly admired souls in the digital space. Listen in as Susan gets Danny's advice for those of us who are not search specialists about the two most important trends in search marketing for marketers. more.

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Episode 14: Brad Berens, iMedia's Editorial Headman Tracks Audiences for 400 Years
Get to know Brad Berens, the Editor in Chief of iMedia Connection and Chief Content Officer of the iMedia events. On this episode, we cover topics ranging from Hollywood story analysis to the power of kneeling chairs to the value of vanity Google alerts. Brad is a recovering Shakespearean expert, having come from academia to Hollywood, always incrementing his knowledge of what makes audiences aggregate around stories. He's a stage historian focused on one question: "what do consumers want from media?" Find out what Brad has learned as he and Susan discuss "media tribes" and the "anatomization of content." Yes, "anatomization" which effectively means categorization but in a bad way - breaking our media down into it's essential sound-bite elements where the construct of related information is no longer associated. How can we create "cognitive funding?" In other words, audiences bond to media through connection and repetition - the same thing happens in media frequency to create bond to brand. If we chop our media into bits, will we blow away our ability to aggregate audiences? Brad is convinced that mass culture is on a diet. Will we get thin? Brad won't. He self-describes as "mediavourous" which is carnivorous with media. more.

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Episode 13: Mike Donahue, EVP, American Association of Advertising Agencies on Killer Margaritas, Top TV Commercials and Eccentric Parts
Mike gives a no holds barred interview, discussing his private life openly - just as we'd expect from this magnanimous headman. He name drops his buddies: Rob Berger (Euro RSCG), Phil Dusenberry (BBDO), Juan Valdez (coffee dude) and the Jolly Green Giant. He describes Jerry Della Femina's home in the Hamptons. He shares his proudest accomplishments. He extolls the best parts of his family life. He throws out a few great movie rental ideas, his recipe for Killer Margaritas* and the ingredients in Egg Creams. A good Catholic school boy, he riffs about "joints" and "media." He talks about giving Al Gore his first platform for "An Inconvenient Truth." And at the end, Susan pumps Mike for advice about forming the new industry association: ADM "Association for Downloadable Media." Hear Mike's dark movie recommendations, recipes and sage advice on this fast-moving and entertaining show with one of the most important men in media. more.

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Episode 12: Brian Morrissey: Adweek Reporter on Running Ultra-Marathons, PigDogs, Man-on-Man Chivalry and More
Susan talks to Brian Morrissey, high-profile interactive industry journalist about how reporting has changed from his first job at Silicon Alley Reporter, through ClickZ to DM News and now Adweek. He talks about why embargoes and exclusives are useless in today's press reality and that he's learned to appreciate traditional marketers since writing for VNU. Find out what the number one thing traditional marketers understand about marketing that the interactive industry "just doesn't get." Brian also share what a good PR person should bring him to create a story and that his favorite area of coverage is about new ways advertisers are connecting through digital channels in a non-intrusive way. In addition to his weekly column in Adweek magazine, Brian is also the Senior Interactive Reporter for and a major contributor to VNU's first blog, AdFreak. more.

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Episode 11: Bob Garfield, Ad Age AdCritic, NPR Personality, Experimental Essayist and Author, Fearless Journalist - Launch into the Bobosphere!
Crusty the Clown becomes Bob the Super Hero in this revealing discussion with the infamous "Ad Critic" from Ad Age magazine. Susan admits she was scared to interview Bob until she did her homework and realized what an amazing media morals-minder he is. A Superman for justice in advertising. Find out how Bob feels when he has to give zero star reviews to schlock campaigns and why giving a two star review is even worse for him and for the recipient even though "it's nothing personal." Susan uncovers a heart of gold, a man of righteous journalistic ethics, the man not just "On the Media" (his WNYC radio show and podcast for NPR) but "for the media." Suz and Bob talk about the biggest liars in the advertising industry; can you guess who? Yes, political campaign advertisers. Find out why they are the rotting core of the ad biz. Learn why Bob covers this segment less and less and why suddenly with consumer generated media, everyone is a critic. You'll hear Bob's rational credentials for why he is qualified to be the Ad Critic and get detail on his proclamation that "one of the things the market is free of is "consciousness." Since Mickey Rooney of 60 Minutes is no longer with us, Susan annoints Bob the "MDA" -- Marketing District Attorney -- she appoints him to stamp out marketing victimization. more.

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Episode 10: Lois Kelly: Foghound Lifts the Fog on Marketing Heaven, Alpha Fraidy Cats, Jerk-O-Meters, Seeing Patterns and More
This interview will restore your confidence that their are sophisticated communications professionals with maturity and elegance who understand how to tell a company or product story that gets absorbed. Learn how to communicate your company's proposition with more powerful outcomes. From deep in the cerebral cortex to the limbic nervous system - humans are wired to take in information through stories with an emotional hook. "Emotions are the most powerful ingredient for understanding," says Lois. You can leverage the subconscious social-signaling that happens at the beginning of interactions to make more of your connections positive. And you'll lean why big ears vs. big mouths are what matter. more.

