Can Christmas Cards be Cool Candy
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 9 - Can Christmas Cards be Cool Candy

Yup, I talk about 3 different types of cards that make for cool holiday gifts this year for the photographer you know.  That, along with online photo contests, the nomination announcement for the Top 8 of 2008 blogs/podcasts are now open, and of course, listener questions.  I do have to apologize for the audio quality as I had to record it on the fly using the MBP in my car!  Not too shabby after putting it all together, but not the greatest either.

Here’s the show notes:

Web Links

  • Top Blogs of '08 Nominees
  • Listener Questions and Answers
  • Photo Tip of the Week

With so many blogs and podcasts out there, it’s tough though - some were in it last year, so should I give consideration to others?  Who do I go with?  Let me know your favorites in the comments and the tallying shall begin.

In other blog-related news, don’t forget to vote in the poll on the sidebar!  Only a few weeks left there.  I’ve also got a link to my twitter, to my Google profile page (you’ve got a Google profile page, right?), and more I am sure will be forthcoming.  So twitter me, I’ll tweet ya back!  Until next week, Happy Shooting!