Multimedia Monday
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 15 - Multimedia Monday

With the “New and Improved” podcast starting out at PLM this week, there’s a couple exciting things to announce.  First off, the drawing for the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker bag was done live on the podcast this week, and the winner was announced in the lead segment.  Congrats go out to the winner (you know who you are!), so do get me your address so I can ship you the bag post haste!

The meat segment (aka middle segment) I talk about some new sources of inspiration - specifically the grocery store and in a restaurant.  The next time you are at a restaurant, take your camera because the table makes for a great tripod, and you can get some really cool shots.  Case in point, is the new gallery I have set up here at the blog, titled Tabletop Photography.  I’m also sharing a few sources of inspiration from the grocery store too (tune in tomorrow for those).

The listener questions were really good ones from Meredith and Jason, where I take a look at the value of carbon fiber and the issue of when and where are we permitted to photograph.   Last but not least, the photo tip of the week concerns copyright and registering your work, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Lots of photo goodness to share, so make sure you tune in for the audio, and stop by the blog to pick up the link for the photo gallery.  Photos, podcasts, and questions galore.  Enjoy the day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!  Happy Shooting!