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Episode 9: Get a Clue about David Weinberger: Author, Blogger, Speaker, Fellow, Twitterer, Commentator, Columnist and Willing 'Word Association' Player
Susan interviews famous author of "The Clue Train Manifesto" and reveals the depth of a man considered the "erudite tech-elite." David intertwingles his first book, his second "Small Pieces Loosely Joined" and his recent book about organizing the Internet "Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder." From his family summer home in the Berkshires David will take a month to do anything but relax - he swears he has an unassailable synaptic connection between the words "boredom" and "relax." more.

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Episode 8: Rex Briggs, CEO, Marketing Evolution - Obsessions: Fast Cars, Bright Shoes and More
Join Susan as she delves behind the well-known persona of one of the world's leading experts in media effectiveness measurement who has a penchant for loud shoes. Rex "got suckered into" writing "What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How To Guarantee Yours Succeeds" and tells of his punishing writing schedule and the real benefits of being an AdAge #1 Book of the Year author. Hear Rex's fantasy of owning a comedy club and his dream of doing "reverse hitchhiking" where he picks up famous authors and musicians in his 612 Ferrari Scagletti and drives them around to hear their stories. cars. His family car is a Porsche 911 Turbo and his weekend windy road car is yes, you guessed it, a Ferrari. You'll see him whiz by with his twin boys, Caleb and Jared in tow. more.

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Episode 7: Kevin Wassong, President, Minyanville Publishing and Multimedia Transitions From Agency Guy to Publisher
Anyone around at the beginning of the Internet advertising revolution knows Kevin Wassong. High profiled leader of J Walter Thompson's digital marketing arm, [email protected], Kevin was instrumental in launching many online ad campaigns for major brands including Merrill Lynch, Unilever, Pfizer, HSBC, The Diamond Trading Company, Nasdaq and Sun Microsystems. From his first job as agent trainee at Creative Artists Agency to his membership on the international board he's led an amazing life ratified by his charisma, spunk and intelligence. He has been featured on CNN, on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and in the New York Times, Wire Magazine, Adweek, AdAge to name a few. Now you get up close and personal in this rare interview on DishyMix where's it's "all about Kevin." First Kevin shares his reasons for going to a post-bubble start up and what it's like to be at an early-stage company compared to a traditional behemoth like JWT. He talks about why he's going for the brass ring at Minyanville and the unique business model his new publishing empire is bringing to the financial world. Think Disney meets Wall Street - Watch Minyanville's parody financial news show with characters Hoofy & Boo. Hoofy & Boo's News & Views Featured on, the episode entitled "Cox and Balls" is named after two of the leaders of the world's financial markets. Edward Balls is the Economic Secretary to the Treasury in the UK while Christopher Cox is the head of the SEC in the US. more.

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Episode 6: Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity and Innovation Expert
Sir Ken is both a knight and a "prince of a man." Working tirelessly on educational reform to move us from an academic format for the defunct industrial revolution to an interdisciplinary organizational structure fit for today's globally-networked knowledge workers, Sir Ken recommends a logical new kind of school system and tells us why this social institutional structure is imperative to fix "the other climate crisis" -- the human resource crisis. In this special interview, host Susan Bratton takes her listeners on an expansive journey beyond Internet media and into a realm of creativity and innovation. Hear why "habits and habitats" are the keys to increasing YOUR everyday creativity to unleash the power of your full potential. Sir Ken also discusses world government's process to become a "creative hub." From Oklahoma to Ireland, from Singapore to the UK, he's been hired by heads of state, including Tony Blair, to imbue innovation and creativity into not just states, but entire countries. This charming and special man shares not just his vision of his life's work, but his recent re-marriage to his wife of 25 years at the Las Vegas Elvis Chapel (yes, the Blue Hawaii package); what it's like to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (Beefeaters and all!) and the latent creative awakenings of his rock-star friends, Sir Paul McCartney and Mick Fleetwood. Make sure you check out Ken's new website and order his new book about finding your greatest talents "The Element." more.

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Episode 5: David Cowan, Managing Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners on Critical Thinking and More
David Cowan, Venture Capitalist, "Born-Again-Atheist" and Critical Thinker is one of the most intelligent guests to appear on DishyMix. Listen to this episode to remind yourself what it's like to rap with a rational conversationalist. Host Susan Bratton takes you on an auditory ride covering subjects as diverse as "man purses" and Kurt Vonnegut to raising children without God and why people believe weird things. David gives us his opinion on donuts and Richard Dawkins and tells us what it's like to be on Forbes' "Midas List" of Tech's Best Venture Investors. From the "Sirens of Titan" and how complex systems can have emergent properties to succumbing (or not) to your own biology, David delivers a smorgasbord of food for thought. more.

