HDR, Web Links, and some news
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 16 - HDR, Web Links, and some news

So, this last weekend I went on the photo meetup group outing for the month of February into Eldorado State Park, south of Boulder, and had many an opportunity to capture some landscape and macro work.  Some great views were had and I only hope that they all come out as well as this one did.  While hiking up a trail of slippery snow and ice (it was cold out Saturday morning), I saw this fissure that was pretty intense looking because it was only partially lit.  I thought about it for a second and decided to bracket some exposures to see if it would turn out with some HDR massaging.  Not only did it turn out better than I would have thought, I was also very pleased with how Photomatix did with this.  I would highly recommend this software to anyone interested in HDR work.  Not only is it more intuitive than Photoshop, the results were much more gratifying!  You can buy Photomatix for PS, Lightroom and for either Windows or a Mac over at http://www.hdrsoft.com

Some other web links I learned about recently also include fotoblur.com and usefilim.com  Both are much more cognizant and respective of photography copyright than other social and photo networking sites like Flickr and Facebook (we all know about the Facebook Terms of Service fiasco, right?).  One thing I like about both Fotoblur and Flickr is that you are limited in how many images you can upload daily.  This requires you to be more careful about what you publish, and as a result, you are more thoughtful and objective of what work is worth posting and sharing online.

Last but not least, the podcast that I had intended to put out last week was delayed for a few days as I put the finishing touches up on a home improvement project.  (We finished out one of the basement rooms - expect to see some photos on that makeover forthcoming!)  The good news is that not only is the basement room on the verge of completion, but that the podcast is up for this week.  Naturally, the title of the podcast will match the blog post title, as the show notes follow closely to todays content.  Stop on over to Personal Life Media for the show, or pick it up in iTunes!  (Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the review section of iTunes too…the more the merrier!)