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Episode 4: Meredith Medland, Founder, 3Outcomes Talks Hapkido, Visualization and Living Green
Podcaster, digital marketing maven and accountability consultant Meredith Medland talks to Susan about how listeners can increase their goal achievement by following the 3Outcomes system. Used in conferences, off-sites and group strategy meetings, Meredith facilitates a simple process that brings teams together around a common set of goals while simultaneously creating individual accountability. She describes the application at the recent eMetrics Summit where Jim Sterne, the Founder of the event, made sure every attendee knew why there were there and what they wanted to get out of the event. How many people just show up to shows with no plan? Having 3Outcomes integrated into the programming gave permission to attendees to ask each other for things they wanted and for places where they needed support. The camaraderie was rich and the event more fulfilling. Meredith, who got a relative Master's Degree in transformational work, took everything she applied and put it into her process for accountability and goal-setting for corporate America. He beautiful blend of humanity and achievement strike the right balance for today's workplace. Then Meredith, who does a weekly podcast on Personal Life Media called "Living Green: Effortless Ecology for Everyday People," talked about how she integrates her focus on sustainable living and ecology with her personal spiritual work of Hapkido (she's on her way to a black belt) and her 3Outcomes consultancy. The three harmonize beautifully and this interview gives heart to those who aren't currently finding meaning in their work. Meredith's career beautifully fuses her passions and sets an example of someone who is living her life fully. more.

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Episode 3: Chris Fralic: Partner at Innovative Early Stage VC First Round Capital, Former eBay and Exec Tells All
Susan interviews Chris Fralic, VC who "gets" the media industry, makes insightful and edgy investments, hangs at the TED conference and loves podcasts. He has investments with Josh Kopelman from First Round in Buddy Lube, RockYou, Eventful, SnapVine and MyYearbook as well as Scan Scout where the mutual friend, Jed Savage who introduced us, currently works. In the show, we play the jingle from Buddy Lube - worth a listen to the show just for that! BuddyLube is a company that sits between artists and fans on a social network. Check it out. Chris is happily married to Irma, whom he met while getting his MBA at St. Joseph's University. He re-enacted his proposal to her on the TED stage and apparently it was a good luck charm. They have a son, Max (7) and live in an artists' colony in New Hope, PA. Chris shares his love of running and recent marathon schedule and explains how the Nike+iPod combo keeps him going. If you've been impressed, as I have, with the BMW sponsorship of the TED Talks interviews you can thank Chris for making that happen. He put the deal together and those TED Talks have been downloaded over 8 million times. Let's hope this episode of DishyMix has that kind of luck! Suz and Chris move from a discussion about AWS Amazon Web Services where we agree that Mechanical Turk is the perfect combo of man and machine to sheer amazement that BazaarVoice took only 14 months to hit profitability to widgets to biz dev to working for Bill & Melinda Gates. Listen to this episode to hear someone very supportive of innovation in the industry, a great man, a great husband, a great dad and just the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with. more.

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Episode 2: Fantasy Marketing, Virtual Worlds and Heart and Guts with Jack Myers
Jack Myers is a venerable author, media industry researcher and publisher who runs a TV fan site called Media as well as a b2b site called The juicy part of this interview with Jack is when he shares the key insight of his new book "Virtual Worlds: Rewiring Your Emotional Future" debuting in early June. Jack talks about how future generations, who are not raised on TV or Internet, but instead in virtual worlds and social networks, utilize less rational processing and more heart and gut as they spend their time in fantasy worlds. I get that - my kid comes home and feeds her "Webkins" before she plays with her real Sheltie puppy. We also talk about the idea of generosity marketing and creating fantasy opportunities for brand engagement in these future worlds as two areas where successful marketers must play to stay germane. Jack gives us an overview of the winners of his interactive advertising sales team assessment research - the latest in reputation systems for the real-world. And he talks about President Clinton's Rwandan initiative and how he'd like to spend all his future energy on philanthropy. Jack, a wannabe Rock Star, DJ or Actor, has the charm and the looks to do so but he's carved out his niche helping marketers, agencies and media companies understand consumer's Emotional Connections®. If you ponder the future of marketing, this is a not-to-miss interview with someone who has seen the future and is willing to share his knowledge. more.

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Episode 1: The Sweetest Side of a Digital Marketing Industry Editor with Tobi Elkin
Tobi has written about everyone, and now Susan gets you to the heart of Tobi. Long-time digital marketing reporter, Tobi talks to Susan about print magazines shedding brand cred on online journalism, the best and worst things about trade reporting, the "PR Rookie Move of the Century," and who might be her pet publicists. Tobi and Susan discuss shirking the Capricorn "shackles of discipline," why Tobi will always be a New Yorker, her immigrant neighborhood, her favorite Yoga move and her newest venture: content consultant for a social network targeting divorcees with a brilliant Broadway tie-in. Tobi is exploding with creativity...from blogging to Flickr-ing to TriBeca Film Festival reviews on Huffpo to polishing short fiction, she's a hot, smart, single "catch" on fire. See new sides of an industry legend in this intriguing and soulful interview. more.

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